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  1. Here we go guys, a new thread that is a follow up to my NHL 90s series last summer. This time we are doing basketball. The NBA in the 90s was a wild time for designs. Teams like the Raptors, Hawks, Bucks, and Grizzlies are the teas that stand out to me but there were many other fantastic and crazy designs. I plan to make a concept for every team in the league with designs similar to the ones I just mentioned. I plan to do all defunct teams that were around in the 90s as well as teams that are around now but weren't in the 90s. Without further ado, lets start this off with two concepts. Golden State Warriors. Golden State had some wild jerseys with bold lightning bolts on them n the 90s. I decided to take this to the max and use the bolts as a full jersey and shorts design. Also present is a gradient in the numbers and the road jersey being a red to orange gradient. Definitely out there but I really like how they turned out. Second up is the Portland Trailblazers Portland has always stayed with their sash design and while I do really like it, I wanted to try something implementing their logo. I made it the main design aspect with the lines extending much farther than usual and eve on to the back of the jersey. I could have seen something like this being a reality in the 90s. So there's the kickoff for this new series. I am extremely excited to be doing this and I'm hoping you all enjoy it as much as the NHL series.
  2. NBA 90s series(Milwuakee Bucks Posted)

    Next up is the Milwaukee Bucks. A little more tame on this one with a more simplistic design. The shorts and jersey design makes a triangle which comes from the old primary logo. A large buck head is featured on the shorts which would definitely stand out.
  3. NBA 90s series(Milwuakee Bucks Posted)

    Back again! This time I've got two concepts for you as well as some updates. I have went back and added strings to the front of all the team's shorts. First up is the Charlotte Hornets. I had to use the old logo on the front as it fits perfectly on the front of the jersey for this type of series. The jersey s coated with a teal honeycomb pattern as well as some bold stripes at the bottom of the shorts that come from the stinger of the hornet logo. The second concept is for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I went with a very large logo on the side with the weird swoosh from the logo going across the jersey and down through the shorts as well. Also here is some small updates
  4. NBA 90s series(Milwuakee Bucks Posted)

    This series is back and expect quite a few posts this week!. Next is the Boston Celtics. A team that has hardly ever changed their jerseys. This concept is so far out there from anything they would ever do but It was quite fun to do. Put the Celtic man on the front similar to the raptors or hawks jerseys from the time. Also put huge clover leafs on the sorts and put a real emphasis on gold for the road jersey.
  5. NBA 90s series(Milwuakee Bucks Posted)

    Next up is the Oklahoma City Thunder. So the Thunder weren't around in the 90's and their current identity definitely wouldn't fit back then so I decided to make a new 90s style identity for them. I kept the colors the same but went with a Buffalo logo as it represents the city very well and character logos were much more prominent in the 90s then they are now. The jerseys feature a very large crest with the buffalo on the front with a side panel design that goes from the shoulder down to the bottom of the shorts. I think this turned out pretty well and I could have easily seen something like this around in the 90s NBA. Here is the new OKC primary logo and the jerseys
  6. NBA 90s series(Milwuakee Bucks Posted)

    Thanks for all of the positive comments to start this off. I'm going to go back and do an update for Portland eventually but in the meantime, here is the next team. San Antonio Spurs Obviously, I had to go with the fiesta colors for this one. It uses a pinstripe design with all of the fiesta colors from the logo. Black i also used as a dominant color in the logo and numbers. There is also a pattern on the shorts which comes from their 90s alternate logo. The colored jersey is something way out of the ordinary for the spurs but I have always wanted to try something with these colors and i'm pretty happy with how they turned out.
  7. Hey Everyone, I'm Back! I've been wanting to start a new concept series on here forever but I just haven't had the time. My schedule is starting slow down a bit so I thought i'd do a quick series for something I've never done before. Lacrosse. I love watching the NLL whenever TSN decided to air it and I've always thought that the jerseys in the league were great because they don't have as many rules or boundaries as say, the NFL. many designs in the league still look like they are out of the 90s and I hope they stay that way. Anyways, I've never really tried designing Lacrosse uniforms before but I am taking a shot at all of the current teams as well as the team from San Diego that is entering net season. Lets start with the Rochester Knighthawks
  8. Sorry guys, kinda lost track of this. I'vs had these last two concepts done for a little while now but here are the last two teams to finish this thread off. First is the Calgary Roughnecks. Went with a steel metallic look with lots of rivets in the striping and numbers. Last team is the Philadelphia Wings who are returning next season. Went with some sharp, dynamic striping that uses all of the colors from the logo and makes for a unique looking set in this league. Thanks everyone for following this series. It's been different for me doing Lacrosse but I had a lot of fun making these concepts for you to see.
  9. Next is the Vancouver Stealth. I really like this color scheme and I ended up going with a dark grey away jersey to be a little more unique. The main design uses a V pattern that I think helps make the rather bland logo pop a little more.
  10. Next is the Colorado Mammoth. Went with a mountain design on the shoulders instead of a shoulder logo and then a sharp, similar pattern for the rest of the jersey.
  11. Up next is the New England Black Wolves. Went with another design that follows the logo and uses gradients. Thought of a cool idea to put the wolf on the back hem and I think it worked out well. Let me know what you think.
  12. Next up is the Saskatchewan rush. Kept the awesome green to black but made a unique design that follows the logo a little more.
  13. Back again with one of next season's expansion teams. The San Diego Seals. I love this team's logo and color scheme. I made up a concept that is long the lines of what I'd love to see them wearing next year. I also did up an SD shoulder patch. Let me know what you think.
  14. Next up is the Toronto Rock. Went back to the iconic original logo and updated it a little bit. Went with a design that uses the music notes on the front and a sharp curved striping. The ends of the cuffs also each have 6 small notes on them representing Toronto's 6 league championships.
  15. If there's no comments on Georgia then lets move on to our third team, the Buffalo Bandits. I got rid of the purple and emphasized the orange and black more with a subtle silver gradient. Sriping pattern is somewhat based on there current jerseys but implemented in what I think is a more visually appealing way. All comments appreciated.
  16. Next up is the Georgia Swarm. Kept the honeycomb pattern but wanted to use the primary logo as well as some unique striping from the logo to create a fairly wild concept. Thanks for all the feedback. Yes I will be doing Philadelphia and San Diego eventually.
  17. Hockey Canada Goalie Mask Design

    Today is the last day to vote so please follow the links above and take a minute to give me a vote!
  18. Hockey Canada Goalie Mask Design

    Hey everyone, this is my entry in the Hockey Canada design a mask competition for the upcoming World Juniors. The design features lots of maple leafs and moose to represent Canada. The design has been chosen as one of the two finalists in the 13-18 age category and I would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to vote for it over on Facebook. I would also love to hear some thoughts on the design and if you would like to see it be worn by the goalies for Team Canada this year. Here is the links to vote on facebook https://www.facebook.com/BostonPizza/?hc_ref=ARRuh27gXcLPeka_YZjMIsqVbJvcTRPn_UVRK9s3ZVYRh3kz_pjqBO_qJgMQHRtsi9E&fref=nf https://www.facebook.com/HockeyCanada/
  19. Hello Everyone and welcome to my brand new project. The National Volleyball League I have been planning this project out since mid July and I am so excited to finally start it. Basically what this is, is a world where Volleyball is one of the most popular sports n North America and there is a 30 team processional mens league that spans through United States and Canada. It is basically the volleyball version of the NBA,NFL,MLB and NHL. I personally play high school volleyball and I absolutely love it. I always love watching Volleyball in the Olympics and I think that it is a thoroughly enjoyable game to watch. I think a major league in volleyball would be amazing and I wanted to bring my ideas to life on these boards. this will be a big change of pace for me as I am creating all original logos and uniforms for all 30 franchises. This is by far my most ambitious project that have ever done but I really feel like I am up for it. So here we go with the title page for the league. This title page features the official league logo which features a silhouette of a player smashing a volleyball. The NVL abbreviation follows with the shield design and the two blue lines beside the player represent the borders of a volleyball court. The red, blue and white color scheme follows the NFL,NBA and MLB because I felt that it should really feel like it is an elite league like those ones. The league wordmark is below the logo and is fairly simple but uses a powerful font. The 30 teams are shown on the side of the page in their 5 teams divisions and conferences. The Easter and Western Conference logos are shown at the top to show what conference each team will play in. I chose 8 Canadian cities and 22 American cities for this league. Volleyball is very big where I come form and I think that Canada would do well with 8 teams in this league. Here is also a bigger version of the Eastern and Western conference logos These logos go together well as they point opposite ways and have opposite gradients and colors. I really like how these turned out and I hope you guys like them. So there is the introduction to the league. The first team is already finished and I may post it later tonight. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of this idea because I know that it will be fairly unique for these boards as volleyball is not brought up very much. Each team will be posted with logos, jerseys and a court. Without further ado, I officially declare this project started.
  20. Hey Guys this is an idea that I have had as an idea for a while now and I've always thought it would be a unique take on a world hockey tournament. The concept is an ice hockey tournament that features all of the world's continents. I know that this is absolutely ridiculous because it would be such a lopsided tournament but lets just pretend that every continent could put up a good team and compete with each other. I have decided to make this an 8 tournament with the addition of giving Central America it's own team and also calling one team Oceania so that it represents the whole continent of Australia and not just the country. Also Under Armour will be the jersey manufacturer This is going to be a fun series and I hope you enjoy!. The teams for this series will be as follows North America South America Central America Antarctica Africa Europe Asia Oceania First lets start with the primary event logo. I went very simple with this and made it two colors so that each team can have their own variation of it to put on the jerseys. It isn't the flashiest thing around but I think it does the job. Also lets get to the first team I have done. Team Europe! I went with a dark blue and yellow color scheme from the European Union flag and also used the circle of stars as the base for the logo. The jerseys use a unique arm design with 12 total stripes just like the 12 stars in the logo.
  21. The World Ice Hockey Continents Cup (6/8) Oceania added

    Next up is Oceania. The color scheme stands out in this tournament using teal for all of the water in the area of the islands and dark purple to be unique and to make the other colors pop. The design is very unique and is something I have wanted to try for a while. It is a vertical stripe down the middle of the jersey that arcs off to become a tail stripe on the back of the jersey. The wave design from the roundel logo appear on the arms. Let me know what you think.
  22. The World Ice Hockey Continents Cup (6/8) Oceania added

    Next up is team Asia. Went with a very unique design with this one that uses a double red color scheme. The dark red continues all the way oto the back of the dark jersey that is based off of the Buffalo turdburger. The logo features a sun behind a workdmark.
  23. The World Ice Hockey Continents Cup (6/8) Oceania added

    Next up is team North America. I went with a double grey and black color scheme for this one. The logo is an NA inside an oval with a maple leaf and star on opposite sides of each other. The jerseys have quite a bit going on with a sharp font and a maple leaf on one cuff and a star on the other.
  24. The World Ice Hockey Continents Cup (6/8) Oceania added

    Next up is Central America. I went with a modern sharp stripe design and a bold color scheme of lime green and very dark blue that makes the green pop. The logo is fairly simple. It is a shield with CA in it with CENTRAL AMERICA at the top. I have also decided to put the event logo on the shoulders of every jersey instead of the upper chest. I have gone back and updated the past concepts with this. Speaking of updates, Europe has gotten a complete overhaul with stars now on the arms and hem for 12 stars total. I think I like this look better than what I previously had. Antarctica has only been updated with the new shoulder patches
  25. The World Ice Hockey Continents Cup (6/8) Oceania added

    I'll likely go back and try something different with Europe but first here is team Antarctica. I went with a chest stripe/hem and cuff stripe design here with a simple logo that comes from the flag. Also went with all light blue equipment to make them stand out more.