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  1. Since a couple of MLB teams like the Pirates or Padres have been using their cap logos as their primary team marks, I thought one team could also make use of that. I'm not a huge fan of this trend in MLB, but I think in this case it would actually make a lot of sense. It's not exactly the same what those aforementioned teams have done in the past, but the Royals could simplify their look a little bit more just by swapping primary and alternate status of their respective logos – which I did. I think their current primary logo is a little too cluttered and unbalanced. I also removed that very outdated, ugly and unnecessary black drop shadow from the "KC" interlocked initials to modernize that classic, simple and sweet logo a little bit more.
  2. This is a rebrand of the West Coast League logo (WCL) that has been used by the league since 2005. Looks like the designers wanted to make it look like some vintage mark back from the 1920's or 30's with that wishbone C and the W interlocking. However, I thought it could use some modernization, so here it is. Current WCL logo
  3. Thanks a lot, guys. Much appreciated! Thanks, TVIXX. Here are two reasons why I won't consider updating the famous Brewers glove logo. Firstly, it's iconic because of its simplicity, cleverness and originality. Secondly, because I think I couldn't really improve it. It needs to be simple, the basic shape shouldn't be altered. So I would end up creating something that might look very much like the original mark, but eventually it was just a cheap copy of the good, old and smart logo. Their current mark might not be perfect in terms of execution, but, like I said before, it's iconic and it doesn't scream "REEEDEESIIIGN" at all! Some logos are perfect, even though they don't look like that.
  4. Thanks a lot, guys. Much appreciated.
  5. The Reds from Cincinnati have one of those classic marks with a very high recognition value. However, the black 3-D shadows the club has added when they rebranded back in 1999 are very outdated. Therefore, they had to go – plus my mark now got a slightly thicker outline.
  6. Thanks a lot, joepro. The hockey stick is part of that logo for three reasons: 1. To graphically emphasize it's a hockey league (for those who don't know anything about it) because I already left out the explanation "AMERICAN HOCKEY LEAGUE" for the sake of simplification 2. To add a distinguishing characteristic to the shape of the shield, and 3. To get rid of too much unused negative (blue) space that the letter "L" creates
  7. I never really liked any of those AHL league logos they have used so far. So I decided to modernize the mark, making it once again much simpler and cleaner. Gone is the rather cluttered look from the early 1970s roundel, including the explanation that AHL is the abbreviation for American Hockey League. I think the league has been popular enough to go without it. Colors remain the same: Royal Blue (PMS 286 C), Red (PMS 185 C) and white. Current AHL logo
  8. I agree with your opinion on the thick font, but only a "C" for the Colorado Rockies would not distinguish them anymore from venerable clubs like the Cubs, the Reds or Cleveland, teams which all have C's as initial logos on their caps or batting helmets. I guess that was the reason why the Rockies chose "CR" back in 1993.
  9. Hi Angela. Thanks for asking, and yes, you have my permission...
  10. Thanks a lot, guys. Bottom speed line has been edited and updated.
  11. A modernized version of the current ECHL logo from 2003. Nothing fancy. Still simple, which is how it should be, but cleaner. Current logo
  12. Thanks, guys. I also prefer the Chicago flag colors. Looks just so much better. Edit: The inner stroke of the paw logo is now white instead of blue. Thanks a lot, but, sorry...no uniforms.
  13. Thank you, HockeyCynic! In fact, I already rang the changes before posting this concept: giving the Wolves a Chicago flag color scheme of baby-blue, red, white and black. But I eventually didn't want to change their colors for two reasons: Firstly, because my previous rebrand project has the same colors (Lacrosse team from Toronto, the Toronto Rock) and secondly because I thought this would have been too much of a change at once (AHL team with the biggest attendance for many years). But you're totally right about their current colors not popping at all. I like my concept but I dislike the coloration. So, here are the Wolves now with the Chicago flag colors. New colors are PAN 185 C (Red), PAN 297 C (Baby-Blue) and PAN 7545 C (a very cold, bluish gray).
  14. Why are you stealing someone else's work? Sorry, but that's not cool at all. It actually sucks! It just took me three minutes to find out that this is not yours. I don't get why people keep trying to do that. You get caught sooner or later anyways! Link to the entire Behance project: https://www.behance.net/gallery/41081493/Last-Kings-Branding
  15. Sorry, but I don't agree with that. Because my wolf's hind legs are both bend: his right hind leg is very close to the fore legs while his left hind leg is placed away from the fore legs. You could also see this posture as a snapshot shortly before he's sitting. That's why the low back end is inevitable.