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  1. "ruin a classic look"? Did you see what Russell did to their pants this year?
  2. You apparently haven't seen Auburn lately
  3. I think your template came out really nicely. I think it's a horrendous cut in the first place by Nike, but you captured it quite well. Design wise, I think you did a great job for Auburn. The tops look very similar to the mid-1980s and that will always be a good thing. The one thing I don't like too much is the shorts. I don't really like the cross-over of football and basketball (we've tried it a lot it seems), and also think the 2 stripes from the past looks pretty good. My biggest issue with the current design is the AU logo disrupting the shorts stripes. If they were like last year's set, think it would be a perfect design.
  4. Dodgers originally went with a hard plastic. They have since changed to a flexible rubber, and that's ultimately what these other teams are doing.
  5. Auburn started the season off by wearing a brand new combo - orange tops with the blue and white cap that is typically saved for the pinstripe uniforms.
  6. I didn't say the court came out bad. The contest did. The winning announcement kept getting pushed back, and eventually never happened. The "contest" was poorly run.
  7. BYU does not need to be wearing the Houston Cougars font. I do want that hat though
  8. Auburn Baseball and Softball will both be sporting new batting helmets this season
  9. Coastal actually looks good, to me. As long as they kept the teal pullover it's all fine
  10. Hey, that's my concept for their (ill-fated) court design contest last year!
  11. You're concepts aren't so much a design, as it simply is placing a team logo on a team colored template. Go check out bkknight's thread again - there's actually design on the uniforms. Georgia wouldn't wear a plain red uniform without the normal stripes on the pants and contrasting trim on the tops. Georgia Tech, while plain as they can be, still has design on their uniforms. Your only design aspect on both uniforms is a rather arbitrary pants stripe. Add the schools current designs, or create some new design for each school, and you've got a good concept going. But for now, it's simply just a paint-by-numbers with a different logo on the helmet.
  12. I've got both of these. DM me if you're interested
  13. I'm getting an old Arizona Cardinals feel from the Falcons set. Maybe my computer, but the red doesn't look quite Atlanta enough
  14. For once adidas seems to get it right. These all look amazing. Sadly, I just know they'll ruin it later on with some stupid alternates.
  15. Man I hope so. The gradient look is awful. Sad to see it extended to the basketball program, so I'm not sure if they'll dump it altogether