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  1. The Bengals are pretty much "cool helmet though" in every game they've played since the end of the 2003 season. I want them to change, but I'm afraid Nike won't be able to help themselves and we'll end up with something much much worse.
  2. Oakland vs. Kansas City Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo Denver vs. Tennessee Washington vs. Philadelphia Arizona vs. Miami San Diego vs. Carolina Cincinnati vs. Cleveland Chicago vs. Detroit Houston vs. Indianapolis Minnesota vs. Jacksonville NY Jets vs. San Francisco (oh my) Atlanta vs. Los Angeles New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay Seattle vs. Green Bay Dallas vs. NY Giants Baltimore vs. New England
  3. The 1 vs 8 games would probably be blowouts in most years. An increased playoff field of "highly competitive football" comes at a cost detrimental to the most meaningful regular season in sports. In other words, I don't want 3 loss teams playing for the national title or college football turning into the college basketball season. 4 is the perfect number because it still exclusive enough that it demands near-perfection from game 1 through game 12 while also providing protection against voter bias.
  4. If you lose 2 games in a college football season you don't have much of a case. This is why I advocate for keeping the playoff at 4 teams. The regular season still demands near perfection and is still meaningful from start to finish. The more teams you add the less value a loss holds. If it was an 8 team tournament we'd be talking about 3 loss USC or 3 loss Wisconsin right now. No thanks.
  5. nfl

    First time they've worn it since 2005. Since then it's always been with white pants and orange socks, which I prefer. But the first two seasons of the orange alternates they always wore them with black pants and sometimes it was with orange socks and other times it was with black. 2004 Also 2005 when they first wore the white pants with the orange jerseys
  6. ^ I started to feel for Penn State fans and then had to remind myself that those people deserve neither football success nor happiness. If it was any other program, though.... That guy went on to berate "morons" because "obviously I meant in a sports tragedy sense. Grow up!" One, it's not a great sports tragedy. You lost 2 games and nobody ever said you had to win the conference to be in the playoff. It's not even the greatest sports tragedy in Penn State football history (the undefeated 94 team that didn't win a national title instantly comes to mind). Two, can you at least try to have a little perspective?
  7. ^I purchased a top carrier for my car from (first mistake) for in-store pickup because it said the store closest to me had it in stock. I made the purchase and then after completing the transaction I received an email that said it would be in the store in 3-5 business days. I was moving the next day so that wasn't going to work so I cancelled the order. Sears never refunded my $45, their customer service said they had, but it never went back to my bank account. Haven't and will not go back to sears.
  8. Any argument against a number outline for Dallas is basically an argument against number outlines every where. Except for the stance that black never touches green anywhere on their uniform and wanting to maintain that consistency. I understand that point of view wholeheartedly, but they will still always look like a men's league team that didn't want to spring for double layer twill. I'd like to see how black numbers with a green outline would look on the white jerseys because the logo actually is the one place where black and green touch
  9. just fine.
  10. Legion coming to FX soon is in the Xmen universe, is it not?
  11. Sorry Crazy isn't it? I don't know how I never caught that until today.
  12. I really liked the sand road uniforms for the Padres, but they eventually quit wearing the tops with the matching pants and only went blue jerseys. It was a nice attempt to wear something that wasn't your standard grey uniform, way better than what Arizona tried to do last year.
  13. The Oilers shouldn't change their logo, but I think it needs a few small helps here and there. I just today noticed how the Oilers' logo has the lettering placed so weirdly and it has a different radius than the circle around it so I decided to mess around with it. I left the 1970's drop shadow because if you lose that you lose the essence of the logo attached to one of the sport's great dynasties, but I took out all of the wonky curves on the bottom and gave it uniform spacing between the bottom of the oil drop and the circle, which matches the spacing of the orange in the oil drop with the blue outline around it.
  14. The Bengals have no thought process when it comes to the best time to wear each combination and it drives me nuts. We all remember the Orange Tidal Wave last month when they wore orange jerseys against the Browns. With the Ravens in all black it would've been a good time to go with their white pants and orange socks to provide some more contrast. NOPE. Black pants and black socks. Good idea.