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  1. The turquoise looks ridiculous, but not bad ridiculous. It's good for the color rush theme, but really, I would not want to see that as an alternate. I also love the purple Rockies uniform.
  2. The Astros - Rangers is good. The orange pants are especially Color Rush-esque.
  3. I like the Mets-Nationals, but it would've been cool to see the Expos and Blue Jays
  4. I'm really liking these so far. I wonder what you'll do with teams that haven't changed that much like the Yankees and Red Sox. And as for the Brewers - Twins, if the Brewers go Yellow, I personally think the Twins should go navy.
  5. In the late 40's you should start to expand west in Canada and maybe a little bit out to the Mississippi river. This is really cool, though