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  1. RT @KyloR3n: i’ve gotten much better at negging

  2. Who first thought: “Ya know what... this coffee needs more butter!” #DeepTwitter

  3. RT @BrianLynch: #TheLastJedi is everything you LOVE about STAR WARS

  4. RT @Eclipse_74: Define “successful”. https://t.co/cbDa3sSShA

  5. @monicaraymund I’d guess socialized miseducation of women, and patriarchy inductive norms that have been drilled in… https://t.co/wUPdBDJdar

  6. @3DennisCarlins Oh, shoes. That actually might help. That’s why the doorman keeps telling me to :censored: off!

  7. @danharmon And it will make opening the phone much easier and much less secure. Also the police can point your phon… https://t.co/YFzV7hM0qg

  8. RT @billyeichner: Dear God let me not get to 70 and be this petty and sad https://t.co/1UK6IQ0jSq

  9. RT @shadur: @BadBanana21 @XaleManix @JanArrah @Tom_Nikl @creepypuppet To put it in ways an American would understand: Net Neutrality is the…

  10. RT @perlmutations: No one could’ve seen this coming. Except everyone not working for oil companies or receiving their kickbacks. https://t.…

  11. RT @AndyRichter: My retirement plans are to follow people who don’t pick up their dog’s :censored: back to their homes and then taking a dump on…

  12. RT @TheGeorgeCarlin: Bull :censored: is rampant. Parents are full of :censored:, teachers are full of :censored:, clergymen are full of :censored:, law enforcement…

  13. RT @shannoncoulter: Here's the email address & phone number of the Alabama state rep who just suggested that legal action should be taken a…

  14. Thanks @usairforce for making sure that a domestic abuser couldn’t get a gun. I feel SO safe knowing you’re doing your job. #TexasShooting

  15. RT @SallyQYates: DOJ not a tool for POTUS to use to go after his enemies and protect his friends. Respect rule of law and DOJ professionals…