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  1. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    That is what's happening. The lines move downward towards the crotch so the white or teal section forms a hexagon shape when viewed from the front or back. Here's a front view
  2. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    Charlotte Hornets
  3. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    Houston Rockets Always loved the simplicity of the championship years Rockets uniforms, but the primary logo was weak and the wordmarks had a bad case of intermingling upper and lower case letters. These are basically the 94 unis, with rocket trails and new logo.
  4. 2017 NFL Season

    I bet there's more Broncos, Steelers, and Patriots fans in LA too. And behind USC and UCLA they're at least the six favorite football team in LA, not to mention all of the other sports teams. Of all the franchise relocations the one that previously made the least sense to me was Sonics to Oklahoma City, but at least they went to a city that wanted them. This one really is the dumbest and most ill-advised.
  5. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    Thanks for asking. You can, but I'd prefer that you kept it to teams that I've used their actual logos for and anything original of mine such as the Sonics or the Thunder you wouldn't use.
  6. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    Philadelphia 76ers
  7. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. San Antonio Spurs Despite their success on the court the Spurs' unis have never done it for me. I think they're overstriped and a touch on the boring side so I simplified cuff striping and gave them a shorts pattern to semi match the shape of their primary logo. The alternate is called "the Riverwalk uniforms" based on the previous alternate logo's use of Fuchsia, orange, and teal, and to add a semi-regular touch of color to a dark and drab color scheme.
  8. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    Oklahoma City Thunder This is an older concept that I did about a year ago: The Thunder's issues are well documented so I don't need to get into that. Went the buffalo route with a couple alternate logos and simplified the color scheme to use only 3 colors and added an orange alternate that was not part of the original presentation.
  9. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    Portland Trail Blazers The Blazers have one of those rare things in sport where they have a thing that they truly own. The sash, the asymmetrical shorts, the abstract logo - it's all so striking and perfect and theirs and so for that reason I didn't do a lot that their most recent update didn't do. The only differences are the old font has been straightened and given outlines, the unnecessary and cluttering silver has been removed, and I created a white home alternate utilizing their logo as inspiration.
  10. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    More and more I like to work with seamless templates of my own design so I start with a blank slate and get things exactly how I like them. I feel like it allow me to be more creative when I don't have to worry about curves or the certain cut of a jersey.
  11. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    That's how I originally had it.
  12. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    Seattle Supersonics The return of the Sonics comes with a new family of logos that emphasize aviation from which their namesake is derived, uniforms that play off the old arced stripe look from the 80's and 00's, a custom font, and a throwback to the uniforms of the mid to late 90's.
  13. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    S***! Fixing the Bucks the now. Pacers Did a crazy thing with the Pacers - actually used a racing element in their uniforms. Also, the alternate utilizes the speeding ball from the logo. We'll call that the "heritage" uniform or whatever.
  14. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    The Milwaukee Bucks EDIT: fixed city name. Incorporated the "Irish Rainbows" of the 80's with their current uniforms, and their classic red/green color scheme as well as a 1990's inspired alternate uniform. To match the city's germanic ancestry is a pair of new wordmarks and number font using Mattox Shuler's fantastic font called Moonshiner.
  15. The year is 2020. The world's first trillionaire is a mad scientist who accidentally stumbled upon the cure for cancer and has exploited his secret concoction to extort money from all over the world. By basically holding the globe hostage he's able to gross more money than the sum total of all the money that had previously ever existed. He's also a huge basketball fan and made commissioner Adam Silver an offer he couldn't refuse and purchased every single NBA franchise as well as granting an expansion team to Seattle. The mad scientist also has very particular opinions on basketball uniforms and hired me, his favorite designer, to outfit each team in his ideal look. This is the Mad Scientist's NBA. Every team will have a home, road, and two alternate uniforms Up first, the Phoenix Suns Combined the shooting sun of the 90's uniforms, toned down the busy gradients, and lost the drop shadows, with the sunburst shorts from the old west uniforms. The font is custom, but designed to match the lettering from the KJ/Barkley years.