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  1. Congrats to Cincinnati. That is a tough way to lose! I wonder if this loss will dwell on Houston and they have a playoff drought for a bit.
  2. The field looks awesome with the sidelines painted to honor Krause! I would've put the VB script further away from mid field, maybe the 25 yard line. Looks a bit crowded at midfield with the AFA logo and VB scripts. Still a great looking field though! I would like to see Houston get revenge, but I have a feeling Cincy wins. Maybe closer than the last rematch. But you never know, maybe Houston is like the Denver Broncos. When the Broncos lose the Super Bowl, it's been pretty ugly.
  3. I shouldn't be to disappointed about the Imperials, I had a feeling theyd blow it. It is still upsetting though. I think Adam's is destined to be the AFA Dan Marino.
  4. I am really nervous about this game against Boston... Always tough playing a division rival in the playoffs... NY better get it done! In 1990 the Red Sox were still cursed and the Patriots went 1-15.. Oh and the Giants won the Super Bowl! So Lets Go Imperials!!!!
  5. Exciting season for the Imperials! And I am glad Krause didnt end his career in disaster. I hate him and the Miners, but I still respect him. Just glad to see him go!
  6. I agree about the Coal Fields staying the same name. I can see the street it's on being renamed after him, but it would be like the Bears renaming or god forbid tearing down Soldier Field. As far as my Imperials, I'm a little hopeful of the next QB. It is great that he is able to learn under Adam's. I just really want Adam's to go out on top like Elway!
  7. I finally caught up again after taking a break. I second the J Peterman Ad! I love that show! Great stuff as always, cant wait until the playoffs!
  8. Exciting turn of events! My Imperials worry me. I am glad that ownership is all in on winning now, but this seems like a gamble. I know our star QB only has maybe 2 seasons left, and I would love him to get a ring. After he is gone, they could be in QB hell until they find their new franchise QB.
  9. Wow! Those Warriors uniforms look awesome! I am so excited to see what the 90's brings in both leagues. For the VB logo, I like the left the best. Without reading your post and my first glance, I thought the logo on the right was a hurricane. The one in the middle I am not a fan of. I don't think Florida when I look at it, it looks more Arizona inspired to me. I am really excited to see what you have coming now that it seems this post is gaining some speed again!
  10. I agree with you that the black jersey does look more appropriate for the early 90's. You did an excellent job with this team, that final set looks awesome! I never thought that a team named the sharks would have a great set of logos, jerseys, wordmarks, etc without the use of some variation of a blue or teal. But this looks awesome!
  11. I love both home sets! The black jersey is nice but I am in agreement that there isn't a lot of orange. If this were my league, I'd stick with the orange home set. Years down the road it can be revisited. I'm sure fans would be crying for a black jersey if a photo of the home jersey in black was ever leaked. That might push the sharks to revisit and make updates the next time jerseys are changed. Just my opinion. More importantly, bro take care of yourself. I'm glad you are getting back on track.
  12. Welcome back Veras! Good to see this thread active again. As far as the Sharks, outstanding job! I love the colors. I am glad you are keeping the helmet the same, that helmet is gorgeous! The wordmark is also beautiful! Great work bro!
  13. I like the return to purple and orange for LA. I would've liked to see an updated primary and maybe the new primary be the secondary. The new secondary is neat with the tribute to the 3 championships, but I'm not a fan of the pentagram. I dont like LA, (ive never been a fan of any LA team real or fictional, maybe because I'm from the east coast) but I did really like their old primary with the wizard celebrating with the hockey stick.
  14. Well it was a blowout, but better than I expected. I expected this game to be out of reach for Tampa by halftime. Congrats to Detroit for the back to back x2!
  15. Well I certainly hope this VB is at least entertaining. If not, and the USFA championship game is another classic, that could be an interesting twist. I am not a Tampa fan at all, but I really hope they perform a sort of Super Bowl 3ish upset!