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  1. A lot of people dropped their season tickets after last season and their grand plan to win them back is draft that guy. It's almost like they seek out the worst possible thing they can do and then jump in with both feet. At a certain point you can't keep sh***** on your fanbase over and over and over and expect to run a successful franchise.
  2. Ugh this team is so dumb. They finally go back to the dynasty uniforms, but inexplicably truncate the stripes so the bottom one is cut off. Their solution to that is stop truncating the stripes, but they drop one of them. So they've essentially matched their pants and helmet stripes, which would've been fine, I like that sort of consistency usually, but they established a handful of super bowl wins in the 3 stripe uniforms.
  3. It may have been that someone else wanted to trade into 2, but it's still only one team in front of you, not a handful you'd have to sit through and hope your guy falls and that hypothetical trade team may have been trading up for another guy. If you're the Bears what about Mitch Trubisky and his 13 college starts says "we have to trade everything because this is the next great NFL QB and we can't risk the one slot in front of us taking him"? According to Deadspin they only worked him out once and barely spoke to him I think they may have gotten tricked by the 49ers. I could be wrong and he could be a hall of famer super bowl winning quarterback, but they probably could've still had him at 3 without giving up the rest of the draft. I mean, even the Browns, the other team lost in the QB woods didn't want him. What's that tell you? Other comparable QBs, who I think are better could've been had if Trubisky had gone at 2. I get trying to find a franchise QB that'll stabilize the city for the next decade plus, but like you said you gotta let the draft come to you. I think the value of those four picks they gave up will ultimately be worth more in the long run than Trubisky. It'll be interesting to watch this unfold over the years.
  4. always thought Barry Larkin was a handsome dude and that was a handsome baseball uniform. and here's a fun picture just because 90's!
  5. yeah I agree. I used to think that design was awesome, but it's a little too cutesy and over done in the same way as Enron Field is cutesy and over done. The pool on the roof of the tower, the overhanging seating in center field are good examples.
  6. Congrats to Browns fans on (probably) not having a bad draft. I think the QBs you want are in next year's draft so one more year of suckitude and you should have your guy. Condolences to Bears fans for one of the worst draft moves I've ever seen. That was Costner in "Draft Day" nonsensical. The 49ers weren't going to take Trubisky. The Bears could've stayed at 3 and gotten him without giving up 3 picks, but for the sake of discussion let's say the 49ers were going to take Trubisky - Is that really the guy you're going to give up most of your draft to get? Is he that much better than Mahomes or Watson that you could've had at 3 instead? I don't think he is. And that's not even mentioning all of the guaranteed money you gave to Mike Glennon like a day ago. Get ready to hear "Bitch Trubisky!!!!" by a fat drunk guy in a counterfeit Bears jersey while pieces of sausage fall out of his mouth. The only thing I know about the Bengals and John Ross is that he had the fastest 40 time in combine history and I like freak show speed so I'm good. All of a sudden with Tyler Boyd, Tyler Eifert, and John Ross the Bengals are close to being back to the Green/Jones/Sanu monster WRs they had before Jones and Sanu left. Maybe with deep threats defenses will drop more guys into coverage and the Bengals will be able to run the ball again. Also, Ross, like Ken Griffey Jr and like me will be moving from Seattle to Cincinnati so we have that in common. Congrats to West Virginia and western Pennsylvania hillbillies for having a new white guy to fall in love with. I am going to hate the f*** out of JJ Watt's brother for the foreseeable future. Congrats to Garret Bolles on having sex with a human woman. I hate hate hate the Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers. I love Philadelphia booing Roger Goodell for over a minute.
  7. 15 straight minutes of high danger chances that don't go in for the Capitals, the Penguins convert on their one opportunity at the other end. Where've I seen that before? The Caps were taking it to them in the third and looked better, but never underestimate a Pittsburgh team's ability to get a bounce/call/lottery pick to fall their way at just the right time. It's annoying. Also, three Penguins are allowed to thug a Capitals player in the corner after the whistle, but Justin Williams is given the penalty. Okay.
  8. Good point and that's the same reason I've always argued the Yankees should never have a home alternate. I'd be pissed if I went to see them and they were wearing a blue alternate. Most people probably don't care, but that would bother me. The 42 thing can be accomplished with a one day patch on every team's jersey. If a guy wants to wear 42 that day, which is what started this, then the league should say "sorry you can't. It's retired". I've been to a couple 42 games and it's really annoying as a fan. I barely know who my own team is and I definitely don't know the visiting team.
  9. Britt McHenry got laid off too. She's the sideline reporter that got suspended a couple years ago for berating a tow lot employee on camera. I can't really feel too bad for her.
  10. I remember hearing him say that he was never allowed to have anyone guest on the BS Report podcast who worked for another sports media network, which is dumb in the same way that Bill Wirtz not televising home Blackhawks games was dumb. That really limits the amount of people you can talk to about sports. It all funnels to the same place. Podcasting is the little engine that could and has a good future. I don't know why anyone listens to sports talk radio anymore. I accidentally listened to Mo Egger here in Cincinnati the other day. Mo is really good as far as radio sports guys go, but it was like 1 minute of advertising for every one minute of discussions and there's no skip 15 second button for me to mash. Plus, they take calls from listeners which is the fastest way to lose me. Podcasting, though, the listener can curate subscriptions that perfectly align with their interests, the discussions are more in depth, more casual and relaxed, and there's fewer gatekeepers. And I have purchased some meundies so the ads on podcasts work
  11. People are gonna want to find reasons for this. There's two - 1. cord cutting and 2. their product is not good enough to make people not cut the chord. The sad irony is that all of the reasons people hate ESPN - Stephen A Smith, contrived debates, over coverage of the NFL and NBA, driving the same stories into the ground over and over - those are all staying. The actual good things are the victims. I've cut the cord and gone back a couple times and currently have a cable provider, but I never watch ESPN because I don't need to. First of all they don't do a good job, they don't cover the two sports I'm most interested in, and the networks that do cover those sports do a way better job than ESPN ever did even when it wasn't a 24/7 NFLNBA channel.
  12. This is extensive. They're firing people like Jayson Stark. All the actual journalists are getting canned while Stephen A Smith still has a job and they offered 4 million dollars to Skip Bayless. :censored: ESPN. They're even deader to me than they were before and they were pretty dead to me before.
  13. Danny Kanell, the concussion truther and bad take artist, is out.
  14. Kelly Buchberger, desert yotes bonus points for using Messier helmet, one of the uglier hockey helmets ever made.
  15. it looked great on their uniforms.