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  1. Atlanta Falcons : NFL by honeybadger

    Are you using the Milwaukee Bucks font?
  2. TNF Color Rush by bbb

    It feels like the Panthers whiteout jerseys are incomplete without a helmet logo.
  3. Usually, people try to use the Raiders wordmark font for the numbers if they want to go "off-the-wall," and it always looks like crap!
  4. @BKRenegade @YahooFinance @SallyPancakes @Ripple Also, Stellar has IBM as a customer.

  5. WWE Fauxback concept

    I really like the 3rd one down in your hand drawn concept
  6. The Sullivan Family were horrible owners.
  7. RT @GameplanChicago: New Orleans @Saints and not Dallas nor Washington as the only team featuring a white home uniform. Interesting. @nfl @…

  8. To me, the black stripe blends too much with the dark red. I'd say add a white outline, but since the numbers are white, that would be subtraction by addition.
  9. Is it wrong that I like the Patriots concept?
  10. RT @EasterbrookG: Trump destroys everyone around him. Was true in his TV and real estate careers, is true in the White House. He's Typhoid…

  11. Actually, I think some will tolerate White facemasks.
  12. I like the bottom one better. I think it a gold outline on the numbers for both jerseys would them pop.
  13. RT @jeffphowe: Foles was 6 of 7 for 137 yards on third down when targeting Rowe, Bademosi and Richards, who were all in the game over Butle…

  14. RT @TheEconomist: This week's cartoon from @Kaltoons

  15. i don't blame you...Famous Jameis was a stud at FSU