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  1. Ferdinand Cesarano

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    lol sure it will be I thought that I had read that the XFL is considering a ban on the three-point stance. Did I miss an announcement of a decision on that?
  2. Ferdinand Cesarano

    NASL Soccer Video Archeology

    I would be remiss if I failed to thank you for using this Esperanto insult in your comments! For our readers I will mention that the term "volapukaĵo" invokes the name of the language Volapük, a constructed language that predates Esperanto. While Esperanto's creator Zamenhof respected the effort involved in that earlier project's creation, he found the language unusable. Zamenhof (and just about everyone else) considered Volapük terribly ugly, on account of the extreme distortions of its roots. Indeed, the very name "Volapük" consists of roots that are meant to represent the English words "world" and "speech" adapted to Volapük's twisted orthography. Kind of a mess. So this is why the Esperanto term "volapukaĵo" (which includes the Esperanto suffix -aĵo that means "thing", and in which the letter Ĵ is pronounced like the French J), came to mean "nonsense". Zamenhof definitely had a sense of humour. I don't know whether you are aware that today is Zamenhof's birthday. It is celebrated as Esperanto Day or Zamenhof Day, our feast day. So your comment works out to be a great Esperanto Day present. If I am going to be told that I am spouting nonsense, I prefer to be told this in Esperanto. For this reason I say to you "dankegon", which is Esperanto for "thank you very much".
  3. Ferdinand Cesarano

    NASL Soccer Video Archeology

    My post is addressed to Dave, not to you. You'll note that I did not quote you, and also that I refer to assertions that Dave made during the show. As for the thrust of your comments, I'm afraid that you couldn't be more wrong. A big company with a capacity to withstand losses is the model owner. This is what the Cosmos had; and so for this reason we can say that the Cosmos did things the right way. Of course even Ross eventually hit the limits of his indulgence when Time-Warner's value plummetted. But a reasonable observer cannot blame the Cosmos for the fact that the league's dirtbag teams failed to follow the Cosmos' good example. If the other NASL teams had had ownership as serious and as vigorous as the Cosmos' ownership was, then Time-Warner would have found a buyer easily when it could no longer afford the team. Maybe that buyer would have been another giant media company; maybe it would have been a sports mogul such as Steinbrenner. But if the L.A. and Chicago and Washington teams had been owned by reputable people, and if the big company that owned the Boston team hadn't moved it to Jacksonville (!), then the NASL would have been seen by potential team owners as legit and big-time, and there would have been a queue a mile long of rich guys wanting to buy in. The Cosmos more than did their part in making the NASL look legit. But the other teams ... I don't want to use the gridiron metaphor "dropped the ball", so I will say that they "kicked it into touch". Or, to reframe your metaphor of the Cosmos driving the bus off the cliff, we can say that the only reason that the bus went off the cliff is that the other teams neglected their job of building a bridge connecting the cliff to the other side of the river. An NASL consisting of 8 or 10 teams run like the Cosmos, rather than 24 teams run like Sunday beer-league outfits, would never have folded, would have had the wherewithal to withstand hardships, and would still be around today. The fault for why this didn't happen lies with league officials and the other teams — literally everyone but the Cosmos. To try to blame the Cosmos for others' incompetence is simply not reasonable.
  4. Ferdinand Cesarano

    NASL Soccer Video Archeology

    I would strongly dispute your assertion that the Cosmos were bad for American soccer. The Cosmos were doing things the right way, namely, by being willing to lose money in the short term while they put a high-quality product on the field. If the other teams in the league did not have owners that were as good as the Cosmos' Steve Ross, this is not the Cosmos' fault. It's up to the league to require this level of wealth and this level of committment as a condition of team ownership, as opposed to awarding teams to every under-capitalised lemonade-stand operator who applied for one. More important, the Cosmos inspired passion. They awakened millions of Americans to the idea of soccer, and demonstrated that the professional game could draw a mainstream crowd — provided that the ownership was competent and committed. I think that history shows that the Cosmos were an unalloyed good. It was the other NASL teams that were bad for soccer.
  5. Ferdinand Cesarano

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    Expansion both to Tampa and to Miami were mistakes. Florida is only for spring training.
  6. Ferdinand Cesarano

    NASL Soccer Video Archeology

    It seems that your link got a little chopped up. The corrected link is here. Dang, I have now had to add that podcast to the ones to which I subscribe on Stitcher; and I have added 17 of its episodes to my current playlist. And this comes just after I discovered the Baseball By the Book podcast, and added 13 of its episodes to that list. What are these people trying to do to me?!
  7. I'm the same. Got the stick in rink alternate jersey and Johnny Canuck t-shirt. Yes, it's nice to be able to take refuge in a team's past. This is what I do with the Nets. I have completely abandoned the caps with the alienating current logo; I wear only caps from the New Jersey Nets and the New York Nets, to which I feel an emotional connection.
  8. Ferdinand Cesarano

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    Esos colores no me gustan. Mejor sería el teal.
  9. Ferdinand Cesarano

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    You say "you spend all this money to build a stadium"; but the problem is that the teams aren't spending anything, as the stadiums are being funded by municipalities and county governments. As a result, a team's owner has no hesitation about saying "Our twenty-year-old [publicly-funded] stadium is no longer state-of-the-art, so we're going to need a new [publicly-funded] stadium".
  10. Ferdinand Cesarano

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    The NFL's act of forcing ABC to drop the USFL, and forcing CBS and NBC not to consider showing the league's games, is what led it to lose its civl case against the USFL in 1986. People remember that the USFL was awarded only $1 in damages because the jury was made up of goofballs who didn't understand the rules of awarding damages; but they tend to forget that the NFL was found to have become a monopoly that engaged in predatory practices. Even if the USFL trial jury had understood that their $1 damages award wasn't just a placeholder that the judge could turn into an actual amount, they still wouldn't have given the USFL all it needed to fund its ongoing existence. This is because the jury decided that, while the NFL behaved in a predatory manner, the USFL's situation was caused mainly by its own mismanagement (switching to the fall; angling for a merger with the NFL). So the NFL has to be careful about pressuring the television networks not to show XFL games. It the NFL were to appear to be taking those steps against a league that is not moving to the fall and that is clearly not attempting to set up a merger, then it could be liable for many millions of dollars (the value of a television contract).
  11. Ferdinand Cesarano

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    This helps keep the head out of every clash of the offensive and defensive lines. I am pleasantly surprised to read that the XFL is considering such a rule.
  12. Ferdinand Cesarano

    Dunkin' Donuts,err wait just Dunkin'

    The neutral normal spelling is "doughnuts", because they are made of dough. The prevalence of the spelling "donut" is a result of commercialism bleeding into everyday life. Similarly, there are some people who do not know how to spell "barbecue"; they think that it must have a Q in it, on account of having seeing so many signs on restaurants and on bottles of barbecue sauce that say "Bar-B-Q". Anyway, "Dunkin'" by itself is a pretty awkward name. I'd like to propose a new rule of marketing: do not use a gerund as your name. We can scarsely imagine a brand of butter called "Spreading" or a brand of shoes called "Walking". After it you need a noun (for example, "Spreading Gold") or an adjective (for example, "Walking Tall"). The -ing word by itself just leaves the reader uncomfortable, waiting for the other shoe to drop. As far as health-conscious positioning goes, the removal of the word "Donuts" from the name does not actually excise the concept of doughnuts, because the act of dunking implies the existence of some form of cake. My guess is that Dunkin' Donuts will eventually return to the full name, while also using the short form, just as Kentucky Fried Chicken did with "KFC".
  13. Ferdinand Cesarano

    The Freedom Football League

    I prefer the O'Jays myself. The Commodores had tha nicest uniforms.
  14. Ferdinand Cesarano

    The Freedom Football League

  15. Ferdinand Cesarano

    The Freedom Football League

    If a league run by former players is really interested in putting players' health first, I'd be for that. I'd be very interested to see precisely what changes they are considering. No kickoffs or punts? One yard between offensive and defensive lines? No three-point stance?