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  1. I love beinsports, and this isn't terrible for me. Then again, I'm watching on my iPad so.
  2. Stop watching. The only reason I care now, is because Buffalo has a team. Even having a Buffalo team in the league, the NFL is getting harder to follow and care about.
  3. So, comes down to my league against my favourite German team. Sorry Dortmund, my Ligue 1 loyalities and ties are too strong. Hopefully Monaco wins.
  4. Might be a question best for @McCarthy, but for all. How is going to crew games? Parking, stadium experience and the like. I'm likely going Saturday for my first MLS game. Also, best place to eat in Columbus close ish to the stadium?
  5. Orioles still use the O's cap, as recently as last season. I imagine they didn't bother packing them for ST, but will be in use for the regular season. And last year, the Orioles had a throwback and didn't have the MLB logo on them. I would imagine it would be the same.
  6. Shame. Rather have them in second place than the Swedes.
  7. While i would agree generally about the blue, which jerseys do you believe are better?
  8. Let's talk about what is, in my opinion, the best French jersey of all time. Bring designs like this back Nike.
  9. Why wouldnt the premier league let teams use their choice of colours for the numbers? Also on that note, do any championships do this? I know that Ligue 1(and Ligue 2, as both are LFP), Premier League, and MLS do. I dont know about anyone else
  10. The footy headlines picture for l'OM. Home 3rd Home id boring, to be honest. good design, but boring third is a must buy for me.
  11. Honestly, what @Gothamite said. It might be adidas, might not be. Either way, it will be a league wide deal
  12. I'm going to revise what i said. However you want to do it, u would like for the MLS cup to be played mid November, rather than December. If that makes the start in Feb, then so be it.
  13. I prefer the standard european schedule, i do. BUT this schedule results in having soccer played year round, and that I am completely in favour of And natural grass(or hybrid) is preferable to turf or indoor stadia that all considered? keep it the way it is
  14. there are some people, as @Sykotyk referenced, that believe the womens game and womens rules are superior to the mens game. me? just thrown them inside, give them hockey type helmets, and let them play
  15. watching the minnesota atlanta game, and i've gotta say. i want more of these, and wish tht MLS would go to the FIFA calendar so i could see more snow games.