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  1. Not that Russell Athletic was good, but I'm really nervous for what Adidas is gonna do to us. RA came out with some pretty garbage alternates and BFBS uniforms, but at least kept it simple and attractive with the home and road uniforms. With Adidas I'm picturing shiny plastic numbers, a color that has no business being on our uniforms, tshirt looking jerseys that don't fit over pads, pants that don't use belts, etc etc.
  2. MOVING IS THE WORST. My future wife and I are moving into a house that will be the nicest place we've ever lived. All the amenities one can have, including no more coin operated and/or shared laundry with neighbors. If I want to wash one pair of underwear I'm a man and I can do that now. YAY. But the process we have to go through to get all our :censored: there will be a nightmare. I have to move everything I own in one weekend, which is twice as much stuff since the future wife and I moved in together 18 months ago. Also our place now has been one of my favorite residences and it really became a home. We're just outgrowing it and need to move on, but feeling a bittersweetness that won't go away. It's sad seeing the place taken down and all our decorations stuffed into boxes. And I just counted and in the last 10 years I've moved 14 times including one jaunt across the country. (!) What am I, a minor league baseball player?
  3. Fewer terrible Dave Lozo articles, at least.
  4. I fail to understand and it still hasn't been adequately explained what every team wearing a bright color hat has to do with Little League baseball. Also, why's it gotta be a league wide thing when only two teams are participating? Can't wait until a perfect game happens in one of these goofy one off hats and we have to look at it forever.
  5. Maybe I'm turning into an old man, but the last 5 or 6 times I've been to any theater it's been way too loud. The last movie I went to was the Alien Covenant and it was in one of those theaters that have waiters and the previews were so loud our waiter just flat out didn't hear our order and we didn't get the food we ordered until we hit the call button an hour into the movie. I wrote a complaint email to the corporate office like a geezer.
  6. Playing with fire. We don't know what that could to do to the space time continuum and, frankly, I don't think we're infrastructurally or politically prepared to take that risk.
  7. I don't even try anymore. There's way too many looks, teams don't look like themselves anymore, most teams are just wearing templated unis that other teams are also wearing and no matter how poop emoji they look it's always shared on twitter with the fire emoji. NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE FIRE EMOJI! I also don't have any interest anymore because if a school changes a look there's no stakes. You like a new look? Too bad it's going away almost as soon as the game is over. You hate a new look? Don't worry about it because it's going away almost as soon as the game is over. In the NFL, though, there's a 5 year rule so a new uniform unveiling has way more riding on it. When the Browns unveiled their terribad uniforms the outrage was larger because we all knew we'd be stuck with them for 5 whole years. And if a team unveils a look you enjoy then you can rest assured that you'll see them for at least 5 seasons.
  8. They'll get to travel to see Raines finally get his due and then whenever Vlad goes in there will be a large Expos contingent as well. The only other former Expo that might have a case that I can think of would be Bartolo Colon, but IDK if he's really hall of fame material and his playing for Montreal was kind of a bum deal for the Expos.
  9. This isn't sports media, but it involves the Ringer so I thought I'd put it here - Tried to listen to The Ringer's Game of Thrones podcast (maybe my first mistake) to hear some recap on season 7 episode 1 and I couldn't make it 10 minutes. It's more of the same reasons I don't like their other podcasts. Two gleeful dorks overly impressed with how nutty it is that they're this gulldarn dorky about a TV show and look how silly it is that they're taking it this seriously aren't we smart smart nerds? WE HAVE A WHOLE PODCAST ABOUT GAME OF THRONES WE ARE SO KOOKY The one woman, Mallory Rubin, has this voice that carries at a frequency that tickles my eardrums in such a way that makes me want to say "please stop yelling" even when she's speaking at a normal volume.
  10. That may have been true in the past, but I'm getting the sense that it's a little more loosey-goosey now.
  11. If there's one North American league that could pull off a Primary/Clash system it's the NBA. Color on color doesn't impact the game as much as it does in say, football, where the NFL had the Red/Green color rush debacle a couple years ago. And physically hauling two sets of uniforms on a road trip isn't the same chore for a basketball team that it is for a hockey who needs to pack two bags of helmets and sweaters and socks. I'm finding myself actually okay with this. I hope a team with the heritage of say the Celtics continues to wear their whites at home and the Lakers in yellow at home, but for the rest of the league I like the idea of a team wearing their primary look 60 something times a year and then mix in an alternate the rest.
  12. Fair. Brown and yellow should be their color scheme in a just world, but I thought this one was a nice consolation. Navy and yellow is better to me than navy and white. If I'm not getting brown and yellow I'll take navy and yellow over navy and "sand" and absolutely over navy and white. I guess technically it's another color scheme, but it doesn't really feel like it. Navy blue and yellow isn't a huge leap for them because they were wearing navy blue and gold and it still felt like the same franchise. It's not like they decided to wear red and purple or something equally out of nowhere. They've been wearing navy since 1991 and yellow is one of the colors people want them to readopt so again I felt like it was halfway in the right direction. The Chargers were still in San Diego when the Padres wore those colors so I liked it for the civic solidarity reasons. I know of one specific Chargers fan who hates that color scheme, but is that really the case with all of them? I think the issue San Diegans had with the Chargers in those colors had more to do with the fact that they weren't wearing powder blue and less to do with the actual color of navy blue. I think Padres fans would've adopted it if they were given the chance to. Easy fix and it might have happened if they'd been around in a year they didn't have the ASG patch. Yeah I agree with all of this. It's currently the issue I have with the Nationals home unis, but at the same time, the Padres have their own history of using the chest logo and maybe if they'd grown into those unis and color scheme longer than one year they could've thrown a wordmark on the front of them. What I'm saying is that uniform had promise and a direction and were making an attempt, all at the very least and they dropped it for the most thoughtless, lifeless unis in the bigs. Their current uniforms would be too boring for the generic baseball team in an Imodium ad.
  13. Yes it does get lost in the white a little bit, but it's visible enough to make a statement. The way yellow works with white and the color it's bordering is part of the design choice to use yellow in that way, but it's in no way a bad decision to do so. Take the Chiefs vs. the 49ers - the Chiefs numbers have a yellow outline. They want the yellow to play off the red. Red numbers on white with no outline would be more legible, but you would lose some of the character in the uniform and it's one fewer place to display one of the two team colors. The 49ers use plain red numbers on a white background, which is also fine, but they're going for a different statement with their uniform. I don't think one is more right than the other.
  14. Count me all in. I'm proud to say I saw 'The Room' freshman year of college before it blew up into this phenomenon.
  15. Where did we decide yellow can't touch white? Two of my favorite baseball uniforms have yellow touching white. Yeah that Padres uniform was not my ideal Padres uniform either, but it was better than nothing, was moderately attractive, was distinctive from the rest of the league, and actually took a step in the direction of having an identity. What they wear now is completely absent of a recognizable feature and I don't get it.
  16. I listened to that podcast and it got pretty real. That part about ESPN being slow in the digital space actually felt correct to me. They STILL have problems with video on their website and no real podcasts that I've found worth subscribing to. And they were slow to recognize cord cutting. Everyone was, but that doesn't mean it's not a valid criticism of their management as well.
  17. Apologies if this is already a thread, but watching the Olympics, especially during the Parade of Nations I like to take note of the different flags. Speaking from a strictly design perspective here are my favorite non-USA flags: Bahrain Jamaica Bahamas Cameroon Sweden What are some of your favorites?
  18. I'd rather them wear brown instead of navy blue* also, BUT at least they took a stance and made a move towards something. What they have now is a whole lot of nothingness, It's one of the few cases in sports that I can remember where a team just decided to completely forego trying to have a recognizable identity. *though navy and yellow is a good color combo and nobody else was using it.
  19. What the heck was wrong with these?
  20. I don't think it looks great, but it's better than the throwback orange jersey for sure. If they must wear an orange sweater this isn't a bad way to do it. If I had my druthers, though, they would've just made some small fixes to the 80's unis and called it done. I just wish they would have made the stripes blue-orange-white-orange-blue so that when it's reversed on the whites it's a direct inverse. Also sad to see the uniquely Oilers pants stripe go by the wayside for straight stripes.
  21. Literally the number one reason why I watched as a kid and still watch this game as an adult. It's why I hate the ASG hats as much as I do A guy on twitter tweeted out that he thinks it's stupid that MLB wears their regular jerseys for the actual game and that they should all wear the same uniform. I don't think I've ever seen someone be so publicly wrong on an issue.
  22. I'm looking at the alternatives. I'm looking at all the alternatives. It may be the right option, but it's in a decision they forced themselves to make because of previous bad choices when building out the whole uniform. That is poor design. Those aren't the only alternatives. They could start by not wearing this at all. They could wear the nice uniform they wore last year and inexplicably dumped after one season. They could use placket piping with a chest logo, like they've done in recent years. They could incorporate more color or use an outline so it stand off from the piping. They could use the wavy wordmark they were using so the spacing is different. etc etc. There's thousands of better options than the one they chose and they only had to make that choice because they made a bunch of bad ones before because of poor design decisions.
  23. That shade of blue with black and some touches of orange is exactly what the Marlins should be wearing.
  24. Hi, welcome to the message board where we discuss sports uniforms to the smallest details. This uniform's been around for a half season and I've watched maybe 1 inning of one Padres home game this season so all things told I picked up on it relatively quickly. But aside from that the time it takes to discover something has nothing to do with whether it is good or poor design. Now that I've noticed it I will never not see that glaring hole. Gothamite pointed out recently that the bottom of the M in the Mets wordmark doesn't match the angle of the rest of the wordmark. I'd never noticed that before in years of watching that uniform, but I would most certainly call that poor design.
  25. The Oilers answering the question "What would it look like if the Chicago Bears were a hockey team?" that nobody asked.