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  1. We're not changing the Indians colors. They've been navy and red for as long as anyone and have as much claim to it as any other team. For the home white primary the Indians should wear a blue hat with red bill at home with red everything else (undershirts, numbers, belts, and socks). On the road grays they should wear all blue hats with blue wordmarks and numbers with blue undershirts, belts, and socks. It's basically what the 2005 Nats were doing except the home hat stays blue. Their experiments with the red block C caps were ill-advised.
  2. I like The Middle! I watch a lot of stuff* and I feel like I'm one of the few millenials still keeping up with network TV shows. This is a good time to be alive. *I should say I have a lot of stuff on in the background while I computer doodle or look at twitter.
  3. I'm okay with that usage in that context. I'm not okay with them using it many times on The Goldbergs, a bad to sometimes okay ABC show that is set in the 80's. "That's not a thing" wasn't a thing in the 80's!
  4. I was on vacation last week so I don't know when it happened exactly, but 3 houses on my work commute no longer have Trump signs in their front yards. They were there the week of October 10th. Not there the week of October 24th. I'm very curious to know what those people are thinking. I want to know why they were removed. Did they remove the signs themselves after one too many gaffes? Were they vandalized by some punk kids? Did they mow the lawn the day after the last debate, sigh, hold it in their hands and say "let's just quietly not put this one back" while a single tear rolled down their cheek? I've been through tough seasons with my favorite teams so I can empathize. Hell, I stopped watching Reds games this year. I'm not wearing their gear right now. I'm not flying their flag outside my house. It's tough when your favorite team is in the toilet. I get it.
  5. Jacksonville vs. Tennessee Washington vs. Cincinnati - AT London Kansas City vs. Indianapolis Oakland vs. Tampa Bay Seattle vs. New Orleans Detroit vs. Houston NY Jets vs. Cleveland New England vs. Buffalo Arizona vs. Carolina San Diego vs. Denver Green Bay vs. Atlanta Philadelphia vs. Dallas Minnesota vs. Chicago (What has happened to you, Monday Night Football?)
  6. A Texans lineman tore both of his patellar tendons on the same play. This is awful. I don't know how much longer I can continue watching guys maim themselves as part of entertainment.
  7. World Series in my baseball viewing life have been largely boring. With 93 being the first one I remember and 95 being the first one I understood I'd break it down like this: "Good Ones" 93, 95, 96, 97, 01, 02, 11, 14, 15 "Bad Ones" 98, 99, 00, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 10, 12, 13 The "Forgettables" where I can't really remember anything that happened outside of which team won and which team lost 03 - The only things I remember was Roger Clemens "last" game that he pitched in Miami, and that Josh Becket was a big part of the Marlins and being happy for Pudge. What I remember most was the over-arching feeling that hovered over every game that we got the 2 teams nobody cared to watch and the two everybody really wanted to see had been eliminated in awesome 7 game seriesesseses. I remember being jealous that the no-name*, penny pinching Marlins were going to have their 2nd title and that nobody in Miami cared. 08 - knew the Phillies were pretty good and the Rays were so new and unexpected that I didn't have much interest in them winning in their first crack at it so I pulled for the Phillies (last time that'll happen) and I remember nothing from any of the games except that it rained a ton in Philadelphia. 09 - I had Philly fatigue and pulled for the Yankees because I didn't want the Phillies to take the Reds' meaningless title of being the last NL team to win B2B titles. The Yankees winning another title is just a big who cares so I think I watched a couple innings of game 6 and that was it. *rare situation where a team arrived early before we knew who their stars were and we needed time to fully appreciate the roster. They all grew up to be quite a good collection of ball players.
  8. Forgot to pick this week In hopes to salvage a single point I'll go with Denver tonight.
  9. nfl

    While it looked really good, I still found this odd. The league is allowing fauxbacks? Or are we just going to get really lax about throwback accuracy now like in 94 when a bunch of teams just didn't bother to get a second set of correctly colored helmets (Jets, Cowboys, 49ers, and Bills off the top of my head)? From the waist up Matt Ryan and Chris Chandler are wearing the same uniform. The black jerseys from the red-helmeted throwbacks are the same as the Glanville 2 Legit 2 Quit/Super Bowl/Vick jerseys and they haven't worn those throwbacks since the league instituted the one helmet rule however many years ago. It would've been just as easy for them to produce some accurate silver pants as it was for those white ones. They have all the equipment to throwback to a specific uniform in team history, but chose to throwback to another which league rules rendered inaccurate. It'd be like if the Jets wore 80's throwbacks, but with their white helmet shells. Wouldn't look bad, but wouldn't be true to history either.
  10. I'm a few days late here, but I must agree. It was from an era of unnecessary alternates, like because the league took the 07-08 season off from alternates everyone rushed out just to have one and many of them felt like rush jobs. Like Vancouver's, that alternate look, was way too close to the primary to get excited about. Plus, they wore them will black socks and because the striping was the same as the regular primaries that felt very un-Bruins. The jerseys from last year's stadium game are pretty cool and I approve, but I would've just had them use the brown and yellow jerseys from the Fenway Park winter classic as the full time alternates These things were only worn for a couple of games, IIRC, which is far too few.
  11. I always liked those Miami helmets. The bowling balls were horrendous and the current ones, the Wisconsin knockoffs with the thin stripes and shrunken M don't do it for me.
  12. Cubs in 5.
  13. The Browns are really bad. Like historically bad. They may not win a game. Why are they on their 6th quarterback 7 games into the season? Because that line isn't keeping anyone from drilling these guys immediately after they drop back. I feel bad for Hue Jackson, though he didn't have to take the job. They obscured the fact that the Bengals may also be a bad football team themselves. Not sure exactly when it happened, but AJ Green is now my all time favorite Bengal. He's the best. End of half hail mary shows his greatness in a single play, his one handed catch on the run later on is further evidence. He's so good.
  14. You can't ignore this Are we too late for expansion to MLS? Are we too close to Columbus? Crew Stadium is a giant high school football stadium, but I like it. I don't see a need for a new one, other than a better location. They could make improvements to the already existing structure and it would presumably be a much cheaper solution.
  15. Your weekly Columbus Blue Jackets thoughts: - A 2-2 record in these first four games is my Stanley Cup. We didn't start 0-8, and I went viral ( - Zach Werenski has played two NCAA seasons, won a Calder Cup in the AHL and won't turn 20 until July. Somehow he looks completely unafraid of the NHL. Torts has him on the #1 powerplay and not only does he not look out of place, he looks like he's been running it for years. He's so smooth with the puck, his vision is amazing, his passes out of the zone are what I've wanted out of a PMD for ten years. Can't rave enough about this kid. - Bobrovsky is playing really well. I love the World Cup of Hockey! - Ryan Murray is made out of cheese. - They're 15/16 on the penalty kill. The one goal they allowed was with an empty net late in the game against San Jose, which means they have yet to allow a power play goal with Bob in net. If they're going to hang around and compete they need to keep a high level of penalty killing. This was one of their main problems a season ago. - This schedule doesn't get any easier, but I'm encouraged by the way they're playing.