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    2018-19 NHL Season

  2. Everywhere sucks! You don't suck harder than we do!!!!
  3. I disagree. They're still wildly over-stuffed. Their last 22 months have been better than my entire life. They've won a Super Bowl, lost another, and now they're in a world series they have a good shot at winning. Not to mention the Celtics and Bruins being solid. The law of averages would state that another 4 team place like Minnesota or Phoenix would be more due.
  4. you spent the last 6 months saying you couldn't wait until they choked in the playoffs. Find another hobby.
  5. and you know joyless!
  6. Maybe it's because the city in which I live hasn't had a reason to care about October baseball in five calendar years or because I have that brain disorder that doesn't allow me to remember where FS1 is on my cable, but I just can't find any juice or other people who care about these playoffs. It all gives me weird flashbacks to being the one dumb loser in my town who had to leave high school parties so I could get home and watch the Oilers and Hurricanes on VS. Maybe baseball really is in trouble.
  7. If this Red Sox group played in, like, Minnesota they'd be 80 to 85% more likable. My only issue with them is that they're going to deliver another parade to the most spoiled people in sports.
  8. McCarthy

    Worst owners in Sports

    This is the first I've learned of First Division, Second Division. The players got more money for finishing higher in the standings so even back then before there were playoffs there was still some incentive to play out the whole season. Interesting.
  9. McCarthy

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    I've not been more certain of a team beating another team this entire season and that's not even hyperbole. I bet on the Steelers to cover on Sunday (I started placing bets on the Steelers after the 2015 playoff loss figuring I might as well get something out of their assholishness) and that paid for a nice night out with my wife on Saturday night. Broncos Chargers Patriots Vikings Buccaneers Colts Jaguars Eagles Lions Ravens Redskins Rams Chiefs Falcons
  10. McCarthy

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    I can't believe you left out the Bucks. The Bucks purple and green (plus gray) was a rare color combination that I'm pretty sure was only ever used by them and Wimbledon.
  11. McCarthy

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    I have a Blue Jackets scarf that I love to sport, but I only wear it when it's cold because it's a scarf and who wants a hot wool thing on your neck when it's still in the 80's on opening night of the season?
  12. McCarthy

    Forgotten Rivalries

    I looked this up recently for other reasons, but thought I'd share because I feel like getting one over on Pittsburgh right now: the Pirates are the most common playoff opponent for the Reds. They played each other in the NLCS in 1970, 1972, 1975, 1979, and 1990. The Reds won 4 of those 5 series. The Pirates won the 2013 Wildcard game when the rivalry was briefly restored. The rivalry will never come back because the Reds will never be good at baseball ever again!
  13. McCarthy

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    Maroon/Burgundy/Dark Red whatever you want to call it is a strong, attractive, wearable color that isn't heavily used at the pro level, but should be. It might be my favorite color. In the highest leagues in north America it's only used by the following teams: NBA: Cavs MLS: Rapids NHL: Avalanche, maybe the Coyotes depending on who you ask, but I wouldn't count them. NFL: Redskins MLB: nobody, which is why the Phillies should go back to it. The Dbacks were close with their 2007 unis, but stopped a few shades light.
  14. McCarthy

    2018/19 College Hockey

    Weird seeing Ohio State #1 at any point in a college hockey ranking. Will enjoy it as long as it lasts. I hope it translates to some better attendance numbers in their massive arena and maybe gets some more mobilization on a hockey specific arena for the men's and women's teams.
  15. McCarthy

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    But I think the thing I'll never get is Garber constructed this scheme to get investors to buy into the league for a hefty expansion free, plus application fees for expansion and then let a random guy circumvent all of that. Precourt bought the Crew for basically half of that price always with the intention to move the club to Austin. What's never made sense is throughout most of the past year Garber encouraged this guy's loopholing of his expansion racket. If Garber wanted Austin he could've gotten an expansion fee from someone with deeper pockets than Anthony Precourt, someone who's less of a dumb prick than Anthony Precourt, without incurring the terrible PR that came with trying to move the Crew, without laying the blueprint for the next rich dick to circumvent MLS' expansion process. It all worked out for Columbus in the end so all's well that ends well and Austin got stuck with the fat faced trust fund vulture, but good gravy it was handled terribly.
  16. McCarthy

    2018 NFL Season

    It's my hope that in 15 years when the Bengals hire a new head coach he annihilates the mental bugaboo complex this team has towards the Steelers. Also, maybe one day a game against the Steelers will be called fairly. Maybe.
  17. McCarthy

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I've said since the Crew relocation news dropped that if they can just find a way to extend the Crew to be in Columbus until 2019 then people will see the potential in this part of the map. The Hell Is Real Derby will something for all soccer fans to see. I also kind of feel like now that the Crew have gone through this scare that the market will be more solidified and interested in coming out to show support. Don't know what you got until it's (almost) gone and all that. This was the first time Columbus has ever had to fight for their MLS status so the locals might be more resolved to turn out to show support.
  18. McCarthy

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I think I speak for my friends in Columbus when I say that Satan himself would be a step up from one Jay Anthony Precourt Jr. Haslam is a criminal and a bad sports owner, but at least he's going to keep the team from moving. Let's deal with one rich :censored: at a time. The thing Austin has that might work over Houston and Dallas is the same reason Las Vegas worked in the NHL last season where this is the first game in town. Natives might flock to it just because it's something to do besides Longhorn football. They still have to combat the problems of It Is Hot AF in Texas When the MLS Season Plays, which is a problem for Houston and Dallas, as well as the Stadium Not Being In the Urban Core (which was Precourt's "issue" with Mapre) and the Anthony Precourt Royally Sucks problem, but I think they'll be better than the other two Texas MLS markets. What's super lame is Austin got a team without having to go through the expansion rigmarole, which is why Garber's actions in this whole debacle will never make sense to me.
  19. McCarthy

    Forgotten Rivalries

    This is an interesting one because hating the Dodgers is a generational thing. My dad still hates the Dodgers and I’ve never cared one way or the other. The last time it mattered was the 95 NLDS.
  20. McCarthy

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Eagles Colts Dolphins Vikings Falcons Texans Chargers Seahawks Panthers Steelers Rams Jaguars Ravens Patriots Packers
  21. McCarthy

    Fun With Flags!!!!

    Apologies if this is already a thread, but watching the Olympics, especially during the Parade of Nations I like to take note of the different flags. Speaking from a strictly design perspective here are my favorite non-USA flags: Bahrain Jamaica Bahamas Cameroon Sweden What are some of your favorites?
  22. It's an indeterminate amount of time in the future. For whatever reason indoor team volleyball has exploded in popularity and a league has formed to capitalize on the sport's growth. Philadelphia Founders New Orleans Night Owls, Version 2 Sacramento Smash Voleibol Miami Denver Miners Cincinnati Royals Tigres de Mexico, Version 2 Houston Mission Seattle Spikers Brooklyn Knights Quasar Los Angeles These are their identities.
  23. McCarthy

    NFL 2018 changes

    I designed dozens of signs for lobbies and offices and waiting rooms similar to this when I worked for a signage company so I have a weird bit of expertise here. It's not any easier or harder. These things are cut by a computer and a machine and the installers use a pattern when they put it on the wall. It's the same amount of work either way. If you're worried about the "floating star and empty face", which is what their logo is, then another way to handle that would've been to use multiple layers, with the base layer (the hat and face outline) being a darker color metal and then place the face, star, and flag trails on top of it using a lighter color finish, rather than incorrectly ghosting the logo. The other option is you take a piece of metal that's cutout in the shape of the whole logo, with the outline, and then you place another sheet of a darker color with the face, star, and flag trails removed and place that on top which allows the brighter color to show through. Basically the way they did it was the worst option. I've only ever seen the Patriots logo used that way, which leads me to believe that's how they wrote their guideline. Merchandise dating back to the debut of the logo pretty much exclusively uses the official logo with the outline where the face and star is a lighter color than the background except for fashion caps and the like where the rules were broken for a specific design choice, which wasn't the case with the locker room fixture.
  24. McCarthy

    NFL 2018 changes

    Consistency would be nice because in this case there literally is a right way and a wrong way. Now, I haven't seen the Patriots Brand Guidelines, but I'd be willing to wager that wall-mount violates their own usage rules. The watermark in the corner on the video is how it's supposed to be seen and that's because it shows the face as a face with its contours and shadows and not a photo negative of a face.
  25. McCarthy

    Mascot Redesigns The original Brutus Buckeye was a fiberglass turd.