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  1. Yay! Thanks for the awesome concept! I really love the orange paisley pattern. Quality job man! I'd really hope that we wear these next year😂
  2. I really think pinstripes would complete the American look. It's a way to nail down the fact that America has such a storied baseball history, without making the look too gaudy
  3. Phantom Pete is the grey and black version of Pistol Pete, and has orange irises
  4. Don't worry, the media actually likes the Caps, so you guys won't get blasted as much as we were. Come playoffs, a second round between the Jackets and Caps would be quite fun...
  5. Could you do a black OkState with either the Phantom Pete or Marshall's Badge logo on the helmet? Great work so far!
  6. Various Oklahoma State logos (Phantom Pete, Pistol Pete athletic team logos, baseball cap logo, and the Marshall Badge logo)
  7. Alternatively try a navy or white box just around the # and NOB. I know a fair amount of teams to have hooped or stripped kits do that to avoid the issue at hand. Great series so far though!
  8. Bulldogs need white collars, the end of the sleeves and maybe a white belt too. You need something to break up the block of red
  9. Hey BroncoBoy, I know you are swamped right now, but I got to say that you made Leader look really great! I was wondering if you could create an alternate with like a baseball script? If not, I totally understand
  10. This may be me way over analyzing this, but during the mascot stuff, Stinger wore the Jackets third jersey. Methinks they will go full time on the now-alternates for the Adidias takeover
  11. Really like the Ottawa set, but maybe a little bareberpole would be nice in there too. Also, for the Rangers, could you make the away jersey have the New York script?
  12. Wow, that's truly inspiring. In a way, it has shades of the architecture at the Perot Museum
  13. I like your new Jackets concept (with the yoke), but I really don't like how the 100 looks on the yoke itself, its riding up too high. Could we see a Jackets concept potentially in the Alt color scheme?