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    North Carolina Tar Heels(Secondary), NY Mets(cap-logo), Kentucky Wildcat (UK-logo), Green Bay Packers, Indiana pacers(just the P-logo)
    St. Louis Blues,
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    used to be Seattle Supersonics.

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  1. I made an update concept of an old favorite logo. I thought it was too much things going on in the old version. so i cleaned it up. i took the font on the crown and used it as a main font for the logo
  2. Washington Bullets update concept

    I thought the Bullets old jerseys were a bit too messy. and that their 90's jerseys were too red and unpleasant for the eyes. so I tried to do something in between. Their court I thought had far too much empty space and too small logos. so I pulled them up a bit. and I fixed some angels on the primary logo.
  3. What was the best logo in your team's history?

    Seattle Supersonics 1975/76 - 1994/95
  4. Seattle Supersonics concept

    I Want some sonic boom back! Here's an Seattle Supersonics concept I made
  5. Golden State Warriors Redesign concept

    thanks:) Jerseys and shorts will come:)
  6. update and rebranding New Jersey Nets

    thank:) good idea
  7. update and rebranding New Jersey Nets

    here is two logo concepts and uptate I did of 1990/91 - 1996/97 New Jersey Nets logo. logo. I´ve always thought it was an excellent logo. But the colors and finish were awful.
  8. update and rebranding New Jersey Nets

    here is a logo concept and uptate I did of 1990/91 - 1996/97 New Jersey Nets logo. logo. I´ve always thought it was an excellent logo. But the colors and finish were awful.
  9. Los Angeles clippers concept

    I made a concept of Los Angeles Clippers old logo. I wish they would bring it back. But have some cleaner jerseys. and another tone of the colors. I wanted the colors to remind more of sailers ship crew and the ocean.
  10. Golden State Warriors Redesign concept

    Here I tried to change the left side of the California state so that it follows the star's angle. But I probably like my first proposal better. think the variation of angles breaks better and there is more "life" in the logo. I don't know. Tell me what you think:)
  11. Golden State Warriors Redesign concept

    An redesign concept I did on Golden State Warriors old logo. I used the yellow and blue color they have on their current logo. and fixed to the ball. I've always been disturbed by the lines that the ball has
  12. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    GREAT!! Just what they need. a good mix of the new and old. There current logo look more like an clipart or illustration than an logo.

    as a clipper-fan I'm glad they didn't took that logo. Its a little bit too much going on there for my taste. Still it would be better than the current one they got hehe:) By the way! Why isn't this clipper-logo on there page as an unused logo?
  14. Because there was no good picture here on on one of my favorite all-star logos in nba. I rebuilt it. And made some adjustments. among other things, so the wave's side follows the blue outer edge and removes some foam from the wave which I thought was unnecessary and superfluous. as well as changed the blue color.
  15. Arizona Coyotes Concept

    your right about the AZ-patch ooups:) I´m not good at computers except from illustrator and photoshop. I will fix PNG´s Thanks for the tip. And many your right about the lines to. I will try out them thicker. Well, its an three years old concept. that I just thought that I could put up here now. Just started to post on this forum now.