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  1. From what I've been told, it is written in the Nike/Tennessee contract that the grey uniforms can not be mixed with any other piece. So, even if it does look decent, it will never happen.
  2. Not new from Texas A&M That Washington helmet looks a cheap stencil painting
  3. What happened to his hip G??
  4. Just for the sake of arguing - would it have been possible whatsoever to place a very thin flat shell over the flexible pieces to give the helmet the traditional look and flat surfaces? I know the helmet's main feature is removable soft zones, so maybe it couldn't have been done very easily. Will be interesting to see how this helmet evolves over the years.
  5. We all know Nike is going to crack down on teams calling their white uniforms "home" and color "away." I can't roll my eyes harder at this.
  6. Many teams take photos without the conference patches. Now why one has the patch and the other doesn't? Who knows. Also, I miss how Marshall used to look. Ever since they started messing with their classic look, it's looked really bad to me. They don't need black whatsoever. And I would do anything to see the peapods come back with the green helmet.
  7. Not sure if it a gradient or not. Just looks that way. Probably just the lighting like you said.
  8. D2 school Ohio Dominican has new Under Armour uniforms that feature something (I think) we've never seen before - an outline of the front pants stripe panel - and a gradient inside said panel.
  9. Not a lot different than their previous look. These new ones look more like a cheap Dollar General uniform tho
  10. It's hard to tell on the photo given, but it looks like Toledo chose the dot matrix/fade stripes that Arizona used to wear (and we would all prefer over their current set). It's one thing to pick uniforms out of a catalog, but Toledo picked uniforms out of a nearly 10 year old catalog. That's just lazy and incompetent. My hope is, as mentioned previously, that they settled for these because of the quick turnaround.
  11. No, just stop.
  12. New uniforms for Lamar Monmouth has jumped on the Under Armour wagon as well, previously with Nike
  13. Why do we continue to compare Arizona to West Virginia? The two designs have nothing in common other than a poorly designed number font.
  14. No, Cal's matte blue helmet is one of the best matte finishes in the country. They don't need any additional lids.
  15. The sleeve caps on the whites are a little disappointing, but I guess the thin yellow would be lost real easily on the white. I hope they refrain from going all blue too often. White/blue would be the only time I want to see those blue pants. But I am impressed that they got all three pairs in the first year.