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  1. Yeah, that appears to be a pretty standard triple stripe..
  2. Automotive paint works well.. I paint my own, and typically use spray paint from Wal-Mart, but the prep work is key.. You have to be careful and patient, and pay attention to detail throughout every step of the process..
  3. My biggest issue with this version (not Ren69's cleanup, but the 70's/early 80's version), is that it's the most out of balance.. I never really liked the 60's/early 70's version with the dolphin's head centered in the sun, but it's growing on me, and since it's not directly over the sun, no balance issues.. In the 80's, the dolphin got a bit leaner, but balanced in front of the sun better, while the 90's dolphin seems to have nailed it in terms of being balanced in front of the sun.. The current has no balance issues in this regard either, but the first version with the dolphin centered over the sun, left too much white to the bottom right of the dolphin and too little white to the upper left.. Retro-ing the 90's logo with some 70's styling could be the solution.. Although I'm ok with the current, as stated previously
  4. I don't mind the new dolphin, but I don't mind any of the previous iterations either.. But I do like the dark aqua currently used as a tertiary/trim color.. Unfortunately, it almost supersedes orange in the current set, but adding more orange would fix that problem as well as, well, the general lack of orange..
  5. Squint to the point of just closing your eyes.. It certainly helps
  6. Ah, I'm caught up now. I hate the new Marlins identity.. They're teal.. End of story.. Anything blue and orange is just a bad foray into misplaced art deco nonsense as far as I'm concerned.. The previous set had gotten away from its roots, but only needed tweaking. The newer identity is a 2000's Mets wanna-be with bad fonts and logos
  7. Adhesive helmet vinyl is generally clear, but that's not how the major companies make most of their decals nowadays.. They start with a .20 mil vinyl (like a thick shower curtain), then print the logos in reverse on one side of the vinyl, then cover using a 3M adhesive, so the image is sandwiched between the vinyl and the adhesive .. At least that's how it's typically done with normal, clear decals.. I'm not sure about the white backing, unless that's just used as a base layer behind the colors to keep the colors consistent, or if it's white adhesive.. Or possibly the design printed on top of white adhesive vinyl, then laminated with a protective clear coat.. Only reason I can think of for why they'd go that route is possibly being able to match colors better with the printing method used for printing onto the white adhesive vinyl than the one used for screening the ink on the back of the clear vinyl..
  8. I'm lost
  9. Who is black/royal/silver?
  10. Agreed.. I was going to say the same thing.. Swap the purples on the uniforms (except maybe leave the collars dark purple on both)
  11. Byron Maxwell (dolphins DB) wears the QB style sleeves as well
  12. I agree.. White helmets look so pee-wee league to me.. Like where every team has the white helmets they bought at Dick's with various team logos slapped on.. It's certainly iconic to some teams, but generally not the best choice, especially for a new team or new uniform design.. An all-white uniform looks great with a colored helmet (Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma), which is why I hate the trend of additional helmets for every alt.. I don't mind a team have a 2nd helmet for a few games per year, but you don't need a white helmet for your white jersey, a black helmet for your BFBS jersey, a secondary color helmet for your alt jersey, etc.. A strong alt should fit with your current helmet and primary pants, unless it's a one-off gimmicky uniform (like MSU's bronze uniform).. But MSU should definitely stick with the green kids, with Penn State, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Maryland, etc using white helmets primarily, and many more carrying them as alts
  13. This is what I've used
  14. I've pulled screen printing off of several garments with acetone
  15. The second one is closest to being accurate.. The top and bottom appear accurate with the helmet sitting on a table, but would be rotated too far forward when on a player's head.. Logos should be tilted backward to some extent any time you see a helmet sitting on a flat surface (for any team).. The degree depends on helmet model and facemask style, but all helmets "look upward" when sitting on a table, and rotate downward to "look forward" when on a player..