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  1. The Ravens look fantastic when they're wearing their proper matchup (purple over white). No need for black pants at home.
  2. DiePerske

    Possible Miami MLS Logo Leaked

    And even those clubs that don't, stick with one that's close. Like the monogram Like Marseille sticking the logo in a roundel You can still tell the team. Not sure if the Miami one fits the bill.
  3. DiePerske

    MLB changes 2018?

    I love the de material. Wouldn't mind at all if the game caps were made of it.
  4. Yeah, Brewers routinely get booed at PNC. With particular hatred against Braun and, when he still played, Fielder. Fielder was even booed as a member of the Tigers, because he used to play for the Brewers.
  5. Which is interesting, because it is not the same on this side. Brewers are HATED, especially with how often the pirates have lost to them in recent memory.
  6. DiePerske

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Pitchwise, it's 1m wider than the UEFA category 4 standard. (105X69, compared to the UEFA standard of 105x68). Id hardly say it's small at all.
  7. DiePerske

    Football and CTE

    i think one of the biggest things is this @Gold Pinstripes, and you've yet to answer this question specifically: What does football do that cannot, under any circumstances, be replicated in any other sport or activity?
  8. DiePerske

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    I prefer the ones with pinstripes, but that one is fantastic
  9. DiePerske

    2018 MLB Season

    honestly, mostly all that @Crabcake47 had said. Also, if there was a ring of honor type thing like there is in football then Jones would be on it 100% in my book.
  10. See, it would be the jets for me(on account of the other choices being the Pats and Fins), but a team from jersey/downstate can never not annoy me
  11. Leafs(honestly, soft spot for them watching their games on CBC constantly) None for NFL(HATE all of them, so much) 76ers ASSE(a straight 20 team league makes it quite easy to feel meh about a lot of teams) Blue Jays(again, living in buffalo made it easy to listen to them on radio) Cubs(though this is changing for sure)
  12. DiePerske

    2018 MLB Season

    I feel like, perhaps, Jones will be the second player in Orioles history to have his number retired before making the HOF. If nothing else, they wont retire it but will no longer issue it.
  13. DiePerske

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    tbh if the Sabres sold these, I'd buy them in an instant.
  14. DiePerske

    NHL 2018-19

    I like the striping better on the black socks. But yes, the socks need to be yellow.
  15. You know, I used to argue with @Ferdinand Cesarano constantly that minor league teams should have their own identities, 100% separate from their parent clubs. While I still hold to that line of thinking, if this is what MiLB teams are going to do with it? Give me back the clones. Least clones looked professional.