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  1. I'm exactly the opposite; I love high socks.
  2. Neither team was wearing the right thing. SJ should still be blue/black/blue, and Dallas needs to have the red/white hoops again.
  3. This isn't bad, but there's one thing I keep thinking might make it work a little better. A slight rotation to let the A without the crossbar point straight up--or, if you will, north. The wolf also feels like it's at a more natural angle.
  4. Exceptionally, McCall.
  5. My understanding is that they tried changing the Hardee's name to Carl's Jr. in at least one test market in the Midwest, and it failed miserably.
  6. Either that or he formulated an impressive Facebook bot to carry on for him.
  7. Hedley, if you contributed anything to this board other than complaining about every moderator action, I might actually start possibly considering that what Ice_Cap said was "personal" or that you're trying to protect others or something. But damned near the only thing you've posted about in the last few years is how bad the mods are here... well, that and judging/mocking other users. It gets pretty damned old, and it goes back even farther than when the latest group of mods was added. I don't actually disagree with you about a potential ban of NoHoJoe in this case; I didn't feel it was called for, and therefore I didn't vote in favor of it. But your constant attacks of the mods here are tiresome at best. I'm sure your only reply to this will be that I'm being personal and that you're being persecuted, but I frankly just don't care enough to make up some other BS to post about this situation. This is what I've witnessed over the years, so it's what I wrote.
  8. I had season tickets for the St. Louis Vipers in 1995, then the Minnesota Blue Ox in RHI's thrown-together final season of 1999. In a box somewhere I have a Vipers home jersey signed by most of the 1995 team.
  9. Who the hell are you?
  10. Let's face it: meltdowns are all he really contributed.
  11. Well, I guess this completely puts to rest my old theory that he was just trolling the place. I think we can all picture that as a post.
  12. And apparently gotta look for the first letter of each sentence in that release.
  13. I'd say that looks far more purple than it does claret.
  14. I turned in my resignation last week; after next week, I'll no longer work here. I don't have anything lined up, but I just couldn't keep going. In fact, I'm planning to take a few months away from employment and do some serious travel. For once in my life I'm in a position where I can do that and not hurt too badly, so I'm going to take advantage of that and try to get my head together.
  15. No. No it is not.