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  1. No. No it is not.
  2. Actually, I'm the one who closed the thread. Please don't spread the trolling to other threads.
  3. I like the shirt, but it shouldn't be the primary look for them. That white shirt looks kinda cheap, though.
  4. Well, the beer's crap, too. But I'm with you.
  5. A friendly mod reminder to keep discussion friendly and non-personal. Someone disagreeing with you is not necessarily a personal attack.
  6. Just found out that we're changing product owners on our team. Since the new PO has already been a PM (or something similar) that has supplied stories for our team, I've worked with him... and it wasn't terribly pleasant. JOY. The idea of quitting and taking a few months off keeps rattling around in my head. I know I shouldn't, but...
  7. The Atlanta LOLtras... er, Ultras. They've emphatically stayed with the Silverbacks.
  8. I drove for Lyft for a bit last year, and I didn't feel exploited.
  9. San Jose: Even though the pattern is cool, all black is a fail. The Quakes should always be blue/black/blue. NYC: Orange shorts with the navy shirt looks pretty awesome. RSL: Go back to blue shorts already... oh, and blue sleeves, while you're at it. NYRB: Uh...
  10. Nope. I meant ick.
  11. I'm holding out a little hope for black socks, like they wore in NASL. Oh, and no white shorts with that. Ick.
  12. If they'd used their regular crest, that Colorado away would be fantastic. But I can't stop looking at that hideous recolor.
  13. Except for that large gap from 1983 to 1994, I suppose.
  14. Have all designers completely forgotten what an apostrophe looks like? Also, not born in '74.
  15. To me, San Jose is blue/black/blue. This seems like a step backward.