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  1. I showed the first photo of the full body pin to my wife, with zero back story, and said "what is this".. Her response- "it looks like a ram"
  2. Flipping the citadel and CofC would make it a bit more accurate.. And Charleston Southern is northwest of Charleston between Ladson and North Charleston
  3. This gave me an idea.. It'd be neat if "we" owned a merchandising/apparel company that owned rights to produce gear/fan apparel for concept teams and concept uniforms on this site.. Not sure how all the logistics would work out, but it'd be awesome to own some of the jerseys and whatnot created on here
  4. Interesting that the new button is pretty much perfectly spaced between the first and third buttons.. Making the second button pointless.. Like how a jersey with no chest script should be.. They should just go that route to avoid the triple-button clutter at the top
  5. The Ducks won the Junior Goodwill Games in the throwback scheme..
  6. That's EXACTLY what I had in mind with the little plan I suggested earlier.. 3 interleague weeks = 6 interleague series.. Home&Away vs 1 primary interleague rival (2 series) + 4 other random series that rotate and change teams year to year.. So each year you'd have the Subway Series twice.. One @ Yankees, one @ Mets.. Same with the Beltway Series, etc.. But then 4 other series against 4 other teams (2 home, 2 road), randomly selected each year to showcase various teams around the league etc..
  7. Bump for some more opinions, preferences, and any other feedback..
  8. Really like it, but the one tiny element that could take these up a notch is adding the third color to the thin middle stripe.. The color balance on the white set is beautiful, and with the double-stripe pattern having only the thin stripe separating them, adding a touch of white to the other two would go a long way imo without actually changing the design.. I certainly understand the reason for not including it, but it could be done and I think it'd look pretty sharp
  9. I'm sort of in the middle on this one.. I like interleague play, but only to a certain extent.. And not just randomly mixed into the schedule.. My ideal solution would involve excitement buzzing two or three times per year over "interleague week", where teams might get 2 interleague series in during each of those weeks.. Maybe the first "Interleague Week" after the first quarter of the season, the second around the midway point, and the third coming about three-quarters of the way through.. This would space them out as evenly as possible, keep the vast majority of the season focused on league and divisional games, and minimize the effect it has on cheapening the playoffs, while also acting somewhat as "mini holidays" and things that fans can actually look forward to and get excited about certain matchups, instead of everything just being randomly thrown in there.. I feel like this would be a decent middle-ground and still accomplish some of the positive things achieved by adding interleague play, but minimizing the negatives..
  10. The access for air in the padding by the temples in a Revo and Speed is in the back of the helmet.. The top access is much closer and could easily provide an air access for the front pad.. But I agree that the hardware is probably the excuse for keeping technology away from the front
  11. And I'm no rocket surgeon, but I find it odd that the only non-inflatable pad in a football helmet is the FRONT pad.. So, the pad that gets the most action and protects players in the bulk of the severe collisions is the pad with the least amount of technology.. It's literally just a block of foam in every helmet model I've ever handled... Seems to me that THAT would be a decent place to start improving helmets..
  12. You do realize the occurrence of catastrophic injuries and deaths from collisions has steadily decreased from the game's inception, right?
  13. an additional option we're considering.. basically just the opposite look by swapping white for gray (wolf and center stripe are actually silver chrome) this helmet is "White Metallic with Red Metallic Flake", and actually looks great in the sunlight, but it photographs poorly in the sunlight, so i took the photo indoors to give a more accurate depiction of how it looks. i still think i'm leaning towards the gray helmet, but i figured i'd throw this one up here as well and get everyone's opinions and let you guys compare/contrast the two.
  14. Just looking for a bit of feedback on a potential helmet design for next season.. Thoughts? Info: School- Newberry College Nickname- Wolves Colors- Scarlet & Gray Affiliation- NCAA Division-II Conference- South Atlantic Uniforms: (Adidas) Jerseys-Scarlet(Power Red)/White/GrayAlt(Onix) Pants-Same Options As Jerseys My thoughts: I really like this look. I think the decal might be about 1/2" oversized and the white outline on the decal might be slightly too thin. The gray in the image is slightly off, but pretty close (the actual gray is used by Eastern Michigan for their gray helmets that match the Adidas "Onix"color, and it's officially called "Missouri Flat Gray" by Riddell. I think it will look sharp with our uniforms, while being sort of a "faux-back" with its classic design and traditional style. The chrome red in the decals helps it remain "modern" enough for the players, without being over the top.. I'm interested to see what you guys have to say.. I know it's a Speed facemask on a Revo helmet, but the rest of our masks are at reconditioning, and this is the only white one we have. But it gets the job done