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  1. Interesting how things played out. The Willie Krause storyline is interesting. Kind of reminds me of Belichick. I wonder what would have happened if the Browns never moved and kept him as coach... Well I can't wait to see what's next! When do you anticipate the next season getting underway?
  2. Now that there is a little break in the action, I was just wondering if this series has played out kind of how you wanted/expected so far? When you started this series, did you have plans that haven't been able to play out? For example, did you plan on getting rid of a team or moving a team, but couldn't because they became successful? I'm just curious of what backstory, if any, never transpired because of how the expansion voting decided, teams became successful or unsuccessful, etc. I know I've said it before, but this has been an amazing series and I'm looking forward to what you come up with next!
  3. Congrats to the Ghosts! I can't complain about them winning. The VB logo is decent. Not my favorite, but I like that it was different. With the "mistake" on the field, was that on purpose or did you make the accident?
  4. Interesting results! I would not have predicted this VB at the beginning of the season. I am just rooting for a good game. Either team deserves the win!
  5. What a crazy postseason! I hope Texas can pull it off, but at this stage it looks like its anyones game!
  6. This is a great thread! I would have to go with Marshals.
  7. I expected NY to have a "Victory Bowl Hangover" season, but this is tough. This is just like the 08 Patriots who went 11-5 after losing to the G-Men in the Super Bowl, and still didnt make the playoffs. 10-6 is a great season and normally would lock up a playoff berth. I have the luck to have it happen to both my teams! Oh well what can you do... Time to cheer on whoever can pick off Pittsburgh...
  8. I am in love with the Suns new logo! Excellent execution with that! The uniforms I feel like is a downgrade a little bit. It fits the period well, I am just a sucker for the "sun ray" style shoulders. I am sure though that we will see them in throwback games in the future. I am really excited to see what the next season has to offer. Hopefully NY can shake off the Victory Bowl hangover, pick themselves back up and win a title!
  9. Well I absolutely LOVE the new Imperials look! I am glad the Imperials decided to keep the NY logo, just touch it up a bit. The red helmet also is a nice change. Wearing white at home is something I didnt expect from them. It doesnt bother me what jersey they wear, just interesting choice by them. I really hope that this change will bring back some glory though for this storied franchise! I cant wait to see what Miamis new look will be. Keep up the fantastic work! And happy belated fathers day!
  10. Congrats to the Cents... I had a feeling the Imperials were going to come up short. I really hope NY can rebound next season because this window of opportunity to win a VB will be closing eventually. So looking forward, what are the needs going into the draft for my beloved NY Imperials and NJ Sharks?
  11. Well the NY/NJ game turned ugly in the 4th. I am trying to not get excited about the Imperials, but this definitely feels like the glory days are upon us! The Victory Bowl logo looks amazing! What font is that in the shield? It is perfect! Great job as always! Lets go Imperials!
  12. WOW! This season was crazy! I am very happy to see the Sharks beat the Miners! But now my two favorite teams have to face each other... Should be an awesome game though to kick up the NY/NJ Rivalry! Hopefully this can be a rivalry like the Devils/Rangers rivalry in the 90's. On a side note, the VB Logo also looks great! Can I see a larger pic of it? Great work as always bro! I cant wait to see the results of the quarterfinals!
  13. I am on the fence about LA. I like the color change. I also like the new comet logo, but I dont like it on the helmet. I think it needs to be slanted. When I look at it sideways, I see a missile not a comet. Also the "LA" logo I think isn't as good as the old version that was on the helmet. I know the look you are going for with it, but it looks like paint dripping down a wall to me. So I do see some upgrades but I do see where they can definitely improve down the line. I am very much looking forward to the next season!
  14. Well I can't say I'm excited about this matchup since I'm not a fan of either team. I was really hoping Texas would prevail. Oh wel... I'm looking forward to next season!
  15. Well this turned out to be a disappointing season for NY... I don't care what anyone says Farragut was sacked! Well I guess now I want Texas to win... just a frustrating way to end the season! I hope NY comes back with a fire of revenge that fuels them to a perfect season!