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  1. 2018 NBA Post Season

    This is why I find it so crazy that Warriors fans gripe about not having Draymond Green for Game 5 in 2016 as if that renders the 2016 title illegitimate for the Cavs, yet say nothing about how they got to play the Cavs without Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love in 2015.
  2. The first 5 captains to pull the no-touch move lost the finals! It should've ended forever after the 03 Ducks. What's weirder is Hatcher and Stevens both tried it after winning the cup in years when they embraced the trophy. They both lost those finals.
  3. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I know nothing about any of this, but I feel like their current coach Alan Koch is well-liked and seems to know what he's doing. It would make sense to me to have him manage the team when they move to MLS. I like to think one has nothing to do with the other, but the league management seems dumb enough to move the Crew because "what's your problem? we gave you another team in Ohio" when reality is that Columbus and Cincinnati are very different places and you'll get zero Crew fans to convert to FCC if the Crew leaves. If If the league was smart they'd fire Anthony Precourt into the sun because they're this close to having an incredibly good and intense rivalry on their hands. All they have to do is not :censored: it up by moving the Crew and it'll help both markets. The Crew have existed without a true rival for their entire existence. Cincinnati having a team will help mobilize the fanbase against Cincinnati. Also getting Precourt away from this sport will do wonders for soccer in Columbus. High tides raise all boats. I know how much this must suck. I do feel bad that this comes at the expense of Sacramento because we jumped the line.
  4. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    It's been a headscratcher since they announced the team, which I must admit I was very very wrong about. I never thought this would work. I never in a million years thought it would lead towards a Major League Soccer team. It's hard to believe it's happening. Also, they bought the trademark to Fussball Club Cincinnati because german heritage or some :censored:. Just use "Football". It's not hard.
  5. North American Pro Soccer 2018 I think I'm going to need to update my board signature to add another team.
  6. The Sports Media Thread

    I like The Ringer too, but they have this way of getting so insular and what becomes important in their office is often not representative of what's happening on the large scale and they'll drive things into the ground that people didn't care about in the first place. They're going to be paying for "Patriots Week" for a long time. That was ill-advised. Also the way they cover the NBA like it's on a plane above all other sports, like the happenings on the court are more important than other sports is slightly off-putting. I think that comes from Simmons. It's a basketball league whose players sometimes speak up when it comes to social commentary, but it's mostly just a league that plays basketball.
  7. Here's the annual graphic about touching the conference champoinship trophies. (click a bunch of times to expand)
  8. The Sports Media Thread

    The Ringer is a Celtics blog. Deadspin is a bunch of people who should be better who have turned into extremely online guys. I like a lot of what they do, but they also get sucked into internet bull :censored: too often. Barstool is scum and I can no longer defend PFT's involvement. I have not regretted my subscription to The Athletic thus far and read it every day, but a lot of their recent hires have been disappointing (RICK REILLY!!!!).
  9. My wife landed an order through the company she works for that is contingent on the Lightning winning tonight so now I have a very real financial interest in Tampa. Congratulations Capitals fans!
  10. Most of their key contributors are expansion draftees. I don't get denying that they may have been overly favorable with the draft, which makes their impending championship feel a little less legitimate to me. I can't not feel that way. Yes, this exactly. That's all. The league did a lot to help the Knights right away that they didn't do for the last batch of expansion, probably because of the difficulties faced by the last round of expansion. So in a way it's almost like my team did all the work that these guys get to benefit from without really doing anything. I'm coming at them from a perfectly defensible position from my point of view.
  11. I've never claimed it was rigged and I don't care what people were saying in October. A lot of experts thought the Capitals were going to miss the playoffs too. The proof in the present is that the league over-corrected for the mistakes they made in the last round of expansion and over-stacked the draft. But beyond that I was upset about the expansion draft rules when they were released and I felt like Vegas had a shot at competing this season so it's not like everybody was blindsided by this. Agreed because it wasn't rigged. It all happened out in the open. It was far more far favorable than previous expansion drafts. That's just the truth. Big disagree here. To the most recent group of expansion teams it most certainly was unfair. If they'd had the same terms as the last time expansion happened and they were still doing in the final then I'd be impressed, but they didn't so it's all been suspect to me ever since. Again, I don't see anybody claiming it was rigged. The problem is that even if accidental the league had too much influence in the competition of this season. What it is is teams saw VGK as a unique to unload salary for big contracts (Fluery and Neal) and then they landed a roster that is nothing but second liners thanks to the most generous expansion draft of all time, which means the lineup is spread out compared to their opponents who due to the crime of existing prior to this season had to play actual 3rd/4th liners and 3rd pair D, which allowed a couple VGK guys space to play above expectations. It's not mystical, they were simply given the depth that wins in today's NHL. Give me a break on good scouting. That's a total myth. Most of their players were the no-brainer selection or the teams dictated who to take through trades. And Gerard Gallant is a fine hockey coach who got did dirty by Florida, but he's been handed a roster without a hole to coach around. I'm not that impressed. It's not a conspiracy and nobody is claiming that. Your entire post was based on the false premise that people are upset because it was "rigged". Rigged implies purpose. No, I'm upset with the NHL because this was accidental. If they'd tried to rig it for Vegas it wouldn't have worked. I've said this since November - the league wanted to avoid another Thrashers situation and wildly over-corrected, which means one of their teams was unfairly assembled compared to their opponents. That's all. What I want is for people to stop treating this like a normal Cinderella run because it's not. If it was then I'd be on board, but I see what really happened and it's far less fun.
  12. 2018 MLB Season

    It's not that common and only twice in the last ten years has a division winner had fewer than 90 wins. For curiosity's sake I went back to 96 (because that was the first full season of this alignment) and looked at how many division winners won fewer than 90 games. Here's my findings: 2015 Rangers 88 wins 2012 Tigers 88 wins 2009 Twins 87 wins 2008 White Sox and Dodgers 89 and 84 wins 2007 Phillies and Cubs 89 and 85 wins 2006 Cardinals and Padres 83 and 88 wins. Stupid Cardinals won the GD world series with that horse***, 13th best record in baseball nonsense 2005 Padres 82 wins (!) 2003 Cubs 88 wins 2001 Braves 88 wins 2000 Yankees 87 wins. Won third straight world series. Thanks for your help, Toronto, Boston, Baltimore, and Tampa. 1998 Indians and Rangers 89 and 88 wins 1997 Indians and Astros 86 and 84 wins 1996 Cardinals 88 So that's 18 times out 66 where the worst division winner failed to win 90 games and most of those were closer to 90 than they were 500. The closest we came to a sub-500 division winner was 2005 with the NL West. But it is more common than when we had the larger divisions. You had a few years like the 87 Twins or the 73 Mets (and don't get me started on 1981), but for the most part the teams with the best record were funneled to the postseason correctly. This is also the reason why expanding to 32 and going to an NFL style 8 divisions of 4 system would be troublesome for baseball. With more segmenting you increase the chances of bad divisions and raise the probability that a stinker team wins a division with like a 76 win season while better teams miss the postseason. The only benefit I can think of is it might incentivize fewer teams to process if they can see a more obtainable path to the playoffs.
  13. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    Are the Nuggets the Padres of the NBA? They've had a wide variety of looks and color schemes with a wacky period in the 80's, but keep bouncing around without really sticking. They're going back to the 90's color scheme with yellow taking gold's place - that's good. I like that. Light blue always seemed a tad off for them and Colorado. Uniforms - they just recolored some of the snoozer unis they've been wearing the last season. Bland and uninspiring.
  14. For one, it was obvious in October. It was clear before the season even started that they were going to play the best roster any expansion team has ever been given and ten games in I knew we had a problem. People picked them to finish last or miss the playoffs because it was the safe pick, not because they actually thought the team sucked. No, nobody thought they'd make it to the final, but that they're there now proves they were given a roster that was built too readied. For two, nobody's saying Bettman rigged it for them. We're saying Bettman accidentally disrupted competitive integrity. On the contrary. Again, not saying he rigged anything and there's no conspiracy at play. The generous expansion rules were established out in the open and if you were me last summer you were saying "why do they get a better draw than the last round of expansion?" Bettman's goal was never to get the Knights to the final. His goal was to avoid another Atlanta Thrashers situation and then severely over-corrected and accidentally overshot that by about a million, which is actually right in line with Bettman's track record of ineptitude.
  15. That guy shows up every year when the last Canadian team is eliminated to conspiracize how the league is rigged against the Canadian teams. Nevermind that Edmonton had 4 lottery wins in 6 years, Toronto got Auston Matthews instead of his hometown Coyotes, who Bettman would've rigged the draft for if he was rigging drafts, that Canadian born players 9 times out of 10 don't sign free agent deals with Canadian teams, or the last relocation was from a huge American market to a small Canadian city. Nevermind all of that.
  16. Short Answer: He had 6 goals last year so yes this season was somewhat unexpected, but he was always a good penalty killer and a good rock down the middle on the third line. Long Answer: Due to forwards protected by exemptions or contract stipulations there were more like 4 forwards they wanted to keep over him. In essence because of only 6 goals last year and the protected list and that the team also had to keep VGK from taking the backup goalie as well as up-and-coming forward Josh Anderson, Karlsson was the logical choice to expose and for Vegas to take and that's still true today. BUT that doesn't mean, for the simple minded hockey writers/fans, that the team didn't want him. If VGK doesn't exist he's still a Columbus Blue Jacket and the same can be said for a lot of teams so to say this is a team of castoffs and misfits I find incredibly disingenuous and hockey writers should know better. He's always had 30 goal scorer potential so I'm not as surprised as the national hockey intelligentsia at large that he blew up this year. It makes sense to me that a guy of his ability would be able to benefit statistically with the linemates he's been playing with. And you know what? I do the same deal again even knowing what we know now. His shooting percentage is absurd, VGK (or someone) is going to over-pay him a ton of money and this will be his career year while the guys they made the deal to keep still have good careers in front of them and that deal allowed the Jackets to unload the worst contract in team history to VGK (David Clarkson).
  17. Fascistic? STFU and reread what I wrote. Nowhere did I endorse the league's actions in that hypothetical scenario. I WANTED QUEBEC CITY TO HAVE A TEAM BEFORE LAS VEGAS, NEVADA GOT A TEAM. I STILL THINK IT'S INSANE THAT THEY DON'T HAVE A TEAM. Way to miss my point. I was saying, hypothetically, that the league wouldn't have felt as much of a need to win over the QC market as they did Vegas and therefore the rules wouldn't have been as generous. It would've been wrong on their part. GOOD :censored:ING GRIEF.
  18. No. What everyone thought in October is irrelevant. They've proven in the present that the league messed up. If it were a pure Cinderella story, sure, but it's not. The league jimmied the rules, made it too easy on them, and accidentally handed a championship to a first year team, which is the happening of a low level Arena Football league. It shouldn't be happening in a league like the NHL. If they'd had the same restrictions that the previous expansion teams had I would be fine with it, but competitive integrity was fractured the second the rules were agreed upon. If they'd been in QC they wouldn't have gotten the same rules because establishing hockey with an instant winner wouldn't have been a priority, but let's say it all worked out the same way in Quebec - it's still a farce and a huge dump on competitive integrity. I've already answered this five times this season - Location has nothing to do with anyone's problem with this team.
  19. NHL 2018-19

    Reddit so I'd take it with a whole silo of salt.
  20. Classic Capitals playoff loss where they dominate possession, power play opportunities, and shots and lose because every shot has to go through like 9 sticks and they try to make the fancy pass and thread that through 4 pairs of skates. That entire third period they were a couple inches away from scoring like 35 times. They could take some lessons from this and apply them to game 5, but their confidence equity from games 1 and 2 is probably now shot. 'ning in 6.
  21. NHL 2018-19

    I've heard rumors the Blue Jackets would be the same color scheme as these But haven't heard if it'll be the same design or a new look entirely.
  22. MLB changes 2018?

    Can confirm the pinstripes were teal every year until the change to black in 2003. That's Moises Alou in his one year with the Marlins, which was 1997.
  23. The NHL - the league that accidentally handed a championship to a first year expansion team. This is stupid. You know what the Golden Knights are? They're when you stack a create-a-team in a video game, give them a name like Generals or Freeze or Knights with one of the clipart logo options and then you win the cup in your first year because you messed with the settings and picked whatever players you wanted.
  24. I think sometimes teams can feel an extra need to please the home fans while the visitors can just play and in hockey the more clear-minded team usually wins. I saw that in person in Game 6 of the first round when it seemed like the home crowd was making the Blue Jackets nervous while the Capitals were free wheeling and loose. Maybe the moment got a little too real for the Capitals like they could be up 3-0 going into a home game 4 and they got ahead of themselves. They looked tight, not at all the way they were in the first 2 games. They've basically never had an easy series in the Ovechkin era and Tampa is too strong to just sweep away so a home L for the Caps was to be expected. I still feel like it'll be Capitals in 6.
  25. Hall of Very Good

    Ken Anderson was the first to come to mind. Has better stats than a lot of QB's who are in the Hall of Fame. One of the first modern quarterbacks. If you dropped him into today's game he'd be just as good if not better because they'd let him throw it more. Maybe he's a better case for the Hall of Snubbed Players. He's first ballot in both the Sports Mustache Hall of Fame and the Football Facemask Hall of Fame