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  1. I like the return to purple and orange for LA. I would've liked to see an updated primary and maybe the new primary be the secondary. The new secondary is neat with the tribute to the 3 championships, but I'm not a fan of the pentagram. I dont like LA, (ive never been a fan of any LA team real or fictional, maybe because I'm from the east coast) but I did really like their old primary with the wizard celebrating with the hockey stick.
  2. Well it was a blowout, but better than I expected. I expected this game to be out of reach for Tampa by halftime. Congrats to Detroit for the back to back x2!
  3. Well I certainly hope this VB is at least entertaining. If not, and the USFA championship game is another classic, that could be an interesting twist. I am not a Tampa fan at all, but I really hope they perform a sort of Super Bowl 3ish upset!
  4. My guts telling me its Detroit beating Houston in the VB... But I'm hoping Milwaukee beats Tampa... We will see!
  5. Wow! Crazy season. I forgot about the bay area earthquake from that year. What do you see happening with the Whales stadium situation now? Can it be saved? And I was so excited for NY this season. Oh well, hopefully this year is a building block in the right direction. My prediction is Detroit wins it all.
  6. Exciting Ultimate Bowl! I'm glad Tennessee won only because I like their uniforms and logo better. Now that the USFA's season is done, let's get to real football and see NY finally win the VB! Where is the VB this season?
  7. I am really excited to see how New York's move turns out! Hopefully Barbosa is the missing piece that will lead the Imperials to glory! And I am really excited to see how New Jerseys new QB plays out! Really exciting to be a New York/New Jersey fan!
  8. I love the "Giants" look of Philly, I just hate that it's Philly! The NY Giants fan in me can never love any Philly team real or fake! So I can't stand the Railers or the Red shirts in the PHL! Nicely done though! I'm looking forward to the next season and reading about my imperials dominating the league to end the drought!
  9. Baltimore looks much better! I love their jerseys with that font.
  10. Congrats Seattle! Any players from the wolves retiring or are they going to be pretty much the same to defend their cup?
  11. Some exciting turn of events! I'm going for Seattle, but I really don't mind either way. I'm just happy Philly lost!
  12. I love the color scheme for the bolts. At first I didn't get why the name bolts with what appeared to be two bolts. Your explanation helps make it clearer. I'd definitely revisit it in the future when you have more time. The Hounds I feel took a step back. Their logo went from fierce to friendly. Another logo I'd revisit. But overall this is really coming together nicely!
  13. Take your time hawk! We all have busy lives so we understand. And if they don't, then they have bigger problems to sort out than their favorite forum being inactive for a hot second! I've actually started reading this from the beginning again, just to freshen up because I've forgotten some things. This thread has come a long way and you should be proud of the progress you've made! I appreciate your hard work so that for a brief moment, I can forget about my work, life and schedule and read something entertaining! Just a side note, do you have a history of each teams logos, jerseys on another site? The art from the beginning of the blog is all gone on this forum.
  14. officerpain138

    the World Hockey League: 1949-50 Season

    I like the updates for the Bulldogs and the Badgers. Much better for the time period. As far as the WHL logo, I liked the old version better.
  15. officerpain138

    the World Hockey League: 1949-50 Season

    I like what you came up with so far! Interesting storyline. The teams logos and uniforms are great for the most part. My only critiques are, the beaver in front of the NYB almost completely covers the Y. I'd get rid of the NYB letters or shorten it to NY. Also as mentioned before, I agree that the bulldogs and badgers logos are to modern for this time period. I don't think they fit in with the rest of the league. Maybe a full front shot of the bulldog head instead of a 3/4 view will help. I really like where this is going and I'll be following it!