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  1. This is like a bowl game you think is going to be close and then it's obvious from the first snap that one team is clearly better. Hoping the Sharks can turn it around and make adjustments now that they've seen how fast Pittsburgh is.
  2. MLB 2016 Changes

    The Reds scored 3 runs in the top of the first inning so I turned over to see them actually hold a lead, saw the Brewers in their BP BiG, and I Abe Simpson GIFed right out of there.
  3. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    I would take PK Subban over 6, maybe 7, of the defenseman on Canada's roster.
  4. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Rappers from Cleveland: Bonethugs & Harmony, Kid Cudi, King Chip that's off the top of my head and only because I went to college with way too many Cleveland kids.
  5. Here's my reasons: 1. They benefit from the same Pittsburgh sports luck that the Steelers also get and that's not to say that Pittsburgh don't have good players or well run teams, but that Pittsburgh sports on the whole run into positive luck at mathematically absurd rates. The Steelers have had a losing record once in the last 15 years and that landed them Roethlisberger at #11. The Penguins have been bad in two periods since the early 80's and it's landed them Lemieux (the franchise savior in more ways than one) and Crosby. Two hall of famer, all-time players fall into Pittsburgh's lap, while other franchises go through down periods for much longer and wind up with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or whatever or don't even win the lottery. Crosby had the same odds of landing in Columbus as he did Pittsburgh, but we were a new franchise and Gary Bettman thought you needed him more. This will be the 7th time I've seen the Penguins or Steelers play for a championship, not to mention the many other years where they narrowly missed out and it's just too much. The city is due for about 15 years of really bad teams. And I realize they had the Pirates, who were taking the brunt of the Penguins and Steelers success, but the Pirates are good now so that's out the window. 2. During the aforementioned down periods you couldn't find a Penguins fan and the team was destined for Kansas City. I was rooting against a move at the time. I paid $10 for a seat on the glass in 2003 at Mellon Arena. They're a marquee franchise now, but I remember a very recent time when they weren't and what's particularly irksome is most Penguins fans seem to have erased that era from their memories either because they weren't a fan then or because they refuse to admit they were ever a part of the real NHL with us bottom feeders. Also, being as objective as I can here, I've seen all 30 NHL teams at Nationwide Arena plus the Thrashers and no fanbase is more obnoxious or annoying than Pittsburgh. Buffalo used to be bad, Detroit is sometimes bad, Chicago was getting annoying for a little bit there, but the Pittsburgh fans who come into Natiownide Arena are far and away the worst behaved visiting fans I've ever seen at a sporting event. The one level headed Penguins fan I know was at the game with me and even he commented on how boorish his fellow guinos were behaving. 3. Crosby is the most annoying superstar I can remember.
  6. The Sports Media Thread

    They do get beat by vines and gifs and there is something very real about all of our attention spans being so much shorter these days. I know I can't watch TV without either having my phone or computer near me. If I don't I feel antsy. So all of that kind of goes in the face of my proposal, but I'd rather have the highlights to provide context to my vines and gifs. I'd also much rather my background noise be highlights than Stephen A going "The Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association were simply outhustled, outplayed, and outmanned by Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball association in the fourth game of the two thousand sixteen Western Conference Finals and quite frankly I don't know if there's ever been a more disappointing and demeaning postseason performance from a National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player in my lifetime than the one displayed by Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors in game 4 of the Western Conference Finals." Maybe it's not that ESPN's wrong about their #embracedebate format or having more discussion than highlights, and I'm sure they've done extensive testing that I haven't seen, but I can say with 100% certainty they're wrong about their use of Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith heading up their #embracedebate format. Those guys are terrible and have signaled the downfall of the worldwide leader for a long time now. If Espen had more NBA on TNT types it would be much better. I watch them and I'm not an NBA guy. ESPN really seems to be into a$$hole exjocks and hottake artist reporters instead. What's great about TNT's NBA show is they don't go out there and drop soundbytes just for the sake of soundbytes. They speak their minds and if something whacky comes out then it's genuine, but Espen is going on year 5 of Skip pretending to hate Lebron James and it's so hacky. Here's another suggestion for a show for the sinking ship. Live podcasts. Get a host, bring an athlete and/or entertainer on, guests who are also sports fans, and shoot the sh!t for an hour. Just conversation. Men in Blazers is the closest thing to this format. I'd watch that.
  7. NFL Changes - 2016

    I was a big proponent of that idea until I saw it actually being implemented and there was something wonky about it Instead of sticking with the same massively sized sleeve stripes and letting jerseys cut further and further into them I think the solution for the Steelers is to shrink the size of the stripes on their sleeve so they all fit on the players who wear the smaller sleeves. Iowa makes it work and they're Nike too. and because it's the Steelers another solution I'd be cool with is if they stopped playing football altogether.
  8. The Sports Media Thread

    Good point. I tuned in knowing the scores for the most part, but I wanted to see how they were reached. I also stuck around and watched the repeat of the same show right after it because it was entertainment more than it was news. I had an encyclopedic knowledge of 1990's MLB, NBA, and yes NHL (because they actually covered hockey then) rosters and I don't anymore outside of a team's 1 or 2 star players. Sad!
  9. Inaugural Baltimore Ravens Uniform Discourse

    I think the Ravens looked their best when they wore striped socks home and away. Gave their uniforms a little more polish. and if they must have black pants then I'd like to see them try to use the purple stripes from their helmets on the pants.
  10. The Sports Media Thread

    In those days NFL Primetime was great because they gave so much time to each highlight. Now it's like 30 seconds at most and they don't even show you all of the games before they send it back to Ditka and Keyshawn. I think, it's been years since I watched an NFL show. I only watch the games now and my life is better for it. I keep hearing about how sportscenter and shows like it are in the toilet because people already know what happened in the games due to the internet and that's why they need to have more discussion/debate and more analysis and I don't agree at all. People have already seen all the games? I don't know if that's true. I don't go out of my way to find highlights from out of market games online. How do you fix sportscenter? I'd love to see someone try this - Do the exact opposite of what you're doing now. Lean into the overknowledged sports fan and hit em with the highlights again. Do more, longer highlights, use personalities to read them. The last sportscenter I watched they had the most bland, non-talented dork running the show and I thought "this is what passes for SportsCenter anchors these days?". Show a 2 minute highlight of the Braves playing the Reds, but goof on how bad they are. Fire Stephen A Smith yesterday. Knock it off with hot takes, don't #embracedebate. If a game happened that day and it's MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA, and yes MLS/EPL/important soccer then show the damn highlights. Make it the one stop shop for everything, a true sports center. Be the best highlight show anywhere, better than anyone on the internet is doing and people will go out of their way to watch it. People are already cutting the chord left and right and their subscriber numbers are plummeting, which could be wholly unrelated to how bad sportscenter's gotten, but if that's the case you might as well give that a try while you're sinking because your debate bull that everybody hates clearly isn't working and that's why Fox's gathering of the juggalos (Cowherd, Whitlock, Bayless) is so disappointing. No, don't do exactly what everyone hates about Espen. Do the opposite! Did sportscenter work in the 90's because we weren't informed yet or did it work in the 90's because they were best at showing sports highlights? I think it's more of the latter than the former.
  11. Need the Sharks to play the role of the 2010 Packers and SAVE THE WORLD.
  12. Son of a bitch. I'm going to start betting on Pittsburgh sports teams to win. If they win then at least I'll get some cash, in the event they somehow don't fall into a victory then I'll think of it as a victory tax.
  13. Rangers New Ballpark

    I go to different ballparks because I love baseball and I will watch every pitch all 9 innings, but baseball isn't a game that requires constant attention. There's a lot of downtime at a baseball game so if I'm at a new park, yeah I look around, I take a stroll to the different sections and see what each part of the park is like, I sample the foods and drinks, I'll check out the artworks and/or exhibits if they have any on display. I love that stuff.
  14. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    This is so NHL. Those are still 8,000 pairs of eyeballs on your advertisers you numbskulls and those are your fans who clearly enjoy the watch parties. Why sh!& on that? Hey this fun thing that you're doing? Yeah, it's working too well. Shut it down and make everyone watch on their own TV. We need that tiny 8K blip for our numbers because we are a rinky dink league on a rinky dink sports network and we're worried about what 8,000 people will do to the ratings. We don't care that you enjoy it. This is sports. Sports are not meant to be fun.
  15. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    Chris Phillips retired today. He might be the least heralded #1 pick ever. Drafted in 96, played his whole career with the Senators, stay at home defenseman and saw the Senators rise to prominence, but that's still a really good career. Looking at it now the Senators were the Oilers of the day. They picked #1 overall in 93, 95, and 96 and that resulted in Alexandre Daigle, Bryan Berard, and Chris Phillips. Daigle was one of the biggest busts ever, especially considering Pronger went #2, Berard refused to report and Ottawa traded him to Long Island for Wade Redden and Damian Rhodes, and then Phillips.