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  1. Well first off I hope you had a nice thanksgiving! The swamp dragons are not my favorite. The uniforms are fine but I don’t like the logo. It’s to cute. At first glance, I thought the open mouth was a nose like Rudolph. I just expected something more fierce.
  2. Wow! Brooklyn is awesome!!! I don’t know why I was expecting a brown/red color scheme for them, but the triple blue is outstanding! The logo with the mouth open is awesome! You really stepped up your game with this logo! It’s amazing to see where you started to now, you have really grown as an artist! As as far as the sigs go, when I’m on my phone I don’t see anyone’s sigs. On my computer I see dveryones including my own. I don’t know what that’s all about.
  3. Nice job with the Warriors! Very unique. A lot of colors but you made it work! I can’t wait for Brooklyn!
  4. I don’t know why I thought the cyborgs were going to be “out there” but I do like their conservative look. I was expecting a terminator look sort of but this works well. The wings so far, surprisingly, are my favorite! I love the logo, the uniforms, the colors! Just a well executed team that would fit well in the AFA! Nicely done!
  5. The update to Birmingham is gorgeous! That helmet is outstanding! I like the Atoms but it’s not my favorite. I’m looking forward to Brooklyn. And the Cyborgs! I’m curious if they will be inspired by “The Terminator”.
  6. I am not crazy about the primary logo for Birmingham. The uniforms are great though.
  7. Awesome updates Veras! I love the Pioneers. I have always loved the combination of orange and green (not just because I am part Irish). I also love the USFA Shield. I cant wait to see what you got coming up next!
  8. I am glad to see you doing better bro! With all the little hints you have dropped about the off season, I think this could be the most excited I have been for the off season! I am really curious to see what my Imperials and Sharks are planning.
  9. Well I had a feeling Houston was going to get destroyed. Congrats to Cincy. Definitely impressive to win 2 VBs in 3 years. Now lets get the next season going! I am anxious to see what my Imperials do!
  10. I unfortunately think that Houston will make too many mistakes, sort of like the Broncos against the Seahawks. I think it’s a blowout, 34-8. But mark this down, next year the Imperials will beat the Miners in an epic VB the world has never seen! Or maybe I’m just really tired from working overnights...
  11. Well I can't be to disappointed with the Imperials, I really didn't expect them to do much this season. I hope next season maybe they can take that next step and get back in the VB and return to the glory days!
  12. The UFL Project – #3 Motor City Mustangs

    Miami looks awesome! I love the color scheme!
  13. NY wins, PIT loses! Everything is right in the world! That was one heartbreaking loss by Detroit. On a side note, you always keep coming up with something new and exciting it seems during the post season. It could be hard to make these write ups interesting if they all seem the same. It could become repetitive and boring. But you always seem to find a way to throw in a curve ball that makes it interesting. Great work keeping me and many others hooked! I cant wait to see what the next round has in store. I'm hoping the NY/CIN game lives up to the hype with an Imperials victory!
  14. Well I was hoping for Cleveland to beat the snot out of the Miners... But now I guess I have to hope Minnesota gets it done. NY being a favorite against Atlanta worries me. They always seem to under perform when I have high hopes for them.
  15. Wow! I didn't expect NY to make the postseason let alone win the division! Nice job boys! That Victory Bowl logo is by far the best one you have made! Excellent job!