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  1. I dig both! Well done.
  2. That's the NHL for ya.
  3. I like it! I'm on board with anything that isn't just a block C.
  4. Brewers wearing their "throwback pinstripes" set against the Cubs tonight. Do we have to start a collection in order to get Milwaukee to make this switch permanent?
  5. As much as I HATE jersey ads...I can totally get behind this. Consider me a Jazz fan next season.
  6. I miss those old ESPN NHL overlays from the 90's so much!
  7. YES!
  8. Loved the Ice Hockey and Streets of Rage clips. I had Ice Hockey as a kid on my NES...can't find it for the life of me now though.
  9. Sign me up for this. I think the uniform with a red version of the helmet would look stellar.
  10. Not nearly as bad as I thought. That being said, still absolutely disgusting.
  11. I think...I kind of like these? Although, for $100...I could just pick up a replica jersey at that point for a few bucks more.
  12. I'm not even a Jets fan...but I would totally pick up a Byfuglien Heritage Sweater if they were at the right price. I wonder how True North feels about the popularity of that jersey.
  13. I would LOVE if they made the switch to those full time.
  14. Well said! It's funny, I didn't start to appreciate them until recently. I was adamant that the Kings needed to return to the Black and Gray that I grew up watching. However, now...I sort of miss the purple. Like you mentioned, they were ruined once the Edge template took over.
  15. I'm curious to hear what they decide. I love their current alternate, would love to see that full time. That's just me though.