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  1. Hey guys i'm back with another concept. Here are the Colorado Avalanche. This is based on their great inaugural jerseys but with more going on. I have added snow peaks to the mountain patterns to really give them character and so that it doesn't just look like angled striping.
  2. Alright thanks everybody for the comments. Here s the first logo revision. I have added pupils to the eyes and gotten rid of the lines on the fingers. I have also split the wordmark and the torso. Tell me what you think.
  3. Here are some jerseys I did up. I would still like some feedback on the logo too though.
  4. Hey guys this is something I have been working on for the past little while. I wanted to re brand to Selkirk Steelers of the Manitoba Junior Hockey league. I think that their current logo is getting outdated and that the tea could use an update. This is one of my first logos using a human mascot and I want to get better at them so please leave lots of criticism because I know that this can be improved. I personally think that the hands could use some tweaking but please leave a comment and help me out. my logo here is their current logo
  5. Next is the Calgary Flames. The horse head returns to the front of the jersey and Flames, Flames and more Flames.
  6. Next is the Florida Panthers. I went with a Florida sunrise design with palms trees and a sun coming up from the hem and arms. This is a very wild design so let me know if it works or not.
  7. Ya now that I think about it, it makes more sense for the tail to only be on the back. I think this fixes the problem.
  8. Next team is the New Jersey Devils. I knew that I needed to have a big devil tail on here somewhere and I found that I really liked it on the hem. It also has a wild yoke designa nd a recolored logo from the red jersey.
  9. Next is the Vancouver Canucks. The striping is taken straight from the logo so because of that, there is a lot of it. The hem stripe follows the angle of the logo.There isn't any arm striping but instead some V yoke striping. This is a busy look but I think it works really well with the logo. let's hear what you think!
  10. I definitely agree with you guys now, The Rangers concept did look a little too modern. So I went back and started from scratch, Tell me if this is 90s enough.
  11. Next up is the New York Rangers. I know that a lot of people wanted to see the liberty logo used but I went a different route and updated the classic look with an edgier script logo used on their secondary logo from the 90s. The design uses simple striping that is made edgy and is also used on the yoke and side panels. Also here is another version of the ducks with an eggplant colored jersey. I still prefer the original but this looks good too.
  12. Next up is the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. This identity is so 90s that it isn't even funny. From the cartoon duck mask to the eggplant and teal color scheme, it is just great. I really enjoy this identity but I have always had a problem with the color of the logo. I changed that so the colors used on the jersey are actually on the logo. The deign for the jerseys follows the triangle shape in the logo and I think that this would have worked well. I am very happy with how this one turned out.
  13. Next up is yet another team that didn't actually exist in the 90s, the Columbus Blue Jackets. The logo choice was easy here as the Blue Jackets Stinger logo is one of the most 90s things that I have ever seen. The jerseys use wavy striping that follows the logo and use a total of 6 different colors. I also experimented with the striping in the numbers too and although it my be a little hard to read, I think that it could work.
  14. Next up is the Tampa Bay Lightning. Yet another team that stayed fairly mild even though they could have gone crazy in the 90s. They did come out with a wild paintbrush font and one of the wildest third jerseys of the 90s though. My design goes full lightning with large curved bolts for striping. The paintbrush font and the raindrop design from their third jersey also return.
  15. Next up is the Winnipeg Jets. I really love the simple uniforms that the Jets had in the 90s but I think that they could have pulled off something a little wilder too. I used the script from their logo and angled it to look more like their original WHA logo. I then used angled striping that increasingly gets bigger. The back numbers are also angled to match the striping.