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  1. Not sure if this is new or not, but looks like Washington State is planning to mix and match facemasks and shells and decals.
  2. The execution is well done. You've shown good work in completing the concepts. Your design creativity is what is lacking. Let's see some new designs, not just different wordmarks and a new manufacturer logo.
  3. The white sleeve cuffs (or sleeve stripes as they call it) are completely lost with the model wearing the white undershirt Also, the video claimed "blue stripe on socks," when in actuality, the socks are blue with white stripes
  4. The Auburn 125 year logo? The senior writer for the school's athletic site tweeted it.
  5. One more Auburn note: This season marks 125 years of football. I theorized that they would honor the milestone a few weeks ago. Now they've released the logo for the season. No word if it'll show up on the uniforms, but I expect it, at the very least, be placed on the back of the helmets.
  6. I too like both. The all white is just clean, and white on maize is classic Michigan to me. If they mixed those throughout the road schedule I would be happy.
  7. I think this is a first. Auburn has placed the (very very seldom used) Tiger Eyes logo on to one of the panels of the footballs for the season
  8. With the uproar of the "Blue Collar" inscription on the blue collar, is it really that big a deal since you'll only see it in photos like these promo shots? It will never be seen when watching the team on the field. I get the whole "I know it's there and it still bothers me" mantra, but still, you won't see it. (Not trying to belittle the comments, just asking a genuine question)
  9. I really like what Boise did with these. The shoulder striping is really sharp and something they should take advantage of. I made a very quick mockup of what it would look like if they put the stripes on the pants, and it's a massive improvement. I also was hoping that they would move away from this helmet design. I don't hate it (other than the asymmetry) but was looking for something different. Not sure how you could place the stripes on the helmet and keep the angle, though.
  10. I'm from Huntsville, and was gonna comment on the "they aren't very good" original comment. I knew they were good back in the day. The UAB Football-like killing of the hockey program really hurt a few years back
  11. nba football crossover

    I didn't realize how many basketball teams have horned/antlered mascots that would play well on the helmets like the Vikings.
  12. nba football crossover

    So glad Auburn was smart enough to keep Copperplate off the football uniforms.
  13. I guess UAB posted the images and claimed them to be "new," but they wore these for the spring game a few weeks ago And for the white
  14. Your presentation looks really great. The conference logo gives off too much of a political campaign to me.
  15. I'm not a soccer fan and I don't fully understand kit designs, but this has been my favorite series in a long time