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  1. rickyISking

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Yeah, Liga MX has some teams that look like NASCAR (basically any Grupo Pachuca team). But Europe and South America is just as bad. I'd take the ads on Leon's or Pachuca's kits over Napoli's big red box any day For Club America, not a fan of this seasons kit. Big downgrade from the beautiful set they had last year. Pumas is a bit plain, but I like it.
  2. rickyISking

    USA-Mexico-Canada Joint Bid for 2026 World Cup

    It's just sad to see that Mexico and Canada will only get about 10 games each. Oh well, without help from the US and Canada, I don't think Mexico would have gotten to host another World Cup.
  3. rickyISking

    2018 NBA Post Season

    Dwayne Casey is the reason the NBA regular season awards should be handed out like they used to be. It will be awkward if he wins COTY because the most recent memory we have of him is getting pounded by Lebron. It just isn't fair to him, because it's a regular season award. It will be even more awkward if he wins and is fired, @George Karl.
  4. rickyISking

    NBA 2K League

    Honestly, I'm big fan of the Mav's court. I would love to see a team actually have different colored paints in the real NBA.
  5. rickyISking

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    But look on the bright side, you now own all your draft picks! Billy King can no longer hurt you.
  6. rickyISking

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Yeah, those are trash. What was their thinking for the inclusion of the columbia blue side panel?
  7. rickyISking

    National Team Names

    El Tri for Mexico.
  8. rickyISking

    Welcome to the 90's

    Mexico also looking prime 90s. I really want to see Mexico throwback to those just with the design more subtle.
  9. rickyISking

    College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

    That Lyles guy could not miss. I am so happy right now!
  10. rickyISking

    College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

    You know you got hammered when a 13 seed can clear the bench against you in the waning minutes.
  11. rickyISking

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Tigres equipo chico.
  12. rickyISking

    CONCACAF Nations League

    This likely will never happen.
  13. rickyISking

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Sad day for Liga MX. I do like the increased competitiveness in those Champions League games, though. América might be our only hope, but hopefully Chivas and Tigres can play better on their own soil. Xolos is cooked.
  14. rickyISking

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    The Jazz tought us that going with a court to compliment a city uniform that is in a different color scheme is a must. Those Jazz gradient uniforms wouldn't look as good on their normal court. That is exactly why I haven't liked the Heat's city uniform as much as I thought I would. The colors on the jerseys clash too much with the court.
  15. rickyISking

    NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    That is exactly why teams should avoid trading with Danny Ainge. That man knows how to fleece.