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  1. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    All of this, though sometimes I wonder if Wilt hasn't lost a screw somewhere along the way.
  2. I was waiting three rounds for that. No Jets No. If my team can't win (which is a given), I'm all for chaos.
  3. Me reading the last twenty-four hours of this thread: I'm bathing in all of this. The explosion of heads from Vegas being in the finals gives me life. C'mon, Tampa, make it an all-"OMG WHY DO THEY HAVE A HOCKEY TEAM?!" final.
  4. 2018/19 Soccer Kits

    That one's new for 2018. Their previous logo won the 2016 Creamer Award for worst new logo; after the award, they put out an infographic with their usual level of snarky-hipster style: The crazier thing is they have this beauty of a script logo that was designed by Matthew Wolff, who was responsible for LAFC and NYCFC, but they like to "save it for special events" like the Open Cup: Hell, if they'd have used the script logo on those plaid shirts, I'd've been really tempted to buy one. ---------- Now, speaking of the NPSL North, I worked with Duluth FC on a rebrand for this season: I've only seen pictures of the new away kits so far; I'm guessing the home kits haven't come in yet. (Also, the gradient rays coming off the logo were supposed to be even as they spread; I'm guessing the manufacturer, Stimulus, messed up something.) Oh, and there's an ad for my freelancing "company" on the sleeve.
  5. Forrest Gump Night in Montgomery to feature Greenbow Biscuits

    You have a lot of terrible and/or mindless thoughts.
  6. Forrest Gump Night in Montgomery to feature Greenbow Biscuits

    Yeah, the main Biscuit could use a makeover. But don't you dare lose that butter pat.
  7. Canadian Premier League

    The kerning is terrible. Also, I'm sure it's not, but my mind keeps seeing the chevron being slightly off-center; the point looks slightly off to the right.
  8. Buffalo Bisons reignite our love for food-based baseball promos

    Let us not forget...
  9. 2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Nifty detail on the back of the St. Pauli shirt:
  10. Buffalo Bisons reignite our love for food-based baseball promos

    Not feeling the art style on this one. Fun idea but the execution's a miss.
  11. 2018/19 Soccer Kits

    It's never a surprise when we disagree; I love the look.... ...except for centering the badge. Push that up, maybe make the stripes a little thinner to move up the sponsor logo (and maybe allow them to overlap), and it's a win. So, ok, we don't totally disagree on this one.
  12. Carolina Mudcats commemorate old-school Brewers unis

    They got the muddy colors down, but it's not really the old-school Brewers look without a generic script; the Mud Cats script is clearly too nice.
  13. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I know it's not the entire reason, but last year's flood is one factor in people not having as much disposable income.
  14. New Best Buy logo

    My understanding is that they used it for mall stores like that. They really should have switched to it completely.
  15. New Best Buy logo

    They should have stuck with this version: