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  1. 72freebie

    Canadian Baseball League (Oshawa Logos Added 02/22)

    The next team to be unveiled is the Oshawa Motion. I know Oshawa may not seem like the best choice for an Ontario city but there are more teams coming after the original 6 so stay tuned. I picked Oshawa as they don't really have much for baseball there and I think it is big enough to support a team. The name Motion comes from the city's history in the auto history and the old city slogan "The city in motion". The logo is a moving baseball inside of a car tire. The colors are blue and white which comes from the Oshawa city flag. The alternate logo is also fro the flag but with a baseball in the center. I plan to use this for a city edition alternate jersey. I'd love to hear your opinions.
  2. 72freebie

    Canadian Baseball League (Oshawa Logos Added 02/22)

    Little Update for Calgary. Made the pinstripes thinner and added a blue alternate version with blue pants and white pinstripes. I think this looks much better than the previous alternate. Thanks for the Feedback!
  3. 72freebie

    Canadian Baseball League (Oshawa Logos Added 02/22)

    Back again with an update for Calgary. I went back and forth between Engineers and Blue Collars for the new team name but I ultimately went with Engineers because it fit the team uniforms better. Speaking of uniforms, here they are! The home hat is based exactly on that of an engineers hat. The home uniform is the first to use pinstripes in the series and they are extra thick to look more like that of an engineer's outfit. The two new wordmarks appear on the away and alternate jersey which are fairly simple and use some stripes on the arms. The Second alternate is something unique that I tried with just sing pinstripes on the arms and not the whole jersey. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. Let me know in the comments.
  4. 72freebie

    Canadian Baseball League (Oshawa Logos Added 02/22)

    Very true now that I look more. If you look up a train conductor on google then you get images of conductors and engineers so I was thinking they may both be referred as that. I'm thinking i'll switch up the name in the next update. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. 72freebie

    Canadian Baseball League (Oshawa Logos Added 02/22)

    I'm back with another new team. I plan to eventually go back to the Prairie Sox but for now let meet the Calgary Conductors. The name comes from Calgary being the headquarters for the Canadian Pacific Railway. This ties into the brand as the font used for this team is the same as the CPR. The primary features a side view of a old time conductor inside of a C. The logo is simplified to just the C when put on a cap. I decided against a "CONDUCTORS" wordmark as I felt it was too long and that the primary logo would work well on the front of a jersey. Let me know what you think.
  6. 72freebie

    Canadian Baseball League (Oshawa Logos Added 02/22)

    I'm back after a small break with the uniforms for Saskatoon. I tried just the S for a cap logo but I personally still preferred the PS. A white cap is included for use with the home and first alternate jersey. The jerseys are the first in the series to feature piping down the front of the jersey and also have a wheat pattern on the arms. The alternate jerseys feature green pants as an option and the second alternate is completely void of white and just uses Saskatchewan green and yellow.
  7. 72freebie

    Canadian Baseball League (Oshawa Logos Added 02/22)

    Next team up is the Saskatoon Prairie Sox. Keeping up with the unique team names, I thought that Prairie Sox would be a great name for a team in the prairie province. It doesn't particularly mean anything but it is similar to teams like the Bowie Baysox and the Colorado Spring Sky Sox. The logo is a diamond shape with script team name and wheat stalks along the bottom. The cap logo is a PS with a wheat stalk beside it. Let me know how this looks.
  8. 72freebie

    Canadian Baseball League (Oshawa Logos Added 02/22)

    A little update to Victoria. Changed the VICTORIA in the primary logo to be a circle around the spirit. Also changed the S to a V on the cap logo. I tried changing the lettering on the red jersey but I think that the black still works best and that it is pretty much identical to what the Arizona Dbacks wear so I don't think there would be too much of a visibility issue. The jerseys are also here! The home jerseys is unique fore the league as it is cream colored and not white. Also featured is a cream hat. I think that this would look really cool and it would even look great with the black and red alternate jerseys.
  9. 72freebie

    Canadian Baseball League (Oshawa Logos Added 02/22)

    So if there's no comments on Halifax then I'll get to the next team. Up next we have the Victoria Spirits. The name comes from the spirits that are represented on Totem poles around Victoria and BC. The logo features an eagle totem spirit with a tribe-like font. Also featured in the word mark logos and cap logo is a pattern from the spirit's wings. I think that these look pretty sharp and you can bet that this pattern will show up on the uniforms.
  10. 72freebie

    Canadian Baseball League (Oshawa Logos Added 02/22)

    Here is an update to Halifax. I agree that the grey muddled the brown color so I switched it to white and I think it is an overall improvement. I also did up some jerseys. The home and road have navy arms with brown stripes on them. The home alternate is an all brown look that I think would be really unique and would fit the team name. Let me know what you think.
  11. 72freebie

    Canadian Baseball League (Oshawa Logos Added 02/22)

    Here is the logos for the first team! The Halifax Basking Sharks. I have always thought that this was an amazing animal and that it would be a great name for a sports team. Since they can be found off the coast of Nova Scotia, I thought it would be a great unique name for the Halifax team. The primary logo features a 3/4 view of a basking shark inside of a baseball. The cap logo is a front view of a basking shark coming at you with its mouth wide open. There is also an H inside the mouth. Let me know how these turned out. Uniforms soon to come!
  12. 72freebie

    Raysox's Curling Mega Thread - US Brier & Pro Tour

    As an avid competitive curler, I must say that I'm absolutely thrilled about this thread on the forums. I absolutely love the idea of the series but right now there are a couple suggestions I would like to make. The shirts that you are currently designing are polo shirts and I can't say i've ever seen polo shirts worn in a competitive scene in curling. Curling shirts are extremely lightweight stretchy material such as the ones seen below. Also don't be afraid to try some more out of the box designs. Curling apparel is very open and isn't getting conservative with designs like hockey and football jerseys are. Take a look at the Dynasty Curling website to see their designs. They are the leading curling apparel manufacturer in the world right now and have created some fantastic designs. Right now I'd say your designs are more soccer/rugby style than the swooshes and gradient designs in curling which are coming into style.
  13. Hi everyone. It's been a while since I've been able to post any concepts on here because of being busy with school. That being said, this is a project that I have been looking forward to for a while now because this is an open big scale project that I must do for my graphic design class. And you guys get to help me through it and give me lots of feedback! This is the Canadian Baseball League. A fictional baseball league which obviously consists of only Canadian cities. I plan to do 6 teams in the span of my project timeline which goes until April. After that I may add more teams but we are going to start with 6 and see where this goes. I will be designing the logos and uniforms for these teams. As far as cities go, I have them picked out and will reveal them as we go. Without further ado, lets see the league logo! I'd love to hear some feedback on this as I want a great looking identity for the league. I hope you guys are as excited about this project as I am.
  14. So just a little bit of an update on the contest. My design has gotten all the way back up to the top and is now tied for the lead! thank you everyone who has voted and has made this possible. That being said, if you still think my design deserves to win, then go to the following link and keep voting every day f you think that my design should be worn in a real game. CONTEST LINK I also did up a matching white jersey concept just to see what it would look like if the Raiders somehow adapted this as their full time look. Thank you for all of the support everyone!
  15. Try refreshing the page, that usually works for me