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  1. Well the NY/NJ game turned ugly in the 4th. I am trying to not get excited about the Imperials, but this definitely feels like the glory days are upon us! The Victory Bowl logo looks amazing! What font is that in the shield? It is perfect! Great job as always! Lets go Imperials!
  2. WOW! This season was crazy! I am very happy to see the Sharks beat the Miners! But now my two favorite teams have to face each other... Should be an awesome game though to kick up the NY/NJ Rivalry! Hopefully this can be a rivalry like the Devils/Rangers rivalry in the 90's. On a side note, the VB Logo also looks great! Can I see a larger pic of it? Great work as always bro! I cant wait to see the results of the quarterfinals!
  3. I am on the fence about LA. I like the color change. I also like the new comet logo, but I dont like it on the helmet. I think it needs to be slanted. When I look at it sideways, I see a missile not a comet. Also the "LA" logo I think isn't as good as the old version that was on the helmet. I know the look you are going for with it, but it looks like paint dripping down a wall to me. So I do see some upgrades but I do see where they can definitely improve down the line. I am very much looking forward to the next season!
  4. Well I can't say I'm excited about this matchup since I'm not a fan of either team. I was really hoping Texas would prevail. Oh wel... I'm looking forward to next season!
  5. Well this turned out to be a disappointing season for NY... I don't care what anyone says Farragut was sacked! Well I guess now I want Texas to win... just a frustrating way to end the season! I hope NY comes back with a fire of revenge that fuels them to a perfect season!
  6. I am happy to see Pittsburgh lose again! I hate them with a passion! Anyway I always liked your layout for the playoff scoreboard and uniforms, but for the playoffs I would do a different logo in the background. When I scrolled to the Pitt/Det game, I saw the victory bowl logo and thought I missed the whole playoffs somehow. Maybe it is just me, I have been getting less sleep thanks to a teething baby. I think a generic playoff logo that can be used all rounds would be nice to distinguish it from the victory bowl logo. All in all, very well executed again and I am looking forward to a NY/CIN victory bowl with the Imperials finally winning their 5th title!
  7. Well I am disappointed with New Jerseys performance. But I am exited about the draft! I am also hoping that NY could get something going here. I think they are a dangerous 9 seed. I am also liking the Victory Bowl logo. Very clean and simple which is good for this era. I cant wait to see the results of this post season! Great work again keeping me on the edge of my seat!
  8. I like the updates to NJ. I like the USC stripe better, but I understand it's to soon. The new playoffs bracket definitely flows better. I also couldn't understand why NY being #3 had to play an extra game and #10 Cleveland didn't. I understand it now. I like that about your league. Just because you win your division, doesn't mean you will be ranked in the top 4. The NFL should do something similar especially if the division winner is below .500. So when can we expect the next season?
  9. I think maybe for the next couple of seasons, the sharks stick to the red and orange. Then go to charcoal and blue. This reminds me of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They had an odd "creamsicle" scheme for a pirate theme. Then they switched to the epic red and pewter. So I can see the sharks going down a similar route.
  10. YES!!! I absolutely LOVE New Jersey! Awesome job with the set! I can see this team changing colors though in the future, maybe around the same time as the real life Bucs did. It is an odd color choice for an aquatic themed team to not have some shade of blue, but I think it works for this time period. I agree with pretty much everyone else with removing the stripe. The helmet is excellent and does not need it. I see a bright future with this helmet! I am excited to see what both NJ and NY do this season. Hopefully NY can keep their QB healthy and make a run at the title. NJ I see them being contenders but unless their now young defense performs really well, I think they have a couple seasons before they get a VB appearance under their belts. But we will see! I cant wait to see what comes next!
  11. The new Krewe helmet looks awesome! The white with this style was executed perfectly! I'm excited to see what the Sharks will look like. I was surprised at the choice for a retractable dome for NJ. Doesn't surprise me though that it doesn't work properly... Maybe the VB will be held here at least once since it will be indoors. Will the field be Auto turf or grass? Also I'm curious what the Imperials and Sharks picked up in the draft. Keep up the great work!
  12. Call me crazy... But I like where you are going with the mix of the rams/winged helmet. The bottom version I like better than the white helmet. I would do a purple helmet, gold stripe with the "bells" being green. With a green jersey and purple pants I think it would look pretty sharp! You could even incorporate the winged look on the logo of the clown. You put the winged look on the ends of the bottom of the hat where it meets the clowns head, I think it will bring everything together. But this could be me talking crazy on 3 hours of sleep thanks to a teething baby!
  13. You know, that is a neat idea! I would be curious what that would look like. In my head I think it would work. Executing it could be a different story.
  14. The Krewe has always been my least favorite. I love the colors though, reminds me of one of my favorite movies, the mighty ducks. Mixing those three colors is tough, they go well together if executed correctly. The jersey sets are fine, I personally would go purple pants with the green jersey but that's me. And the helmet, I like the winged just don't know if it fits the Krewe. My problem is I associate the winged helmet with the wolverines, a fierce clawed animal. So the helmet reminds me of their claws. The krewe is a clown. Not really that fierce. Creepy, but no claws. Maybe adjust the winged helmet design a bit to make it more jester like. And i know I'm alone when I say I don't like the split helmet of one side purple, one side green. But that's my opinion. I think you are on the right track, just a little tweaking here and there.
  15. The new Glads set is nice! Very bright compared to what they had. My favorite pieces are the font you chose, and the striping on the uniforms. I'm also glad another white helmet bites the dust at least for now. I thought there were to many in the league. I'm excited to see what you came up with for the krewe!