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  1. The second time in 4 days I should add. What goofus in the NHL office scheduled the Hurricanes in Columbus twice in 4 days? What is this, college hockey? To be fair the Jackets went almost 20 minutes without a shot in the second period, which will get you an L on most nights, but the game before against Ottawa was a classic case of a game you win most nights so everything evened itself out. The Hurricanes have some good dmen, Teuvo Teravainen is gonna be something, Jeff Skinner would be huge if he played in Toronto, and their penalty kill is #1, so they should have a better record than they do, but also their goaltending is Cam Ward playing above his head so maybe they're right where they should be. I'm starting to become a big believer in you're as good as your record say you are. Especially at this point in the season.
  2. The Packers are a unique case in sports. I'm fatigued by them, everybody knows an annoying Packers fan who by all rights shouldn't be a Packers fan, but their QB never raped anyone, and their center isn't best friends with Aaron Hernandez, and their coach never tried to trip an opposing player or pulled an opposing player's hair. Also, I know about thousand Steelers fans with no connection to Pittsburgh so in a battle two evils, from my perspective, the choice is easy.
  3. Yes. Absolutely. The Saints winning in 2009 - infinitely more fun story than the Steelers winning in 2008. Everybody thought so. If the Jaguars win the Super Bowl it'll be more fun than another Steelers super bowl. The same 5 markets always winning isn't good for the NFL. You don't get to be successful and play the role of the good guys. You can have one or the other.
  4. I've never been to San Diego. Only been to LA a couple times so I wasn't well informed on their differences or their actual distance. A couple years back when this was floated as a possibility I thought "well that's really not that big of a deal since they're similar cities in southern California and they're relatively close", but the more I heard from San Diegans (San Diegoans, San Diegohns) the more I got it and didn't want the team to move. Now I'm oddly more upset about the Chargers moving than I am the Raiders moving to Las Vegas. I can't explain that. It'd be like if the Cincinnati Bengals moved to Louisville or Columbus. I'm from Columbus, I don't have anything against Louisville, but it wouldn't be the same. I'd probably stop watching the NFL altogether.
  5. It was one of those games where every shot was right into the goalie's chest protector and couldn't get any bounces on the ones that missed. OH NO, RYAN LAMBERT WAS RIGHT WE ARE BAD!
  6. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. WRONG. NO. NOT EVEN CLOSE. WRONG. NO. It's more like the Evil Empire vs. some lower ranking generals also in the empire. I don't argue the Patriots role as the evil empire, but the Steelers in the role of the plucky upstart rebels? Hell no. The Steelers are not the good guys. They haven't been the good guys since before the 70's. I refuse to let people think of them as the noble cause in this game. There are no winners in the AFC.
  7. I heard the players hated those mustard Predators jerseys because the two layers felt like wearing multiple jerseys and were heavier than normal. They were the Bizzarro Sharks. There was a lot to take in on those original jerseys, but I always liked them First, I appreciate them for not getting all honky tonk like most would've been tempted to do. Second, they didn't show up and pretend like they've been around since O6 days. They knew who they were and their uniforms reflected that. The edge changeover was one of the worst Edge looks in a sea of bad edge looks.
  8. No, they're actually good they just have an unsustainably low PDO.
  9. I watched Sully last night. Good depiction of an event I actually remember watching live, but there's another Tom Hanks movie that covers an actual in-flight crisis and it's much better and it's called Apollo 13.
  10. These weren't bad but they took the previous uniform and stripped it of all the unique doodads and bells and whistles in order for it to fit the EDGE template. Couldn't keep the hem stripe, but dick level LOS ANGELES was able to stay. Gah that was not a good time for the league.
  11. This just occurred to me - when the Chargers officially leave San Diego that will make San Diego the only city in Major League Baseball that doesn't havea team representing the city in another sport in the NFL, NBA, or NHL.
  12. Thank you. I've been saying this since they went back to those colors. Those colors worked the first time because they used grey that was dark enough from white to be a distinguishable stripe color and you didn't get that disappearing effect they have now. Now their silver stripes just look like sparkly white and it is bad. The other problem is the numbers are white with a silver outline that turns into white at any distance and with their silly number font makes them look even fatter than they already are. The originals used a few different outlining schemes, but the base color was always flat gray. ewww Their secondary color is just not dark enough to be used that closely to white. Also, while I'm on the Kings I hate hate hate the stripes down the sleeves or that the white jersey has a full hem stripe that matches the sleeves and socks, but the black jersey doesn't. Also, f*** Jeff Carter.
  13. Patriots Falcons
  14. Nevermind the NFL, I can't think of another franchise relocation in any sport where the new city so vociferously didn't want the team. Apathy towards the Chargers would be an improvement at this point. This is unprecedented. I've never had any animus towards the Chargers and they even beat my team in a playoff game recently, but now I just want this whole LA thing to fail and fail hard.
  15. It was just an old relic. After Xavier left and the Mighty Ducks left it was a little rundown. The hockey rink used old scratched glass and the boards were all dinged up, but they kept it in good shape when they were there. The location also wasn't the most visually friendly place in town either. It's sad because of the history and the city lost two rinks, but nobody outside of the small hockey playing community was really using it. Some low level arena football teams used it briefly, but you know how that is. With UC And Xavier having their own basketball arenas, and US Bank Arena downtown it just wasn't needed anymore.