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  1. Twins need pinstripes. Do what you want with the cap and script, by the twins cannot have a good uniform without pinstripes.
  2. It is interesting that, unlike their other speciality jerseys, the Brewers are using their primary cap logo.
  3. Jersey ads, especially how the NBA is doing it, is preferable by far to a contrast slew of one offs like baseball is doing.
  4. It was a Sunday only jersey, and most of the time no BP on Sundays because day games.
  5. That is a fantastic find. Seriously fantastic.
  6. Considering the reason for the ban and the Redskins let me, I wonder if 1937redskins was a dupe of Buster.
  7. The way minor league sports naming has been going, it would be preferable to have clones. And I've said many times that I hate clones too.
  8. This is recent. At least, the AAA game in 2012 had teams wearing their own jerseys. Lots of alternates, but all were team jerseys. Buffalo specific Derby jerseys though.
  9. l'OM , with Payet Evra Mandanda rami Germain either coming back or coming this summer, nothing less than Champions League will be a disappointment. And more to come.
  10. that's how i honestly think id eel about myself ill likely just wait until, if the pattern keeps up like he has in his last time with the team, he wears a players shirt. He's done it before, and likely will again.
  11. I'd go with gold for the cap for both letters also, Pitch is one TV reference
  12. question for all Would it be considered inappropriate/jersey foul to purchase a goalkeeper name/number on the regular jersey? I want to get, and have for a while, a Mandanda l'OM jersey, but they dont sell the goalkeeper ones
  13. I do quite agree that dated us a terrible criticism. That said, I love the Phillies current set, and would make no design changes. Only thing I'd do is have the pinstripes sewn on.
  14. Publix has nothing on the greatness that is Wegmans. and in that vein, Wegmans brand tea is quite good. I either go hot black, hot with milk and sugar, iced with sugar, or iced with less sugar and lemon.
  15. An adidas authentic customized jersey, from the Sabres store, will be 250. So I imagine the fanatics replicas will be something less than that.