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  1. Could you make a Black OKSU helmet with an orange outline of Pistol Pete (albeit simplified)?
  2. This has been an awesome series (albeit a short one). I really appreciate the history that you have made for the teams, in addition to making kits that really "breathe" the respective histories. Solid work, and would love to see expansion at some point
  3. I feel that JJK may be a little too sparse right now, due to the lack of a sponsor. I'd either recommend a front number, or enlarging the badge and placing it on the chest (a la hockey) and put the Nike logo beneath the collar
  4. Really excited to see what you do with this! Will this league have more parity like the BPL in real life?
  5. Great look for the game! Although I think some pinstripes on the Rangers jersey would be a great tie-in to the baseball teams in New York too
  6. I think the Columbus Clippers should be an expansion team, since the current MiLB team has been around since the late 70s, and play in the 14th most populous city in the United States, plus they have a pretty substantial history
  7. I was talking about the Braves lol. The all brown cap on the Orioles is a little bit of a miss, the bird blends in too much
  8. I'm a fan of that black jersey, maybe as an alt or Sunday jersey. Could have black panels with a yellow (or red) front and bill?
  9. I agree with the above comments. Maybe a dark bronze or copper would work better as an away jersey color. Could we see steal what with a red brim and the D-Snake logo in the second alternate? I think it'd achieve better color balance
  10. Awesome work so far, however I have a few critiques: -The away HIFK kit could use red shorts -A white stripe on the home HJK shorts would still really convey the pinstriped look Can't wait to see what you do for IFK Mariehamn! Also, will Jokerit be a sports club in this universe to establish a three way rivalry of Helsinki or the promotion of F.C. Jokerit Helsinki?
  11. Plus, that'd make a pretty decent alt logo too
  12. I'm not a huge fan of the scripts that have powder blue. It seems like too muted of a tint, and just looks kinda off. I'd recommend a warmer/more vibrant powder blue. Right now, the Padres just really look earthy and muted
  13. All the Hank team mugshots have him looking all pissed off and all gameplay photos have him with his mask on. So this is the best I can get? Either, he's a #fancyman
  14. I'm quite a fan of Hamilton, although I think in order to invoke the whole Hamilton Tigers asthetic, the home should be black and yellow stripes and the away should be white and tonal striped. And the black triangle on Calgary's away looks kinda odd
  15. It looks like an SBNation logo honestly, although not necessarily a bad thing, might I add