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  1. Why, yes, red makes perfect sense when your logo is primarily double-blue and yellow....
  2. [MOD ANNOUNCEMENT] The rhetoric in here has taken a bit of a turn towards the personal. That needs to end. Now. All are welcome to offer opinions, so long as they're willing to do so without vilifying other users; they should also be willing to accept criticism and critique of those opinions. Also, reasonable disagreement with your opinion doesn't mean you're being shut down; it comes with the territory. Despite previous bans on political content, this thread has been allowed to exist mostly due to the fact that it was mostly civil. If this can't be a civil discussion, it won't happen at all. Thank you.
  3. Probably no chance. But thank you. 😊 (*obligatory sigh*)
  4. But it would likely not pass the California emissions test next time he had to have it checked.
  5. As an aside, I just booked a trip for October to see Minnesota play at Puerto Rico for the last time. I kicked myself when the Islanders folded before and I hadn't made the trip down there; now I get one last chance. After that, I will have seen Minnesota (in any incarnation/league) play on the road at seven of the current NASL team; the exceptions are Jacksonville, Miami, Ottawa, and OKC. (I did see the Minnesota Thunder play at Miami FC, but that team is now known as the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers.) Ahh, second-division memories.
  6. Ew. Don't do that. ----- I sat at my work computer on Friday watching the speeches. I won't lie: I was getting a little misty. It's hard to believe how far pro soccer in Minnesota has come since I started going to games in 2005. There were some pretty low times (sitting on the berm in Tampa after the 2012 final wondering if we'd just seen the team's last game comes to mind), which puts all of this in some nice perspective. I'm glad they were able to keep the name. I'm not a huge fan of it to begin with, but yet another name change would have been ludicrous. Looks like I've got a home opener to fly back for next year. Oh, and at least one away game against the Galaxy just up the road.
  7. Yup. I moved to SD last spring. No more winter.
  8. Paynomind was in San Diego on business a few months ago and we went out taproom hopping. Our poor livers. I have yet to meet Fiasco.
  9. I generally only drink on flights if it's complimentary and if they have a decent beer option.
  10. I blocked tNak on Facebook because other FB friends would comment on his crazy and I'd end up seeing it. Ugh.
  11. I've never really paid attention to that fact. It looks like in one of the early versions it was, but changed not long after.
  12. YES. Why aren't ridged s&v chips a thing?!
  13. Window seats used to be the way to go, but now I go for the aisle because the curve of many planes these days makes it super uncomfortable for me to find anywhere to put my head and shoulder. At 6'5" and 3*coughcough*, flying can be a literal pain (even if I still generally enjoy air travel). I can't even fathom what LMU goes through.
  14. Hi, welcome to the boards. Some of the posters here are correct: posts in the concepts forum should include an actual concept.