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  1. Why do the Braves only have the feather on one sleeve?
  2. I think all your SEC concepts are really solid. I appreciate the minor tweaks to make them perfect rather than complete overhauls. I think the weakest of them is the Auburn one, but, as I've seen countless Auburn football concepts, I like the different approach trying to match everything to the logo itself. I think it would've been stronger without the number outline - those always look odd to me for Auburn.
  3. I have agree with the consensus here - the new Wazzu uniforms are a downgrade. The last set was really good. They grew on me a lot towards the end of their tenure. In regards to it being a cleaner look, well yea, that's what the Vapor Untouchable template does. The lack of seems and everything make it a fantastic canvas for uniform designs. And that's what bothers me. The previous set was good. And they completely did away with any character they had. Other than the custom number font and the plastic ship WSU logo on the v-neck, these are yet another set of uniforms you can pass around to many different teams and not notice a different.
  4. Silver works a lot better for the Titans than I would've imagined. I would hate to see the Columbia Blue mixed with Navy again, but it wouldn't be bad here. Agree with others that red could go a long way here.
  5. I was thinking the same. We get comments all the time on the basis of "send this to the team now and hope they use it!" This is a very strong concept that could rival me saying this haha
  6. I actually really like this design. I think it would be smart to maybe de-emphasis the locomotive grill (albeit without losing the imagery) and emphasize the storm/lightning combo on the top. The clouds only have a spot or two that make them seem to wrinkle like a true cloud, and the lightning bolt could use some work. The basketball feels a little forced, especially in the "sun breaking through" motif, but it doesn't look bad. Just a thought off the top of my head - maybe make the basketball out of the front design of a typical locomotive (the "button" for lack of a better word, like where the 1992 on the image below is). That might contradict my idea of de-emphasizing the cow catcher itself, but it might work.
  7. Yes! That looks amazing. It creates a consistent look across each pair, but a unique look for each of them.
  8. I think that's a good start. I think it would work even better for the remaining colors to match a little better - I should've explained this a little better first off. One the orange pants, the white star works because green and blue surround it. Blue pants could use a green star to mesh a bit better Green pant could use a blue star, same reason as above. White pants could use any other color star than white. Green or blue both would be good options there. And of course use these color choices on the jersey stripes.
  9. For the star in the stripe, I think it would look really good if it popped a little more. I think making the star itself a different color than the stripes itself and the background would do just that. A blue star on the white pants, white star on the green, etc.
  10. FYI, San Jose State is having a yard sale this weekend I think. The equipment team on Twitter posted some stuff for sale, including the previous Nike blue jerseys
  11. There's a lot of stuff here. I think a lot of it looks good. I think you got a little happy with some design elements (putting the team name, logo, abbreviation on the back of the helmet), but most of your designs are really sound.
  12. Design wise it isn't bad. Let's talk execution for a bit. The numbers are way too low. Move those up or place a wordmark or something in the empty space. Also your pants stripes go right over the belt tunnel. Typically pant stripes stop just short of that. Clean up some minor details and I think you'll have a good series going.
  13. "ruin a classic look"? Did you see what Russell did to their pants this year?
  14. You apparently haven't seen Auburn lately
  15. I think your template came out really nicely. I think it's a horrendous cut in the first place by Nike, but you captured it quite well. Design wise, I think you did a great job for Auburn. The tops look very similar to the mid-1980s and that will always be a good thing. The one thing I don't like too much is the shorts. I don't really like the cross-over of football and basketball (we've tried it a lot it seems), and also think the 2 stripes from the past looks pretty good. My biggest issue with the current design is the AU logo disrupting the shorts stripes. If they were like last year's set, think it would be a perfect design.