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  1. The Sydney crest is decent, but the attempt at a half-and-half look fails for me. Plus, Glenn's right about the font.
  2. Went to the Blue Jays game on Friday with one Mr. Creamer.
  3. I suppose the map leaves out the rest of the Japan itinerary; I'm also going to Osaka and Hiroshima.
  4. If that were a posted thing, I'd be cool with it. But if your only listed closing time is 10? Well, you're open until 10.
  5. Last fall, I sold my house in Minneapolis. I made a decent amount of money on the sale, which I used to clear my credit card debt then put the rest away. By late spring, I was really falling into some serious depression, exacerbated by issues at my work. I decided to quit (after proper notice, natch) and take some time away from employment, since for once in my life, I was in a place where I could do so. As travel is one of my vices, I decided to travel a bit... and then it transformed into this sort of plan. Is it the most logical or conventional thing to do? Nope. But maybe there's something to that "YOLO" idea, eh? I'm certainly not getting younger. That said, I was able to find some pretty decent deals on flights; in fact, I think the only flight that was over $1,000 was from Peru to San Diego (via Atlanta)--and that's because I decided to splurge and go first class, since I leave Lima at 1am. (Also, it was originally supposed to be just to Atlanta, but because the RoboSphincter [aka Mercedes-Benz Stadium] is delayed, Atlanta United is rescheduling their game against Minnesota United.) I haven't done the math as of yet; I should do that. Ok, math is done. The total for flights, train travel, and rental cars is just under $9,400, which includes the $2,200 indulgence for the first class flights back; with economy, it would have been around $8,400.
  6. I was at that KC/Minnesota Open Cup game; KC came out in light blue training tops in the second half. Those throwbacks are so ridiculous... and I wish they were going to wear them in the actual game.
  7. The contrast in MNU/SKC was pretty decent, though the shadows made it a little more difficult in the second half.
  8. I'm going to be at BMO next week for Toronto v Minnesota. As with most MNU road games: please, not in the face.
  9. I take umbrage with 9er's statement, though. Sure, if it's 3:31 and the hours are until 3:30, you're screwed and it's your own fault. But if it's 3:25? The place is still open, so shut your mouths and take the order.
  10. For some reason, I looked her up on Facebook... and I read the comments of one of her posts. Folks, if y'all don't believe that racism is alive, well, and proud in 2017, you're not looking. Jeebus.
  11. I planned/booked it all myself. I created a spreadsheet with things I was interested in seeing, including games (mostly soccer). There were a few iterations, but once I had it down, I started booking flights and hotels. I was originally going to book a month or so ahead of time and then wing it a bit, but I'm a bit of a control freak about my travel arrangements, so I'm fully booked. I'm going to end up buying far too many soccer scarves, I have a feeling, but I dig your idea as well. It'll have to be something relatively small so that I can get them all in my luggage. Speaking of which, I haven't started actually packing yet, and I'm kind of dreading the decisions I'm going to have to make on that front. I'll keep that in mind. I haven't been to Toronto in probably a decade, but I've been around ten times. It's one of my favorite cities anywhere. Minnesota United is playing there on that Saturday, which made it a great jumping-off point. Plus, Chris (that guy whose name is on the site) and I are going to hit the Blue Jays' game on Friday. Thanks, y'all. I'm excited and nervous and all of that right now.
  12. That's an interesting shade of "white" for Dallas's shorts.
  13. I'm going around the world in 92 days, starting next week. (Suggestions for what to see/do/eat/etc in each place are most welcome.)
  14. I rather like this version I saw elsewhere: