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  1. Go Red Sox!

    Bundesliga Club Redesigns

    I think that this one is perfect! Don't change anything! When you look at the original logo, all it needed, in order to have the idea of adding the "H", was to add more spacing in between the "9" and the "6"!
  2. Go Red Sox!

    Las Vegas Raiders Brand Concept

    My only gripe is that the skull theme has already been used by another NFL team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team that in 1997 intended to look meaner and bolder than just the colorful version of the Raiders logo which they eventually were for more than 20 years. I actually don't think that the Raiders organization would ever adopt the pirate skull theme due to the aforementioned reason, but it's a great concept anyway.
  3. Go Red Sox!

    NBA | New York Knicks Primary Logo Refresh

    Thanks, Tore. It actually looks cheap and cheesy, since there would be way too much contrast – yeah, even that's possible! Just doesn't look good with this shade of blue, plus the bright orange. Thanks a lot, LogoMark. Thanks, bucknut42. I didn't want to redesign a completely new Knicks primary logo, although this of course is not the most creative identity in the history of sports. Yet, it's a very distinctive design. I've never liked the three different stroke widths that they've used for this logo (text, ball, triangle). I think it's about time to at least slightly modernize their current identity. Thanks, BigRed618. Their current mark has orange all over the place. There's even more gray than royal blue – which doesn't make no sense at all! No uniforms, since I wouldn't change a thing, except for using the custom typeface. Knicks unis should never change. I love the big numbers on the front and the subtle overall design, so I just had no idea what to add. Thanks, Kaiser! Much appreciated. Thanks, Zeus! True. It's just too much what they have right now. A wordmark which is arched, also 3-D, plus some skewed perspective is a visual overkill.
  4. Go Red Sox!

    MLS | Montreal Impact Brand Refresh

    Thanks to all of you. Much appreciated. Thanks a lot. That was actually the main reason why I've revised the badge in the first place: it's looking clumsy because of that very thick three-dimensional border (especially the top of it). Plus, that ribbon around it doesn't make it any better.
  5. Go Red Sox!

    MLS | Expansion Team Maine Marauders FC Logo Set

    Thanks, seasaltvanilla. So...you're already feeling cold? Thanks a lot, SNBSlugger! Good to know that a Mainer approves...
  6. Go Red Sox!

    MLS | Expansion Team Maine Marauders FC Logo Set

    @BellaSpurs: Thank you! Much appreciated! @bucknut42: Thank you! Not sure about the uniforms yet (as usual). 50/50 chance we'll see some (as usual). @HoopsCoach55: Thanks a lot. I'm almost 100% sure that they love their soccer up there in Maine (Mariners, SeaDogs), so an MLS team could be a potential goal someday. People theoretically could come from Lewiston, Bangor, Auburn, Augusta, of course from Portland, and even from Boston, which is 100 miles away, in order to attend home games. Just think of die-hard Packer fans who travel 119 miles from Milwaukee to cheer for their team at Lambeau. I decided to use the team name "MARAUDERS" instead of "MAINE", while the "M" was intended to be that logo that creates enough value of brand recognition, representing "MAINE" as well as "MARAUDERS". @vtcgo: Thanks! The star is a tiny homage to the star in the Maine state flag, although it doesn't exactly look like the one that's used in the flag (I left the rays out, would have been too much). You're right. The Whitecaps, Sporting KC and New City FC (minus orange) are all using the navy-medium/light blue color scheme, but I just couldn't resist. I didn't want to add a warm color, since I associate the state of Maine with cold colors (sea, weather during winter, storms, etc.) @KRZYBDGRZ: Thanks a lot! Nope. Any resemblance with that color scheme of University of Maine was purely coincidental. @Zeus89725: Thanks! Much appreciated. @jaha32: Thanks a lot! It's always special to get positive feedback from a designer like you! Much appreciated.
  7. I think that the fine folks in Maine should have their own MLS expansion franchise in the next years, so the largest city, Portland, could actually become the latest homestead in the league. So, here are the Maine Maurauders FC:
  8. Go Red Sox!

    La Liga Rebrand

    – Try to use the same line width as often as you can while designing. In this particular case, it's absolutely manageable. Identical line width is always more pleasing to the eye. – The curved bottom of the shape underneath the typo doesn't work since "La Liga" isn't curved. Decide between arching "La Liga" or replacing the curve with a straight line.
  9. Go Red Sox!

    Independent Baseball | Frontier League Logo Rebrand

    Thanks, guys. Much appreciated!
  10. After 25 years of service, Frontier League's logo looks outdated, pretty cluttered and therefore could use a reset. A modernized typeface, a cleaner overall appearance and a new color scheme for the oldest independent baseball league in America.
  11. Go Red Sox!

    MLB | San Diego Padres 50th Anniversary Logo

    Thanks, guys!
  12. Go Red Sox!


    Michael Weinstein did a great job on that logo and wordmark. In other words: you should at least inform us that the logo which is being used in your work is not from you.