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  1. I'm with you. I really don't get why they didn't insert white in between the stripes. Nike is always doing things like that. Either their new uniforms are unbelievably terrible (Bucs, Browns, Jags) or they're pretty good and on the road to perfect, but with one or two inexplicable decisions that makes you go "ooo almost had it" (Vikings, Lions, Dolphins). Since taking over for the NFL they haven't unrolled a new look that I'd give an A. A few F's, D's, and then A-'s and B+'s.
  2. I never realized the Oilers wore plain blue pants with those jerseys at any point. In the playoffs this year they wore their regular striped pants with the orange jersey.
  3. They kind of look like a high school team who's using the Lions logo. I think it's the striping that's throwing me off. It doesn't really feel like the actual Lions yet.
  4. I'd welcome one of the orange and royal blue teams wearing navy blue instead, but I'd pick the Islanders out of those two teams and leave the Oilers as is. I always liked these Islanders uniforms
  5. I think this is right. What part of that keeps him from cleaning his place, though? Lack of self awareness? He knows people are coming over to take pictures of him and he didn't even bother to hide his bottle of lube. I don't want people to think it's easy. It's not easy, but I don't think it's as hard as people make it either. Nobody's saying you have to get movie star ripped, but there's a middle point between that and being 450 pounds. Frank has an addiction to food, but he also has an addiction to not moving. If he started by walking a little bit, talking like one lap around a track, he's at a size where he'd lose weight really fast and then he could start walking farther and longer. He has to want to, though. If he doesn't start soon he's not going to be around long.
  6. I feel like they could've beaten the Knicks and Rockets in 94 with Jordan, but that would've been their hardest test out of the Lakers, Blazers, Suns finals. 95 is hard to say because he wasn't fully back in basketball shape for those playoffs. If he never leaves to play baseball he's probably better in that series, but better enough to beat Shaq, Penny, Horace, etc? Who knows. The other what if is he never leaves does Horace Grant still sign with the Magic?
  7. To say "he's only 3-5 in the finals" is still saying he's been to the finals 8 times. I don't care how weak the eastern conference has been in this stretch or that 4 of those were on the stacked as hell Heat going to the finals 8 times in 14 years is incredible. He's about to reach his 7th straight finals too and nobody's done that since like Bill Russell and that was back when there were like 9 teams and maybe 3 of them were trying. I think the Cavs are gonna get smoked, but I think it's unfair to hang the upcoming loss on him. Also, him dragging the 07 Cavs to the finals counts as one of those finals losses and that's unfair because that team might be the worst collection of talent to reach an NBA final. I watched a lot of those games because I was in school with 10,000 people from Cleveland and if Lebron's not on that team they wouldn't have won 20 games.
  8. The Royals model was to throw all of their assets and resources at a specific goal season, they showed up a year early in 2014, and then won it all in the year they were shooting for. Going 1-1 in World Series in two years is pretty damn good, especially in a market like Kansas City. I'd injure a Cardinals fan for the Reds to have a run like that. The last two seasons they've gone back to the norm for the Royals, but that's to be expected when they really went all in on 2015. I'd be okay with another rebuild if I were a Royals fan.
  9. "Lebron is only 3-4 in the finals" is not the burn some people want it to be.
  10. Mike & Mike was "The Odd Couple". It worked because they had two points of view on any given sports topic. He's a big football player, and he's a whimpy dork, what a wacky pairing! I liked them when I was still listening to sports talk radio, but that was over a decade ago. Since then they both turned into corporate shills and Greenberg started getting a little Hot Takey once that proved to be a useful way to get heard.
  11. Yeah I agree. What the heck was this all about? Just looked unbalanced. It works in baseball because baseball's been doing that forever, but in hockey or football the secondary logo should be on both shoulders.
  12. There's a tweet out there where he was arguing with someone and they called him out on his weight and he said something like "being fat is true freedom. I'm proud to be fat" I'm not a psychologist, but I think Frank Fleming has accepted his situation and in a coping mechanism has taken to embracing his terrible lifestyle. He keeps it up and he's not long for this world. How old is he? I hope the Barstool guys get him some help, but that really doesn't seem to be their thing. Ridicule and fratty antics seem to be their thing. I'm with you on weight loss. It's not that hard. It's a math problem. Calories burned vs intake. I'm getting in shape for my wedding in November because men in my family suffer from a condition I call "Fat Face" and I'm trying to look good for pictures. All it's taken to drop 10-15 pounds depending on which scale I use is not eating fast food and at least walking. Usually I do a 3 mile stretch 6 days a week where I alternate every half mile between running and walking. Yesterday was the first time I felt "light" while jogging so it even gets easier the more you do it. That's all in the last month so I figure I'm about 2 more months away from my goal.
  13. I found that movie way too dark to enjoy before his death and wouldn't think of watching it afterwards.
  14. One game out of the last two postseasons that maybe could even come close to being in the vicinity of what other franchises have to deal with? No way, pal.
  15. Ahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahshshshshshshshshshahahahaha There it is. Only took 17 games.
  16. The thing that will take the most getting used to with Wrigley is the new bullpens which look more like an office than a place for a pitcher to warmup.
  17. Yeah, but why would Subban be sad that his team beat the Ducks? People aren't thinking when they throw these memes together. They're just reflexive and sh!! out the first thing the meme playbook tells them. Plus that's like 3 memes deep and you'd need to be up to speed on your memeology to follow. Giguere wasn't even on the current Ducks.
  18. WHAT. That one doesn't even make sense.
  19. 10% on RT. You'd have to pay me to see the Baywatch movie. Here's something to chew on - Baywatch the show is as far in the rear view mirror as Charlie's Angels was when they made the Charlie's Angels movie.
  20. With the Raiders leaving is there any way the A's renovate the Coliseum to a complete tear down of Mount Davis and bring it up to modern standards? The angels did a pretty good job turning a dual purpose stadium into a baseball only park.
  21. I took this photo. I think I was with @Bucfan56 for this game. Safeco is my favorite stadium I've been to. GABP has an underrated view of the river and hills while riverboats and barges float by. I just wish they would've oriented it differently, like a 90 degree turn to the right so you'd get the view of the Roebling bridge instead.
  22. I will be pulling for the Predators as hard as I've pulled for anyone in a cup final. I went to a Blue Jackets-Predators game in Nashville in 2014 and it was a really great experience. Awesome arena, great location, the fans were knowledgeable, loud, and very friendly. They didn't back down when they were at the top of relocation rumors and Jim Balsillie was selling tickets for their games in Hamilton. The Blue Jackets won that game 1-0 and were poised to go to the playoffs and the Nashville fans were congratulatory on our way out. My friends and I were on our best behavior because we didn't want to be Penguins fans and take a dump on people while visiting their arena. Vegas, baby, Vegas! But yes as of right now they've never won anything. Except those 3 playoff wins, which is 3 more than the ThrasherJets can say.
  23. The stranger next to me said out loud "haha that's James Franco!" and that was the only peep the guy made the whole movie. It was supposed to be a sad moment and I thought they kind of ruined it with a really weird casting choice. Took me out of that moment.
  24. "what is this im in phone" needs to be somewhere on the list. That everyone began saying "I'm in phone" seriously after that made me laugh all over again.
  25. My role in this is embarrassing. It became my member title about 6 seconds after reading it. The only way it could've been better is if he left off the question mark because for some inexplicable reason questions written by knuckleheads become 5 times funnier when they don't use a question mark. For the record, I'm right. The Florida Panthers don't look like the Montreal Canadiens.