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  1. OregonAF2

    MLB: Project 32 - New Dugout Jackets Added

    Could you make concepts for possible MLB teams in Portland, Oregon, using the Beavers and Pioneers logos, colors and designs and the history for both?
  2. OregonAF2

    New Arena League logo for 2019

    Today, the Arena Football League introduced brand new logos for the league replacing the tarnished shield that lasted 15 years. Below is the link to the article at the league's website regarding today's announcement and it features a link to the new logo designs. I am unable to post them here, so be sure and click the links to see and place comment. https://www.arenafootball.com/article/new-article27122018202743 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4025mrdrpml9szo/AACXXgnDFETEZtZMQMb6U4jsa?dl=0
  3. OregonAF2

    MLB: Project 32 - New Dugout Jackets Added

    This would be perfect for a new minor league baseball team! As you probably know, the Portland Diamond Project is working on trying to bring Major League League to Portland. I am currently working on one farm club that could be an affiliate in Chico, California. But the Florida Flamingos would be a perfect look for a possible team in Fort Lauderdale, IF the sports complex area can be purchased and massively renovated.
  4. OregonAF2

    WNBA - The Sister League (1/31 - Milwaukee Bucks/Does)

    Better make sure the Bucks ownership gets this one. It's time for the WNBA to become the sister league to the NBA and be treated as equals.
  5. OregonAF2

    Indoor Football League 2017

    In 2017, the Indoor Football League will feature two new teams, the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles and Arizona Rattlers. Also, the Colorado Ice are now the Colorado Crush, not related to the AFL team of the same name. The Bemidji Axemen were to become the Minnesota Axemen, but folded in 2016 after they were stripped of their franchise rights as well as the Minnesota Havok for not meeting league requirements. And last, but certainly not least, the Tri-Cities Fever have gone "dormant", meaning their future is uncertain as they will not be playing. Attached are the Minnesota Axemen and Minnesota Havoc to were to be used, the new Colorado Crush logo and the new Salt Lake Screaming Eagles. I would sure like some thoughts on these logos. The larger logos can be downsized because they are the only sizes I have.
  6. These ones would not conflict with Wisconsin.  Colors are set to be maroon and gray, but black can go in.

    Klamath Community College Badgers #2.png

    Klamath Community College Badgers #3.png

  7. Hello, Mr. Crosby!


    The concept logos for the Wisconsin Badgers look great!  There is a community college in Klamath Falls, Oregon, known as Klamath Community College whose mascot is known as the "Badgers" and I am sure will be looking to either create a logo or use a logo.  Would it be okay if two of the Badger logos can be used by KCC to try and bring athletics to their institution?  Any help is appreciated.



    Mike Summers


    Link: https://www.facebook.com/Bring-Badger-Athletics-to-Klamath-Community-College-1792855244325223

  8. OregonAF2

    Cleaner sports logos

    There are such great logos that I'm sure need a little touch up job so they can be re-displayed with pride. Here are a few examples. Feel free to add your two cents worth in. Hopefully someone can touch up edges and take the blurriness out of the current logos on display. Denver Dynamite #1.bmp
  9. OregonAF2

    Portland Steel logo revealed

    Some of them need major clean up, but all look good.
  10. OregonAF2

    Portland Steel logo revealed

    They are long swords, I think. The league had them designed. Yes the scale is off a bit. Here is a better one...
  11. OregonAF2

    Portland Steel logo revealed

    The Arena Football League has introduced new logos for their new team in Portland, Oregon, the Portland Steel. Here they are... Also, New Orleans VooDoo, Las Vegas Outlaws and San Jose SaberCats are now defunct. Any comments about the new look?
  12. I'd just keep to original logo and helmet, but the uniform design is just perfect.
  13. I have a better one for ya. Expanding the league from 14 to 30 teams and have the concept of realignment be like this: AMERICAN CONFERENCE East Division Albany Firebirds * Florida Firecats ** **** Jacksonville Sharks * New York CityHawks Pittsburgh Power Central Division Atlanta Thoroughbreds *** Cleveland Gladiators Indianapolis Enforcers *** Iowa Barnstormers Nashville Kats West Division Arizona Rattlers * Colorado Crush * Los Angeles KISS Portland Thunder San Antonio Talons NATIONAL CONFERENCE East Division Buffalo Destroyers New York Dragons Orlando Predators * Philadelphia Soul * Tampa Bay Storm * Central Division Chicago Bruisers Denver Dynamite * Detroit Drive * Grand Rapids Rampage * New Orleans Voodoo West Division Dallas Vigilantes Houston Lightning *** San Diego Riptide **** San Jose SaberCats * Spokane Shock ** * * Past Arena Bowl Champions ** Past Arena Cup Champions *** Expansion Teams/Names from Past Leagues **** Promoted from af2
  14. OregonAF2

    Arena Football Uniform Concepts

    Not bad. How about trying some af2 uniform concepts? You may come up with some great ideas should the league relaunch.
  15. OregonAF2

    Dallas Cowboys Concept; (edited)

    Pretty good concept. Are you good at concepts for Arena Football League and af2 uniforms?