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  1. Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    An alternative to college football that pays the players a living wage and has an age limit, a football juniors, if you will, might work.
  2. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    It was originally about Lozo, but could apply to Lambert as well. Lambert's difference is he overtly takes himself seriously. Lozo takes himself seriously as well, but pretends he doesn't, which is worse. I feel that insecurity and inferiority complex of the general lifelong hockey fan and I myself have been guilty of being the Hockey Arguer online and in school in earlier days and sometimes still in weak moments. The NHL is basically this Don Draper meme when it comes to the rest of sports, but I don't know why those talking the sport amongst ourselves have to carry that "everything sucks even things I like" attitude and that's why I don't read or listen to him. It's just so crabby all the time. I'd gladly do his job if he doesn't want it. As far as twitter goes it's a great source of news and a terrible source for anything else. The L's are both Extremely Online Guys. I've been trying to get away from being an Extremely Online guy because it's not healthy and a couple twitter incidents happened in the last few days where people made some bad choices in pursuit of some fleeting attention. It reaffirmed that it's healthy to step away once in a while and talk to someone who isn't on twitter. Have you ever tried to explain a tweet to a non twitter user in real life? You sound like a dork and it's never funny. Have you ever tried to explain how you dunked on someone online? You sound like an axe-murder and need to be put on a watch list. I've gone through my list of follows and really cut down on people who spread constant negativity.
  3. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    I had the same reaction. I can't listen to any podcast he's on. He's this awful combination of grouchy, smug, doesn't want to be there, and not funny, but thinks he is that makes him so unlistenable. 31 Thoughts I've found to be pretty good.
  4. Moes Southwest Grill

    I freaking love Moe's. There's one about a mile from my house and it's dangerous. I have to be careful and only eat there if I've had a good exercising and eating week. I really have to plan ahead. If i'm in one of my famous cheat weeks and I go to Moe's I will come out noticeably pudgier. The logo is a little more grown-up, more serious, paints a better picture of what you're getting once you step inside, but is still a good amount of playfulness. I like the new color scheme much better. I give it an upgrade.
  5. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Maybe this isn't true and he just needs to adjust his voice, but he always comes across like he truly loathes hockey fans and as if he loathes hockey as a sport. He sounds like he'd rather be covering the NBA or the NFL, but got stuck covering hockey as a young reporter and can't get out now. I don't know how you could cover this sport so joylessly. "Well don't read him then". I'm proud to say I haven't read a Lambert or Lozo piece this season. The only Wyshinski thing I've read was that stupid GM ranking he did. There's a real dearth of quality hockey coverage, which has led me to subscribe to The Athletic, which is actually pretty good (I ignore the Lozo articles). The Columbus Blue Jackets have won 9 straight games so I'm expecting to see a hit-piece from one or both of the L's any minute.
  6. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    That game in Boston last night was an absolute heist by the Blue Jackets. Backup goalie, no Seth Jones, badly out-chanced, held a 4-3 lead in the third and won in overtime. Definitely should've been a penalty on Dubois for the breakaway hook on Marchand, but it's Marchand soooo it's impossible to feel bad about it. I also know it's rankled Boston fans something good so double points. You're lucky he was even allowed to play in the game. Also you have 99 points through 71 games. Maybe CTFO. I'll say something nice now - Ryan Donato is gonna be good. I wish they played him more in the US olympic games.
  7. Lifespan of new-age arenas

    No the boards and the ads would remain, but instead of glass you have a 100% transparent, science-fiction forcefield that extends to the ceiling. All it needs is someone to invent the technology.
  8. I'm not a huge Cincinnati Bearcast fan. I just like to see the teams from the city do well. I'm one of the few who pulls for both Xavier and UC and I'm never the "fire the coach" guy, but I think Mick Cronin is a total jackass and the UC program would be better without him. He melts down at the smallest thing and gets angrier than anyone's ever been angry at anything ever. 10 seconds into the game and he's at an unstable level of rage. It's ridiculous. The lead started evaporating and he totally panicked and his team panicked on the floor. I put all of the blame for that loss on him. 22 points with 10 minutes left is almost an impossible lead to blow. They could've inbounded the ball, dribbled into a shot clock violation every possession and it would've been better than what they did. It's gotta be a recruiting detriment too. What high school recruit is gonna want to go play for that psycho?
  9. MLB changes 2018?

    That one is very much the same amount of pointless and worse than the regular jersey. Still baffles me why they felt like they had to put the headspoon piping on the road uniforms.
  10. MLB changes 2018?

    That uniform was weird because it was the same construction as their regular home unis except the logo on the chest instead of the wordmark. It wasn't different enough from the regular uniforms to make sense as an alternate. I'd get the logo on the chest treatment if it was a vest or a colored alternate, but a sleeved pinstriped jersey it was just like "why?".
  11. 2018 MLB Season

    Empty seats don't seem to be a concern for weekday day games. I didn't invent this. Several teams have adopted it or are testing it right now so there must be something there. I'm not suggesting starting every game at 4 pm. It's a half hour. People will adjust their day to get to the ballpark a half hour earlier. At least try it in the months when the kids are in school.
  12. NHL Predictions: If the Playoffs Started Today

    I can't see the Blue Jackets beating the Capitals in a 7 game series. They'd have one of those series that looks tight at 2-2, maybe even winning game 1 on the road, and then the Jackets lose easily in games 5 and 6.
  13. 2018 MLB Season

    Manfred is probably juicing balls too. Guy on second to start extras is an impressively stupid idea to solve a problem that doesn't exit. All that does is starts every extra inning with a sacrifice bunt followed by an intentional walk. Might as well skip that and start every extra inning with a guy on first and third with one out. It'll probably end games earlier, but it'll also suck the life out of extra innings. It's like they heard the average game time is too long so instead of going after the real things that have made games longer they're going after the outlying 17, 18 inning games, which sucks because those games are rare and fun and 18 inning 1:30 am twitter is one of the best twitters. Better ideas: start weekday games at 6:30, enforce the 30 second pitch rule, if an ump thinks a guy is stepping out of the box/off the rubber too many times he gets a called strike/ball, limit mound visits the way other sports limit timeouts, eliminate replay. I don't know what to do about batters finally figuring out that it's better to extend counts and getting really good at fouling off pitches. That's probably just something that will be a part of the game moving forward.
  14. MLB changes 2018?

    No I'm saying everyone wearing the same number highlights the importance of using different numbers. There's more than a few ways to honor a great man that don't create a difficult viewing experience for the fan. A jersey patch, maybe a couple throwbacks, maybe everyone wears 42 on the front of their jersey, the number being retired in every single stadium is a big deal. I think they went a step too far with the 42 thing and they won't be able to go back now.