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  1. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    Saints Updates Just fixing the colors. Titans A complete overhaul of their uniforms. Lions Just some housekeeping. Texans Some inspiration from the Oilers.
  2. I'm doing a sweep through of the NFL and making adjustments where I see fit to the existing uniforms. Some teams may get substantial redesigns, and some teams may receive minor tweaks. I do not see a need to limit the jersey combinations, so many teams will have alternates and throwbacks, or potentially even multiple throwbacks. I will however, maintain the single helmet shell rule. So without further adeu, I'm starting off with the Giants.
  3. NBA x NIKE (MAGIC AND SPURS added 11/19)

    Second one is dope
  4. NBA Football

    exactly like that
  5. NBA Football

    I'd suggest using the celtics and boston wordmarks over the numbers
  6. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    Up next is the Saints and the Colts For the Saints, a mix of old and new. For the Colts, just some housekeeping and a throwback
  7. NBA Football

    I would suggest uploading images through imgur, I've never had an issue with them.
  8. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    Broncos on page 2
  9. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    Up next are the Atlanta Falcons and The 49ers For the Falcons, just some modernization without going overboard For the 49ers just some housekeeping
  10. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    The nest two full teams are the Steelers and the Seahawks. For the Steelers, just house cleaning and a yellow version of the color rush set For the Seahawks I really stayed true to the striping of the seahawk logo and I added more green accents
  11. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    Update for the Jets alts before the next two teams Just a quick cleaning up of their color rush set
  12. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    Next up: Bengals and Jets. Bengals are pretty straight forward, also a 4th set inspired by their color rush uniforms Jets just some house cleaning and a black alternate uniform (I don't really know how I feel about this alternate)
  13. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    Up next are the Jags and the Browns. For the Jags, I played around a little bit and I'd like to know what you think. And for the Browns, I just fixed a couple things here and there like the stripes on both the jersey and pants, as well as transferred their orange and brown stitching to Nike's new template.
  14. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    New teams: Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos. For Kansas City, just returning the stripes to where they should be, and playing around with an alternate which is totally up for edits. For Denver it was just a mix of old and new based off their color rush uniforms.
  15. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    First up are some updates: Added helmet stripes to Patriots, and for the Redskins, I made the logo bigger, made pant strips all two stripes, and matched the red socks to the helmet stripes, as well as a yellow alternate.
  16. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    I'm gonna go work on some updates, but I'm asking for some ideas for an alternate for the Chiefs. I don't really want to do a Dallas Texans throwback, so I'm open to anything and I'll play around with some things tomorrow
  17. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    I'm going to start doing two teams per post, because many of these teams just need some house cleaning, so each post will have one alterations concept and one redesign. Next is the Washington Redskins and the New England Patriots. For the Redskins, they pretty much have the perfect look, I just re-added the burgundy collar and the yellow pants away, as well as a throwback. For the Patriots, I know they've won a lot in what they wear, but it looks terrible. I decided to merge some old and new and this is what I came up with.
  18. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    Up next is the Panthers. I'm not totally sold on these, but I'm pretty happy with them as a first draft.
  19. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    I would say to this that baseball is the perfect example of uniforms being perfect without matching. Many teams have mismatching uniforms and look timeless. Also, my "almost perfect as is" comment was in reference to the Giants' current home uniform, not the away.
  20. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    I have good memories with that road set, but it looks terrible. Blue helmet with red numbers? Also gray shouldn't be anywhere near a Giants uniform IMO
  21. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 11/20)

    I decided to make a minor adjustment to the current home set because it's almost perfect as is, but I wanted to play around with the away set.
  22. Grateful Dead Hockey Jersey

    Needs more tie-dye
  23. Lights Out's NBA 2017: What-If? Dallas Express (p. 4)

    Maybe do a green and white thing with the text on the black, but otherwise, this is the best Celtics concept I've seen on these boards
  24. FBS Concept Uniforms

    Dude I appreciate the effort, but these aren't good
  25. Staring off with Barcelona, I decided to play around with them, nothing crazy, but I think it's different enough to call a concept. Please leave any suggestions for teams as I want to make as many concepts as possible