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  1. The Celebrate Yourself Here Thread *merged*

      Cool enough to be in the top 5, but not big enough of a loser to be in the top 3. 
  2. Those poor poor owners getting pushed around by the mean greedy players. I heard Jeremy Jacobs is thinking about selling his August house in Cape Cod.     
  3. During his senior year in college I compared him to Brian Bosworth. Loud mouth, self-promoter, arrogant beyond belief, but otherwise decent college football player. That comparison worked for a while, but now he's full-on Ryan Leaf. Just doesn't understand the game at the professional level, has severe substance abuse problems, and a terrible stubborn attitude.    I've always loved when entitled :censored:s get their deserved comeuppance and I loved both times the Bengals humiliated him, but I'm taking no joy in this now. He's got real problems.     
  4. How can you blame the players for taking what the market gives them or as you put it demanding more money? They have a shelf-life and it's in their best interests to maximize their earning potential while their bodies allow them to earn NHL money. Even the highest paid guys aren't making X million a year for the rest of their lives. They're making X million a year for the rest of the contract that they need to put away for the rest of their lives. The blame goes to the owners for spending out of control and then pulling back.    Why Bettman has been bad for the game: He cancelled a season!!!! That's inexcusable. 
  5. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Where I live it's locked in lunchpails that can only be opened through a certain amount of sweat. 
  6. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    I'd settle for you learning how to use proper punctuation. 
  7. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Looks like the Ducks did not go the full extent of throwback practice gear     I prefer what the Canucks did. Practice photos get used on Social Media a lot these days. Makes sense to match all your gear and look like a professional operation at the highest level and not some ragtag bush leaguers. 
  8. No I'm saying it's a sophomoric comparison that a high school student would find funny. And the Ohio State sticker looks way more like a pot leaf than the new maple leaf. 
  9.   This is basically this beauty of a comparison "LOLZSZSS WHY DOES tOSU HAVE POT LEAVES ON HLMETS?!?!?!?!zomgg!!!!lolololoLOLOLZROFLCOPTER"  
  10. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

    If they did that that would be the most vindicated I've felt with regards to an argument on these boards since the Seahawks connected the bird heads on the back of their helmets. 
  11. If we're going to be Literal Larrys here then maple leaves aren't blue either
  12. Medical Advice from Unqualified Amateurs

    I'm on no medication and haven't had more than a sniffle since Bush was in office, but I also haven't seen a doctor in 3 years. Is that bad?
  13. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    People say looks don't matter, but sometimes looks matter. I'm not putting Kevin from The Office into the Oval Office  
  14. I wasn't around to experience those 70's Maple Leafs uniforms as a current uniform and grew up watching the Sundin era Leafs in more classic looking uniforms. I saw those unis in various hockey books and whatever as a kid and just figured it was a phase they went through like how the Rangers briefly experimented with different uniforms in the mid 70’s. When I learned the Leafs spent over 20 years in those things I was floored. They’re so ill-fitting of a team of the Maple Leafs’ heritage.
  15. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

    Again, I give a :censored:. Teams are playing for individual notoriety and awards and they're playing for the conference. When the NFC went 13 straight years without losing a Super Bowl that was embarrassing as a fan of an AFC team. It made our side of the bracket feel pointless. I was happy the Broncos won in 97 and more than anything it was because it ended that streak.