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  1. Congrats Seattle! Any players from the wolves retiring or are they going to be pretty much the same to defend their cup?
  2. Some exciting turn of events! I'm going for Seattle, but I really don't mind either way. I'm just happy Philly lost!
  3. I love the color scheme for the bolts. At first I didn't get why the name bolts with what appeared to be two bolts. Your explanation helps make it clearer. I'd definitely revisit it in the future when you have more time. The Hounds I feel took a step back. Their logo went from fierce to friendly. Another logo I'd revisit. But overall this is really coming together nicely!
  4. Take your time hawk! We all have busy lives so we understand. And if they don't, then they have bigger problems to sort out than their favorite forum being inactive for a hot second! I've actually started reading this from the beginning again, just to freshen up because I've forgotten some things. This thread has come a long way and you should be proud of the progress you've made! I appreciate your hard work so that for a brief moment, I can forget about my work, life and schedule and read something entertaining! Just a side note, do you have a history of each teams logos, jerseys on another site? The art from the beginning of the blog is all gone on this forum.
  5. the World Hockey League: 1949-50 Season

    I like the updates for the Bulldogs and the Badgers. Much better for the time period. As far as the WHL logo, I liked the old version better.
  6. the World Hockey League: 1949-50 Season

    I like what you came up with so far! Interesting storyline. The teams logos and uniforms are great for the most part. My only critiques are, the beaver in front of the NYB almost completely covers the Y. I'd get rid of the NYB letters or shorten it to NY. Also as mentioned before, I agree that the bulldogs and badgers logos are to modern for this time period. I don't think they fit in with the rest of the league. Maybe a full front shot of the bulldog head instead of a 3/4 view will help. I really like where this is going and I'll be following it!
  7. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Interesting turn of events! Sad to see the league downsized, but I think the talent not being so spread out will help attract fans. I'm curious how Tampa will be next season. I can see them giving defenses a headache.
  8. Me, personally, I would keep the draft class the same, just change the names. I think it'd be cheesy and unoriginal to use real names. Maybe the players you come up with are based on real players, but the names are different. But this is just my personal preference of how I would do it.
  9. The new Baltimore look, overall I gotta say looks great! I love the updated color combo you have. I like the new font for the word mark. Definitely has a medieval feel to it. The lion head looks good. Sorta reminds me of a Dutch style lion with just a little more detail added to yours instead of just a outline. And the uniforms look great! Well done!
  10. Congrats with the new job! I am looking forward to what new modifications and identities are in store for the AFA. I personally don't think you are to ahead of the time for the USFA uniforms. Like you have pointed out, the NFL is a little more reserved compared to other pro sport leagues. I could see a new league trying to grab attention of fans, to come out with some "wacky" designs that are outside the box.
  11. The spiders look great, but the Reapers are awesome! The one thing I'm not a fan of with this league is all the white. I completely understand why teams went with more white, it just makes it boring.
  12. You really put together some great logos! The Monarchs M looks great, I love the colors. NY is awesome! And Louisville looks good. I'm not a huge fan of the bee hive behind the B. Looks more like a baseball logo because of the diamonds. But I can see the Bees embracing the diamonds for their endzones and on their uniforms. I can't wait to see the uniforms.
  13. Wow! I think the blues logo looks awesome! Might be my new favorite!
  14. For 83, these are great! Only little pet peeve I have is the nuggets crossed pick axes. I would separate them. The axes being joined in the middle looks odd to me. But I really love the bison! Also, the plural of Bison is Bison. Are you going to be doing uniforms and fields?
  15. I had a feeling LA was going to be left out. I'm excited to see the identities, especially NY. How will the draft order be established?