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  1. San Jose: Even though the pattern is cool, all black is a fail. The Quakes should always be blue/black/blue. NYC: Orange shorts with the navy shirt looks pretty awesome. RSL: Go back to blue shorts already... oh, and blue sleeves, while you're at it. NYRB: Uh...
  2. Nope. I meant ick.
  3. I'm holding out a little hope for black socks, like they wore in NASL. Oh, and no white shorts with that. Ick.
  4. If they'd used their regular crest, that Colorado away would be fantastic. But I can't stop looking at that hideous recolor.
  5. Except for that large gap from 1983 to 1994, I suppose.
  6. Have all designers completely forgotten what an apostrophe looks like? Also, not born in '74.
  7. To me, San Jose is blue/black/blue. This seems like a step backward.
  8. I only learned about it last week after I started reading /r/vexillology/.
  9. Is it wrong that I like the wavy, likely-fake shirt way better than what's going to be the real thing?
  10. Some day I'll not get excited about getting something I designed in a physical form. Today is not that day.
  11. Pocatello is running a contest for a new flag.
  12. I think they ended up using that script as their wordmark for a while.
  13. Gentlemen, it would be best if you didn't drag out your personal laundry in someone else's thread.
  14. October 27, 2012: Second leg of the NASL Championship in St. Petersburg. A good number of Minnesota fans, including myself, had made the trip to Florida for the game. The Stars had been league owned for two seasons, and at this point there were no clear leads on new owners for the team. Surely a team that had won two consecutive titles and was building a fan base wouldn't be contracted, right? This game changed that narrative a bit. Minnesota took a 2-0 lead into this game from the first leg, but lost 3-1 on the night. NASL didn't use the away goals rule, so the game went to extra time, then eventually penalties, where the Rowdies won. It's bad enough to have to watch the other team lift the trophy in front of you; it's another level when you're not sure if you've just witnessed the last game before your team folds. With the loss of the Thunder after the 2009 season (#FUDJ), this really stung. Obviously, you all know that the story didn't end there; within a few months, the team had been purchased by Dr. Bill McGuire, renamed Minnesota United (*sigh*), and placed on the track towards bigger and better things. But that time sitting on the berm (and with beers in the parking lot after) pondering the end of it all was rough.
  15. Turn the yellow into the old khaki/sand/whatever color they used to use and that might be a better look. (Then you could bring back the khaki road jerseys that were awesome.)