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  1. New Browns uni coming 2015

    Have you ever been a part of the creative process? You can't always judge the amount of work that goes into a project simply by looking at the final result. I have absolutely not been apart of the creative process at any point. I just don't feel like there was a lot of creativity put into this jersey. They modified a existing template that many college and pro teams use. I'm sure they worked hard on it, but the Seahawks have set the bar very high when it comes to redesigns. I expect something on that level. It may not always be possible, I'm just disappointed with this final result.
  2. New Browns uni coming 2015

    I know everyone has their opinion on new jerseys. I just can't believe it took them years to come up with this look. Seems like it could have been done in a few months.
  3. Ravens end zone for Sunday

    I think you're right. Look at this picture from the end zone. It has a hint of purple in it. It may be lighting in the dome. Who knows? We'll see if it looks better on TV or it they touch it up between now and then. Is this the first time the field has been used or is it the same surface that the Saints use? I know the Superdome had a separate turf surface for Super Bowls when it was Astroturf.
  4. Ravens end zone for Sunday

    BEFORE (January 24) AFTER (January 29)
  5. Ravens end zone for Sunday

    Where was this change reported?
  6. Ultimate uniform fail

    1) You don't know what caused the cut the collar. 2) You're claiming negligence by the manufacturer when this is clearly an isolated incident. See #1. 3) As others have said, there is no such thing as an indestructable uniform 4) This is far from the worse thing that can happen. 99% of people wouldn't even notice unless they paused the game. There is a lot of splitting hairs when it comes to uniforms design, but even this seems way over the top. If it was a widespread issue, a case could be made but you're blowing an isolated incident way out of proportion.
  7. What would have been the 2013 Winter Classic Designs

    Would be interesting to see the sleeves on the jerseys. I like the logos though. Well done.
  8. Ultimate uniform fail

    Whatever the cause, this certainly isn't the ultimate uniform failure.
  9. new helmets for the Giants?

    Would the NFL really let the Giants change their helmet before the Super Bowl?