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  1. ...what?
  2. This thread isn't for personal fighting, thanks.
  3. In a weird way, I kinda like it. Haven't yet seen how it'll be applied on other backgrounds. I do wish they'd kept the bull; I think it it would work well in the negative space created on the left.
  4. I wouldn't go full hoop for them, but I like the idea of the chest stripe as a nod to their previous looks.
  5. Bradley was probably a bit surprised to randomly see someone slightly taller than himself.
  6. I'm currently shivering in antici
  7. Nice look, but it's a shame they've gone all-green.
  8. Because there are over triple the teams in CONCACAF than CONMEBOL.
  9. A Twin Cities location won't help so much these days; it looks like they have a San Diego location, though. I looked through their stuff, but they have maybe one design I like. I'm not into the thick hipster frames everyone seems to be going for these days. They also don't seem to have magnetic clip-on frames, which is what I really want.
  10. There is no way I could stick things in my eye every day. No way.
  11. My inability to make a decision about ordering new eyeglasses. My eye doctor's office doesn't has nice options, but they're not quite what I want. There are some options online that are pretty damned close, but it's tough to tell if they'll fit properly. Oh, and most online glasses sites have terrible reviews. Meh.
  12. This thread is still a thing? The thing mentioned in that post that needed to be retired in season two (or earlier) is Workaholics. Thankfully, it's finally going away.
  13. The NWSL's Western New York Flash are now the North Carolina Courage: The hell is going on with that lioness?
  14. Huh. I've had drinks with that guy.
  15. No.