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  1. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Yeah he doesn't exactly come across as a cunning business man in all this and his operation isn't even two bit. The whole thing is really ham-handed. I mean, they scolded Columbus fans for how difficult they're making it to relocate! He should hire some new attorneys, though I really hope he doesn't because his current team is a bumbling group of dips****. The MLS2ATX social media campaign they tried to pass off as a grassroots effort when it was obviously their own creation is basically dead and very few people inside Austin seem all that interested in a MLS team. Meanwhile in Columbus, fangroups are doing a better job proving him wrong than he is of proving himself right. I think two things are true in this: 1. Precourt thought Austin would be more welcoming than they have been and 2. he thought it'd be easier to move out of Columbus than it has been. He's a very wealthy moron who's spent his life moving piles of daddy's money around from one place to another. I have zero respect for him. The ransoming of the Columbus Crew may work out to further bolster his wealth, but he'll always just be some rich kid who bought a soccer team.
  2. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    I see Wyshinski is still calling his Puckdaddy plays now that he's with ESPN.
  3. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Precourt is a bad-faith operator and I won't believe the team is staying in Columbus until that guy is, in one form or another, no longer touching the club. I haven't heard much news lately. Rumor is an offer for 49.5% was pitched by someone under the condition that the team is contractually obligated to stay in Columbus. That was rejected as I'd expect it to be. I don't see why Precourt would accept that deal. It's going to require a large pile of cash far more than Precourt paid for the team by a Columbus owner to get this guy out of MLS. Either he moves the team to Austin then sells later for a tidy profit or he extorts Columbus for a tidy profit right now. In any case :censored: that guy. No offense to any Austinites, but if Precourt moves the team to Austin I hope it's a complete disaster.
  4. It's an indeterminate amount of time in the future. For whatever reason indoor team volleyball has exploded in popularity and a league has formed to capitalize on the sport's growth. Philadelphia Founders New Orleans Night Owls, Version 2 Sacramento Smash Voleibol Miami Denver Miners Cincinnati Royals Tigres de Mexico, Version 2 Houston Mission Seattle Spikers Brooklyn Knights These are their identities.
  5. I love this. For Detroit I think just the fist is enough of a reference for people to get to what you're alluding. A regular D with exhaust pipes coming off the bottom would work for me. Nice work for Chicago. I like bottom right the most.
  6. American Volleyball Associaton - Brooklyn

    The Brooklyn Knights are named for what I felt like the Nets could've done when they moved to Brooklyn, a play on the word "Brooklynite".
  7. It can't be a Patriots concept unless flying Elvis and hikin' Pat both appear somewhere on the uniform at the same time.
  8. Colorado Rockies Rebrand

    I've been waffling all day on whether it would help anyone if I said something, but I think I should. I think it looks very familiar. Feel free to ask for permission or at least give credit for the idea. I probably would've said yes.
  9. My Hockey Jersey is too Small!

    This is the solution. Wear an undershirt that is the same color as the jersey and bang problem solved.
  10. American Volleyball Associaton - Brooklyn

    Thank you! The ball spikes were a happy accident and I didn't even think of that until you mentioned it. Was just trying to do something different instead of using the same ball over and over. I MEAN YES I TOTALLY DID THAT ON PURPOSE. The streaks on the uniforms were meant to evoke aviation in some way. I was thinking flight paths on a radar, but condensation trails works too.
  11. My Hockey Jersey is too Small!

    Cut the back out and wear it like a snuggie or a hospital gown and just make sure nobody sees you from behind.
  12. American Volleyball Associaton - Brooklyn

    Seattle Spikers. One thing I liked about living in Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle was the space needle was always visible from pretty much anywhere. You'd see it peaking over the tops of buildings and that's very true of where they play at Key Arena, which is tucked right underneath the Space Needle. I know it's somewhat generic for Seattle, but I felt like I couldn't do the concept without including it. Also used the requisite bright green and blue.
  13. American Volleyball Associaton - Brooklyn

    Tigres 2.0
  14. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    I kind of don't even care what the uniforms look like now that we've been assured the half and half helmet is dead forever. There's simply no way they can look worse.
  15. Barack and Michelle Obama's Official Portraits

    That is certainly a choice. I don't see Barack's aging well. Also his hands are enormous. Not sure if that's trying to say something...
  16. American Volleyball Associaton - Brooklyn

    Good eye and good feedback. A big part of the construction of the head was borrowed from my Ohio University Bobcats concept ( and I thought I could sneak a pointy-eared Tiger by the community. Nice call. Updating the ears now. Will have that done soon to show when it's ready. Honestly, THE reason I used a tiger for Mexico was because I wanted to use "Tigres". I thought about Jaguars, but jaguars in Spanish is Jaguares and I didn't think it sounded as cool. It was that simple. I'll definitely think about Puerto Rico. That's the kind of thing I like to hear.
  17. NHL 2017-18

    I don't like white pants in hockey because I'm not used to them and because I'm not used to them the players look silly to my eyeballs wearing any color, head-to-toe, that's brighter than red (and even sometimes I think the Red Wings and Hurricanes look a little goofy in all-red). It's that simple. It's hockey's version of a baseball team wearing pants that are any color other than white or gray. Does it make sense that a football team in all-white looks fine, but a hockey team in all-white looks weird? Not really, but that's where I stand. And because it's such a rarity, such a deviation from status quo, every time I see it, such as the Kings' outdoor unis or the Pacific division all-star unis, I always think of it as gimmicky.
  18. PyeongChang 2018

    I'm far more interested in the Women's hockey tournament than I am the men's because the women's game is best on best. James Wisniewski is on Team USA. Cody Goloubef is on Team Canada. Cody Goloubef could barely crack the super-crappy 2015-2016 Blue Jackets lineup. Wisniewski hasn't played in the NHL in like 4 years. If I wanted to see a bunch of random dudes play hockey in an international tournament I'd watch the Spengler Cup. Note: I never watch the Spengler Cup. I've found I enjoy the Olympics a lot more when it's held in the Western Hemisphere. The tape delayed broadcasts remove something from it just knowing I'm not actually watching it live. Plus I accidentally run across spoilers on social media and then it removes any need to actually watch the event later that night. I've been watching some things in the mornings, but it's not the same. What stinks is the next 3 Olympics are in Tokyo, Beijing, and Paris so we're not going to have a stateside Olympics until 2026 at the earliest. We could all be dead by then!
  19. American Volleyball Associaton - Brooklyn

    Houston Mission
  20. American Volleyball Associaton - Brooklyn

    Tigres de Mexico The Tigres play most of their home matches in Mexico City, but will travel the country and play in other cities to get exposure across Mexico.
  21. American Volleyball Associaton - Brooklyn

    Cincinnati Royals Borrowed from my FC Cincinnati concept to create the look for the Cincinnati AVA team. Named after the Royals of the NBA.
  22. Fun With Flags!!!!

    Apologies if this is already a thread, but watching the Olympics, especially during the Parade of Nations I like to take note of the different flags. Speaking from a strictly design perspective here are my favorite non-USA flags: Bahrain Jamaica Bahamas Cameroon Sweden What are some of your favorites?
  23. American Volleyball Associaton - Brooklyn

    I don't hate it. It plays better at large sizes, obviously, but when shrunk down like on a hat or something I don't know how well it'd work. Idea fully taken from my avatar, BTW.
  24. The XFL may be making a comeback

    Yeah I saw that and I think that's a really bad idea. What're they gonna be, the Tuesday/Wednesday night football league? Ain't nobody gonna watch the XFL while the NFL playoffs are happening.