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  1. Well that was the result I was fearing... I really hate Pittsburgh! The end end of this game reminds me a tiny bit of the Pats-Seahawks Super Bowl after the infamous pick to end the game. I’m curious to see if any suspensions will come down on some of Portland’s players. Well congrats again to Pittsburgh... I gotta give them credit, 9 titles is very impressive!
  2. Well I sure hope that Portland wins... I can speak on behalf of Cooper and say that there is almost nothing worse than Pittsburgh winning a championship in your home building... The anniversary logos look pretty solid. I love Miamis the best. I also like the Victory Bowl logo. Definitely represents the type of logo that was popular at this time in the NFL.
  3. Wow! I'm not sure I can say anything others haven't already... The Wasps were always one of my least favorites. I liked the old secondary logo better than their primary at the time. With this new design, both logos are well done! I like the word mark. I can see it being to modern though for the late 80's. Maybe it will be good for the mid to late 90's. Now on the uniforms... Holy shhhhugar! That helmet and jersey are amazing! What a massive improvement! The stripes on the helmet don't remind me of tiger stripes as much as I thought they would. I think it's because the stripes of a tiger are thinner. It looks awesome and I wouldn't change a thing! So so now that the teams are all up to date, when can we expect the season to begin? I can't wait to read how NJ and NY let me down again this season!
  4. The new updates look good so far. The Angels brighter scheme is a nice update. I'm surprised that a team like Pittsburgh would make some pretty significant changes. I expect they will go back to gray pants and the argyle socks. It is just surprising to see them get away from that look. Kind of like the Giants when they went to white pants and got rid of the ny on their helmets and replaced it with GIANTS.
  5. I don't really follow this thread that much, I mostly just follow the AFA. But the logos you got going on are awesome! The Raiders look awesome! Keep up the great work. I'm gonna have to start reading this from the beginning.
  6. Nice job with all the work done for this VB! I was hoping Cin would win. Its about time one of the original teams finally win a VB. Is there another original team with no VB title? Also how was the atmosphere surrounding the game? Any protests or outcry regarding the Rebels? Congrats Cin! I have a feeling though that they will suffer a VB hangover next year and will make the postseason but will struggle. Just a gut feeling.
  7. Ive always been curious of how the rebels will end up. I really would like to see Cin win because it would be easier for Atl to change their name. If they win the VB I can see ownership, like the Redskins, fight tooth and nail to keep Rebels. A color change and elimination of Confederate imagery I can see occurring. But most likely that will not be enough.
  8. NFL Alternate Universe - 2009 Offseason

    I'm liking the logos so far for the anniversary! My favorite is the Stars logo, looks pretty professional.
  9. Well that SD game was a classic! I was hoping for the Destroyers to win, but what can you do? I'm hoping for a Cin/Atl VB with a Cin victory! Any ideas of what NY will be looking for in the draft? And where is the VB next season?
  10. Well I know I am a little late to the party, but the Imperials and Sharks are frustrating the hell out of me! How does Boston win the division? At least Pittsburgh tanked. The San Diego game was interesting. I am hoping they can come up with a New York Giants style run to a VB victory! The VB logo is decent, I would have hoped something more New Orleans style. But it is kind of early for that. Super Bowl logos in the 80's weren't very personal to the host city and were mostly red, white and blue. I'm looking ahead a bit but for the 40th anniversary, any plans for teams to wear throwbacks from 46? I think it'd be great to see Cincy wear their 46 uniforms!
  11. All the uniform updates look good. The update for the Wolves looks good. Not a dramatic change, just enough. I would really like to see them get a new logo in the future. Maybe a wolfs head. The color scheme I would leave alone, it is unlike any other team in the league.
  12. I love Bostons new look! Also reminds me of the Jets. The anchor with the chain is a great modernized version of their original logo. Great work as usual!
  13. The Titans are another example. The New York Titans were such a mess, the AFL had to take over and sell the team. The new owners then renamed them the Jets. The name Legion isn't bad. I could see an expansion team using the name but having no connection to Baltimore or to honor the American Legion.
  14. Interesting how things played out. The Willie Krause storyline is interesting. Kind of reminds me of Belichick. I wonder what would have happened if the Browns never moved and kept him as coach... Well I can't wait to see what's next! When do you anticipate the next season getting underway?
  15. Now that there is a little break in the action, I was just wondering if this series has played out kind of how you wanted/expected so far? When you started this series, did you have plans that haven't been able to play out? For example, did you plan on getting rid of a team or moving a team, but couldn't because they became successful? I'm just curious of what backstory, if any, never transpired because of how the expansion voting decided, teams became successful or unsuccessful, etc. I know I've said it before, but this has been an amazing series and I'm looking forward to what you come up with next!