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  1. 2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Welp, looks like my wallet is going to be pretty light next year.
  2. Could teams in the same city share one identity?

    And this is the main point. A club can certainly field teams in multiple sports, because it's just one club. Multiple franchises however ? Wouldn't work, and the us is fixed with the franchise model.
  3. NHL 2017-18

    The first year of the stadium series was terrible, both in terms of overkill on the games and jersey design. Currently though? 2-3 games, as others have said is a great number.
  4. 2018/19 Soccer Kits

    It's going to suck next year, with l'OMs switch from adidas to Puma. Im scared that they'll find a way to royally screw this up.
  5. Alignment history question

    Everything I've ever heard(living in NY/PA, and now as a Virginian) PA is mid-Atlantic for sure, taken as a whole state. NY is, but it also fully northeastern. PIT is more Midwestern for sure though, but also might exemplify mid Atlantic as well.
  6. Alignment history question

    People who live in North/South absolutes miss the concept of the mid-Atlantic. The mason Dixon line isn't terribly helpful , at least not compared to the VA/NC border.
  7. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    I love those jerseys, but Canucks current colours are WAY superior.
  8. MLB changes 2018?

    Oh, and for retiring numbers? Having your number retired should be harder to do thatn making the hall of fame.
  9. MLB changes 2018?

    You want to see that winning the division is a significant achievement? Sure, I'll buy it. I'll even agree with you. Deserves a banner or something, because it is a big deal. That said? It is not a significant enough acheivement that deserves a number being retired.
  10. MLB changes 2018?

    those who do would get it revoked for sharing information.
  11. NHL 2018-19

    Not to mention, there is a LARGE segment of the population of Buffalo that clings to preservationist thinking. Not just with sabres jerseys(even though there are people saying the current jersey is crap becase the white jersey striping isnt correct), but also with buildings. Not all residents are like this, but it is a vocal minority. Same people who boycotted both the goathead and the slug merch.
  12. 2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Typical, Nike makes a fantastic France kit and gives it to chelsea. I know Chelsea has history using red, but, still.
  13. that would make me want bills in blue pants on the road. I just hate when the pants and socks are the same colour. Blue/white/red and White/blue/white are what the bills need that said, playoffs are what counts; TIme for the bills to have a second playoff game
  14. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Not to mention the fashion jersey market, and the ability to sell things to fans that will never be worn. If they want to sell a yellow and black raptors jersey, go right ahead. Yellow tee shirt with the logo on it? go for it. You can sell a lot of things, without sacrificing what you wear during the game.
  15. NBA Changes 2017-18

    It's not. It's a fanatics issue hoody, which the NBA partners with.