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  1. Next up is the Pittsburgh Penguins. I went with the robo penguin on this as it is very 90's. This set is based on their third jersey from the mid 90's but with a few personal adjustments. The chest stripes now appear on the arms and the triangular yoke is back but is ow plain black. There is also half and half pants and two different socks. I think that this would have looked pretty cool and been very unique.
  2. Hey guys, this is something I have been just doing for fun but I have really been enjoying it so I decided to make a series out of it. It is a series of concepts that are what could have been if the NHL had went a little wild with more teams in the 90s. They did this with some teams with the third jerseys and for some teams such as the Blues and Islander but I thought, what if they did it with every team. I have done 5 teams already and I hope that you enjoy them. Boston Bruins Washington Capitals Carolina Hurricanes LA Kings Edmonton Oilers
  3. I thought about it and I think that the horse head by itself is the best choice. I have made a full logo sheet with the primary, a new roundel secondary and a wordmark. I have also done jerseys on two different templates. Would love to hear some opinions.
  4. Hey guys, this is something that I have come up with for the Swan Valley Stampeders of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League. The current logo is just a recolored Denver broncos logo with a couple of small changes. I have come up with a new horse head with a couple of options. I would like to know which one would serve as the best primary. The first has a wordmark and shield, the second removes the shield, and the third is just the horse head. I would also like some feedback on the head itself. Thanks and I will appreciate any C & C. current logo my concepts
  5. Next team is the New York Americans. I thought that bringing back the old NHL tea name would be neat and I definitely think that it suits New York quite well.
  6. Here are Houston's jerseys and court.
  7. Here we go with our next Eastern conference team. The Houston Nebula. I wanted to keep the space theme with Houston because almost all of there other sports teams are and I thought that Nebula was just a cool name. The color scheme is bright green,purple and black. The primary is fairly straightforward but I think it has enough style and there wasn't a whole lot that I could do with the team name.
  8. Finally got Minnesota's jerseys and court done. Jerseys obviously need to use the plaid pattern so I went with the pattern going down the side. I didn't want them to be too busy so I only used as much as I needed to. The third jersey is a little wild with a forest design at the bottom and a yellow to green gradient. Also updated the word mark logo with the axes behind the words.
  9. Here is our next team, the Minnesota Jacks. This one took me forever to get something that I liked but I think I got something decent enough to present now.
  10. Here is the jerseys and court for Denver. Jerseys are pretty and are the first and definitely not last in this series to use gradients.
  11. Next team is the Denver Blizzard. I have always liked this name for sports teams and it is;;t currently used by any other professional sports team and I thought it fit the area quite well. Colors are fairly basic for a team name like this but I absolutely love double blue and I couldn't resist using it.
  12. Ok lets get to some jerseys. Before that though, I want to explain some things about these controversies on this thread. I have not been doing stitching because nearly every volleyball jersey that I have seen is either sublimated or printed. I think that the logos would likely be the only thing stitched on. I think that sublimated jerseys are much nicer to wear while playing so you don't have big patches rubbing against you and getting in the way of your movements. I know that some of these designs are not quite volleyball like but I wanted this league to be unique for the sport of volleyball just like European hockey does their own way of uniforms compared to north american hockey. The courts are also hardwood to differentiate it. And I have been to many Canadian University games where the court is hardwood so it is not a new concept. I hope that clears some things up. Lets get to the Cincinnati jerseys and court. and the court also an updated gorilla with new eyes
  13. Okay so now that all of the drama has hopefully ended here, lets get to another team. Next up is the Cincinnati Gorillas. The name comes from one of the most popular internet trends from the past few years. The secondary logo is based off of the Cincinnati flag and the color scheme is red and black just because they almost always look good together and I can think of a couple of other Cincinnati teams that wear red.
  14. Here are the jerseys for Montreal. I went with very simple striping for this set because I din't think that this team needed anything really out there. All three jerseys feture a classic chest stripe that comes from another certain Montreal sports team. And the court