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  1. The american dream is to achieve you goals despite of your current situation

  2. RT @THETOMMYDREAMER: Dear @McDonalds we have been together for 40yrs & today my life was changed when I had my 1st McGriddle I still love y…

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  4. RT @EBischoff: This. Can't. Be. Really. Happening.

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  6. RT @UniWatch: Great look at Marquette's new road uni.

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  9. RT @DrHugeShow: #Lesnar is gonna show his swollen ass face next week. He won't be kissin kids. More likely they get car parts thrown at the…

  10. We some southern boys with the pride and strength, aint nobody man enough to feel the pain

  11. RT @spoon421: if any rappers that follow me need beats I gotchu for the low low come shop w ur boy

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