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  1. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    Auburn has finally officially revealed their uniforms. Here's the full breakdown on my site
  2. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    Nah, just Will Holland's head shape haha
  3. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    Quick check of the adidas catalog, they're really pushing the two-button henley and pullover styles. They still have the traditional full length buttons, but they kinda bury it. I don't know exactly what template these new unis are on, but they do look to keep the henley style.
  4. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

  5. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    Couple more adidas uniforms revealed today The single piping down the placket is really bad.
  6. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    Auburn wore a block A cap for years. It was worn as a throwback hat until 2010 or so (shameless plug, I have most of Auburn's baseball uniforms dating back to 2002 documented 2002)
  7. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    Adidas has been releasing basically a new college uniform each day over the last few days. It started with Miami as shown above, then the following: Texas A&M yesterday, also shown above
  8. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    The sans-orange caps have been a team favorite since Butch Thompson took over. It was used considerably more than the orange-billed cap. Here's last year's records:
  9. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Possibly the final discussion of this thread? Here's a lot of the championship gear. Kings of Confetti is rather silly, I think. The 17 Championships logo is rather odd, as well. They have a few phone cases with glitter on the back. The glitter is all gold and white confetti looking, which is really clever.
  10. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    How many schools still wear Rawlings uniforms?
  11. "Flex" Football

    Interesting. I like that the equipment is much cheaper ($65 for the helmet, $75 for the pads). I'm curious as to how much it actually bridges tackling and flag. Think it has potential, will all be on marketing and teaching the difference.
  12. 2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    Yup, there is also a new white version. Very similar to the greys, with the front number being the only difference. I expect the old orange tops to be used with this new set, as they were worn with the new pants as shown above, and have been used on countless graphics like this one above. Still have yet to see the blue tops. It's about time for the old set to be replaced.
  13. College Football uniforms- 2018

    For what it's worth, there's a bunch of TCU uniforms from last year (the Nike Mach Speed template) showing up on eBay. They're actually rather cheap, only $70 at last check.
  14. College Football uniforms- 2018

    Adidas is throwing a ton of money out for teams. South Alabama will be switching from Nike solely because the money involved. Adidas has bid double what Nike has is some cases.
  15. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Auburn announced 3D Bumpers will now adorn the back bumper. Nose bumpers were added in the spring. I was expecting to see this come next season, so a little interesting to test it out now.