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  1. Absolutely. It'll look like this
  2. 1. That isn't exclusive to hockey. Roger Goodell gets roundly booed by the fans every year at the draft and that gets triple the ratings as the SCF. 2. If it's such a problem then have someone else present the trophy like Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr. It's the only sport where the players get the trophy first and not the owner. It'd make sense if a former player presented it. Actually, that's a really good idea I just thought of. They should do this. 3. The problem with Bettman presenting the trophy is not that he gets booed or what makes the sport look bad. What makes the sport look bad is he's so awkward and he has trouble getting through his 2-3 lines of "congratulations to the losing team, what a wonderful season of hockey we've had, congratulations to the winning team, captain of winning team we need you over here" *awkward photo with captain of winning team*
  3. That's not the point. Why invite any ounce of potential confusion if you can avoid it? What's worse is they have a color that nobody else uses, but is barely visible in their home uniform. What do the Rockies get out of having White Sox knockoffs? What would they get if their uniforms stood out more? (sigh.) Just because they do things a certain way in European soccer doesn't make it acceptable in a completely different sport on a different continent. See: clash uniforms in non-team colors would never fly in MLB. That's like arguing that NFL teams should wear all white uniforms at home and all gray uniforms on the road because that's how it's done in baseball. I'm arguing it is a problem. Even in european football. What possible benefit do those teams get out of dressing so similar and why wouldn't an instantly identifiable look that they could own all to themselves be a better and more recognizable brand? What's gained from copying another team's uniform? We have eyes and can read. Nobody is arguing they're identical, but they don't look "nothing alike". They look at least a little bit alike otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation. The point is they're too similar and there's no reason for them to be that similar. The opportunity cost of the Rockies wearing White Sox knockoffs at home is we don't get to see how white uniforms utilizing their own unique color (purple) could work. There's only 30 teams. No excuse for any of them to have any look that too closely resembles another team. Nor should they want to resemble another team for brand strength purposes.
  4. I think it's funny and I don't really know why. I'll take a shot at it though (pun intended): fun name to say and when you say Harambe it's instantly understood what's being discussed. He's the only thing in the webosphere named Harambe. If he was "George the Gorilla" no way it takes off like this. Cecil the lion sort of had this, but the circumstances around his death were less nuanced. All good people agreed that dentist was a monster for shooting Cecil. There was camps, though, who thought Harambe could've been dealt with without killing him. When you say something like "you're with Harambe now" it's mocking those who were so serious about the death of gorilla, who couldn't understand that being sad about the death and thinking that the right thing was done were not mutually exclusive ideas a person could have. At the same time he's a sympathetic figure because he wasn't doing anything out of his own nature and he thought it was the right thing to do. He was killed for being himself and we've all felt persecuted at one time or another just for being ourselves. I can't explain why I so enjoyed the period on twitter where people changed the lyrics to songs to be about Harambe. I guess because that's just fun for the same reasons that like Weird Al is fun. The Gorilla Glue headquarters are here and it just occurred to me last week that we used to have an indoor soccer team called the Silverbacks I don't know if there is another city where a gorilla's death would be more appropriate. FC Cincinnati should rebrand as the Cincinnati Silverbacks. That's a kickass name/logo.
  5. Watched the Jaguars play last night and season four of the two tone helmets is upon us. Hard to believe it's been that long, but it hasn't "grown on me" or gotten used to it. It's still the worst helmet in the history of the NFL.
  6. eww I don't like that. Is this the case on other teams that have single color numbers?
  7. Who the hell sides with the billionaires in "Millionaires vs. Billionaires"? Do you root for the Empire in Star Wars? Weren't you suspended for actions in a previous conversation identical to this one?
  8. Tank found me on Twitter to tell me that Jay Bruce sucks and is worse than Jason Bay. I warned the Mets fans that Bruce was due for one of his trademark month long slumps, and those usually came whenever he was pressing too hard. Playing in a new city and trying to perform for his new team would definitely cause him to press too hard. I saw this coming from a mile away.
  9. A guy named "Weiner" has a famous problem with sexting and dick pics. The people who run this computer simulation we know as Life are really lazy sometimes. It's like how my dentist when I was a kid was Dr. Smiley. Come on!
  10. This. Before big games I like having that quiet time when everyone gets to mentally check into the moment.
  11. <--- I am a Dessert Knight nom nom nom nom get away from my cake I will slice your head off foul peasants!
  12. You're a piece of work. You brought these same numbers up in a previous thread and they were thoroughly debunked. I can't take anything else seriously or trust any of your sources as long as you're going to continue to trumpet these incorrect totals. Here's the link again with literally the exact totals in your post in that snopes article:
  13. Are you sure? "If (his swing) was any longer, it would take out the front row."
  14. It is an issue though in that there are only 30 teams. 30 does not begin to encapsulate the total number of design possibilities so that teams must start sharing looks. If you're trying to brand you team and make them instantly identifiable then dressing them like another team, to invite even the slightest chance of confusion, is the wrong way to go about doing that. These teams don't play in a vacuum. They will eventually face their opponent while wearing similar uniforms. Not checking with other teams before deciding what's best for itself is how you end up with a Lightining-Maple Leafs situation and that is decidedly not best for anyone. It is here because we've been talking about it for as long as I've been on the boards. The White Sox had it first, the Rockies could've and should've designed something a little farther from what they're wearing. That the numbers on the home uniform are black outlined in gray has never made sense to me. These two players do not play for the same team and that is a problem. With an infinite number of design possibilities there is no good reason for this to be the case. The way you fix the Rockies is very simple. Purple numbers/lettering outlined with black or silver. Just like their road uniforms. It wouldn't be a monstrosity at all.
  15. Halt and Catch Fire is back on AMC. I don't know if anyone besides me is watching this, but I really enjoy this show.