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  1. I've talked myself into it. We have a lot of setup guys and fewer dynamic finishers. Panarin can finish, especially if he's on a line with Wennberg. My discomfort comes from Saad having four years on his contract to Panarin's two and I got emotionally attached to him. He tilted the ice 5 on 5, came to a less than ideal situation and didn't bitch about it. He's a good dude and played his ass off for us. The anti jeff Carter.
  3. and the Avs roadies are not at all what I would've hoped either. Blue is basically absent. That's a bummer. Now they have the same problem they've had since day one - in the dark jerseys they're a burgundy, blue, black, and silver team. On the road they're a white, burgundy, black, and silver team. They still have one too many colors. I'd eliminate black and roll with royal blue pants and helmets. Black numbers with a silver outline that ignore the rest of your better colors - what'd you do, ask your neighbors the Rockies how to stylize a number?
  4. WTF WHY You do a nice job of redesigning your red unis, you go through the trouble of taking the stripes from the white jersey and change the proportions a little bit, basically setting up a really good white jersey Matching everything from the reds and then you don't touch your old away uniforms. It's a big "should we match the old whites with the new reds? ehhh close enough" from Carolina here. Now you have two sort of similar uniforms that are fine, but as a set they look like they gave the same set of instructions to two different designers and had them design the jerseys in separate rooms.
  5. No it doesn't because even if you pick at the top of the draft you still have to get "super lucky". It's luck that even if you win the lottery that guy you take has to be good, the actual best player in the draft, doesn't get injured, and you hold the #1 pick in a year when one of those generational talents comes along and that is very rare. The Blazers drafted Greg Oden #1 overall not that long ago. A good player might want to play with the Wolves now that they've assembled a good team with a coach and it looks like they're trying to compete. Same with Milwaukee. No free agent is saying that about the 76ers right now because it's a loser organization.
  6. Saad back to Chicago along with Anton Forsberg. Blue Jackets get Artemi Panarin and some other dudes. I don't know what to feel.
  7. Baby GM is doing great things in the Glendale.
  8. GOOD QUESTION. I'm as surprised as anybody and never would've guessed they'd take off like this. I doubt even the team's staff would've had this response in their most optimistic projections. Here's my attempts to explain it: - The Reds and Bengals suck and are expensive. FC Cincinnati came along at a time when our other major sports teams were underperforming on the field and cost prohibitive for families and younger people. - The weather is nice in the months when they play and they're a good excuse to go do something outside. - don't mean to heap all soccer fans into the hipster bucket, but there is an under-discussed subcultured population here of artists, craft beer snobs, beard growing, scarf holders. It's like a counter movement to the rest of the city's conservatism. - young people aren't moving away after college anymore, and are instead choosing to remain Cincinnati residents because it's actually a fun and nice place to live now and I don't know if that was true 10 years ago. Young people both like soccer more than their parents, grew up playing it, live near the stadium, and can actually afford to go to these games. This 2004 review of the nightlife for young people is no longer true: It's straight up comedic to read that now. - we never had a team before at a level even as high as the USL and I think people were starving to unite behind one so everyone jumped on board the first group that came along. To answer your second question: First, the Kentucky stadium wouldn't be in a "suburb". It'd be across the river. You'd be able to see the soccer stadium from the other two stadiums. You could hit it with a 6 iron. Second, people go back and forth across the river all the time without ever thinking about it. People live in KY and work in Cincinnati and vice versa. I think it would discourage some people just on principle that FC Cincinnati isn't in Cincinnati, and for some people the bridge is a mental hurdle, but I don't think that location would be a major turnoff. I think it'd drive attendance better than the Oakley location, which is 10 minutes north of downtown.
  9. I think about it and my brain goes to this edit: I imagine they'd look sort of like this
  10. Was that an issue while at UCLA?
  11. when some (wrong) people on various Columbus Blue Jackets online discussion forums were clamoring for a full time change to the third jerseys with a matching "vintage white" road uniform this helmet issue was the hangup none of them thought about. One guy asked me to prove in the rulebook that you have to wear a white helmet with the white jerseys. He didn't believe me that was a rule. If the league let them wear colored helmets on the road with the sweaters I'd be more open to it, but the thought of a cream colored hockey helmet and matching that shade to the jersey color, which would likely be difficult, gives any non-white road sweater a big ole no for me. I do kind of like that the league requires white helmets and every game is guaranteed to have a helmet contrast.
  12. They'd have to wear cream colored helmets and I think that would look like butt.
  13. I wouldn't worry about Lavar Ball too much in your decision to draft Lonzo. I don't think a parent will matter at this level. It's the pros, not AAU. What's he gonna do, pay for tickets behind the bench and undermine everything Luke Walton says?
  14. I understand the logic behind tanking and it's worked before, but I think you're just as likely to strike gold with a team that's trying to be competitive and the benefits are you're not radioactive to free agents and you don't insult your fanbase by asking them to watch a bad product. Look at Milwaukee. No NBA player would touch Milwaukee, but they picked Giannis and now they've become a somewhat promising squad who's attractive to free agents. If they're shrewd and Dan Gilbert destroys the Cavs then all of a sudden that's a finals team. Giannis was the 15th overall pick. Well Kevin Durant is a shortcut-taking jabroni, but counterpoint - Garnett and Ray Allen allowed trades to happen to join Paul Pierce on the Celtics who were 24-58 the previous year, but they were able to convince those two that trading for them would work out because they had shown they were actually in the business of winning basketball games. Paul Pierce was the 10th overall pick in his draft, BTW. I will give you the Warriors. They won a title without tanking or taking a dump on their fans for a half decade and you're going on about how the only way to reach that level is pure suckage and drafting in the top 3. They're proof you don't have to do that.
  15. Here's my thoughts: - Shoving that into the awards show was stupid and a classic NHL move. The draft should've been its own event. - Las Vegas is going to suck this season. They will still finish with more points than this past season's Avalanche. - I like their jerseys. - I feel bad for William Karlsson. - I'm glad we got rid of David Clarkson's contract. - It is irritating to me as a fan of one of the last two expansioneers that they're making it easier on VGK than they did for Minnesota and Columbus. The protected lists were smaller for Vegas and therefore more side deals happened so the Knights are going to end up with a lot of picks. In 2000 it was basically like "you can have our 6th defenseman or our 13th forward. Good luck" and also we had to split the pool with another team so that didn't help matters.