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  1. Tyrano123

    Major League Football is back and better than ever

    Always enjoyed the look of Tampa Bay. You have any plans on doing a minor league concepts for the MLF?
  2. Tyrano123

    Major League Football is back and better than ever

    What's taking you long on them? I use waterslide decals and it's pretty quick when I have a steady hand that day
  3. Tyrano123

    Major League Football is back and better than ever

    Would love to see the pocket pros honestly
  4. Tyrano123

    Professional America Football Association; An Update

    Little late but I have a few in mind. I always find naming a Michigan or Detroit team tough. Grease Monkeys, Sentinels, Wolves, Stags, and Predators come to mind but if you were planning on sticking with your choices then I'll vote for Sparks or Sparkplugs (name of a high school team here in Indiana).
  5. Tyrano123

    Professional America Football Association; An Update

    I've always been partial to Sea Lions with an old Cal color scheme or even the Dragons with a Black/Gold/Red option.
  6. Tyrano123

    Professional America Football Association; An Update

    Atlanta and San Fran You may have answered this before but are you going to post divisional alignment?
  7. Tyrano123

    nevermore//baltimore ravens redesign

    From one athletic communications pro to another, this is solid! Clemson has churned out a ton of good people that I've come to know over the years
  8. Take the time to develop your story a little bit more. Maybe human interest pieces or the like to make us care about a specific team/player. I always love when someone comes up with new fictional leagues but it ruins it when there's little depth. Keep charging along ? #GoEmperors
  9. Aurora, Indiana huh? That's quite the tiny town to have a big school like Trinity. Good for them. Are you looking for actual city locations or more or less names of universities that you guys can use?
  10. I would love to know more about each school's history maybe enrollment, if they're public/private, etc. Just a bit more of a back story would be nice.
  11. Tyrano123

    Professional America Football Association; An Update

    I like the uniqueness of the "NY", but I do feel as if option number 1 is the strongest
  12. #SumonGreatness Thought of that in the car
  13. Excited for this to finally happen. The Bees are beautiful and are clearly going to be my favorite moving forward. Can I ask what game you're using? I use excel to simulate all my games but I'd be open to something else if it makes it easier on me. Looking forward to the first season!
  14. 6-8 is a solid number to start out a league. Most of the fictional leagues people make seem too large and then grow too big too fast. Makes me lose interest quickly. The six team league is a little different when starting out with two conferences as well but I'm still excited to see where this goes. Another question I have is what about the NCAA in your timeline? If UW is still sponsoring football how will they feel about the Milwaukee Badgers' name?
  15. I like this project so far. I don't think it's stupid at all like you wrote in the intro. It's your world. If Warren wants to make a statement as a real replacement for the NFL he should probably occupy some of the larger are markets in the 80's. Places like New York, California, Florida, and Texas would probably be a must. Throw in Chicago and that makes five. The other lone spot could be a toss-up between Denver, Seattle, maybe another Florida/California market, Washington, Boston, Atlanta, or Detroit. A nice geographic balance of these teams would make the growth of the sport easier as the US gets back into the football groove.