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  1. NFL Europa, auf Wiedersehen!

    Well, I still don't understand how they managed it to lose $30,000,000 bucks a year. That number sounds way to much to me. What exactly do you mean by "minimum player salary" and "financial gambles"? Afaik NFLE players got paid around $15,000 to $20,000 for nearly three months of work.
  2. New Logo for NFL Europe?

    What exactly does shortly mean?
  3. New Logo for NFL Europe?

    The logo is now used on the official Rhein Fire website?
  4. New Logo for NFL Europe?

    Allegedly there was a new NFLE logo presented this weekend in Dusseldorf. Read that on the message board of the Amsterdam Admirals. Well, here it is... Also the name of the league will be modified, from Europe to Europa. Dunno what to think about it. Anyone heard if that info is correct?
  5. Hamburg Sea Devils

    Nice that this thread came up again. It was mentioned that #2 (devil head) would make a good helmet logo. Well I rather think that it looks kinda weird on a helmet... http://images.nfl.com/photos/img9252921.jpg Wish they had gone with #3 (trident), at least as secondary logo on the sleeves. Anyone could bring logo #3 on a helmet? BTW: Do you think those NFL guys did a good job by creating those three logos?
  6. AAFL

  7. Unchosen Sabres logos

    Winner. I don't know. To me that looks like the Beast from the Disney movie. When I first saw it I had to think of this one here http://www.sportslogos.net/images/Football/NFLE/HAM_5607.gif
  8. Denver Broncos win World Bowl...

    While you complain about NFL Europe?s uniforms: How about some new concepts? For example the Rhein Fire uniform: Think it?s generally OK. Black helmet, burgundy jersey, black pants. They use white sox with two black stripes. Would replace them with complete burgundy colored ones. Hate the three stripes concept the league uses on all on all of it?s teams pants. Would like to see some stripes in the way which the original WLAF used in 1991-92. Maybe ?flip" the pants concept which the Birmingham Fire used (They had white pants). Between burgundy and white there should be the color yellow/gold (which is used on the flame logo) in the pants stripes. I would keep the jersey simply burgundy. Instead of placing the complete Fire logo on the sleeves I would just put the flame on it. The way it is used on the side of the pants. I like the numbers which GMS1122 used for his San Antonio Copperheads concept. White numbers double framed with black and the yellow/gold color the Fire uses.
  9. New NFL Europe Jerseys

    Here is a replica of those jerseys... Well, I think the League never had really good looking uniforms since it?s return in 1995. I loved the uniforms of the original WLAF (1991-92). Those where great. Am I the only one that thinks that way? Regarding the 2006 jerseys... The Galaxy and the Fire are the only teams which got a new jersey for this season. The other four teams will go with their previous ones. Heard that they didn?t change the four other jerseys because Reebok hasn?t sold the inventory of replica shirts of those teams.
  10. New Frankfurt Galaxy Jerseys

    The Rhein Fire Jerseys:
  11. New Frankfurt Galaxy Jerseys

    That's the logo of the League's main sponsor Skoda (carmaker). Also each team will have the logo of it's main team sponsor on the other side. The jerseys look very packed that way. But in Europe it's usual that sports teams have the logo of their sponsor on their jersey. And the NFLE is still not very profitable. So the teams need the money.
  12. New Frankfurt Galaxy Jerseys

    Reebok has designed new jerseys for the Frankfurt Galaxy (NFL Europe). Guess the other five NFLE teams will have the same design.
  13. St. Louis Stallions

    Anyone else thinks the designer of the new Broncos logo (1997) was inspired by the Stallions logo?