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  1. Sykotyk

    2018 High School Football

    This is a common problem is the rural areas of Pennsylvania where co-ops are allowed. Just recently, Youngsville shuttered their team to co-op with neighboring, and much larger, Warren. Sheffield, in the same school district as Youngsville and Warren, was talked about having a co-op with Warren as well, but luckily that didn't happen this season as enough players came out. Also, Sheffield already had a co-op with Abraxas, which usually gives them about 10 players a year as well. Also, in District 9, recently Union and Allegheny-Clarion Valley co-oped to form Union/ACV. And the one that probably started it all, was Ridgway and Johnsonburg, two arch rivals just a few miles apart, co-oped together several years ago. Sticking with D9, Clarion and Clarion-Limestone have discussed a co-op for football. But the big stalemate is team identity. Clarion plays at Clarion University's Memorial Stadium, while in a co-op, CL would want to play at their home high school stadium. Nothing came through this year but given population trends its bound to happen eventually to keep football unless 8-man becomes an option. In states without co-ops, Ohio just saw Millersport, a small D7 school sit out the 2018 season due to lack of numbers.
  2. Sykotyk

    First MLB Game Memories

    First ever game was a Pirates game in Pittsburgh for my birthday. Being an Indians fan, it was right during their sellout streak, and there was no way to get tickets easily or cheaply. So, the tradeoff was cheap tickets for the Pirates. They lost at Three Rivers, one of the worst baseball stadiums imaginable, 9-1... to the Florida Marlins. Such a boring game. Pitiful crowd. And the home team was out of it basically from the start. It would be many years before I attended another MLB game.
  3. Sykotyk

    MLB 2019 All Star Game

    As someone pointed out on twitter. The All-Star Game uses three different As. Once you see it it will drive you crazy. Overall, I like the stitching used with the guitar.
  4. Made me think of this Far Side comic:
  5. Sykotyk

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Even after USC stopped using LA Sports Arena, the arena still was used for some things before it was determined that it had NO use whatsoever with so many other arena options for events, concerts, conventions, etc. The other thing is, LAG had no real incentive to wait. At the time, MLS just needed teams in their own venues. And that usually meant well outside the downtown core. LAG probably wouldn't have survived without huge losses if they had to keep playing elsewhere (Rose Bowl, Coliseum, or some other venue) until now to get a venue. And, at the time, Carson was the only real option to get it built. The problem is it's 20-30 years until they can move to somewhere better after building StubHub. So, they're stuck now. LAG's best hope, is over the next decade, is to really entrench themselves as being the south/east/suburban team while LAFC aims for LAFC proper and west/north/northwest for support and get more of a cultural split along those lines.
  6. Sykotyk

    MLS: Our Similar Logo is Just a Coincidence

    The thing is, if you just search "US canada logo", you'll see several instances of stars/maple leafs merged together. Most doing a straight vertical split down the middle, but still generally recognizing that both of those are loose symbols of the two countries it's not absurd. Also, "Microsoft Windows" is copyrighted, but the Lindows Windowing System was about to use the term(s) because, as the judge ruled, Microsoft doesn't own the rights to just a word as common and ubiquitous to the application as "Windows". MLS would have as tough a time defending their trademark as CCSLC would have of defending theirs.
  7. Sykotyk

    MLS: Our Similar Logo is Just a Coincidence

    The one slash goes through the entire roundel, CCSLC doesn't. CCSLC also has that quirky extra 'point' for the bottom left corner of the star that the other doesn't. Also, the maple leafs are different. It's not like they just slapped down CCSLC's logo and removed the little extra point and extended the slash. The slash is a different angle, the maple leaf is different, the annoying extra point is not there. And the slash goes through the whole thing. If CCSLC is the first to associate a maple leaf with Canada and a star with the U.S., then you might have something. But this is arguing Microsoft has the right to the word Windows because it's a common term to their software. Only that bottom left superfluous point is 'original', and the MLS logo lacks it.
  8. Sykotyk

    Football and CTE

    If we go back to the old definition of tackling then a lot of the defensive restrictions in place that many dislike could be abolished. Unless you're excited at the thought of 84-80 nfl games. Offense will have too many advantages. Go back to the old dpi rules, etc.
  9. Sykotyk

    2018 CFL Season: The March for 106

    I think he means this: On a punt, anyone behind the kicker is 'live' to go after the ball (there is no 5 yard halo for them). But, that rarely matters since they'll be lining up behind where the ball is kicked, which is a hell of a run to violate the 5 yard halo in most instances (also the reason they always have to at least down the ball, not like NFL where you can just let it roll dead and the play ends). Though, reading it again, he seems to act like that this is a kickoff. There is no offside/onside with the kicker in this instance. Just who is live to go after the ball and who has to respect the 5 yard halo.
  10. Sykotyk

    2018 CFL Season: The March for 106

    Also, remember in the CFL a field goal that hits the uprights is a DEAD BALL and no points are scored. So, sometimes in tie games very late, you'll see the kicker purposefully miss the kick wide just to avoid the chance of hitting the upright, but hopefully not so wide he literally misses the endzone. Also, I love to watch this video anytime someone questions the single point rule. Also, just like any other punt, you must give the receiver a 5-yard halo. Which is why Montreal had such an easy attempt to punt it back into the endzone.
  11. Sykotyk

    2018 CFL Season: The March for 106

    False. Even before the 2-point conversion, a 1-point safety could be scored by the defense if somehow the kicking team were to maneuver the ball 98 yards backwards into their own endzone and then fail to return it out without the defensive team ever possessing it.
  12. Costa Rica, Senegal, and Poland are in one group. What if it's CR-SEN, SEN-POL, and CR-POL as the schedule., yet, CR & SEN tied, 0-0, while each lost to Poland, 1-0. Senegal is sitting in their hotel, possibly hundreds or thousands of miles from the site of CR-POL. When would this magical 30-minute game be played?
  13. Sykotyk

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    There's always going to be comparisons due to their creation so close together, their founders having history, etc. But, yes, news of each should be kept separate even if regularly compared to the other.
  14. Sykotyk

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    With the AAF going all southern teams, I wouldn't be surprised at all if XFL were majority northern teams. Hartford, Syracuse, Columbus (or Canton/Akron, or at least somewhere in Ohio), Louisville, Charlotte/Raleigh/Winston-Salem/NC in General, Orlando (major entertainment market), Tucson, DFW (TCU, SMU, Cotton Bowl, Frisco's Toyota Stadium), Oakland (obvious reasons), St. Louis (obvious reasons), etc. Some assembly of those markets. If TV isn't a pressing concern, NYC or LA metro isn't really necessary. At least, big name major TV. Even an AAF type deal where they get one or two games on terrestrial OTA television, they don't need major markets. What XFL might go after is the markets that are 'just below' major. I know there's 30 RFPs out there, but curious what total markets have been looked at and which 30 got them and why.
  15. Sykotyk

    Coyotes Bring Back the Kachina as New Third Uniform

    It has returned.... Mark me down as being in favor of them returning to the Kachina full time. The howling Coyote is so bland and generic a mark that without context there's a sizable portion of this country that would have no clue what team it represents.