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  1. They should kill two birds with one stone and go with Sod Scooters, and have this as their logo:
  2. Sykotyk

    West Michigan Whitecaps to play as Beer City Bung Hammers

    It's literally across the river from Grand Rapids. But, it's not in Grand Rapids and my guess was there was some local pressure to not give the team the Grand Rapids name. So, instead of Comstock Park, it's easier to do West Michigan. I always had thought it was further from downtown than it is. But, it's quite close. As for the problem with Grand Rapids, is that AAA isn't moving in any time soon. Plus, I'd think the stadium is too small now for it, anyways. AA, the Eastern League's western outpost is Akron and second is Erie. That's a long haul for one team. I thought NYPL having a team in Morgantown (just outside, actually), WV was bad when Mahoning Valley was already far away from the rest of the league. Aside from league size, the league they're in works well geographically. Maybe Bowling Green/Lake County were a bit of outliers moving from the South Atlantic during the last big shuffle, but it is the Midwest League of mostly Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa teams with Dayton/Lake County to the east, BG to the south, and a few teams up in Wisconsin. Plus, being A, they get to be affiliated with Detroit. Something I know from visiting GR in the past is that they're much more fans of Detroit than Chicago. Which helps that the Griffins are Red Wings affiliates, and their NBABCDEFG-League team is affiliate with the Pistons.
  3. Sykotyk

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    The primary reason pro/rel doesn't exist in the US is because we didn't start out with one. Even our baseball league, which is the oldest league in the country, started out as a group of businessmen forming a league and all are members. There was no 'let's vote out this team at the bottom of the standings and promote someone else in their place'. They wanted stability over the long term. Year to year. The best way to explain why pro/rel will not work in the U.S. is to try and imagine EUROPE having pro/rel continent-wide. Imagine there were 20-30 'UEFA Champions League' teams all playing in one league spanning the UK to Ukraine. And the bottom three get relegated and top three..... yeah. Good luck figuring out which three of all those countries get promoted each year. And then making sure there's an open spot in that country to take a team that drops down, but not maybe a team that is also moving up at the same time. Imagine if Chelsea, Porto, and Leverkusen all dropped one season and had to be replaced by Feyerenoord, Dyanmo Kiev, and Celtic? Who moves where? One league will just have one less team jumping from 3 to 2 because another team fell from 1 to 2 for that specific country's league? The US is like Europe. And has less than 30 major teams spanning a huge territory. To the point we have three teams from another country participating in our league. A country with even worse travel issues. If the US gets up to 200 major teams all succeeding year to year, maybe we can talk about pro/rel. Until then, stop planning to kneecap the few major teams we do have.
  4. Sykotyk

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Well, the Ohio contingent didn't fare well last night. That Crew game was a gut punch. It was funny, it just seemed like neither keeper could jump fast enough no matter which direction they were diving to break up a shot. Then, switch over to FCC-MNUFC and they go out on penalties. A second Hell Is Real game would've been awesome. And instead, neither team advances at all.
  5. Sykotyk

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    The overkill is the iPad Pro thing. 30 markets itself isn't exactly a lot. But, my guess is they've already researched quite a few markets and either put them on their 'wish list' or put them on their 'that will never work' list and didn't bother to send out iPads. Rather than just going to one market at a time, or sending some sort of paper questionnaire, the fact they're using iPad profs probably give them immediate returns and allows easy two-way communication for further questions, concerns, discussions, etc. Houston getting one is a bit of a surprise. A market usually overlooked by these 8-team 'new leagues' as there's a lot of financial competition. Playing at BBVA would be great, as they also host a college team, so I'm curious about that market. One I don't think many had on their radar. Could just be a 'what if' long shot to see what type of arrangements could be made. The one downside of the 30 markets, is that it seems like it'll preclude several 'secondary' markets who might be worthwhile but not exactly first choice. I'm also curious of the 7 AAF markets that XFL are interested in. They already talked to Orlando preliminarily a while ago about using Camping World Stadium.
  6. Sykotyk

    What if the MLB had promotion and relegation?

    Under the current system? Nearly impossible. First, remember, that the minors have their players paid for by their parent clubs. So, if one were to be 'promoted', they'd suddenly have to pay large sums of money to compete. Secondly, they'd have to raise ticket prices astronomically, and other than maybe Buffalo, Salt Lake City, and a few others are anywhere close to large enough to even compete against the number of fans through a turnstyle every night. And that's with tickets that are mostly less than $15, while usually the absolute cheapest MLB ticket you can find is about $15. The worst thing about promotion and relegation, and what fans seem to forget, is that you wind up with a few teams that are constantly near or at the top of the top flight. Everybody loves to talk about pro/rel and how exciting it is, but to me it's only trumped up to be exciting because the top flight championship is usually so mind-numbingly boring. Who won this year in the EPL? Did it really even matter? Chelsea, Man City, ManU, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc. That's about it. Sure, throw out Liecester City if you want, but that was a freak occurrence where every team at the top was 'down' and somehow LCFC performed a miracle. But, if you're a fan of Southampton, your only real intrigue is that you're not winning the title and hope to god you don't fall into the relegation zone. Would you be a fan of the Kansas City Royals if in a winner-take-all, no-salary-cap setup where the largest following with the most money wins more often than not, and you're just hoping not to wind up in AAA with Omaha and Oklahoma City.
  7. Sykotyk

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    Sending 30 preloaded XFL branded iPad Pros to the 30 markets to submit their information is a little overkill. But, certainly lets the stadium authority or city know that the XFL is serious and finances aren't really an issue with their league.
  8. Sykotyk

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    As for the 30 markets: Nothing wrong with it. Some are probably long shots. But, my guess is they're all 'mid-major' markets or on the periphery of major markets (Hartford/Rutgers for NYC, Evanston for Chicago, etc). Orlando can work again. There's a certain aspect of playing at the old Citrus Bowl that's beneficial compared to UCF for location. The UCF location benefits from a lot of college kids showing up for weekend games, but if they're not showing up for UCF games, what's to say Alliance Orlando will draw? Camping World Stadium is more geographically centered. And better for fans southwest of Orlando and south (Lakeland, Osceola, Kissimmee, etc). If XFL really wants to go back to 'football the way it was meant to be played' but 'reimagined', playing in the snow and cold is the way many people remember football in the fall as a kid. It may affect attendance, but you can't argue that a snow game isn't entertaining to watch on television. With all the domes, etc, there's so little opportunities. Even the NFL has rescheduled games when huge storms would roll through (Philadelphia played on a Tuesday to avoid a storm that never really materialized, even). So, playing in the north makes sense. Playing in markets untapped by the endless repetition of secondary football leagues. There's burnout. And aside from SLC, Phoenix, and Atlanta, the markets have had burnout. Atlanta certainly looks better thanks to the modified Turner Field now holding 25k or so as Georgia State Stadium. But, Phoenix in Tempe? If you want Arizona, why not be unique and go with Tucson? A huge city that isn't that far from fans in Phoenix, and might latch onto their own 'pro team' compared to being fifth in line in Phoenix, at best.
  9. Sykotyk

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I like the redo with the Rhein Fire. The darker flames and the merlot/burgundy color matched well compared to the rather usual red/yellow/orange color combinations. As for the AAF. It just feels like they really didn't do their homework here. Is there ONE person in Birmingham who is going to say "Yeah, this time it's going to work?" At best, you're hoping for huge walk-up crowds in one of the worst venues. With the new UAB venue being built, the XFL has a better shot at it in the future. But, even then. This market is scorched Earth. As someone else pointed out: Hartford, Syracuse, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, New Orleans (Tulane's stadium), Little Rock, San Antonio/Austin, Lincoln/Omaha, etc are markets that could be a focus for a league looking at outside-the-box locations that might legitimately be starved for a taste of professional football. Instead, it's right back to the same markets that have been tried again and again and again and again and again, etc. And if St. Louis does get a team, which is possible, STL/MEM/BIR/ATL makes a great foresome. But in their wisdom, would probably split STL/MEM east and west just as the first XFL did Memphis and Birmingham despite being obvious that the two closest teams should probably get a home-and-home since there's some cultural animosity to help drive interest. And worse, to put that as Week 1.
  10. Sykotyk

    Fightin Phils play annual morning game as Reading Whoopies

    A lot of Eastern and Midwest leagues have 'educational' games where they start at 10am or so mid-week. Akron had two on back-to-back days. It's great for the players if it's the last game of a series before a road trip or an off day.
  11. Sykotyk

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    They're really going all in on gambling in every facet possible (including live-action play-by-play fantasy football with payouts), or they're expecting HUGE sponsorships to cover a big portion of it. They claim they have money to go 10 years building it up. But even UFL had games on TV more than this. Out of sight, out of mind. That's the fate of the AAF with the public. My guess is Atlanta-Phoenix will be the first game. The two biggest markets out there. East and West. Play at the Georgia State Stadium seats about 25-30k or whatever would make for the "Sam Boyd Stadium" type crowd XFL had in 2001 for their kickoff. Anywhere else, hordes of open seats will make it look like no one cares. San Diego may work, but unless SD really embraces it a la Baltimore with the CFL, I can't see SDCCU Stadium looking packed. I'm surprised they think airing their games on their app as acceptable. Airing them on a CBS Sports app or Youtube TV, etc, would work better. Their app is going to face the same problem their games are. They need to advertise their app to get people to watch their games. So, they're still going to have to advertise. It'd almost be easier just to take a wash on getting those other games aired by some well-known streaming medium than their own app. If that app isn't perfect, people will turn away. If it's too bulky or cumbersome, they'll turn away. Another axiom: Keep it simple, stupid.
  12. Sykotyk

    Ice Cream Helmets and Other Souvenirs

    Right now, I don't even have mine fully displayed. They're stacked up on top of a book shelf. I usually have them spread out, but I've run out of space for souvenirs from all games. For baseball, my general rule is: mini-bat and a simple team logo baseball. If I go back again, I try to get maybe a different color bat or one of the 'fancy' baseballs (Erie SeaWolves have a plaid textured ball). My favorite bat I have now is Akron RubberDucks in yellow. Something they don't sell this season. But, do have the baby blue color of their special jerseys. Went to two Indians games this year, and it was interesting finding their bats and balls with or without Chief Wahoo. One bat had a fire-flame pattern with the Indians script, while another had Chief Wahoo very small at the end of a regular looking bat that was multi-colored. The balls, too, were odd. The one with the Indians script featured Wahoo, while the one with the block C featured Progressive Field. I ended up getting the Progressive Field one since it looks more like a 'plain' team ball. Aside from a bat and ball, I like to get a program (affiliate ball is usually free) and schedule. For NFL, I've never been to enough different stadiums to have a 'thing' to get. For MLS/Soccer, I always got a scarf. Each time with a new design. Though, now, today there's just too many. Luckily I haven't been to an MLS game in two years. I know scarf designs have gotten out of hand. Hockey has always been a logo hockey puck. Sometimes a miniature hockey stick but not really a fan of them as they don't seem to be consistent across leagues. For all sports, I do like to keep the ticket stub, get a program, and any time of 'giveaway'. Now, after all that, one thing I really want to find is 'mini baseballs'. I have two. One was from a Connecticut Tigers game and the other is from a Salt Lake Bees game. But I cannot find them anywhere anymore. These were balls that were about half the diameter of a regulation baseball. If a ball was $8, the mini ball was $3 or $4. And yet I can never find them anywhere. Closest I could was at Lake County Captains had them, but they had a hook screwed into one end as a 'christmas ornament' and the panels are red and green with the Captains face logo. But, that's it. Was this a bigger item years ago and I just caught the tail end of it when I started going to games? Or is this just an oddity not many teams ever had?
  13. Sykotyk

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Playing on the grass field probably doesn't cost much to use during the day. Actually signing a lease to open it up for games, ushers, ticket takers, security, lights, etc. Probably is a lot more and the stadium isn't going to give the going rate for half a season of use.
  14. Texas also has the Grandview Zebras with a Cincinnati Bengals like helmet:
  15. Sykotyk

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    The whole west side of Ohio is heavily Germanic. All those farms were mostly first settled by German immigrants. Cincinnati as a whole is recognised as 19.6% Germanic origin. Irish is second, at 10.4%. That's for the city and surrounding areas and is 'self-proclaimed'. Either way, it's not unexpected or unusual.