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  1. Really unusual color schemes (that work)

    Yes. It was the show where every single scandal that's ever happened to an NFL team ever all happened to the same team in the same season. Then the NFL made espn cancel it.
  2. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Further compounding the idiocy of "he didn't have his hand on his heart!" is it's really easy to find a photo where a guy doesn't have his hand over his heart. See: sidebar: Look at this :censored:ing picture. Ben Carson's hand is so gently placed on his chest it's almost floating above it, Rubio does have some pretty big hands and Trump's actually are pretty small, and Ted Cruz putting his hand inside his jacket, presumably so "it's closer to his heart" or some other faux huckleberrry nonsense. Trump is eyeing the one brown person in the room not named Ben Carson and he doesn't like it one bit.
  3. Really unusual color schemes (that work)

    Maybe it was because my middle school was painted in these colors because it was the 90's!, but I've always loved how burgundy and teal looked together with burgundy operating as the primary color. The only team I can think of that came close was the fake team in "Playmakers".
  4. No disrespect to Anthony Zych, I think he did a really great job on some of these, but outside of a few they're just not my cup of tea. They started off a little more conceptual and then after a while kind of just started going for the easy gag associated with any given opponent. I'd also probably be more likely to buy one from one of the games I attended, but for the first time since the 99-00 season I went through a hockey season without going to a CBJ game. The artist moved to working for the Devils so I hope the Blue Jackets open it up to more artists next season to get more of a style variety. I also like what he started so hopefully more teams do gameday posters next season. It's a fun thing to look forward to as part of each gameday morning.
  5. ^that's my issue with it and the NCG was the moment it went too far. Jordan's actual reaction to the buzzer beater beating his team was actually pretty cool, but thousands (THOUSANDS) of unoriginal basement dwellers rushed to open Photoshop Elements to crudely paste his crying head onto his head. I don't like it because the joke is so easy that even painfully unfunny people can participate, which is my problem with all memes really.
  6. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    You're right and you're wrong. Make America Great Again was essentially what Obama was saying in 2008 with the more manicured and visually pleasing and branded HOPE/CHANGE messages. He obviously got away with it because he's a two-term president, but your questions have been thrown at him since 2008 claiming he hates America and finding evidence to support this ("He didn't wear a flag pin on his lapel!", "his hand isn't over his heart during the national anthem!!!") Won't get into which one's message is more appropriate for the existing political climate or more inclusive. I hope so. Ben Carson can't even talk and has seriously eroded my feelings towards brain surgeons.
  7. 2016 MLB Season

    I don't know if they can sustain it, but that's a solid/fun group they have. West coast start times are tough, but I stay up late anyways and I've found myself watching more and more of their games on I actually get to see more Mariners games now than I did when I lived there when seeing them meant a bar or a ticket to Safeco. I wish they'd lift the blackout restrictions. I'm going to the Reds-Mariners game on the 21st and I'm not gonna be one of those dorks who wears gear from both teams, but I won't be upset if the Mariners beat the Reds. Current Reds Gear Grinder of the Week: - The bullpen has allowed at least one run in 22 straight games. It's almost comical how bad they are. It's gotten to point where if they score a few runs early in the game they aren't even worth celebrating because you know around the 7th inning a reliever's going to come in and give up a 3 run jack. Now that it's officially the low point of a rebuilding cycle results aren't important. I've started watching the games from first inning until whenever the starters leave and then I find something else to do when the bullpen takes over. The starters are the ones the team that have a future with the club. The bullpen is a stopgap collection of bodies until the team feels like it can fill that need.
  8. As is the Pittsburgh way, a bunch of random plugs, useless in other places, are playing like all-stars (Bonino, Daley, some rando goalie named Matt Murray) The Lightning, Islanders, Sharks, Predators, Stars, Blues aren't beating them. The Capitals were our only hope and they're a bigger mess than the republican party. Pittsburgh will win the cup because sports are a complete waste of time.
  9. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    I hope Kasich's smart enough to realize that if he wants to run again in 4 years it's better to be the forgotten guy from the Field of Dip$hits than it will be to be the guy who was attached to the worst presidential nominee in history. On the other hand watching Chris Christie sell his soul for this very thing and then not get it would be hilarious.
  10. Stolen Work

    Does John Buccigross know he's selling these?
  11. Here's my prediction: You have more time than that. They'll find a way to slow down aging in about 4 decades.
  12. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Rats. I was really hoping for a contested convention. Cruz just had to call it a basketball "ring" in Indiana... This is the worst election of our lifetimes and we have six more months of this :censored:.
  13. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Hiding letters in things is not cool and in my scorecard is not a mark in that logo's plus column. It's a very outdated design goof and as you said if you remove that stroke then you have a more realistic looking depiction of the shark's fin. So you add more complexity just so you can wedge in a squrimy looking SJ that a vast majority of people will never pick up on. I'm a design nerd and I didn't even know about this until a few weeks ago. Here's an example: UAPB. That's not a good depiction of those letters and it's an even worse depiction of the lion's mane. It's the spork of logo design.
  14. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    I read somewhere that Denver is the most overextended city in US sports. This isn't a knock on Denver, but there's too many teams for a population of that size. It's natural that when one team struggles people choose to spend their sports moneys on another team in the market. I'd say that explains the Rapids' problems right there.