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  1. For real. A positive goal differential, now sitting in a playoff spot, with a game in hand on Boston. and you get to play the Bye Week Blue Jackets tomorrow so congratulations on winning tomorrow night's game. Florida is healthy now and they'd worry me more than the Bruins. The Flyers are done, which is hilarious because Lambert said a Blue Jackets-Flyers playoff series would be a short victory for the Flyers. Haha what a stupid idiot! The Blue Jackets dropped to WC1 while they've been off, which I actually would probably prefer because then we could avoid the metro division until the conference finals and how silly is this playoff format?
  2. Scoring is down? That surprises me. I've actually felt like with all the youths the games have been faster, but at the same time more mistake heavy. Maybe I've just been watching too many Leafs games.
  3. I mean, they made a 30 for 30 about it so it wasn't insignificant. Nobody's putting his time with Orlando on par with what he did in LA, but the uniform he became a star in is not his "wrong" uniform.
  4. Vintage Cujo. I'd say this looks more right than Miami even.
  5. The last shamrock shake I had tasted like chemicals.
  6. You're an amusement park known for massive roller coasters and fun. The new logo embodies none of that spirit. It's far too "corporate".
  7. But they are "wrong" uniforms because we're not used to them yet and we can only go off of how we feel right now. Brandon Phillips in a Braves uniform is his wrong uniform. Maybe he has a huge comeback and the Braves unexpectedly win the World Series while he wears that uniform. At that point it won't be a wrong uniform, but RIGHT NOW as of this post it doesn't look right.
  8. I was never allowed to have sugary cereals as a kid and then when I got to college they had free Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the dining halls. You better believe I ate a bowl every morning before class. Sometimes two. The freshman 15 is real. I agree. In the 90's when our software got better designers went nuts with adding textures, 3 dimensional effects, gradients, and anything else design software was suddenly capable of doing. The same reason why sports uniforms and logos in the 90's were a time of great loudness. Designers were so excited about these new technologies they didn't stop ask whether they should. It's been refreshing to see a shift back to simpler graphics and more restraint shown in the last 5 years or so.
  9. It's the NFL's version of the Penguins in double blue. The current color scheme makes so much sense you wonder how they ever chose to wear anything different.
  10. I wonder if Lebron would be a good GM after he retires. He's basically been doing it for the last 8-9 years anyways.
  11. Alden Ehrenreich doesn't really look like a young Harrison Ford. That's my only problem as of right now.
  12. yeah then it would look even more like a pot leaf.
  13. I actually couldn't believe he fell to 4th and thought the Avs passed up a great opportunity to shore up a weak part of their lineup while taking a hometown kid. It would've been a great story. If anything I think Jones' background actually hurt him. I've heard a lot of people question his hockey IQ and love for the game because his dad played basketball. Mackinnon's a good player, but I think at the end of their careers Jones will be more heralded. I was absolutely thrilled when the Blue Jackets landed him. He's so long, his radius is huge, he can cover a lot of space, and when he wants to he can join the rush and completely eliminate the necessity for the dump and chase and his first pass out of the zone is great. He'll only get better defensively, which is the weak part of his game. Offensively he's right where he should be. He's the PMD I've wanted for forever.
  14. Incorporating the stripes from this logo wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. But I'm worried about how they'll use it. Like a vertical stripe down the chest or something stupid like that. Also, remember the last time a Detroit team leaned too heavily on the automotive industry theme? We got this
  15. Fascinating to watch the very moment when a player finds out that he's been traded, but wouldn't a better move have been to pull him out of the media scrum to tell him that instead of whispering in his ear while they all watched? I thought that was an odd way to handle that.