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  1. Went to a few Hudson Valley games this past year. The old logo definitely had a 'kids club' feel to it. Really like the new primary and keeping the HV with the tail.The secondary homeplate logo is a nice logo for the area. Not liking the homeplate HV logo, though. Feels too unfinished. Like something's missing. It's blocky, and the alternating stripe effect just doesn't work across the entire background.
  2. 2017 High School Football

    Ohio Champions: D1 Pickerington Central D2 Akron Archbishop Hoban D3 Trotwood-Madison D4 Steubenville D5 Wheelersburg D6 Marion Local D7 Minster West Virginia Champions: 3A Martinsburg 2A Bluefield 1A Wheeling Central Catholic PA Championship Game Matchups: Thursday 1pm 1A Jeannette v. Homer-Center 7pm 4A Cathedral Prep v. Imhotep Charter Friday 1pm 2A Wilmington v. Southern Columbia 7pm 5A Gateway v. Archbishop Wood Saturday 12pm 3A Quaker Valley v. Middletown 6pm 6A Pine-Richland v. St. Joseph Prep
  3. At least the AFL did announce they were contracting the four teams: Milwaukee Mustangs, Florida Bobcats, Houston ThunderBears, and Oklahoma Wranglers.
  4. Because they want to close the arena during the Cavs offseason for renovations. The Monsters season would end before the predicted late playoff run by the Cavs every year. The reason they won't move anywhere else is finances. I'm sure at the Q, the only cost was switching the infrastructure out from basketball or hockey to arena football. All three are owned by the same group, so I'm sure 'stadium cost' is minimal, and all concessions, signage, etc go to the same group. If they moved the team elsewhere, they'd be paying rent and losing out. And my guess it just isn't financially worthwhile. One thing they COULD HAVE done was just frontload the schedule each year and worry about playoffs as they happen. Maybe play neutral site in Canton or Erie or somewhere if Wolstein doesn't work. Or just play on the road at another AFL venue. Or doubleheader the semifinals somewhere else. They could have done it. But, didn't. Which tells me it was cheaper to sit out than to push through.
  5. Should the CFL season be moved up?

    Nope. No matter what, CFL overlaps NHL. Better to overlap the start of the season instead of the entire playoffs.
  6. 2017 High School Football

    Ohio State Championships Thursday, November 30 730pm D2 Akron Archbishop Hoban v. Cincinnati Winton Woods Friday 10am D7 Minster v. Cuyahoga Heights 3pm D5 Wheelersburg v. Pemberville Eastwood 8pm D1 Mentor v. Pickerington Central Saturday 10am D6 Maria Stein Marion Local v. Kirtland 3pm D4 Steubenville v. Clarksville Clinton-Massie 8pm D3 Trotwood-Madison v. Dresden Tri-Valley All games at Tom Benson Hall of Fam Stadium in Canton, Ohio. For West Virginia: Friday 7pm 2A Fairmont Senior v. Bridgeport Saturday 12pm 3A Martinsburg v. Spring Valley 7pm 1A St. Marys v. Wheeling Central Catholic All three games held at Wheeling Island Stadium in Wheeling, WV.
  7. New Flying VT, but not for Athletic Dept.

    Looks like the square root of 1 almost.
  8. Patriots/Falcons fog game - Camera view

    You do realize that's EXACTLY how the XFL aired games when they first started. The X-Cam was the only live camera during the play. People hated it so much they switched to the traditional sideline camera and used the X-Cam for replays. Funny that 17 years later suddenly someone actually says they like that view to watch the game.
  9. NLL Expansion 2018

    Really went an interesting direction with a "Seal" mascot. Not cute and friendly. Instead, dark and sinister. I like it.
  10. Las Vegas getting a WNBA team

    I honestly only cared a little when Cleveland had the Rockers. Once they folded, my interest hovers around nil. Unless it's the title game and absolutely nothing else is on.
  11. 2017 NFL Season

    Under the new timing rules, the OT is considered a 4th quarter and that was the 2-minute warning that negated the first kick. We never called time out. Not that it really matters. We lost a game in which we didn't give up a touchdown.
  12. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    The thing is, when you become a season ticket holder, you're not JUST buying seats for that season. There's usually implied and guaranteed savings for future seasons. One is the right of first refusal for playoff games, special games, and future season tickets. Some teams even grandfather in pricing for season ticket holders once you become a season ticket holder (major leagues tend not to, but minor leagues do this with regularity). Sure, a PSL may not be required, but to buy season tickets to a stadium that doesn't sell out is sold on more than just 'make sure you get a ticket to every game'. It's in the literature provided as the sales pitch and actual documentation when you purchase. Secondly, it's a rather well known fact that ticket buying public aren't just 'frugal consumers', they're buying tickets because they feel a sense of connection to the team they're supporting. If you knew next year your wife was going to leave you, would you really want to stay with her for the next year?
  13. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    A couple things about contracts since I deal with them on a daily/weekly basis. You can't withhold information to get someone to sign a contract and then spring the new information on them. No judge would agree that it was 'bargained in good faith'. Secondly, a contract must be mutually beneficial. Neither party can control EVERYTHING and leave the other party without any benefit. Precourt & Co could claim that the fans getting their individual game tickets is their 'benefit' and the club is free to modify anything and everything. However, tickets are a commodity. Prices rise and fall on the secondary market almost entirely based on future expectations of a team. It's hard to have worth from your tickets when the team will be gone in a year. And that FACT is sold to season ticket holders that they get the right to keep buying tickets, that they're 'first in line', etc. If any proof can be ha that Precourt planned to move the team or even strongly considered to move it prior to putting the 2018 season tickets up for sale, any season ticket holder would have a valid case of being coerced into a contract under false pretenses.
  14. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    You just need to wait and let the forum do its magic once you cut/paste the Twitter link. It will eventually propagate the twitter applet properly. As for the content of your comment... yeah, this won't go over well at all.
  15. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    The fanbases for the Jackets and Crew seldom overlap to any meaningful extent. Hell, the Crew face stiffer competition from the Clippers in terms of 'market share'. They're both 'family friendly' and 'cheap' games. It's just once the Clippers moved to the arena district, their popularity has exploded. And they only moved a few miles, too and got a beautiful 'miniature major league stadium'. That's essentially what the Crew want. Is it right or wrong? Probably wrong. The stadium they're in has life left in it. When Crew Stadium was built, I don't think anybody at the time realized exactly what it meant for the future of MLS. Now, the entire operating philosophy is to have your own stadium with all the suites, club seats, party decks, etc where you make all the money off concessions, signage, alcohol, etc. The problem is that boom, which Crew Stadium started, has passed them by. Crew have stagnated as a 'rinky dink team in a rinky dink league' to those in Columbus. If Columbus never had a team and suddenly got a team this year with a brand new high end stadium, I think the fan support would be astronomical. Instead, they're always going to be what they were in 96. It's interesting that the fans that they do have have always taken it as a badge of honor 'America's Hardest Working Team', the simple, industrial-looking stadium, the first to get their own stadium, etc. But today it's just not enough. it's like Ebbets Field. The Dodgers may have been beloved, but it was a small antiquated stadium with major drawbacks and a shiny jewel of a new untapped market is going to draw the owner's attention.