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  1. J3_Hockey

    NHL 2017-18

    What are those gloves ? They can't be serious...
  2. J3_Hockey

    NHL 2017-18

    Is it me or the shoulder patches are much bigger and higher than before ?
  3. J3_Hockey

    NHL Redux by OSM61 - Red Wings, Wild updated (22/30 teams)

    I just saw 'your' SJ Sharks jerseys. It looks good but it might look a tiny bit like a jersey I made in March, this year (Seriously, you just changed the orange for grey, the shoulder patch and the font). It was posted on HJC on March 24. http://imgur.com/7b5vM6q
  4. J3_Hockey

    Wallpaper's Space Series (Requests Accepted)

    Can I get a Pekka Rinne (NHL-Nashville) one?