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  1. (obligatory sigh)
  2. It's not like they couldn't do that in a future expansion if they felt the need. You're talking about a pretty expensive road move there.
  3. I appreciate your sentiment, but we've been down this path before. It does not end well.
  4. Technically they made their place name smaller, since they were "Carolina" before.
  5. The Cosmos logo sucks anyway. Screw the Railhawks' rebranding.
  6. Railhawks was a silly name and the new crest looks pretty nice. That said, they've now dumped ten years of their history for a super generic name. They didn't even bother to keep their colors. People always complain about the lack of history in American soccer... and then suggest that all of the previous history be dumped in the pursuit of generic Euro-ness. Screw that. This opinion article sums up my opinions quite well.
  7. At least it's not a piece of clipart they got online. (Seriously, I saw the bird on a clipart site.) The new idea's cool, but the execution is sloppy as all hell.
  8. How is this franchise already "a disaster"?
  9. It is a bit odd that we have national flags flying everywhere here. I can't think of another country I've visited that has their flag displayed with anywhere close to the same density.
  10. Meh. Looks like an alright alternate logo, I guess.
  11. Actually, youth development is the part that's lacking the most.
  12. Um, that's six syllables. It's also one syllable fewer than "Arizona Diamondbacks". Gimmick aside, the colors look fantastic.
  13. Event 10: Time Warp I have to admit I was a little disappointed that I didn't medal with this one; I really liked the final product. However, I'll admit that beveling isn't one of my strong points, so I suspect that's part of what might have cost me. (Plus there were some other very nice entries.)
  14. Event 8: Fantasy Team ...oops. The timing of this one was bad, and I just ran out of time and juice. I was going to go with the St. Louis Foxes, but my early attempts at making a logo just weren't working. Moving on... Event 9: Alternate Logo This one was a little rushed, I admit. I feel like the idea was solid--a bat and old-school telescope crossed as an X--but the execution could have been better. I'll stroke my own ego and say it's better than their current logo, though.
  15. Event 7: Company Logo I had trouble coming up with anything for this one. I decided to do a parody based on the company from Better Off Ted (a brilliant show that was cancelled far too soon!): The logo portion was supposed to be Dr. Evil and Mini Me. Judging by the results of the voting, nobody got the joke. But I'm used to that.