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  1. I've heard they are looking at that general area and also in Oakley where I live which is a neighborhood about 10 minutes north east of downtown. It's really too bad they built the stupid casino where they did because that'd be the perfect place to plop down a SSS and/or new arena/concert venue. Also in the news is the city was given hosting duties for the 2022 NCAA tournament and the current US Bank Arena owners said they'd like to replace it before then, but said that taxpayers would have to help. Given this city's dark history with taxpayer funded stadiums I don't know if I see it happening. You may see some US Bank Arena renovations or arena proposals in this thread in the future.
  2. Hey Bryan Price, maybe try not pitching to Eric Thames anymore?
  3. The Wild, Sharks, and Blackhawks may be the best suited for the golf troll. The others are stretches. I can't think how to do a goof on the Leafs or Habs.
  4. Yeah I'm with you. If the break in the shirt is a problem that requires the short tail then it's bad design, among other things, to even have a tail. I think they went too too heavy towards the beer label direction. Around 99/00 that was a period of great complexity in beer label designs which may be why the brewers logos have so many superfluous touches. Like the additional blue shadow on the wordmark.
  5. Apologies if this is already a thread, but watching the Olympics, especially during the Parade of Nations I like to take note of the different flags. Speaking from a strictly design perspective here are my favorite non-USA flags: Bahrain Jamaica Bahamas Cameroon Sweden What are some of your favorites?
  6. She's good people. Our wedding is scheduled for this fall. Going as fast as I can.
  7. No that would've been a new stadium that would've removed seats afterwards and been a part of an mls bid. The stadium that would've had the temporary roof is on The university of Cincinnati's campus which is north of downtown and not in that rendering.
  8. You know what is hard to believe? The Miller Lite uniforms have been around since 2000! Just go back to the BiG permanently and knock it off with this halfzies identity that doesnt please anyone. Can someone explain why the underlying tail only underlines the wers?
  9. They just need a uniform czar. On the day of the game the Marlins equipment manager should have to call the Uniform Czar and ask permission to use the black jerseys, or request permission to use a jersey different from gray. It would go like this "hello, our starting pitcher would like to wear black jerseys today. Is that okay?" and the Uniform Czar would go "Uhh today today today let me check my schedule. Umm today the Padres have scheduled their navy blue camo jerseys so no you have to wear gray today." End of discussion.
  10. My future wife and I attended the Reds-Cubs game on saturday and she remarked how the two teams in red and blue shirts looked "generic". I equated it to one of those handheld Tiger games.
  11. dbadefense was suspended for two weeks and then never came back again.
  12. I don't think they wanted to make it easier for Pittsburgh. I firmly believe this format was created solely to increase the likelihood of Crosby v. Ovechkin series because it had only happened once before the format change in 2014 and has now happened twice in back to back years. says the Steelers fan...
  13. That's hilarious. I thought Martin Brodeur playing as a St Louis Blue alumni was bad. I always hated how they chose to align the F logo on those hats. The whole logo looks like it's pushed way to the left and it's because they centered it by finding the middle point of the logo, but the visual weight of the logo all lies with the F. They should've centered the F and let the fish hang off to the right.
  14. The handshake isn't phony or stupid. The hockey fans who jerk off to how classy it makes the sport are what's annoying. Here's the second round: 1 vs 2, 6 vs 8, 9 vs 12 and 10 vs 16. That's really dumb. Penguins in 6.
  15. My former roommate who is a lovable guy, but the most often wrong person I know claimed last night that Cincinnati once got very close to hosting the 2012 Olympics. I looked it up and it turns out they submitted a bid, but never made it past the early stages. His definition of "very close" is different from mine. Posting here in this thread because online searches turned up some nifty artwork. Nippert Stadium, home of UC football and FC Cincinnati futbol would've had a temporary dome on it for gymnastics. this would've interesting. Right now that area is industrial and ugly. this actually wouldn't have required much in the way of a stadium. Those bleachers already exist. It's just funny to me that they'd allow people to swim in the Ohio River, much less world class athletes.
  16. This is either the third or fourth playoff series win for the perds. The Blue Jackets have never been to the second round, but the ThrasherJets have never won a playoff game. 0-8 in two appearances.
  17. The blues checked out at the trade deadline, dropped Shattenkork, and are gonna be in the second round. The regular season doesn't matter.
  18. This is what was so fun about the Blue Jackets season. We've never had a season like this so it was all new and unexpected. Fans of recent cup winners or a snakebitten group like the Capitals fanbase all season were like "jeez guys settle down" or "they'll lose in the second round", but when you haven't been jaded and/or spoiled and/or burnt before it was just really fun. You think we'll lose in the second round?! I would've been thrilled to lose in the second round. My sister lives in Pittsburgh. She told me her coworker who has season tickets sold his tickets to Game 5 because "the next round will be more exciting". Please let me never take a playoff game for granted like that guy. If the world was fair that guy's teams would never win.
  19. Yeah it was surprisingly exciting. I may have yelled a little too loud and threw my arms up like I was in the the actual Stanley cup playoffs so I felt a little dorky about that. Wish I could say it was some highlight reel play, but it came on a power play. I was in the slot closer to the right post, my teammate curled out of the far corner and tried to hit me with a pass, their guy tipped it which popped it up and rolled down the goalie's back for what felt like a minute and then I whacked it in before they could pounce on it. Johnny on the spot as they say. It felt like it was sitting there in the blue paint for forever.
  20. I have Cincinnati Bell fioptics which is actually the best tv provider I've ever had except for this one thing. I don't know why their fso alternate channel can't also be in HD.
  21. The worst part is Bobrovsky was absolutely dreadful in all 5 games. He's gonna win the Vezina and it will be awkward. If he'd shown up this series might be over going the other way right now. The Penguins are the better team, but they're not this much better. Just couldn't really ever get a bounce or a call to go their way, lost their arguably best player in Game 3. Very little went right. Shouldn't have been a first round matchup. At least they didn't get swept. The winning streak was fun. Cool to experience a regular season other fanbases get to have on a semi yearly basis. Hope it isn't three more years until we're in the playoffs again. I hope we don't have to play Pittsburgh again. It's not fun. Go Caps.
  22. Microcosm of the series, right? Bad call leads to a Penguins goal and then a subsequent Blue Jackets meltdown. So frustrating. Wish we'd have gotten a fairer shake.
  23. For some reason the NHL network plays a countdown show instead of the game in my area. CNBC didn't black me out and USA network didn't black me out, but NHL network has twice now. That rule makes no sense. To make matters worse Fox sports Ohio has the reds game on their main feed so I'm relegated to the alternate fso channel which is standard definition like it's 19dickettysix.
  24. Another underrated thing in baseball that this clip fits: the home team going ahead in the bottom of the 8th. The road team is usually too shellshocked to do anything in the top of the ninth. They go from expecting to pad a lead to having to change their approach at the plate and there's not much time to adjust.