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  1. I love how the teal numbers look on the white jerseys. The Jags number font could be better, and the contrasting color sleeves are begging for a logo or a number to house, and the collar is goofy, and they should wear their teal jerseys (but with white numbers) as their primary jersey, but the uniform isn't that bad and those colors really work well with each other, but those helmets THOUGH. Those are the worst decision anyone's put on an NFL field in a half century. Everytime I see a dude from the back I think how good all gold helmets would look. An all black helmet would be good too, but I like gold because it's a splash of color and less black in the league is always better.
  2. It's bigger in size, but it still appears for no reason when the black jersey doesn't have a stripe there.
  3. Oh, NOW the republicans are against the Iraq War? Get lost.
  4. Like the black jerseys, there are issues with that set that should've been corrected rather than going for a straight shot-for-shot throwback (the sock stripes and the inexplicable floating yellow hem stripe on the whites being my main gripes). But it's much better than the khaki EDGE uniforms.
  5. That Flames C that was posted is worse than the logo they've used for 35 years. The weights are inconsistent, it takes longer to convey the same message, and requires more lines. It's not an improvement. On top of that the Flames have 35+ years of brand equity invested in the one they have. Why would they throw all of that away to use a slightly different and much worse logo?
  6. Miami vs. Cincinnati IndianApolis vs. Jacksonville Tennessee vs. Houston Cleveland vs. Washington Seattle vs. NY Jets Buffalo vs. New England Carolina vs. Atlanta Oakland vs. Baltimore Detroit vs. Chicago Denver vs. Tampa Bay Los Angeles vs. Arizona New Orleans vs. San Diego Dallas vs. San Francisco Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh NY Giants vs. Minnesota
  7. Every NBA championship won in a year when Jordan wasn't playing should have an asterisk and no fond memories should be allowed to be gleaned from those years. Sorry, Cavs, Warriors, Heat, Spurs, Mavericks, Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Rockets fans. Your championships don't count because Jordan didn't play in those seasons.
  8. First, you can't ignore the stated reasoning. Context is everything. If Oregon wore orange apropos of nothing then it would be a problem, but in the context of trying to match the Duck costume it's more than in bounds. If they didn't wear the orange parts of the duck costume it wouldn't make sense. That's the "good reason" to wear orange. The duck mascot has orange feet and has for a very long time. Nobody's ever had an issue with the duck mascot having orange feet or that being too close to what Oregon State wears. Second, Oregon wears black ALL THE TIME. That's way more of an infringement on Oregon State's colors than their duck feet were last week. Third, they wore it with green and yellow. There was no mistaking what school they were representing. Fourth, it was just the socks, shoes, and facemask. It wasn't a key element like the pants, jersey, or helmet.
  9. I agree
  10. Phil Simms drives me nuts, but that's well covered territory. I don't know who the announcers were, but I have this story. A few weeks ago I was watching Texas State play Ohio U. Texas State had the ball 1st and goal with about a minute left and they were down 31-28. The color commentator kept stating over and over how he couldn't understand why they were trying to score a touchdown. He wanted them to run the clock down to 1 second and kick a field goal. The play by play guy was trying in his nicest way to explain without exposing his partner as an idiot that Texas State was down by 3 and a field goal would only tie the game. The color guy still didn't get it. Texas State scored a TD quickly, gave the ball back, and when OU scored on their first play the color guy became indignant about "they left too much time on the clock for Ohio. This is what I'm saying They should've run the clock down and kicked a field goal" and finally that's when the PBP guy said "but they were down by 3. A field goal would've tied it" and the color guy finally realizing he'd been suggesting an idiotic strategy for the last 5 minutes said nothing for the next two minutes. I shared that example to say that those low level FBS games don't get the best and brightest coverage, but I could absolutely see Simms not being able to subtract 28 from 31 and clamoring for a team to run the clock down so they could tie the game with no time left when they're first and goal.
  11. I can't get a read on this football season so I'd like to remind everyone where I finished last season
  12. That was probably the best possible outcome of the first debate for her, no? I mean, my prediction was right, except the media's not really declaring it a tie. She was playing chess. He was playing checkers like how little kids play checkers who don't know the rules so they just move the pieces around pretending like they're playing checkers.
  13. The Dee Gordon home run was an incredible moment. Cleveland, they are now selling baseball tickets. I mean, they have been all season long, but you can also buy them now.
  14. I thought much of the response to Boomer was immature and they shouldn't have canned him so quickly. "LOL dur it looks like a penis!!!111!LOLOFLROFL" In hindsight an inflatable cannon mascot was a bad idea, but the actual execution of the costume wasn't that bad. His face is much friendlier than Edmonton's "Gary the No Trash Cougar" up there and he could wiggle his mustache.
  15. Tonight's Debate: Clinton eloquently describes actual policy plans, people make fun of her pant suit. Trump yells a bunch of wildly incorrect statements in incoherent and rambling incomplete sentences, but doesn't literally poop in his pants. MEDIA: IT'S A TIE