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    Fun With Flags!!!!

    Apologies if this is already a thread, but watching the Olympics, especially during the Parade of Nations I like to take note of the different flags. Speaking from a strictly design perspective here are my favorite non-USA flags: Bahrain Jamaica Bahamas Cameroon Sweden What are some of your favorites?
  2. McCarthy

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Oh it's far worse than just the condiments. The bathrooms need repairs, some of the stadium lights are out and he hasn't replaced the bulbs, the facilities are dirty. He's purposely letting the stadium fall into abject squalor and it's borderline unsafe and irresponsible. All so he can, what, twist the knife even further into the people he's stealing the team from? Okay, psycho, if that's how you're going to play. He also pulled cartoon villain moves like only having two open gates for playoff games so the stadium looked emptier on TV during kickoff. I don't know why any other MLS exec or owner would put up with a guy who does crap like that. He's spent years purposefully tanking the market to justify the move. It's really going to suck to watch when he gets to Austin and starts actually putting effort into helping his team in the community where he wants to be.
  3. McCarthy

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Ohio doesn't need two teams, but just by virtue of how dirty Columbus is getting done and the success of FC Cincinnati I think Ohio should have two teams. Plus the rivalry would be tops. If Cincinnati was a quarter mile across the river into Kentucky (and culturally it basically is Kentucky. I live here I'm allowed to stay these things) would this be the same discussion? They're in the same state, but they're different enough that you're not going to get much overlap between the fanbases. I've never met a Crew fan from Cincinnati and I doubt very much that any Crew fans will become FC Cincinnati supporters should the Crew move to Austin. A heavy percentage of Crew fans will likely never watch MLS ever again after this. Columbus could be a good MLS market, but it's never been given fair shake in this new era, especially when you learn about the things Precourt was doing to actively suppress interest in the market. I feel in my heart of hearts that right now Precourt has become such a sniveling villain that all it will take to turn Columbus into a good MLS market would be literally anyone else owning the team. If he's forced to sell to a local owner the fans will sell out the stadium just to give him a big middle finger.
  4. McCarthy

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I would love it more than anything if after all this Precourt and his dumb face lose in court but I don’t have high hopes. The Modell law in 1996 was a too-late temper tantrum move by a few state politicians to feel less helpless and to appear like they were doing something for their constituents in the wake of the Browns move. The actual thing is a bunch of wimpy language and should be easily circumventable, even for Precourt’s team of doofus attorneys. It basically just says that an Ohio based sports franchise who has received financial assistance from the public (which the Crew has) can’t relocate unless they’ve given advanced notice (6 months, I think) and have to reasonably listened to offers from local buyers. My hope is the legal battle delays the move to Austin and then it just becomes easier for this guy to sell than it would be to continue fighting to move.
  5. McCarthy

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Anthony Precourt just sucks so hard. He's born with a winning lottery ticket, could've done literally anything with pops' money. Could've gotten charitable, could've :censored:ed off to a private island and done all of the drugs, could've remained just a normal sleazebag in the energy sector. No, instead, out of all his options he chooses, seeks out, the path where he lies to and robs from an entire American city. It's like he was trying to be a villain in a cartoon. That's perverse and psychotic. Austin, enjoy your trust-fund dingleberry who sucks so much the best site he could get for a stadium is in the burbs and you'll be stuck with an albatross in a bad location when in 7 years he flips the team and goes off to :censored: something else up. Enjoy that.
  6. McCarthy

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    Yeah from the unique color scheme to the 3D wordmark to one of the first 90's unis to do the asymmetrical thing I'm not seeing "generic" on those at all. I see a lot of 90's on those, but generic is the wrong word. Nobody else looked like those Sonics.
  7. McCarthy

    Popular Defunct Teams

    Why Hartford in the NHL isn't as weird an idea as it would intuitively seem, not when compared to where they moved. Hartford is a short commute for Boston, NYC, Philly, New Jersey fans. Not to mention Providence or all the other similarly sized cities in that area. Also the northeast has good train systems. Nobody from Columbus or Pittsburgh, New Jersey, or Long Island is going to get in a car and drive to Raleigh damn North Carolina to see their hated metro division foe. The Hurricanes' closest NHL city is a 4 and a half hour drive. They're similarly sized cities, but Raleigh is servicing only Raleigh (and some of Durham, to be fair), Hartford would draw from more neighbors just due to the huge populations congested in the northeast.
  8. McCarthy

    NFL 2018 changes

    I don't get why they didn't just do that. These new ones have the same problem that these had The uniforms are missing the color that makes their color scheme. I get what they were going for, but it's okay to have some color. The colors, and even the uniforms to an extent, weren't the main gripe everyone had with their last look. The issue was the dumbest looking helmet any team has ever made their players wear. I'd have been satisfied if all they had done was given the team a normal all-black helmet on top of the Bortles unis. The new uniforms are better than the old uniforms, but they're also not as good as they could be because they stopped short in the name of simplicity and short of what we all know to be the correct solution - wear the damn 1999 uniforms and call it a day forever.
  9. McCarthy

    NFL 2018 changes

    Jaguars look like the Jaguars again and I love it. They could be wearing jerseys and pants covered in doodoo and it'd be better than the last set just because the helmet is one solid color. I approve of their new look even with the very simple uniforms from the neck down. Titans look fine. The number font is still complete ass, but the rest is presentable. The Dolphins look so much better by simplifying and losing the blue in the uniform. I still think they look like off-brand version of the Dolphins thanks to that logo and not using the classic triple dolphins striping, but it's a major improvement. The orange being next to the aqua instead of next to the blue really brings it out more and helps it not get lost on the white surfaces. I wait all week to see if the Bengals are going to have a side stripe on their black jerseys and they come out in their white jerseys for a night game. I'm impatient and I'm beginning to get the sense that the jerseys will be the same as ever and I'm putting too much hope into what will end up being just another Madden goof.
  10. McCarthy

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    The Austin mayor has gotten over 10 grand in bribes political contributions from the Precourt team. FYI. He's got the worst attorneys and they're all so bumbling. The team's being stolen by the biggest idiots in pro sports. That's the worst part. Precourt is so completely unimpressive as a businessman and person and leader and when you learn that his dad bought this team for him, that he's never had to work for anything before, that his career is pushing money from one place to the next you see why he is the way he is when someone stands in his way. It's like a movie with a villain and a team of dumbass henchman except the winning outcome for us is he's going to sell the team and scurry off with 300 million dollars. If I lived in Austin I wouldn't want this guy anywhere near my city. If I'm Don Garber I'm doing all I can to get this guy out of my roster of owners because he sucks.
  11. McCarthy

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    I saw somewhere that Lebron pledged the maximum amount he can while still being able to call the school a public school. Pro athlete gives back and the Clay Travises of the world meerkat out of their holes to "well, actually" it. Weird. Weird how that happens. Hmm.
  12. McCarthy

    Football and CTE

    You're allowed to play football if you want. All I've ever asked for is the information to be presented so people can make an educated decision about whether they and/or their children should play football. It's not a conspiracy to kill football. The NFL for years hid that information and that's the problem. If a football player like Chris Borland reads all this information about the damages of football and decides to walk away I wouldn't call that "moronic" at all. But this idea that football is the ultimate teacher of life lessons compared to other sports is really really silly. Source: Me - played football and other team sports. It was all more or less all the same. 1. It's not about concussions. The problem with football is the mini-traumas that add up play after play after play, for thousands of plays over the lifetime of a football career. Those sub-concussive hits, the undetectable ones where the player doesn't even feel it are what causes CTE and other damaging brain conditions. I got a concussion in a high school hockey game, but that's less concerning to me than the 8 years I spent mashing my noggin against other noggins in football even though I never sustained a concussion playing football. I did stop getting headaches almost immediately after my high school football career was over sooooo. 2. This is easily correctable for soccer, less so for football. Bonking heads on every play is not an inherent part of soccer, but it is for football. They go up for headers and heads clunk together, but that doesn't happen that often to one soccer player in a game, and there's a lot you can do to end that. At the youth level you can ban headers or mandate everyone wear a soft cushion helmet and the problem would be mostly solved.
  13. McCarthy

    Popular Defunct Teams

    True, but I’ve always understood that the Bees were much more of an official thing than those other examples. New owner bought the Braves, rebranded with new uniforms and everything in hopes of getting away from the stench on the Braves brand, and then sold the team four years later to a guy who changed the name back to the Braves. It reads like it’s closer to how rebrands work in today’s sports and less like the bridegrooms or whatever.
  14. McCarthy

    Popular Defunct Teams

    I always forget the Braves were in Boston that late. Also they were the Boston Bees for 4 years in the 30's and switched back to the Braves. That's a weird little sports identity crisis blip we should talk about more often. If I was a Braves fan I'd 100% have some Boston Bees gear in the closet.
  15. I always said if anything like the Penn State thing ever happened at OSU then I'd put the priorities of the victims ahead of football because football isn't important. Urban's gotta go. College football needs to get smaller than it is. The wide receivers coach was making over 300 grand. WHY THE :censored: does the wide receivers coach make over 300 grand? The whole damn thing sucks so hard. Incidentally, I was actually encouraged by how small the rally in front of Ohio Stadium was yesterday. I was concerned it'd be a bigger turnout. It looked like the very same type of visibly stupid looking a$$#oles who annoy the piss out of me and give the rest of us a bad name. It looked like the people who make me not want to attend OSU games. It looked like the fans who boo 19 year olds when they're not beating Bowling Green by enough points. I'd be very surprised if half the people in that crowd have a degree from Ohio State University.
  16. McCarthy


    5 pieces of advice: 1. Stop saying things like "this is my best concept ever" or that people hated a previous concept because it was "to out there" (they hated it because it was sloppy, thoughtless, and generally not good. Too out there can work and get a good response if presented correctly). That's not for you to decide and making such proclamations doesn't help people seriously consider your work. Just post your work and ask for C+C, maybe add a quick write up of why you made the choices you made. 2. Right now you’re still learning how to use your design tool, which is fine, we all gotta start somewhere, but while you’re learning you're just throwing the elements into the template without thinking about why you’re using them where you are. More on that later. Like the Jets concept, there’s some technical things that immediately prevent me from taking these seriously before we even get to the basic ideas behind the concept - The numbers are too close together, the outlines are too thin, the numbers are much too large, the NBA logo is too big, the side stripes overlap the box they’re presented in, the side stripes aren't visible from the front or back views, the NBA would never put the Nike or sponsor logo in black on a blue background, on some of the concepts the jersey stripes don't lineup with the shorts stripe, which could be a design choice, but almost 0 NBA jerseys don't match the jersey stripes to the shorts so that just feels like an error. It feels like you're just using the fill tool for the open spaces because you don't yet know how to put a stripe in a shoulder cuff or collar, and not because you actually think it looks best when it's plain black, the white stripes in the side stripes don’t terminate with the rest of the stripes, which looks like a mistake even if it wasn’t. 3. Now for the ideas behind the concept - I don't really see any kind of thought process here. What message are you trying to get across? Is it that the Knicks should wear black because they already did that. Let’s imagine you’ve been hired to design a new uniform for the Knicks. Consider what they're wearing now and what they've worn before. What does this do for them that improves upon their current look? Why? Would they want to go back to using black as a trim color and if they did, would they structure it this way and why? It's interesting you called this a "statement" jersey when I don't see any statement being made here. You’re basically guessing here with no thought process to how the elements work together. A lot of people make this mistake where they present a look - it has stripes and colors and logos and things are placed on the template, and even if it happens to look good, it's not all the way there because they can't provide a provide a reason for their choices, and that's because they never started with a point of view they want to get across, they never started with a story to tell. This looks like a worse version of the uniforms the Knicks started wearing in the late 90’s up until the 2010’s and so what even is the statement behind your concept then? You’ve basically copied what they already wore and have since changed from, but made them worse, so it’s not an improvement over their current unis, it’s not an improvement over the previous unis, and it’s not saying anything new. You haven't really done anything here the Knicks haven't already done themselves. 4. Where you had a good idea was in two places - using the empire state building as the side stripe is a solid starting point and something they haven't done before and they could run with that. Clean up the artwork, though, and think about how it would actually work on a uniform - Maybe the building would work best as just the shorts stripe and you leave the jersey stripeless? maybe the building extends a little higher up the side of the player, but match the shorts stripe to the exact width and dimensions of the bottom of the building so it flows from jersey to shorts. Second good idea I thought was using the full logo instead of the NEW YORK wordmark. If this is an alternate then you want it to be a departure from the regular home and roads. Maybe instead of New York it says "KNICKS" - teach yourself how to arch a wordmark. 5. Study the jerseys in the NBA and college. Ask yourself why something looks good or why it doesn't. Look at how the various elements work with one another, look at basic things like how the numbers are outlined, or how big the names on the back are, or how they kern the lettering in a wordmark. Those are small things that if done poorly can break a concept before anyone even thinks about the idea behind the concept, which is why nobody took your Jets concept seriously. TL/DR - have a point of view, have a message you want people to get, make sure the details are tight and clean before you share, don't come out and proclaim your genius when your work will say everything we need to know.
  17. McCarthy

    Interesting Sports Facts and Statistics

    I'm obsessed with the 1981 Reds and have studied them endlessly. They had a few remaining Big Red Machine guys plus Tom Seaver, plus a young Mario Soto. That's to my knowledge the only time the playoffs have happened without the team with the best record. I've felt for a long time that the Reds need to treat those guys like it's a half championship. Have the team back for anniversary reunions, display the banner more prominently in the stadium, like flown on top of the boat in centerfield, because they got did dirty. What also sucks about missing the playoffs is that was the last gasp of the Big Red Machine and they didn't get to go out with a playoff try or at least a true pennant race with the Dodgers and Astros. A bunch of guys left after that year, Tom Seaver had a bad season, and the 82 Reds lost 100 games.
  18. McCarthy

    MLB Relocation? Naw...

    Would you take Miller Park if they just removed the roof and outfield roof apparatus? I've always thought it was a cool looking park outside of the colossal roof hanging over it. I haven't been to Miller Park, but every time the Reds have played there with the roof open Chris Welsh seems to comment on the weird shadows the batters have to contend with. That roof is HUGE, but I think I'd take it if it meant I never had to worry about the weather, which is what I miss about going to Mariners games. I've had terrible weather luck with the Reds the last couple of years. Sitting outside is cool, but is it worth the rain delays? I'd have to think about it. Again, never been there, but I have been to Chase Field, which Miller Park looks better than, open or closed. Chase Field made me feel like I was sitting in a giant shoebox. The retractable roof ideal is Safeco Field, which still has the Independence Day looking roof hovering over the right field bleachers, but it's out of the way enough that you still feel like you're outdoors when you're in the stadium. And when the roof is closed the whole place is not enclosed so you still get the breeze. It's an odd sensation. What makes theirs work is visible in this photo. Looking from this angle you can't tell this stadium has a retractable roof. I don't think you can take a picture from anywhere inside Minute Maid, Miller, Chase, Skydome, Marlins et al without getting the roof or roof apparatus in the shot. Theirs is more like a ballpark with a moving canopy while the others are like an enclosed box that has a roof. They've all tried to make it more outdoorsy with moving windows and stuff, but it doesn't really matter when the structure is constantly hanging above you.
  19. McCarthy

    2018 MLB Season

    they were still wearing these uniforms too
  20. McCarthy

    NFL 2018 changes

    Guys? If this is true I might cry. I don't think it's real, sadly. All of the new retail jerseys still have the side panel. I think it's just a Madden error. Looks so much better, though.
  21. McCarthy

    "(Insert Team Name) Shoots Twice"

    Tickets are usually cheaper in the shoot once end too. Also it’s helpful to know in the event you’re buying tickets to see your team on the road so you get to sit in their shoot twice end.
  22. McCarthy

    Popular Defunct Teams

    They're hipstery to like because it shows you're in the club if you wear a Whalers shirt or hat and nobody will object to the fact that the Sonics shouldn't have moved and the league would be better as a whole if the team was still there. Also, they're non-threatening because they literally can't beat anyone right now.
  23. McCarthy

    2018 MLB Season

    I love the A's so I'm okay with them being the guys to steal the spot from the Mariners, but yeah it definitely feels unthinkable that they win a one game playoff game in New York. Especially when the Yankees have the next two months to prepare their lineup for that game while the A's and Mariners are going to fight each other until the last day. If it's the Mariners I think they have a slightly better chance against the Yankees if they can get there without having to burn a Paxton start in one of the last games of the season.
  24. McCarthy

    2018 MLB Season

    It's too early for that comparison. Wait until this postseason to start throwing around the choke label for this bunch. It's a mostly different team just 5 years later, but the franchise won it all as recently as 2013, which is after the Nationals run of playoff choking began. The Nationals lost in the NLDS in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2017 and were the higher seed in every one of those series. 3 of those involved losing Game 5 at home. That's a much different thing than losing as the road team to the eventual AL and World Series winner.