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  1. Boo, Chivas won.
  2. Well since the Thunder don't honor that championship at all, might as well have the new Sonics honor it since it means so much to the city of Seattle. The new Sonics can honor it, but if they claim that title as their own, then at that point it will be stupid.
  3. Good, because the Cal logo is too damn small on the chest. I do like that UCLA uniform, hopefully the actual uniforms look similar.
  4. It's going to be cool watching the Bucs win the Super Bowl in their own stadium.
  5. You can't have Kelly "Dirty" Olynyk guarding him.
  6. No change or tweak can salvage the Clippers logo.
  7. Yeah, but the Jazz are/were a fun story. Other than them...meh.
  8. Thank god they don't have to worry about that.
  9. The Clippers are bad, yet somehow only down by 7. C'mon Jazz! Also, Rudy Gobert needs to stop fouling.
  10. If you lay-off over 100 employees, with most being anchors and reporters, you're not doing too well.
  11. The Bucs now have a damn good receiving core: DeSean Jackson, Mike Evans, Cam Brate, and now OJ Howard.
  12. I'd rather have OJ Howard.
  13. The Bears select Trubisky. Idiots.
  14. I don't understand why fans attend the draft, the only fun thing to do is boo Roger Goodell in person.