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  1. NHL 2017-18

    I don't get it
  2. 2017 MLB Season

    The players are bigger, the balls are going faster, and the fans are closer than they have ever been, yet the nets have mostly remained in the same place. We're really just correcting environments so they match the speed and dimensions of the game. I think pitchers need to start wearing protective headgear too. In 20 years We will look back on pitchers not wearing helmets with the same bewilderment as we look at old hockey players not wearing helmets. It will seem crazy to us that pitchers ever played this game without some kind of protective padding on their heads.
  3. 2017 MLB Season

    It's that and stuff like "damn milenials need to get off there phones and watch the games!!!!" Okay, hot shot. The kid that was hit by Todd Frazier's foul ball was being held by her father who was watching the game. He didn't have time to get her out of the way because the ball was going one hundred and five miles an hour! Let's put up a net so children aren't getting bopped with baseballs. People won't even think about them in two weeks. If anyone is anti-net then maybe the fact that professional child and ballhawk Zack Hample is opposed to additional netting because it will make it harder for him to get souvenir baseballs will sway your opinion.
  4. 2017 MLB Season

    The Reds are extending the netting to the other side of the dugout for next season* and it's long overdue. I've sat in those close-to-the-action, but exposed seats a couple times this year** and you do feel the risks when balls are flying right into the crowd. I played the game at the high school level and I pay close attention most of the time and I'm still weary. There's old people and kids seated around me with worse reflexes. And my god I did not think an issue like "protecting more fans with 50 extra feet of netting so kids don't get hit in the face with baseballs" was an issue that could have opposition or even be politicized, but I was wrong. *the only reason they're waiting until next season I think is because they only have 3 more home games this year. **one benefit of a bad team is access to good cheap seats.
  5. MLB changes 2018?

    I'm with you. I wish people would stop wanting to mess with one of my favorite uniforms in sports. Leave it as is and focus your attention on teams that actually need changing.
  6. NHL 2017-18

    First time seeing the white unis in action. The new sock stripe really does wonders for this set. Makes the shoulder striping more purpose and balances the entire uniform. The new number/name font is a big upgrade.
  7. NHL 2017-18

    the Penguins now look like old rich guys with front row tickets who rushed to the arena from work and put their jersey on over the top of their polo shirt. Nice job, adidas.
  8. NHL 2017-18

    I don't see why it wouldn't. Just make the body and shoulders white and leave the stripes alone and use red numbers outlined in black. Basically their 98-07 white jersey. They pretty much already use that striping pattern on their white jersey as it is. I'm just saying take one extra step and make everything consistent.
  9. NHL 2017-18

    Those Hurricanes reds look really good and much better than the Team Canada/Red Wings/Generic Bubble Hockey Team knockoff uniforms they've been wearing. I don't know why they couldn't have just done that when they switched to those. Now they just need to match the road whites and they'll be all good as a cohesive set.
  10. NHL 2017-18

    None of what you're saying is wrong, but this is the change I've wanted them to make for ten years to match the socks from their first alternate in 2004. Sock tape is a problem for every sock stripe in the league so that's whatever to me.
  11. What Grinds Your Gears...

    somebody a few offices down is constantly doing his impression of the creepy old guy from Family Guy. He does it at least 3 times a day. it's just far away enough for me to still hear the whistled S's, but I can never hear exactly what he's saying.
  12. NHL 2017-18

    I like the new number font. I like the new sock stripes. Fight me.
  13. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Rams Buccaneers Ravens Broncos Panthers Steelers Falcons Browns Patriots Dolphins Eagles Titans Packers Chiefs Raiders Cowboys
  14. Lions New Logo and Uniforms 2017

    These are a pair of white striped socks away from being perfect, but I still felt like they were the better looking team last night.
  15. The Sports Media Thread Even when I happen to agree with Dave Lozo I can't help but laugh at his petulance costing him a freelance gig. That guy just sucks so much. I hear he was recently hired by The Athletic. Strike one. If they hire Ryan Lambert they'll lose me as a subscriber.
  16. 2017 MLB Season

    So far so good on the Indians, Dodgers, and Nationals. Looking pretty good for the Red Sox and Cubs. So I have a good shot to be 5/6 on division winners. I should've known better than to expect anything from my "Perpetually 4.5 Back" Mariners. One of these years I'll be right about them. Way off on my picks below the division leaders, though. See: Twins, Brewers, Mets, Rockies, Giants, and Dbacks. I thought (hoped) the last 7 weeks from the Reds' young arms would show the whole season and their surprisingly decent lineup would be able scratch out a 75-80 win season, above five-hundo if everything went right. Unfortunately their youth and pitching injuries made it another teaching year. What's cool about next season is I have some optimism for a not completely miserable record for the first time since 2014, so that's fun to feel again.
  17. NFL 2017 changes?

    My wife was wearing black leggings as we watched the Redzone channel yesterday. When the Saints-Patriots game came on she said "they're wearing the same pants as me right now". Saints, bring back the stripe!
  18. 2017 NFL Season

    Tim Robinson ruined it for life for me: That's gotta be one of my all-time favorite SNL sketches.
  19. When will lacrosse become mainstream?

    The Ohio Machine just won the MLL championship and I doubt the average central Ohioan knows we have a team. They play in their own HS football like stadium that the town of Obetz built, which is pretty far from the center of the city, but it's at least off of 270. They used to play at Ohio Wesleyan's and Ohio Dominican's football stadiums, both are on the outskirts of Columbus. Wesleyan was well outside the outerbelt. They're just not well advertised and it never seems like many people are at their games. I want them to succeed, they seem to have good, likable players, they do lacrosse clinics for the high school kids, and their social media does a good job, but they have an uphill climb. I said this in another thread, but I think there's just too many entertainment options for a sport like that to break through into mainstream and I'm not just talking sports.
  20. 2017 NFL Season

    now replace all mentions of Burfict in this post and replace it with Mike Mitchell. Same thing except he's injured more players than Burfict.
  21. 2017 NFL Season

    What's that? That you lack perspective, take this too seriously, aggrandize your role in your team's success and amount winning to silly things like karma? My disgust with the team only has to do with ownership's continued ineptitude and the carelessness they took with offensive line personnel in the last two years. Ends there. Even if we agreed what would you have me do about it? Write a letter, march on the stadium? There's only so much energy I can invest in sports and I learned a long time ago that no matter what I do it doesn't affect what the team does on the field so it's wasted brain matter. I just watch the games, man. You should too. You don't play for the Patriots. Again, you punch down and there's no good outcome for you. You're just stating facts. You said karma was the reason they lost. You won Super Bowls with the second dirtiest player of the last generation (Hines Ward is the first) and made it to another while employing a murderer. That's thoroughly debunked your karma argument. That's why those players were brought up. Did you know the Bengals also have the largest bible study in the NFL? If karma was real wouldn't that balance out their employment of the thugs? Just stating facts. You also keep using the word "thug". What do you mean by that? What message do you want people to come away with when you use that word because when I see it the only thing it it's serving is to make you look boorish. Adam Jones and I live in the same part of Cincinnati. I see him active in the community, a good father, a devoted family man, but he made a mistake last offseason and I thought this was the time the team was going to move on, but they didn't so I shrug and move on too. Every team in the NFL is employing guys with rap sheets and pasts. Every single one. What am I supposed to do, form a Klan rally? Not really my thing. Burfict's suspension this time was for a previously legal tap (on a blocker) that other players get away with weekly. I saw the same thing happen a half dozen times in week 1. It was a ridiculous overreach and misinterpretation of the rules. I like the way he plays and even with his penalties he's so good that he's a huge net benefit. If he played 30 years ago he'd be beloved around the league.
  22. 2017 NFL Season

    Here's some advice: don't punch down. There's no reason for a pats fan to take shots at a team that's had 1/50th the success and the only possible outcome or scenario is you looking like a dickhead. It's unbecoming. which takes us back to karma. There's no effing way Boston fans who go out of their way to use immature pejorative team names such as "bungles" have better karma than me, an all-around great guy. The only conclusions are that there's no such thing as justice and none of us have any impact on what happens to our favorite teams. Also dont say "thug". It's problematic and a dog whistle and that's not what Burfict is anyways. Aaron Hernandez murdered a guy while playing for your team.
  23. 2017 NFL Season

    I have a question: Are you 12?
  24. 2017 NFL Season

    A. Karma isn't real. If it was the Patriots would have 0 titles. B. Shut up.
  25. 2017 NFL Season

    The Bengals fired their OC after they put up 9 points in the first two games and looked generally atrocious while doing it. The new OC is promoted QB coach. THAT'LL DO IT!