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  1. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    MLS contracting Chivas and then awarding LAFC is a byproduct of the league being a single-entity. Chivas was run horribly and the league had assumed control of them when their 'owner' ditched them. They were a poor attempt at gaining Mexican viewers at a time when anyone with a checkbook that could buy a team was welcome. Today, that's not the same case. So, since Chivas was run by the league, there was no chance in hell they'd run the team just to meander through until LAFC's new stadium opened and rebrand. The pricetag was going to be the same regardless. Columbus' situation is a lot like San Jose (the only other relocation). An owner basically fed up without long term plans for a 'real' stadium (one with all the bells and whistles and in the prime location that MLS 1.0 and even MLS 2.0 stadiums lack) The problem is Columbus is a 1.0 team and the fans know it. Only KC has managed to truly make a 'second first impression'. Which is essentially what Precourt wants in Columbus with a downtown stadium. Downtown, they're inescapable. Out by I-71, they're just a weird yellow billboard-esque blight you see in a neighbor most won't stop in otherwise. It was built cheap and quick when Ohio Stadium couldn't host the team any longer. It was the start of MLS 2.0, but so many 2.0 stadiums were so much nicer and appointed compared to Crew Stadium. Look at HDC/SHC, DSGP, Toyota Stadium, PHP and Rio Tinto. I've been to 3 of those 5. Crew Stadium was clearly less than them. This is like Cleveland Browns Stadium being built cheap in 1999 to bring back the team. THEY DIDN'T HAVE ESCALATORS!!! and try comparing it to AT&T Stadium or Lucas Oil Stadium. Or even the newest members, Mercedez-Benz Stadium or US Bank Stadium. It just doesn't cut it any more. It's great for what it is, but MLS basically is demanding much better than that. And it's clear from all the new venues going up. Orlando City, the new plans in Minnesota, Banc Stadium in LA, etc. They're nothing like Cre Stadium. Crew Stadium is a great high school football stadium. It is not a good MLS stadium when compared to other MLS stadiums. Do I think Columbus should bend over for the team? No. But their circumstances are a matter of timing. Years ago, Hunt built them a stadium unlike anything MLS had seen to keep them in Columbus. Today, that stadium will be what drives them from the league.
  2. 2017 High School Football

    But, why not call it B, or relabel the other four as 5A-2A. It just seems so weird to me. In PA, it was generally uncouth to say "3A", instead it was always written out as "AAA". At least until 6 classifications. Where AAAAAA would be tough to distinguish immediatley from, say, AAAAA. At a glance, at least. So, in Iowa you have, technically, AAAA, AAA, AA, A, and .... a? Just a weird thing I always noticed about Iowa. Side note: it's always funny that the use of multiple As for a designation was because B, C, D, etc was seen as 'diminutive' so even the smallest classifications got an "A" designation and the bigger ones were just 'more As'. Funny, then, that one of the biggest states you'd THINK would be against the mental stigma of labeling someone a B, C, or even a D... New York, actually uses AA, A, B, C, and D for their classes.
  3. 2017 High School Football

    Okay, here's the details of the Pennsylvania format. The new format. First, the PIAA has twelve mostly geographic Districts. Years ago, it was 10. The Philadelphia City League and Philadelphia Catholic League weren't PIAA members. At some point, District 3 was split in two, and created District 11. Then, when the Philadelphia City League joined, it created the new District 12. When the Catholic League joined, they became part of District 12. Though the City League and Catholic League operate independently of each other. Each district operates a certain sense of autonomy not really seen much outside of New York or California. The PIAA as a whole oversees very little of the season structure of their sports. The Districts handle it. The only thing PIAA handles is eligibility and classifications. So, you get Districts are greatly different sizes. The WPIAL has over 120 teams and covers all of southwest Pennsylvania. That's almost 1/4th the state. Despite hosting their championship games at Heinz FIeld, the six Pittsburgh City League teams are not WPIAL members. Also, though the Districts tend to have rather explicit geographic boundaries, the WPIAL's tend to be more like tentacles reaching into other districts. Currently, Indiana and Altoona are both District 7 despite being geographically outside their limits. Over the years, many WPIAL teams have moved away. Butler County's Slippery Rock and Lawrence County's Wilmington both left for District 10, which they border. Also, Farrell, located well within District 10 territory and archrivals with Sharon, were District 7 members for years. And now want to return to District 7 but without the permission of District 10 to release them, are stuck. Same goes for McDowell in suburban Erie. They're a huge 6A class school who for several years played the regular season in District 7. However, would be forced to head north for the playoffs, despite only one other large school in the area. They wanted to move permanently to WPIAL in all sports, but again District 10 stopped that. So, you have District 7 with over 120 teams, and District 8 (Pittsburgh City League) with 6 teams. District 10 has about 40 teams in the northwest corner. Then, out west you have District 9 in northwest-central, and District 6 east of Pittsburgh. And a small District 5 covering three counties in rural/central Pennsylvania. 1/3/11 surround Philadelphia out to Harrisburg and Allentown areas, and District 2 in the northeast corner. District 4 is northeast-central. And as mentioned, each District has their own rules. FOR EVERYTHING. The PIAA sets what weekend a district must crown their district champion. The WPIAL, who played all four titles at Heinz Field on the same day, didn't want to move one of their classes to a different weekend. So, opted to move up all four classes. Then, because they moved their season up, got permission to move their first game of the season up a week and start earlier than the rest of the state. Then the rest of the state got permission to start a week earlier. WPIAL has 3 rounds of playoffs now for the top four classes, and 4 for the bottom two. The top 3 classes have their championship game at Heinz Field, whle the bottom two play at Robert Morris University in Moon. The playoffs are generally neutral site with all games on Friday. The first round games are played at the higher seed. Meanwhile, District 10 plays ALL playoff games at neutral sites. District 6 goes with the higher seed. District 9 plays top seed hosts first round, neutral site after that. Because of scheduling, the PIAA announced that under the six-class setup, teams could either play 9 games and 2 scrimmages, or 10 games and 1 scrimmage. So, week 1 can be confusing. District 10 voted as a whole for all teams to play in Week 1. Then, come playoff time last year, screwed up the entire schedule. First, 1A, 3A, and 5A had to play during Week 10, which meant teams were only playing one scrimmage and 9 regular season games. 2A, 4A, and 6A were scheduled for a tenth game. 2A had 13 teams, while 4A had 2 teams last year, and 6A had only 1 team. However, many 2A schools had games scheduled with 3A or 5A schools. If they made the playoffs (which most did), that cancelled the 2A's final game of the season. 4A's championship game hasn't been played now for two season because the 2nd place team has simply opted out of the playoffs. That team being Warren not wanting to go up against Cathedral Prep. The rest of 4A had elected to play up to 5A during the past cycle just to avoid Cathedral Prep. The good news is Prep is probably heading up to 5A next season, and the rest of 4A will stay put. And, with the consolidation of Strong Vincent, East, and Central Tech in Erie into "Erie High School", there's finally a second 6A team for McDowell to play. In years past, Cathedral Prep had played up to 4A (under 4 classes), to play alongside McDowell. Under 6 classes, they've instead stayed at 4A and won the state championship easily and are shoe-ins to at least return to the title game. Back to the playoff structure. 5A has 7 teams, and essentially all seven make the playoffs. 3A has 9 teams, and 8 of 9 make the playoffs. in 2A, there's 13 and 8 make the playoffs. And in 1A now, there's 5 teams and all 5 make the playoffs. What is confusing, is 1A has to play a quarterfinal round during Week 10, and the other 3 teams cancelled their scheduled games to get the week off. Farrell was set to play an Ohio school who wasn't exactly thrilled to lose a game. Farrell's argument was that Cochranton (their semifinal opponent) was off and they didn't want to play while their opponent rested. Unlike WPIAL, who only play on Fridays for the playoffs (barring field availability in the first round if two schools share: such as Keystone Oaks and Bishop Canevin), District 10 plays on Thursday, Friday, and twice on Saturday. Games are held at stadiums featuring turf. Which is becoming more commonplace. Erie, McDowell, Prep, Corry, Warren, Meadville, General McLane, Edinboro University, Slippery Rock University, Greenville, Hickory, Grove City, Wilmington, Franklin or Oil City. Primarily, it's a cost-cutting decision. Fewer district officials and crews to open stadiums if they can share venues over the weekend. Many times you'll have a 1pm/7pm or 2pm/8pm doubleheader at one stadium. Various teams may get a bye in the playoffs due to weird bracketing. Cathedral Prep won't play the D10 title game, and then gets a bye the next week. They'll go almost 20 days without playing a game.
  4. 2017 High School Football

    Yeah. I've kept tabs on California's structure. As for 16 games, that's a regular occurrence in Pennsylvania as well. Though they moved from 4 to 6 classifications, which shortened the season by one week. However, if every game is played and teams elect to play 1 scrimmage and max number of regular season games, they could play sixteen games. One question I am just begging for an answer. Why does Iowa have both a 1A and A classification?
  5. 2017 High School Football

    Interesting note for those about playoff structures. Iowa and Minnesota BOTH play all of their semifinals and finals at one predetermined location in each state. For Minnesota, it's U.S. Bank Stadium. Before it's demolition, both the semifinals and finals were held at the Metrodome. During TCF Bank's reign as title game location, the semifinals were held elsewhere. In Iowa, the semifinals and finals are held at UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls right near Waterloo. They've been held there for decades now. For Iowa, that's 12 semifinals and 6 finals. For Minnesota, that's 14 semifinals and 7 finals. The fourteen finals are over three days. 4 on a Thursday, and 5 each on Friday and Saturday. It's interesting that the midwest has a magnetism to domed stadiums. North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, and Indiana all play in domes. Missouri did until moving to Springfield. Kansas and Nebraska lack facilities, same as Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, and Wyoming. Montana's game are just held at the higher seed's home field. Really, though, for games in November, if your state has a dome, that's where the games will be played. Even the 11,000-seat Dakota Dome. It's better than hosting games outdoors in South Dakota in November.
  6. 2017 High School Football

    Weren't they at Hard Rock (or whatever it was called that year) in the late 2000s or so? I swear I remember seeing the a televised game on one of the FSN networks years ago.
  7. 2017 NFL Season

    Twitter is already on it:
  8. 2017 High School Football

    That problem also happened in Kentucky. Twice, WKU had to host their conference title game, and it interfered with the state championship games. And now, the KHSAA games are being played in Lexington at UK.
  9. 2017 High School Football

    PIAA just went to 6 title games last year. WPIAL has never had more than 4 games at Heinz Field. The first year they went to six, the 1A and 2A classes have more teams, so their titles are the following week. Massillon won't be part of the hosting anymore. It's just going to be Canton's new Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium hosting. But it will rotate somewhat. Ohio Stadium didn't really want the games and Massillon had put in a good bid to take it from Ohio Stadium. t alternates between NIU and U of Illinois. When the Big Ten moved the last week of the season back a week, it meant every other year Illinois would be hosting a college game the weekend of the titles. So, NIU hosts their season finale the alternating year. So, they just rotate between the two now. Alabama does that with the Iron Bowl. School that doesn't host the Iron Bowl hosts the HS Super Seven.
  10. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    This is a surprisingly common HS football/baseball layout:,-82.5448703,163m/data=!3m1!1e3
  11. New Seattle Seahawks alternate logo

    The blue background with the light blue lines make it look like it's cocking its neck and has a cowlick. Not the best look.
  12. Bloomington Thunder rebrand with new name & logo

    I'm not a fan of the name. It's a bit wordy. But the logo is serviceable in the USHL.
  13. High School Football Uniforms 2017

    Actually, most state associations DON'T, which is the problem. This has become a very common 'trend' that really needs stopped. Texas, which does follow NCAA rules, just now instituted a rule against same-color jersey and numbers. Other states need to work on it.
  14. Could the Rays be moving to Las Vegas?

    He thinks the announcement of a team instantly creates thousands of diehard fans who will devote their lives and support to the team.