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  1. He was one of the few players I liked during the dark days.
  2. I was in college when it made its way into Ohio for the first time ever. People went nuts because it was something other than Natty Light and you'd look every so slightly more refined if you had yuengling rather than another cheap beer. Now though every time I drink Yuengling I get grouchy and irritable and it's the only beer I've found that has that affect on me. Normally I 'm a sweet guy when drinking. So I haven't had Yuengling in a while. The new design is fine. The Light is definitely an upgrade. Ups the class a little bit.
  3. The head Creative Director at the agency I worked for told me "I'd hire someone from the methadone clinic if they had talent". I work in a creative field and I have a marketing degree. I have no formal training outside of some elective classes I took in college to learn softwares. My counterpart went to 6 years of design school at Columbus College of Art and Design and the School of Art at the University of Cincinnati. We have the same job. Would art school have been the better move? Maybe or maybe not, but I like being able to say I have 10 years experience in the design field with an understanding of the business world.
  4. Can't wait to hear your rationale. Notable things he did with the Reds: - Made his major league debut - five seasons - 383 career appearances, 324 with the Reds - set the world speed record for a fastball - four all-star games
  5. The Leafs are 3 points up on the Islanders, 4 up on Tampa. 11 games left. Gotta say this has Toronto Maple Leafs CollapseTM written all over it. I'm nervous for you, Toronto fans. I hope it doesn't happen.
  6. I cleaned Dick Tarnstrom's rental house after he left Columbus. Pretty clean and tidy guy, didn't leave anything cool or noteworthy behind.
  7. That's not what's happening here. Plenty of other, better writers also said they were going to be bad, but when they won 47 out of 71 games those writers were grown up enough to give the team some credit without calling a fanbase stupid for enjoying a good team for the first time ever. It's an enormous pain the ass because now he's just trolling and his editor is trolling and their buddy lozo has joined in. The Hawks, Bruins, and Penguins didn't have to deal with this when they dug themselves out of the basement and you wouldn't know it by their coverage, but the Leafs have fewer points than the Jackets.
  8. I always liked this one because it didn't give a flip about the green car superstition.
  9. That reminds me of our coach letting us put the decals on our own helmets, which bothered me to no end because of course most guys had theirs horribly misaligned and nobody's helmet looked the same. We had green helmets with the black georgia G so I, naturally, placed it exactly where Georgia places theirs and very meticulously made sure the logos were even on both sides. Other guys had it touching the ear hole or way too high on the helmet. I got called the f word and pelted with tape balls for bringing this up.
  10. I should know better to pick Cincinnati to go far and to pick against Xavier. Xavier's 6th trip to the Sweet Sixteen since 2008. That's more than a lot of historically good major programs.
  11. haha what a bunch of stupid a******s!
  12. Much appreciated, sir. Thanks!
  13. You're right. Gifs too. If a guy dunks on a guy there's a gif on twitter in 15 seconds and now you can text that to people.
  14. This weekend I am crossing New Orleans off of my list. Besides the obvious things that everyone suggests what is something I should do/see while there?
  15. Our old friend phantom dreamer keeps getting retweeted by Paul Lukas because he's doing his old blue/yellow trident bit on twitter. No, the Mariners look great as is and don't need changes and definitely don't need to go back in time to a color scheme that never worked for them. They're the only team in major North American professional sports who uses navy blue and teal. I like the trident as a fun batting practice hat, but the S hats are far superior and should be the only thing worn on a regular game hat. The only improvements I'd make would be to incorporate more teal into the regular look. Go back to teal bills on the home hats and use a teal number on the front of the jerseys.