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  1. Two points I'd like to make about the bold part. 1. The fact that collective bargaining agreements haven't never contended with the inequity of taxes on income and in terms of that being a deciding factor where millionaires choose to sign is an issue. Many said that heading to Florida was an original reason for LeBron to go to Miami and form the super-team there. But, then again, California is his destination this time. So, at some point it doesn't matter. But, some type of modifier to raise or lower pay rates by economic taxation policies of each team would level the playing field and remove that from the potential argument for or against a destination to sign. 2. As 'performers', players pay income tax where their performance takes place. Not where they live. So, the increase in tax wouldn't be that noticeable. At least half their games aren't at their home venue (though a California baseball player might feel the pinch with interleague play means dozens of games in state).
  2. Sykotyk

    The USL Restructures & Rebrands

    The ONLY way it would work for baseball, is if you got rid of the NAPBL, which basically allows MILB teams to be subservient to MLB. And it's allowed because MLB has an antitrust exemption. If you did go to a European model where MLB teams 'owned' the players themselves and then simply 'loaned' them to the minor league teams, in a way European teams do all the time. The problem is that most MLB teams want all their players to learn the same system, so as they move up, they're not learning new systems each stop. Baseball is a much more nuanced game and pitchers take, sometimes, many years of grooming to be major league ready. IF you tried to shoehorn it into the current structure, you'd need to accommodate the NAPBL and the team structures. My thought would be: The winner of the PCL and IL would advance to the NL and AL, letting the two major leagues 'pick' which team they wanted based on some sort of standard, such as who lost the World Series gets to pick their new team. Once a team drops down, their contracts are automatically held by MLB and awarded to either of the two new teams that jump up (like an expansion draft). Their PDC with their parent club is negated and the new team that drops will fill in for PDC or they can go independent (independence would mean AAA would need to expand by two teams to allow the two current MLB teams that drop to maintain independence while still having 30 PDCs for AAA teams (MLB team that is now AAA would have their highest development team be AA, or a Mexican League team). An MLB team that is dropping, that just lost their MLB contracts (they could keep them if the minor league teams were unable or unwilling to assume the contracts), would experience ticket sales and television viewership losses that would make their roster required to be smaller and cheaper anyways. Just like in Europe. The other option would be the "Guest Spot" setup. MLB wants to go to 32 teams. Take the winner of the PCL and IL and give them the 16th spot in both the AL and NL. No matter their result in MLB, they will have to defend their spot in MLB against the new winners of the PCL and IL. Such as in a 5 or 7 game series. If they win, they stay up. If they lose, they go down and are replaced. The other 30 MLB teams will always be MLB teams. A minor league team could BUY the MLB spot from another team and the former MLB team would take over the guest spot, and run the risk of getting bumped down. But not immediately losing their team.
  3. Sykotyk

    2018 NFL Season

    The irony is strong with this one.
  4. Technically, it's not a replica. There is the original. And there's the current one. The original is where the old champion bands get moved to when they're retired from the current cup. The cup and the bands and everything else that is the Stanley Cup today is not the original Stanley Cup. But, it's been slowly replaced in pieces over the decades.
  5. Just nicknames, the west would be: 1. Stallions 2. Hotshots 3. Commanders 4. Fleet I didn't think Commanders could be anything but #4.... but somehow we got the Fleet Enemas. Laughing aside, Armada would've been a much better name. I know they were going "US Navy" rather than "navy in general".... but there were other options. Stallions is great, but a little unspecific to Utah or Salt Lake City in general. Hotshots is a new, unique name, but seems a bit corny being in "Arizona". Commanders is such a miss. Beats out Gunslingers, in corniness, but could be so much better. Interesting they went with Salt Lake City for the Utah team, while Phoenix-area got Arizona. Is it just because the stadium they plan to play at is in Tempe they couldn't have gone with Phoenix? Now, overall names: 1. Apollos 2. Stallions 3. Hotshots 4. Legends 5. Iron 6. Express 7. Commanders 8. Fleet As for logos. They all seem a bit 'soft' and cartoony. Apollos and Stallions maybe the best. Hotshots third. I liked the Legends crown. Stallions looks more like a chess piece than a football logo. Express, Iron, Commanders, and Fleet aren't that great. Why do the Commanders look like a Cavaliers/MLS love child?
  6. And who on the Falcons were birds? If Canton and Lexington can have Legends, so too can Atlanta.
  7. Sykotyk

    2018 High School Football

    PA had a 64-63 game between Hazleton and Williamsport. Indiana had a 70-52 game between Blackford and Alexandria-Monroe. Interesting that Ball State hosts "CIC Day" where the Central Indiana Conference plays all four conference games at Scheumann Stadium in Muncie. They also hosted the Tri-Eastern Conference (TEC Day) in Week 1 as well. You don't see that anywhere in Ohio or PA. Nice way to get the kids the experience of playing in a major college venue.
  8. Sykotyk

    Minor League Baseball News

    Hudson Valley Renegades have all turf field as well. So, too, does the West Virginia Black Bears. Also of the NYPL.
  9. Sykotyk

    2018 High School Football

    Long-time head coach for Aliquippa, Mike Zmijanac, was hired by Ringgold after he was unceremoniously let go, Lost 48-0, 62-0, and 48-0 in the first three games with his new team.
  10. Sykotyk

    Memphis 901 FC Announces Name, Unveils Logos Ahead of First Season

    Yep. Overlays were the lazy way of avoiding constantly moving boundaries for 'primary' codes. Northeast Ohio was a good example of creating new primaries without overlays. Cleveland kept 216, and Youngstown/Warren got 330. But, as 330 got used up, Youngstown got to keep 330 as their primary and the area between Cleveland and Youngstown got a new primary. It'd have been weird if instead of geography dividing 330/440, if 440 just became an overlay and you saw the two mingle. I know that Pittsburgh's 412 split with the outlying areas being 724, they created an overlay that covered BOTH 412 and 724 area codes. Without looking it up, I swear it was 878. With the explosion of toll-free numbers from 800 to 888 to 877, etc. I remember there were scammers using 878 pretending it to be a toll-free number. Or, rather, just hoping you wouldn't notice. The original goal was 878 was for things like computer lines, secondary lines, etc.
  11. Sykotyk

    Memphis 901 FC Announces Name, Unveils Logos Ahead of First Season

    All area codes originally had a 0 or 1 for the middle digit. This was to signify this was an area code during dialing for the switching system as opposed to dialing a country code or a local interchange code. As for area codes being brands, it was a big deal to Cleveland in 2016 during the Cavs run to a title as Cleveland's (and originally all of northeast Ohio's) area code was 216. Columbus is 614 and Pittsburgh is 412. Northwest PA is 814. I know Dallas and Fort Worth are 214 and 817. Then came the age of the page and secondary lines for dial-up internet and the number usages skyrocketed. You had new codes. Eastern Ohio branched from 614 to 740. Western PA outside Pittsburgh became 724. And the 216 first splintered with Youngstown getting 330. And then the area between Cleveland and Youngstown and everywhere else became 440. And then the overlays. Luckily, they were introduced into this area just as the dial-up boom declined for broadband, so most hardly anybody has an overlay and probably not needed today. And with the landlines going away, it's not as important. Yet, my cell # matches this to a T:
  12. In the Prospect League (collegiate summer league), Kokomo Jackrabbits is leaving for the Northwoods League. And the Butler BlueSox were trying to enter the Great Lakes League before opting to suspend operations for 2019.
  13. Sykotyk

    2018 High School Football

    I'm a bit west of there. So haven't heard anything specific. But it wouldn't surprise me. As for the JV, in my area, the JV still dressed on Friday night. Simply because the JV game was usually Saturday morning, and if needed, the players were available. The JV game could always be cancelled if there weren't enough eligible players for it. Most of Ohio you'll see some type of discount for students. in PA, my HS is still $5 for reserved seating, $4 for general admission, and $2 for students and seniors. Been that price since the 90s.
  14. Sykotyk

    2018 High School Football

    This past weekend, the Wolvarena in Turtle Ceek, PA (home of Woodland Hills), hosted six games over two days. First game Saturday was Imani Christian, a small Pittsburgh area school hosting a charter school from Washington, DC. Hence the crowd. Imani led 44-0 after one, and 58-0 at the half. Second half was two 6-minute shortened quarters with the running clock. The final score was still, 80-6.
  15. Sykotyk

    2018 High School Football

    This is a common problem is the rural areas of Pennsylvania where co-ops are allowed. Just recently, Youngsville shuttered their team to co-op with neighboring, and much larger, Warren. Sheffield, in the same school district as Youngsville and Warren, was talked about having a co-op with Warren as well, but luckily that didn't happen this season as enough players came out. Also, Sheffield already had a co-op with Abraxas, which usually gives them about 10 players a year as well. Also, in District 9, recently Union and Allegheny-Clarion Valley co-oped to form Union/ACV. And the one that probably started it all, was Ridgway and Johnsonburg, two arch rivals just a few miles apart, co-oped together several years ago. Sticking with D9, Clarion and Clarion-Limestone have discussed a co-op for football. But the big stalemate is team identity. Clarion plays at Clarion University's Memorial Stadium, while in a co-op, CL would want to play at their home high school stadium. Nothing came through this year but given population trends its bound to happen eventually to keep football unless 8-man becomes an option. In states without co-ops, Ohio just saw Millersport, a small D7 school sit out the 2018 season due to lack of numbers.