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  1. I agree with you 100%.. As far as dealing with your professor, firstly, Nike has changed their primary at least three times (the first three iterations included a wordmark with the swoosh, while the fourth is just the swoosh).. Secondly, you could argue that the swoosh with NIKE wordmark is the current secondary (with the wordmark alone standing as either tertiary or as a current nba wordmark would) A strong secondary can expand and enhance a brand.. It can help a brand's visual identity become more well-known rounded and "robust", as well as assist in reinforcing specific imagery and evoking a certain "feel" for fans and consumers who view various aspects of the brand's visual identity. On a much simpler level, it can offer the secondary of the two main team identifiers (either a letter/monogram of the team's location or a logo referencing the team's nickname/mascot).. For Ramona: If a team primarily uses a letter as their primary logo, the secondary could be a logo of the animal mascot, etc, like Alabama with the script A, then the elephant (or vice-versa).. Ok State has the oSu logo, pistol Pete, a star badge, and a paisley bandana pattern (among others), which all enhance their brand.. Obviously, you don't want to fragment your brand with vastly different, unrelated marks, but multiple marks that tie the brand together can be a very good thing for several reasons
  2. I was always under the impression that "Twins" was simply a shortened nickname for "Twin Cities" (as in, I thought they were supposed to officially be the Minnesota Twin Cities), which would at least help make it more acceptable.. Although, I'm pretty much always opposed to the initial of the nickname being used as a standalone identifier.. The Dodgers "D" cap is horrible imo.. I don't like the Orioles' "O's" cap either (for slightly different reasons), and the only semi-exception is the A's cap, mostly because it features the full "nickname" of the.. Um.. Nickname.. Although, I'd love to see an "O" cap introduced as an alt just for shiggles.. I prefer the Twins "M" cap, simply because it's most appropriate for their location, but I could let the TC cap slide since, despite the redundancy, it does reference location..
  3. I'm probably one of the few people here who actually likes the Brewers' current identity, and I LOVE both the "Wheat-M" from the cap and the script "B" from the jerseys, but I'll admit that the "rewers" following the "B" is pretty bad.. It's not quite tall enough vertically for the amount of horizontal stretch it has, and always looks more skewed on the front half ("re" side) than the back half ("wers).. A slight number font and NOB font update/upgrade would do wonders for this set, as would a minor tweak to the lowercase part of the chest script.. But otherwise, I actually really like this identity as a whole. __________________________________ Btw, I totally agree about all of the other points mentioned, especially the Marlins and Padres.
  4. personally, i think the script is beautiful and brilliant.. if you trace it with your eye, it's actually very accurate to how it would be written out in cursive (as far as transitions are concerned).. as noted above, it's possibly the most underappreciated aspect of this concept, but it's been my favorite part since i first saw it.. great work
  5. Bump for c&c
  6. very solid concept.. i like how it ties the eras together.. i have a similar-ish concept i just posted regarding their helmets.. great work!
  7. i've had this idea for quite a while now (even while the rams were still in st. louis), but it hasn't made a whole lot of sense until recently. I've seen some similar concepts, but none executed quite the same, and i think it ties several designs/eras/etc. together (white horns, knobby horns, basic current horns) using the older horns as an inlay into the current horns, creating an outline (as several people have done in concepts), but with the outline highlighting a unique detail, rather than just being a stroke around the same smooth horns. with the current push to de-emphasize the gold, an attempt to keep a tiny bit in the helmet and pants would go a long way in creating a more cohesive look. (forgive the blue facemask)
  8. I know it's been several years, but let's not forget the Rams dropped the side panels and changed number fonts after only a year or two in the current set.. And again, the toilet bowl collars are a great example.. The production issues with a sleeve patch are different than an embroidered chest wordmark, so I could see it being replaced easily.. I'm not saying it'll definitely be done but I think it could be done.. I also wouldn't be at all surprised if it was just overlooked completely, given the fact that we are talking about the Rams here..
  9. The idea is to keep the jersey virtually the same.. Teams dropping the toilet bowl collars being a prime example.. Updating the sleeve logo is something that would go virtually unnoticed, and anyone who did notice would find it to be a logical update..
  10. They'd be better if the numbers and outline colors were flipped
  11. I don't think that's the same.. A slight recoloring of a reasonably small sleeve logo that remains on the exact same color sleeve, in the exact same location, and the exact same size, while changing nothing else about the jersey is very different from changing s jersey's design by removing colors entirely
  12. I'd imagine so.. It's a non-major tweak, and it's the same logo just recolored.. But then again, the NFL might view it as the straw that broke the ram's back
  13. Where do you order them from?
  14. They'll go royal and yellow in 2019
  15. As i suspected in my post earlier, they're doing precisely what you're saying.. they don't want to push back the 2019 rebrand, so they're keeping the jerseys the same.. i think they may be doing 2 things here.. 1. introduce an interim "brand" to potentially build a 4th source of revenue (Throwback LA, St. Louis, Interim LA, 2019 LA).. it won't add jerseys to the offerings, since it's the St. Louis version, but mini-helmets, navy/white apparel, new logo hats/apparel, etc. will be "new" and possibly drive some sales in the meantime, then a potential full rebrand to Throwback LA look/colors, but likely different enough to warrant purchase of both Throwback LA gear and 2019 LA gear.. 2. i think they could possibly be trolling the NFL a bit here by exploiting the flaws in the "5 year rule" for a number of reasons.