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  1. DiePerske

    2019 MLB Changes

    While I like the new script a lot better, that script is too good to let rot in a dustbin. Get rid of either the black or the orange jerseys, and use this as a throwback. Or use this script on a black jersey.
  2. DiePerske

    MLB officially partners with Nike

    Only logo that should be on a jersey/other parts of a uniform is the team logo. Soft stop Possibly a league logo as well. Full stop. (Yes, i buy jerseys with advertising on it. And will pay extra, if needed, for the ads so the jersey matches what is worn on field. My need for an exact visual replica does not change my point or my views) EDIT: This also applies for the playing surface, and preferably the stadium as well. But the stadium is flexible. EDIT EDIT: Also, even more applies for advertising in event names (WS presented by fox, ie)
  3. DiePerske

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    I wouldnt mind giving the NFL a fixed schedule. Weeks 1-4 AFC v NFC Weeks 5-6 Crossover weeks ( play the team that finished the same place as you in previous division) Weeks 7-11 Division v Division week+ Bye (Conference wide. NFC Week 8, AFC week 9. Switch every other year) Weeks 12-17 Divisional Games
  4. DiePerske

    2019 MLB Changes

    I'm glad I only see the twins on the road.
  5. DiePerske

    Los Angeles Rams Confirm Throwback Uniforms For Super Bowl

    They didnt. From everything ive heard, they are their designated home jerseys.
  6. DiePerske

    Los Angeles Rams Confirm Throwback Uniforms For Super Bowl

    There's no reason they cant. BUT, if they do then they can't change AGAIN for the opening of the new stadium, due to the five year rule. They would rather be disjointed now, and open the stadium with new jerseys, than fix everything now and not have shiny new uniforms for the new stadium.
  7. DiePerske

    MLS Kits 2019

    NFL/MLB also do not change jerseys every other year.
  8. DiePerske

    MLS Kits 2019

    Boring, inoffensive, bland. Three perfect words for that mockup
  9. DiePerske

    NFL changes 2019

    All depends on how they want to perceive themselves. Colts are the same team, as are the Cardinals , Dodgers, giants and similiar. Change the name, and it's a new team to me. The Orioles started in 1954, and all relevant history starts then for that team. Ravens are the same (ignoring the legal fact they are two seperate franchises). The titans are the only weirdos
  10. DiePerske

    NHL 2018-19

    I'm speaking only on a practical level. Nashville can change and wear white at home, whenever a yellow jersey team comes. That, or wear a possible future third jersey. It's been done before for less reason, teams wearing white at home.
  11. DiePerske

    Who gets paid for defunct team merch?

    I'm guessing either the league(which is then split), or the current team. Ie, Orioles would get the money from your browns purchase.
  12. DiePerske

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 15

    Funny part, at least to me? You picked a picture where, to me, the Browns have fantastic jerseys. Barely can see the cleveland wordmark, the towel hides the browns wordmark, the towel looks like it is covering up the rest of the stripe. Wonderful, in this one isolated shot.
  13. DiePerske

    NHL 2018-19

    This might have been true, but then adidias came in and ruined it with black socks at home.
  14. DiePerske

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 13

    I apologize for my oversight, I am referring to only the Steelers. Jags are ugly. I'll a sucker for striped jerseys.
  15. DiePerske

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 13

    These jerseys and socks are beautiful. Would be fantastic with either color rush or yellow pants