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  1. The stripes feel like Minnesota. Good work, but I can't shake that feeling.
  2. Honestly, put a patch on the jerseys. Even go custom camp caps if you'd like. Just none of these jerseys. Even sell the ones with the patch if you'd like.
  3. I also believe that they're scaled to how many each team has one. And they're the sponsors of the federation, so they replace the team sponsors.
  4. I'd imagine that new shirts are made weekly. With how much players seem to trade jerseys, it almost would have to be the case. I also could be completely off here.
  5. Every time this be of these threads come up, Im reminded on how lucky baseball is to have such fantastic stadiums. Except the trop. That place sucks
  6. eh, this is a downgrade to me. That said, if the blue helmet is a clone of this one then it improves the entire set. hate hate hate hate hate the blue helmet with no stripes
  7. I feel like, if they wanted to, the mets could force and pay for improvements to the field. Then again, as long as the mets dont come back to buffalo, they can do whatever they want
  8. Dont forget, the Mets have affilates in Binghamton(AA) and brooklyn. Easy enough for rehab starts, and it isnt like NYC doesnt have a major airport. No issues really
  9. Honestly, I cant think of any jersey in their history that is better than the current Bruins set now. Also, hopefully the sabres ditch silver, return to royal. I can live with front numbers, but wouldnt be sad if they left.
  10. Not a fan of MLS teams always wearing MLS league sleeve patches. Should be the competition or nothing.
  11. I feel like the black pants would work best with all three jerseys. Perhaps the striping pattern from the red pants, but on black.
  12. Orioles improved the matchup tonight by wearing the flag jerseys. They were well done, and looked great for one offs. I was at the game, and the replica jerseys they have out are fantastic. Quality is better than the regular replicas, and would make me buy replicas if the regular ones were like this( I only buy authentics for stickler details) Also, if they didn't see these we would have been subjected to orange v blue.
  13. you're right, it is. Doesnt change what the team is describing it is, however. (thought i edited my post to include this, guess i didnt)
  14. Orioles are describing it as a Celebrate Maryland day and jersey, only fanatics is saying preakness EDIT: www.facebook.com%2FOrioles%2Fposts%2F10150827655529990 Also, i love the jersey. And if it is minor leagueish, so what. Orioles are typically fantastic with jersey rotation and wearing thier whites/greys on a regular basis.