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  1. @TitusNation I love that Trump supporters are loving this tweet. Comprehension is not their strong suit.

  2. Stormy Daniels starts crowdfunding campaign to pay for lawsuit against Trump I mean if @DrJillStein can crowdfund… https://t.co/B1cLFdNkR1

  3. RT @AmputatedDad: @jpattorney1 @HoarseWisperer She was probably underwhelmed too.

  4. @TitusNation This is how gaslighting works

  5. RT @brookswheelan: Woulda been a rad joke If they thew a photo of Harvey up at the end of the in memoriam

  6. @RockShrimp Watch that snowflake weep. Wow.

  7. RT @brianklaas: Trump claims he would have been a hero, running unarmed into the school shooting. But in 2008, he bragged about watching an…

  8. RT @cameronesposito: so the NRA’s 5 million members are important voters to appease & the 5 mill ppl Planned Parenthood treats yearly are…

  9. @JasonKander It’s the generation obsessed with YouTube views. What exactly do you expect? It’s the follow through… https://t.co/3aoCvcDXyd

  10. RT @RexHuppke: Regarding Trump’s “Russia started that in 2014 long before I ran for president” blah-blah, here’s the trademark registration…

  11. RT @TheViewFromLL2: I'm still hoping someone has asked the Trump campaign if they can verify the series of unusually large disbursements th…

  12. @beINSPORTSUSA @JoelBiden @hopesolo @kev_egan @ussoccer Who’d she punch this time?

  13. RT @gamespot: @TerryCrews in #Deadpool2!!! https://t.co/Go1B26ViW4

  14. RT @maddow: Congressman Devin Nunes to Bret Baier on Friday night: “I don't believe that somebody like Mr. Page should be a target of the…

  15. @byIanThomas @LAFC @YouTubeTV Umm blackout terms?