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  1. McCarthy

    Best Logo Refreshes

    The way they did it has always been a clunky solution to the gradient problem. There's at least 3 better ways to handle this. I made this years ago so I had to really dig deep on my computer.
  2. Keep in mind that in 1997 the Falcons were a black jersey team with silver pants and had been for around 7 years so the Bucs choosing red as their primary jersey color wasn't that much of an encroachment into the Falcons identity at the time. It's only now looking back that it kind of looks like the current red jersey, white panted Falcons. I also think that pewter and black are different enough that it's not a problem. The thing I've always liked about the 97 rebrand was it didn't completely toss out the previous identity. They promoted red to primary and kept orange while adding black, a natural choice at the time given how black was coming into play in the late 90's, but they still used the colors they'd always had. It would've been very easy to make that set without orange so I've always appreciated their decision to include it. Always thought it added an extra bit of flourish to the look. Edit: Atlanta wasn’t even a division rival until 2002. Also the white pants with the red jerseys feels like it was a somewhat rare combination back then. Rarer than the white pants, white jersey combo.
  3. McCarthy

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    After the Bengals got destroyed by the Saints I saw the writing on the wall for their season and outside of the 3.5 awful hours every Sunday stopped paying attention to the NFL altogether. Stopped listening to NFL podcasts, stopped watching NFL coverage, stopped reading NFL articles. Clearly it's had a negative impact on my feel for the teams as we've moved into the second half of the season.
  4. "I hate the new Buccaneers logo. Pewter was boring in 97, even more boring now." I don't get this. "BORING"? How was it boring? It was a brand new color not used by anyone in sports before and they owned it instantly. They basically invented a color and you call that boring. You could say it's unattractive and that's an opinion someone can have, but "boring" isn't the word. Boring would've been a choice like silver, with a braisher stripe like so many other NFL teams. They went against convention, which is the complete opposite of boring.
  5. McCarthy

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Chiefs Texans Broncos Falcons Lions Bears Bengals Cowboys Vikings Titans Jaguars Ravens Seahawks Steelers Rams Saints
  6. McCarthy

    Seattle has an NHL team

    The building and roof were originally built in 1962 along with the Space Needle for the World's Fair and is part of a large park that's very much the essence of Seattle. I used to walk past Key Arena and through the park to and fro work every day (once watched them walk the bulls into the building for a PBR event). I'm just guessing here, but I think they wanted to save the roof because of it's unique appearance, history tied in with the city's most recognizable landmark, but also because it maintains a relatively diminutive position in the skyline, a skyline that is going to look very different in about 5 years so saving some history where they can makes sense. I've always loved the way it's tucked into the neighborhood and when you're on the ground level you could miss that there's an arena if you didn't know where it was. A modern arena built the way we're accustomed to would look very imposing in that space. If you were to raze Key Arena and build something like the United Center on it's footprint then it would stick out and wouldn't match the surrounding area. Something like that would almost have to go in SoDo next to the football and baseball stadiums, but because of the circumstances that led to the decision to move forward with renovation of the building I think it's the best decision to preserve it's outward appearance.
  7. McCarthy

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    Nobody’s crapping on 2800 hits, but that’s his only case and when that’s your only case you don’t have a very good case, especially when you were mostly DH. His accumulation stats are all lower than our normal HoF benchmarks plus his Sabremetrics aren’t good. I hadn’t been paying attention to the voting this year so when I saw it was Harold Baines and former Reds great Lee Smith I did a “whatthe really????” Which is kind of a sign that the voters goofed. The only hall of fame Harold Baines belongs in is the manicured beard hall of fame.
  8. McCarthy

    North American Pro Soccer 2019

    They're going to trade Kamara to Colorado for an international roster spot.
  9. McCarthy

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    My recollection of Harold Baines is only that he played for a long ass time and I never actually saw him play live. I only saw him in sportscenter highlights. His career WAR is 38.7, the average rightfielder in the hall of fame is 71.4 so it's not like he's even a sneaky good sabremetrics guy like Tim Raines, whose career WAR is actually above the left-fielder hall of famer's average. There's two big problems with inducting him: 1. Now you have to induct a lot of humdrum players. The bar just got lowered. 2. Now I guess we're just going to put in guys because they were buddies with a guy on this committee?
  10. McCarthy

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    My once imposing lead is gone. GET IT TOGETHER!
  11. Colleges have always gotten a pass for using color schemes that pro teams wouldn't or couldn't touch. It's probably because the University is generally older, people grew up with it so it's more accepted, the colors are representative of an entire school and not just a football team, and the context within which the school's color scheme was chosen has since changed. But also there is something about adding red trim to orange that makes it feel softer than just orange and white. IDK.
  12. My only experience with really hating my favorite team's brand is the Bengals. I grew up loving the Bengals uniforms both with the Super Bowls set and the 97 redesign. In 2004 they went full 2004 and I was pretty upset. Amazing all these later they still haven't looked back and I've never felt great about buying one of their jerseys since. The way I dealt with it was I wore jerseys from the 97-03 era for a long time, but eventually they get worn out and you gotta move on. I've bought a couple throwback 1980's jerseys and those are my usual go-to's just because they kick so much ass. I do own a couple of the modern jerseys because at some point you just get to used to them and you run out of options. Thankfully the uniform got a little better looking on the Nike template and they gave use the White Tiger color rush set, which was the first time I've liked a Bengals uniform since 2003.
  13. I remember that game being a really defining moment too. Pre-97 the Buccaneers were always this joke of a stupid bad team in stupid bad uniforms with bright colors and a portrait illustration for a logo. Nobody thought about them as a threat or took them seriously. If you were making a football movie and you needed a crappy fill-in team for the heroes to beat up on in the montage lead-up to the championship game the Bucs and their uniforms would've been that team. When they updated in 97 it's one of the biggest worst to first upgrades in sports uniform history. I saw it and said "THAT'S THE BUCCANEERS NOW??!?!?!" and if I recall correctly they started that season 6-0, right? It's a master-class in making a non-existent and/or tarnished brand into something recognizable overnight. I vividly remember my friend Adam saying "I didn't even know the Buccaneers were a team". I saw kids wearing Bucs jerseys in elementary school after that. In Ohio. I promise you no damn kids were coming to my school in orange Ericct Rhett jerseys before that. And they had their look for what should've been forever. Nailed it. Hit all the notes and more. I saw them up close in Cincinnati in 2010 and marveled at how good they looked opposite the stupid Bengals. Especially because it was a beautiful sunny October day and their pewter helmets and pants glistened. A lot of people don't care about this, but I do - that's what they wore when they won the Super Bowl, which means something happened, uniforms included, where the conditions all worked together to win a championship. I don't think things like that should be thrown out so quickly. That was never going to happen in the creamsicles. That uni didn't allow them to shoulder the attitude that the new unis gave them. I know that sounds silly, but I think there's truth in it. The current uniforms are closer to the feeling of the creamsicles than the 97 unis. They're "the players have to wear this" rather than 97 ones which were "the players GET to wear this". I read the original post's article and nodded along. Everything about the recent update was a downgrade. Logos - what once was a very intentional look with heavy, rough lines that appeared menacing and looked as if it was literally taken from an old flag, like it was haphazardly sewn together out of actual scraps of clothe, or lifted off a treasure map is now this clean, sterilized looking thing that has no bite to it. It's like they buffed off all the edges and now it's borderline robotic in appearance. Even the ball got less aggressive. It looks like something you'd see on party supplies for a kid's pirate themed birthday. The rest is like 10 bad decisions all plopped on top of each other - matte pewter on the jerseys, yokes, digital alarm clock numbers, orange touching brownish gray, the massive helmet logo, the chrome facemask which is super out of place and already looks dated, and we can't let anyone forget that it was originally even worse because they tried to use those weird airbrushed spikes on the helmet. I still think they wear the worst uniform in the NFL and the Cleveland Browns exist. If they change the answer is obvious and the creamsicles shouldn't be considered.
  14. McCarthy

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Heard a lot of stories about people in Atlanta that drive by with a Steelers, Red Sox, Warriors sticker on their car, and also Atlanta United stickers on their cars. It's the one local team that everyone can cheer for because most people didn't grow up with an MLS team. In other news, FC Cincinnati appears to be taking about 10 of their USL players to MLS. That feels like a lot and feels on the surface to a guy who isn't that clued into how these things work like it could set the club up for a tough first season. How did the other teams who got promoted handle this?
  15. McCarthy

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    The Reds non-tendered Billy Hamilton, which is a good sign that they're serious about trying to not suck anymore. His presence in centerfield every day was sort of the canary in the coalmine that they weren't really interested in competing. Your centerfielder can't hit, he's batting behind the pitcher, his one offensive skill - stealing bases - only works if you can get on base, which he can't because he's a twig. Oh, but what about his glove? So he has a good glove. Great. The amount of runs he saved above average through all of last season was 4. FOUR. His replacement can make that up with one good week at the plate.