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  1. As a Browns fan, my two biggest complaints were that the drop shadow looks horrendous (either full outline, or eliminate the drop shadow and go monochrome orange on brown), and the BROWNS on the pantleg would be acceptable if the pant stripe continued through the BROWNS wording, but still absent in the negative space. By having the name completely out of place given the stripe, it looks horrible. I can accept the chest striping, the textured brown helmet stripes, etc. And I was really hoping maybe to make a break and go entirely with orange at home (even the creamsicle everyone feared), since it actually looks best given the template. And the brown face mask is a complete upgrade over the white or gray masks of the past.
  2. A retractable dome would be much too expensive. What wouldn't be is the U of Phoenix Stadium concept where the field slides out one end of the stadium into the sun and back for games. This also allows a large open floor space for conventions, other events, etc. It's also far cheaper than making the roof retract due to the weight. A light translucent roof that can be climate controlled would work quite well.
  3. Once this new stadium is open, they're going to be hosting the Super Bowl once every 4 years, minimum. It's going to be LA, New Orleans, Miami, and one of the others thrown in: Houston, AT&T, Minnesota, Indy, Atlanta, Tampa, Arizona every rotation. But, it's going to get very consistent.
  4. You know that the NFL is already salivating at the Super Bowl at the Rams stadium, but to throw in a state-of-the-art arena across the street, the media center at the big stadium, etc. Super Bowl week will be unreal.
  5. Now that Florida has proven to work (despite the trouble with Miami), gives me thought that MLS will finally revisit Tampa Bay and with the Rowdies name and history, I think they'll do it right this time. And with the Tampa-Orlando rivalry ready to go, that will be matchup that should increase fan appeal even for games not against their rivals. And Atlanta there won't hurt, either. Phoenix is the media market. But, from visiting Phoenix, whatever it takes to put a roof on it and climate-control, would go a long way for fan support. June or July nights like the heat wave right now, still won't feel good. But they're a huge city. Even with all the transplants.
  6. The objective of a game of tennis makes perfect sense. The scoring of the game of tennis makes me completely disinterested in it.
  7. I'm guessing "SeaDragon" might have something to do with his SD logo choice.
  8. One interesting thing people seem to overlook about the advent of the 'super teams', is if the league eliminated the individual player caps on salary, you might see them spread out across the league more and not want to be grouped together. If Durant were able to get $50 million a year, would he really take the pay cut to squeeze under a cap to join the Warriors?
  9. Well, from a distance, that's what is happening. LAG wound up in MLS 2.0, and rode that wave. But, it's not like their stadium is due to be replaced any time soon. Meanwhile, LAFC is riding the 3.0 wave of modern, urban high-end stadiums near urban cores, and it looks like based on their ownership group and already fan interest, they've already taken over before playing a game. My sister lives across the street from where the new stadium is going. The area may not be the best, but at least on game-days, the security in the area will be high, and it will be a walkable, traversable stadium layout and access. It's where LAG should have wound up. But, call it chance, but Chivas failed, LAFC was formed, and everything around it just exceeded anything LAG had a chance to do. Their diehards may stay, and they'll benefit from fans in that direction further from downtown. But, LAFC will be the team.
  10. In the sense of fan support and ownership support. Coupled with an amazing stadiums located right near downtown LA at the old Sports Arena site, yes. LAFC will be the standard-bearer for LA. The Galaxy located at the 'training complex' in Carson isn't. And playing Chelsea (in an anticipated matchup against an international team while having Beckham). When LAFC is playing FC Dallas and Galaxy is playing Colorado Rapids on the same night both at home, is where you'll see the difference in support. Most LAG games aren't that full of fans. LAFC is looking to be a constant sellout for at least a while in their already built from day one, Banc of California Stadium.
  11. Columbus is MLS 1.0. IF FCC gets into MLS, it's what would be MLS 3.0. And yes, I understand that Columbus Crew Stadium 'technically' kicked off the MLS 2.0 era, it really is the turning point, but it didn't ride the wave like Home Depot Center (StubHub Center now), etc. The fans in Columbus by and large still think of the Crew as the team in 1996 playing at Ohio Stadium. A minor league team. Not 'cool'. It doesn't have prestige. When it did get its own stadium, it was a simply erector set constructed north of the city at the Fairgrounds off I-71. It's lack of amenities is notable. It'd make an amazing high school football stadium. But, for MLS, it's not even suburban but not even urban. It's in that in-between zone that just questions why it is there. It's there because it was a quick construction as Ohio Stadium was undergoing renovations and kicked them out. But it led to MLS 2.0. The glut of new stadiums around the country and moving mostly out of the behemoth NFL venues led the way for MLS to be 'big time'. But, 2.0 was all suburban stadiums. Far from downtown. Bridgeview, Commerce City, Sandy, Carson, Frisco, Chester, etc. But, as popularity gained steam for new markets, those new markets have come in like gangbusters. Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Montreal, Orlando, Atlanta, etc. Even Kansas City reinvented itself into MLS 3.0 with their new venue and though straying outside KCMO, it's planted in a good location in KCK by the NASCAR track, a baseball stadium, Cabelas, and easily accessible. For proximity to downtown, it's not bad. But, Atlanta is a perfect example of what MLS 3.0 has become. These new cities untouched by MLS 1.0 or even 2.0 see a new team as 'major league' and their support of it is seen as such. And yes, Minnesota is disappointing, if only because you compare it to Atlanta's impressive sellouts. Every 'new' team MLS gains now is going to be primed for successul the same manner as Atlanta. It will be major league in their eyes. FCC, Sacramento Republic, San Diego, NCFC, Indy, Phoenix Rising, etc. If/when they get teams, they will be met by fans like major league teams joining their cities. Nowhere the way the first MLS teams joined. And not even the SSS wave of 2.0. The problem is, all those 1.0 teams are still meandering about either trying to 'reintroduce themselves' to their home market a second time (making a second first impression is difficult). LA Galaxy, you would think, would be huge. But, you can almost gaurantee that LAFC will be the team of 3.0, while Galaxy will be quite clearly the older, burnout brother sleeping on the couch. MLS 4.0 will be in 10-20 years when some of these MLS 2.0 stadiums are going to be replaced. When you see if they have reached the marketshare where they do get the coveted downtown stadium. Columbus is already looking at stadiums closer to downtown near the Arena District or Huntington Park. Where there will be nightlife around the stadium. Bars and restaurants before games, etc. Where the team will actually mean something instead of that weird yellow building you see driving down I-71 that houses a soccer team.
  12. I didn't follow along during the design and construction of this stadium. But it amazed me that they made it baseball friendly. Seems ridiculously pointless to do that with Target Field in existence. Wouldn't permanent seats be better than movable retractable seats in right field?
  13. The problem is, the secondary market goes to the highest bidder. Most people will not barter their tickets themselves. They go online, and sell to whoever pays the most. That's the reality. And in the midwest, it's 'cheap' for someone from the east or west coast to get airfare and tickets compared to seeing the game 'at home'.
  14. And my interactions with Cowboys fans around DFW was that they really liked the blue jerseys with the star shoulders, white yoke.
  15. I think what makes the Stanley Cup an amazing trophy is not only are your names engraved on it, but it's a 'living' trophy. It's constantly undergoing change. And at some long distant future, your names will be retired to the hall as part of the history of the cup. No other major sports trophy operates like that. And it makes it a truly historical and awe inspiring trophy.