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  1. I bet that that would cause a revolt amongst season-ticket holders, who are already forced to pay for pre-season games that most of them don't want. But, if that hurdle could be solved, then I am sure that the game would be a draw at a novel location.
  2. Thanks for providing that film. The crew does seem to just taking the mound away by the shovelful. But, after having done that once, wouldn't it make sense to have the mound as a unit that can be hauled into place and removed at will? I don't buy the reasoning that the Yankees would be less likely to accommodate NYCFC (side point: there is nothing wrong with using international football naming traditions on this or any other continent) than they would a team that is renting the stadium. When the Cosmos wanted Hofstra to make their field look a little nicer by covering up the lacrosse lines, the team was told essentially "you're just a tenant; we aren't doing squat for you". The fact that NYCFC have the Yankees as part of their ownership incentivises the Yankees to do what it takes to make NYCFC successful. So, whatever they do for NYCFC, they'd do much less for a team that was just renting. I suppose it just comes down to the Yankees not thinking that the narrow pitch is a big enough problem for NYCFC. (Unusual field dimensions can be an advantage. And City had a good home record last year. So maybe it's not such a big deal.)
  3. Is it, though? This precise point is the one that I am very skeptical of. It's not like the mound would have to be rebuilt each time; it could be removed and replaced as a unit. One could almost understand the Yankees not doing this for a team that is just renting the ballpark. But NYCFC play at Yankee Stadium solely because the Yankees are part owners. This is what makes the unnecessarily narrow pitch so frustrating. All we'd need is the configuration that was in place for the Manchester City - Chelsea match in May of 2013 (note: during the baseball season), which would give a few extra metres of width:
  4. Baseball stadiums hosting football games used to be very commonplace -- it happened even at the original Yankee Stadium and at other old-time parks such as Fenway Park, Tiger Stadium, and Wrigley Field. It also happened at Shea, as well as at Veterans Stadium in Philly and all of the other multi-purpose stadiums of the 1970s and 1960s. There were no problems with the mounds. Problems with the turf being torn up, yes. (And this was a reasonable concern of Yankee fans with respect to NYCFC, though one which proved unfounded.) But never a problem with the pitcher's mound. Removing and replacing the mound is a trivial matter. It's not conceivable that a process which grounds crews had mastered 40, 50, 60 years ago is suddenly an issue in 2017.
  5. I am happy to have contributed to your education. (All of the hockey players shown in this thread are completely unknown to me.)
  6. because football fields have to be certain dimensions. and that is the only configuration that it fits. soccer fields can be any dimensions they want except for the penalty box. The pitch at Yankee Stadium is of the very minimum width (70 metres) that is allowed. And there are rumours that it is sometimes a bit short of that. Compare this configuration to that of soccer pitches laid out in other baseball stadiums, in which one of the corners of the pitch is near home plate. Fenway Park Dodger Stadium Busch Stadium Anyway, even if the Yankee Stadium pitch's orientation were to stay in the strange orientation of left field to right field, the removal of the pitcher's mound would provide the ability to widen the pitch significantly. So the Yankees' unwillingness to allow this really rankles.
  7. I guess because it's centred in the circle. The only ways to make the wing centred both on the J and in the circle would be: a ) to move the J's upstroke a few degrees to the left -- but then it wouldn't bisect the circle b ) to make the J straight vertical -- but then it wouldn't visually represent a jet taking off. So the design we see probably represents the best way to marry disparate goals.
  8. Let me just say as a fan of NYCFC that it pisses me off that the Yankees allow the removal of the Yankee Stadium pitcher's mound for stupid college football, but not for the matches of the soccer team of which they are part owners. This intransigence forces the soccer pitch to be laid out at an awkward angle rather than in a more natural configuration, and accounts for the pitch's extreme lack of width.
  9. Tony Meola never played for the Jets in the regular season. But this still counts. Anyway, this thread jumped the shark long ago, as the recent mention of Shaq in Orlando conclusively proves. I should flog myself for continuing to contribute to it! The standard should be Namath with the Rams or Killebrew with the Royals -- teams that no one would associate with the player without the pictorial reminder. There are only a handful of such cases. And, by that standard, Meola would qualify, but Jordan would not, because everybody remembers Jordan in a Sox uniform that spring, especially his hit against the Cubs at Wrigley.
  10. Ah, that is a good point. I was going only by the home uniform shown. So, then, I will rescind my comment about that uniform being their best ever, and bestow that honour on their current uniform, which, despite lettering that is not as good as that on the set shown in the picture, is nevertheless a great example of a clean and dignified style.
  11. No, I don't. Both the Raptors and the Magic have had horrible designs for most of their existences. The pictures in that montage show the only uniforms that these teams have had that are fit for adults. (I will say that the praise that the original Orlando uniform with the infantile hand-written script gets around here constitutes one of the great mysteries of the universe.) Those uniforms were uninspiring. But they were not as bad as the tie-dye. Indeed, they were not as bad as what the Nets wear now!
  12. You have somehow managed to include in this list the only good uniforms in the histories of the Raptors and the Magic. Also, it's a huge oversight to have missed this reverse-classic from the Nets.
  13. Right. As a rule, I dislike any form of faux-3D, be it warping, beveling, or drop shadows. Two dimensions is all you need to make a good logo. (Not that this is a good logo.)
  14. Just an aside from 1/8...the Twins never should have gone away from those pinstripes. Right. But this is the hat that goes with that uniform: I have always disliked the TC as a cap logo, with any uniform. If the team's locality name had been "Twin Cities", then a TC cap would have been appropriate. But that was not the case. Though I suppose that the TC it is tolerable as a secondary logo worn on the sleeve.