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  1. Floater 3's are going to catch on thanks to this game! Awesome!
  2. Baylor showed the world that they are always the most overrated team in March. South Carolina just straight dominated them.
  3. Love the teal. Honestly, since the NCAA switched to the current logo template, I don't think they've had a bad egg.
  4. Finally, a real upset! And a new champion.
  5. Yup, a 1.5 point favorite at tip-off. Hence the quotations around upset.
  6. The first "upset" of the tourney. But let's be serious, MTSU was criminally under seeded.
  7. Good god, the teal the D-Backs use now is beautiful. Why it isn't their primary color is beyond me. As for their old teal/green, it is far too dark.
  8. Here's a nice little video about the highest scoring basketball game ever, and how the narrator disagrees about the final score. That's not even the most interesting part of the video, to me it's the fact that I learned DeVry (Yes, that DeVry) once had a basketball team.
  9. They bought a draft pick, it's actually pretty genius. Very Un-Browns like.
  10. The furthest one on the left is the best, should have gone with that one.
  11. Yay, Gonzaga lost!
  12. Army is the only one that can pull off camo. It works for them because it's not just an excuse to wear camo by pulling the "Military Appreciation" card. They are the Army after all. Anyway, I much prefer this set compared to the camo head-to-toe:
  13. The Process is now the longest tenured Sixers player, I love that.
  14. Is Chris "Multiple Sauces" Broussard one of them?
  15. Adding color was a great addition to the SB logos, it actually somewhat livens up a rather bland logo. While just chrome/silver is bland and ugly.