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  1. nba football crossover

    I didn't realize how many basketball teams have horned/antlered mascots that would play well on the helmets like the Vikings.
  2. nba football crossover

    So glad Auburn was smart enough to keep Copperplate off the football uniforms.
  3. I guess UAB posted the images and claimed them to be "new," but they wore these for the spring game a few weeks ago And for the white
  4. Your presentation looks really great. The conference logo gives off too much of a political campaign to me.
  5. I'm not a soccer fan and I don't fully understand kit designs, but this has been my favorite series in a long time
  6. I love SMU's shoulder stripes. The picture you linked was from a few years ago. They've since gone away from that look.
  7. Fantastic start. Can't wait to see what else you have!
  8. I was just coming on here to mention this. I think a lot of the designs look great with it, but there is indeed too much of it. Great work overall though, keep it up.
  9. Much better start. Still some areas to work on like mentioned above. Even without having to learn new skills, you should be able to get the numbers correct. Your front numbers are and have been incredibly too small.
  10. This upcoming season is Auburn's 125th year of football. Someone asked me if Auburn would wear a patch for the milestone like they did in 1992 for 100 years, so I wrote about it here Also, learned a new word today - quasquicentennial, which is the 125 year anniversary. Enjoying using that now
  11. I understand you don't have the tools or skills at the moment, but if you want to build a good series of concepts it's recommended here that you learn. Uniform builder sites aren't bad, but your options are incredibly limited. You Celtics uniforms are simply typing in the team name and coloring in different aspects of the uniform. There's nothing pertinent to the Celtics that makes this special to them.
  12. I think these all look fantastic. Alabama looks great with the removal of the horrendous Blue Jays copy. I like what you did with Auburn. The sleeve striping makes it feel like it's straight out of the 70s. I think the striping would be better as 2 stripes rather than 3 personally - again, playing off the old 70s look. I love the removal of Copperplate, the numbers especially.
  13. In regards to the flying duck Oregon helmet, everyone's favorite UniSwag tweeted last night that he has "confirmed they were old mockups," so take that for what it's worth.