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  1. For the white jerseys, try making the yellow outline thicker. It will really help with the numbers.
  2. I couldn't really figure out the "A" problem, but I think people will know it's an "R." I put the "@" symbol at the end to give it prominence. I angled the letters up to show growth as there are 5 stages of growth for a company. The arrow in the negative represents our companies being in the 1st stage of growth. I apologize for the blurry image, I took a screenshot from PowerPoint.
  3. This was one of my original sketches for the R. Do you think this could eliminate the "looks like an A" problem?
  4. Great feedback. Our company provides venture consulting to local startups and trains students in venture capital through workshops and on the job training with our portfolio companies. The vertically off center S and E was intentional to show "rise" I agree with the @ symbol thinkness.
  5. Hello Board Members, My buddy and I founded a start-up a month ago called "Rise@" I created this logo on MS Paint, but I need a website where I can clean up the lines and make them sharper. Any suggestions for resources or C&C on the logo is much appreciated.
  6. On the Color Rush uniform, it looks like the numbers and uniforms are the same color. It's probably due to my color blindness, but try using a 2x double outline with white and orange.
  7. I think it will be the Thrashers instead of the North Stars.
  8. On your green Whalers jersey, the logo would pop better if the "W" was white instead of green.
  9. Where did you get these fonts from?
  10. I think if you put the Virginia wordmark on the top of the jersey, you have something there.
  11. A bunch of these jerseys are bland. For instance, in real life, one of the reasons the Celtics have the best uniforms in the league is the stripping on their collar and armholes. The same thing with the Bulls, Cavs, Nets & Clippers. A few stripes on the jersey can go a long way.
  12. Bottom Left
  13. For the Red jerseys, I think flipping the colors in the side panel would do wonders. (White Piping, Yellow armholes).
  14. You're welcome.
  15. I really like the younger BlackHawk on the alt uni.