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  1. Between this and the Drake Laroche thing you can tell Chris Sale isn't someone who's heard "no" a whole lot of times in his life. What a baby. Now that said he's not wrong about those throwback uniforms. The White Sox need to forget that era of their history. It wasn't a particularly notable time for them outside of wearing some ridiculous looking uniforms that nobody remembers all that fondly. By 83 when they were a contender they were in the red and blue beach towel uniforms.
  2. Anyone who says golf isn't a sport hasn't played golf. Walk 18 holes, and come back to me. Not everything needs to be as physically exerting as football to be a sport, but there's a physical and athletic aspect to it that is underrated by people who haven't played the game. I played 9 yesterday in the morning heat and was wiped out for the rest of the day. The mental side of the game is really evident as well. Telling your body to do one thing, and then executing it is perhaps harder in golf than it is any other sport. All of the best golfers I know are or were good athletes in other sports. Very few are only good at golf. Jack Nicklaus as an example could've played football for Ohio State, but Woody Hayes didn't want him to risk his hands.
  3. I learned recently that the PBA tour plays on different surface bowling lanes. Oils and waxes and woods and whatever change tournament to tournament. I always thought bowling was the same everywhere so I guess that makes it slightly more interesting. I like how baseball fields have always been different. If Fenway Park came out today we'd call it gimmicky and stupid, but it's been around forever and so it's just an accepted part of the game. I would kind of like it if football fields were different sizes. I'm a fan of quirks. Imagine going into Green Bay knowing you have to defend against Aaron Rodgers and he has a 20 yard deep endzone to work with?
  4. I can't remember them ever doing it before either and there was no mention as to why. They've followed the white jerseys = home night, red jerseys = home day very strictly. I hope they don't become a team who wears their alternate whenever they feel like it.
  5. This might be sacrilegious for the REDS, but I think the 99-06 uniforms looked their best in 1999 when the team got on a roll wearing black hats and undershirts home and road and then stuck with it the entire season. In the subsequent years they wore the black undershirts, but baseball made them wear the red hats/helmets and that looked awful.
  6. Yeah that's basically how I feel. It was just too much white when they were playing in the field. The uniforms looked pretty good when they were batting because they wore red helmets, presumably because a white helmet version of the hat with pinstripes would've looked goofy. The white hats also aged really poorly, and didn't particularly look good on fans in the stands. I think this is why they only lasted 6 seasons. The other problem with the home whites was they inverted the Creds logo. I prefer it like this I really liked the road set, though for a few years they inexplicably put the number on the right side and that always looked bad.
  7. Yep. Stranger Things just gets it so so right. I love it a lot.
  8. It just proves that somebody in there knows their nominee is full of sh** and is trying not to alienate every single minority. I mean, the crowd cheered the LGBTQ portion of his speech last night (offensive in it's own right). They're smart enough to know when booing will look bad. Sometimes.
  9. Have you seen his contract? He's getting paid 25 million dollars a year until 2023. In 2024 when he's 41 he'll make 20 million. I think the Votto vibe is that most people love him, he might be the best hitter the team has ever had. The few that don't like him are the ones that don't understand how walks or obp actually impact a game, this charge is mostly led by our HoF announcer who's become an old man awfully quickly. The problem is the Reds are also stuck with him even if they wanted to trade him. He'd have to waive a no-trade clause, and his contract is viewed as untradeable anyways because there's like 2 teams that would even consider taking on that salary. I doubt anyone would be willing to give up what the Reds would want, plus take on that contract, plus take on a guy who will be 33 in September, plus he's said he doesn't want to leave Cincinnati. He's got 3, maybe 4 solid years left in the tank, and because they already have him I think management's plan is to hang onto him as the veteran for in a couple years when the team is competitive again. My handle on the Votto vibe is for me I'm just going to enjoy him while he's still able to play at a high level. One of my favorite Reds of all-time. Maybe in 5-7 years he can come DH for the home town Blue Jays?
  10. I'm holding out hope they just go back to these: If they'd never adopted the pullovers, or even if in 93 they'd gone back to these after the pullovers they'd be untouchable on the level of the Dodgers or Cardinals. What they wear now is fine, but they're getting dated and stale. The old-timey font feels a little too "1800's Baseball Theme Park" for my liking anymore. I think either an update to the uniforms picture above or a buttoned up version of the 1990 uniforms would be perfect. Also, they need to drop black as soon as possible.
  11. Yes, I think MAGA implies that people think it's not great anymore. Barack Obama could've single-handedly found the cure for cancer and people on the right, even those with cancer, would still be angry. Just because someone is angry it doesn't always mean their anger is justified. The team they lost to is doing things differently than they would have and that it's working is doubly irritating. Would that slogan exist if there hadn't been 8 years of a black president? Most definitely not. If a republican president had cratered the last 8 years or led us to previously unreached prosperity the message would still be "Keep America Great". It's all nonsense. Obama's "Change" and "Hope" slogans were dignified versions of Make America Great Again, but in 2008 things actually needed to be made great again so there was a modicum of truth behind the message. She's very weak on Making America Great Again. Very very weak. She's grossly incompetent on making American great again. Does she even know how to make America great again? No she doesn't. I agree, huge hole. Yoooj.
  12. That's true, but there's ways to frame it with evidence that shows things aren't as bad as Trump says they are. I mean, his only real position is building a wall because he hates brown people and even down there the border is better than it was.
  13. It occurred to me yesterday that I haven't cared about the result of a Reds game since April, which is actually kind of nice not to live and die with the wins and losses in a playoff chase season or to work my social schedule around not missing games. I want the team to get back to that level, but it's really not as bad as I thought it would be.
  14. This is why I don't think they'll win. At least half the country doesn't agree that America Needs to be Made Great Again, which means they're pitching "The country is a nightmarish hellscape and only one man can save it" to a populace that generally doesn't buy that bullcrap. All the opponents have to do is point to some easily collected numbers and their entire platform is countered with "actually it's never been better and also Trump is full of :censored: and couldn't even do any of the things he says he can here's why: [1,000 reasons]". The math of their strategy, if there even is one, doesn't work in the general. It only works in the primary because that voting bloc is the dumbest people in the United States. The goings-on and the people appearing at the RNC have made me more confident. The republicans are not a united front and the Rs with actual clout at most don't want Trump to win and are actively trying to stop it or at least they're indifferent and putting resources into lower levels to ruin what will be Hillary Clinton's presidency. The "smart" ones are playing the long game. The only ones trying to win for Trump are the few that see this as their one shot at a job above the senate.
  15. Although they were never my thing and I don't want to see them return it was fun seeing the Reds in those uniforms again for the day. They felt oddly correct and familiar. Like an old pair of shoes you haven't worn in a while or seeing a friend you haven't been around in years and falling right back into it like you weren't apart.