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  1. tbdaniel15

    Buffalo Bills Update

    Concept to modernize the Bills look. https://www.behance.net/gallery/32650821/Buffalo-Bills-Update
  2. tbdaniel15

    College Football Home Uniforms (HOUSTON ADDED)

    This template was offered by myself for free for this community as long as you are giving credit. Saying its a mach speed template isn't giving credit. Please be respectful and state that ( Trent Daniel / tbdaniel15 ).
  3. Hey guys, here for your pleasure I have Nike newest uniform template, the Elite Mach Speed set. I made this template to use for some NFL and College Football series and wanted to share with the community as well! Template is for Adobe Illustrator in an .ai file. Also included is a .psd file made directly from this template by Bucks Fan. Thanks for doing that man! Just with some of my other templates, the only thing I ask with this free template is that you mention my name (Trent Daniel or tbdaniel15) when you use this and give me credit for my work. Other than that, enjoy it! I hope it can help some of your projects pop. .psd http://www.mediafire...y_BucksFan5.rar .ai https://www.mediafire.com/?aun32ll22dvu6pa *Note* There are helmet and pant stripes hidden within the layers. Simply pressing alt+opt+3 to reveal these for you to access!
  4. tbdaniel15

    Nike + CFL 2015 (Winnipeg 7/6)

    Do you have the template for this?? I would love to get my hands on it to finish some work before the college football season starts. Thanks!
  5. Yes for the uniforms. Ive seen a lot of people use it but I can't find it anywhere
  6. Do you have the link to the template?
  7. tbdaniel15

    2015 NBA Finals Background

    Just something I through together for the Finals. Enjoy!
  8. tbdaniel15

    Adidas NBA Adobe Illustrator Basketball Uniform Templates

    Soccer templates to be released in the next few weeks. Hang tight!
  9. Great catch! I don't know how things like that happen haha but my mistake! It's been updated and the original link has been fixed to have the correct colors. Thanks!
  10. I am so happy with the response from my first NBA template series that I wanted to update it to better suit you guys and create a better template to show off the creativity and design on this site. So here's what we've got! Here's whats been updated: - updated Adidas mesh design to match actual uniform - added championship crest on back collar - organized illustrator files/layers for better access - added basic number/NOB font (link below) - added stripes - added side view for jersey - added front view for shorts Here are the links to download the templates/font: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/p252i2mir80g8/NBA_Uniform_Templates.ai I am excited to hear from you guys! I welcome all feedback about the templates. Let me know what you would want to see changed or perfected! Enjoy.
  11. tbdaniel15

    Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    Sorry Patches, I was just answering the guy who asked If I was using SFgiant's logo. Got your work and it looks awesome! Sorry for the confusion. Keep up the good work.
  12. tbdaniel15

    Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    ISn't that SFgiants' KC express logo from NBA project 30? This is a personal logo I made for my fantasy football team...
  13. tbdaniel15

    NFL Concept Helmets

    Honestly I don't know why these are circulating the web so heavily. My friend even sent me a link showcasing them on CNN. If you ask me, this design firm should take some pointers from all of us. And also frustrating he didn't give any credit for the helmet template we all use on here, too. Almost every logo is extremely oversized, creating an instant eye soar. Very sloppy.
  14. tbdaniel15

    Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    Would be much appreciated if you could do this for me! Thanks in advance.