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  1. Here is an update to the Concept I have updated the logo in a few ways. I changed some of the angles on the letters to ill space better. I made the mouth bigger on the pirates so that it is more proportional and the mustache is closer to the nose. I went with jersey option number 2 and applied the new logo to it. I would still like bit more feedback as well as more opinions on what logo should be on the front because I am honestly 50/50 on it.
  2. Hi everyone Since the Vancouver Stealth have now re branded as the Warriors, I thought I would do up a concept with the new name and logos. I based the striping off of the logo and put it down the mid to lower part of the arms. This is pretty busy so I felt that not much was needed on the hem. The team has not unveiled their jerseys yet but I'm hoping they are something like this.
  3. This is a rebrand concept for the Prince Albert Raiders of the Western Hockey League. I think that their logo set could up an update so I went ahead and did one. I went back to the pirate theme similar to what they had in the 2000's but I combined it with their current sword identity to create a combination of eras. I currently have 2 options for the primary logo and I need some hel picking the better one for the front of the jerseys. Option 1 has the wordmark above the pirate head and crossed swords Option 2 has no wordmark and makes the swords more prominent behind the head Here is the shoulder logo which I am quite happy with as of now. Just an R with the sword piercing through it And here is a couple of jersey options. I want to know two things from you guys: which logo looks better on the front, and if the jersey with the hem design or side panels is better. I'm hoping to hear some feedback.
  4. 72freebie

    NBA 90s series(LAL, NYK, ATL, DAL, ADDED)

    Here we are again after a month's wait. Definitely gonna finish this series, just gonna take some time. Atlanta Hawks. An update to their 90s unis with more gradients New York Knicks Used the wordmark from the logo and based the side panel striping off of it LA Lakers Updated the logo and added a third color, dark purple. Dallas Mavericks This one was a little more difficult to make it look really 90's. Added cowboy hats to the numbers and brought back the early 90s wordmarks
  5. 72freebie

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - PLEASE SUBMIT

    I'm in
  6. I've always enjoyed doing rebrands for my home province Manitoba Junior Hockey League. I have even have had the opportunity to design logos and uniforms to actually be worn in the league. Many of the teams have mediocre logos but one team has always stood out to me as the worst. The Winnipeg Blues current logo is a combination the the ST. Louis Blues current primary and wordmark logos. It's lazy and does nothing to make their brand stand out. I came up with something that is fairly original and is something that has potential. Personally I think it still looks a little awkward and would really appreciate some feedback on it. The logo is a double note instead of a single, with a W forming the main part of it. I have also done up a set of jerseys which each use a different color variant of the logo. I'd love to hear some feedback on this. here is the current logo
  7. 72freebie

    NBA 90s series(LAL, NYK, ATL, DAL, ADDED)

    Next up I have 2 new concepts for you First is the Chicago Bulls. I went with pinstripes like they did for a couple years in the 90s. The pinstripes are double color and the iconic diamonds on the shorts are made extra large. I have also done the Detroit Pistons where I obviously went with the teal horse identity. The horse is blown up out of the word mark to the bottom of the jersey and some wacky numbers bring the 90s theme together.
  8. 72freebie

    NBA 90s series(LAL, NYK, ATL, DAL, ADDED)

    Hey everyone, I know that it's been forever since I posted on here and I have to admit that I kind of forgot about this for a while. I've been very busy with lots of other projects and just haven't had time to post on here. I have had quite a few teams done for a while now but I just haven't posted them. To make up for all of the time I haven't uploaded, today I am posting multiple concepts. I hope to get back to creating new concepts for this series as it really is a lot of fun and I am glad that it has been so well received. Phoenix Suns Sacramento Kings Los Angeles Clippers (using proposes 90s colors and logos) Miami Heat Houston Rockets Minnesota Timberwolves New Jersey Nets Philadelphia 76ers I hope you enjoy these new concepts and I hope to be back soon.
  9. 72freebie

    NBA 90s series(LAL, NYK, ATL, DAL, ADDED)

    Next up is the Milwaukee Bucks. A little more tame on this one with a more simplistic design. The shorts and jersey design makes a triangle which comes from the old primary logo. A large buck head is featured on the shorts which would definitely stand out.
  10. 72freebie

    NBA 90s series(LAL, NYK, ATL, DAL, ADDED)

    Back again! This time I've got two concepts for you as well as some updates. I have went back and added strings to the front of all the team's shorts. First up is the Charlotte Hornets. I had to use the old logo on the front as it fits perfectly on the front of the jersey for this type of series. The jersey s coated with a teal honeycomb pattern as well as some bold stripes at the bottom of the shorts that come from the stinger of the hornet logo. The second concept is for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I went with a very large logo on the side with the weird swoosh from the logo going across the jersey and down through the shorts as well. Also here is some small updates
  11. 72freebie

    NBA 90s series(LAL, NYK, ATL, DAL, ADDED)

    This series is back and expect quite a few posts this week!. Next is the Boston Celtics. A team that has hardly ever changed their jerseys. This concept is so far out there from anything they would ever do but It was quite fun to do. Put the Celtic man on the front similar to the raptors or hawks jerseys from the time. Also put huge clover leafs on the sorts and put a real emphasis on gold for the road jersey.
  12. 72freebie

    NBA 90s series(LAL, NYK, ATL, DAL, ADDED)

    Next up is the Oklahoma City Thunder. So the Thunder weren't around in the 90's and their current identity definitely wouldn't fit back then so I decided to make a new 90s style identity for them. I kept the colors the same but went with a Buffalo logo as it represents the city very well and character logos were much more prominent in the 90s then they are now. The jerseys feature a very large crest with the buffalo on the front with a side panel design that goes from the shoulder down to the bottom of the shorts. I think this turned out pretty well and I could have easily seen something like this around in the 90s NBA. Here is the new OKC primary logo and the jerseys
  13. 72freebie

    NBA 90s series(LAL, NYK, ATL, DAL, ADDED)

    Thanks for all of the positive comments to start this off. I'm going to go back and do an update for Portland eventually but in the meantime, here is the next team. San Antonio Spurs Obviously, I had to go with the fiesta colors for this one. It uses a pinstripe design with all of the fiesta colors from the logo. Black i also used as a dominant color in the logo and numbers. There is also a pattern on the shorts which comes from their 90s alternate logo. The colored jersey is something way out of the ordinary for the spurs but I have always wanted to try something with these colors and i'm pretty happy with how they turned out.
  14. Here we go guys, a new thread that is a follow up to my NHL 90s series last summer. This time we are doing basketball. The NBA in the 90s was a wild time for designs. Teams like the Raptors, Hawks, Bucks, and Grizzlies are the teas that stand out to me but there were many other fantastic and crazy designs. I plan to make a concept for every team in the league with designs similar to the ones I just mentioned. I plan to do all defunct teams that were around in the 90s as well as teams that are around now but weren't in the 90s. Without further ado, lets start this off with two concepts. Golden State Warriors. Golden State had some wild jerseys with bold lightning bolts on them n the 90s. I decided to take this to the max and use the bolts as a full jersey and shorts design. Also present is a gradient in the numbers and the road jersey being a red to orange gradient. Definitely out there but I really like how they turned out. Second up is the Portland Trailblazers Portland has always stayed with their sash design and while I do really like it, I wanted to try something implementing their logo. I made it the main design aspect with the lines extending much farther than usual and eve on to the back of the jersey. I could have seen something like this being a reality in the 90s. So there's the kickoff for this new series. I am extremely excited to be doing this and I'm hoping you all enjoy it as much as the NHL series.
  15. Sorry guys, kinda lost track of this. I'vs had these last two concepts done for a little while now but here are the last two teams to finish this thread off. First is the Calgary Roughnecks. Went with a steel metallic look with lots of rivets in the striping and numbers. Last team is the Philadelphia Wings who are returning next season. Went with some sharp, dynamic striping that uses all of the colors from the logo and makes for a unique looking set in this league. Thanks everyone for following this series. It's been different for me doing Lacrosse but I had a lot of fun making these concepts for you to see.