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  1. Thanks, guys. I also prefer the Chicago flag colors. Looks just so much better. Edit: The inner stroke of the paw logo is now white instead of blue. Thanks a lot, but, sorry...no uniforms.
  2. Thank you, HockeyCynic! In fact, I already rang the changes before posting this concept: giving the Wolves a Chicago flag color scheme of baby-blue, red, white and black. But I eventually didn't want to change their colors for two reasons: Firstly, because my previous rebrand project has the same colors (Lacrosse team from Toronto, the Toronto Rock) and secondly because I thought this would have been too much of a change at once (AHL team with the biggest attendance for many years). But you're totally right about their current colors not popping at all. I like my concept but I dislike the coloration. So, here are the Wolves now with the Chicago flag colors. New colors are PAN 185 C (Red), PAN 297 C (Baby-Blue) and PAN 7545 C (a very cold, bluish gray).
  3. Why are you stealing someone else's work? Sorry, but that's not cool at all. It actually sucks! It just took me three minutes to find out that this is not yours. I don't get why people keep trying to do that. You get caught sooner or later anyways! Link to the entire Behance project: https://www.behance.net/gallery/41081493/Last-Kings-Branding
  4. Sorry, but I don't agree with that. Because my wolf's hind legs are both bend: his right hind leg is very close to the fore legs while his left hind leg is placed away from the fore legs. You could also see this posture as a snapshot shortly before he's sitting. That's why the low back end is inevitable.
  5. Thanks for your comment, hettinger_rl! The back end of my wolf is supposed to be that low because of the wolf's rather submissive posture howling to the moon, comparable with the posture of that german shepherd dog. Here are three pictures of gray wolves. They all got that low, slanting back end, more or less. Just add the posture of my wolf to some of them. I know that the back end part is a little exaggerated but that was my intention to create more flow and uniqueness.
  6. Thanks a lot, sparky! Yeah, you're right. I leave the "W" in the tail like it is – gray. Here is the "C" with four white stars:
  7. Thanks a lot, mr.nascar13. It's an edited typeface.
  8. Thanks for your comments, guys. Took me a little longer this time to respond. I decided to pick secondary mark draft A, although C is my favorite one. Why? Firstly, I do agree that there is some similarity with the block C the Indians have been using as their primary mark (although my mark has a different coloration, plus a stroke, different block C). But the NFL's Captain's patch is also a C with four stars, regardless of how it's designed. Too many similarities at once which I didn't like, that's why my winner is draft A. I also edited the wolf's lower part of the snout, making the white part more prominent. By the way: Is the "W" (for Wolves) in the wolf's tail even too subtle, not prominent enough? Just asking because nobody has mentioned it yet.
  9. Thanks brewersbaseball4life. Just posted two more "C" using the star(s).
  10. Thanks for all your comments, guys. Before I will reply to your comments, here are two new secondary logo drafts (A and C). Which mark is your favorite one?
  11. Here's my latest rebrand of an American Hockey League team, the Chicago Wolves. They're still using their first logo from 1994/95 and it's not a beauty. It's mainly black and silver-gray, so to me it's missing color, the uniform colors. It's definitely iconic for die-hard Wolves fans which I understand, but I decided to give this team a new, simple and modern look. So: gone is the wolf head with the oversized puck and the hockey stick. The new wolf is a howling one. Simply because I love wolves and to me the sound they make is the sound of nature, freedom and pure wilderness! The team colors are mostly untouched. Pantone Silver 877 C was replaced with Cool Gray 10 C and Pantone Burgundy is a notch lighter than in their current mark.
  12. Thanks a lot, guys! Much appreciated! That indeed was an error that has been fixed. Logos are updated.
  13. This is a rebrand concept for a Canadian National Lacrosse League team, the Toronto Rock. As far as I know, plenty of people, fans or haters, have been unhappy with the team's brand identity. People don't like the name "Rock" – same goes for the logo package. So, here are the revamped Rock: The Toronto Brave Hearts! Firstly, I think that "Brave Hearts" sounds great, heroic, bold and energetic. Since Canada is a member state of the Commonwealth of Nations, "Brave Hearts" as the team's new name is even more fitting. Plus the fact that a "Brave Heart" is also a Lacrosse slang term: two players from each team take the field, a goalkeeper and a middie. The two middies face off and go one-on-one full field until one scores! The logos (primary, secondary and word mark) should be self-explaining. Link to the current logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/yiushkst67wuyppfkxg18f94j/Toronto_Rock/2010/Primary_Logo