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  1. White mask would be the only improvement u can make on this concept, and that being said the red face mask still works regardless. 5/5.
  2. _nxche

    Toronto Raptors rebrand

    These would be a LOT cleaner and better upgrade then the one below. The neckline in these just doesnt do it for me. Looks to Brooklyn-ish! I'm sure it's just natural inclination to compare everything in the rebrand to the Nets... But no. If executed similarly enough to this concept- these jerseys may be the most unique part of the brand. Still a modern, original look when compared to other black/red teams in the NBA.
  3. _nxche

    Toronto Raptors Court Concept

    Top one seems to follow the Raptors brand more in recent history, but I'm doubtful they will be putting white on the court. I would also figure they put "WE THE NORTH" across the bottom of the court. Just my $0.02.
  4. _nxche

    Barcelona Air Jordan Hyper Elite Concepts

    I agree with the comment above. If you want to keep the Euroleague logo, I suggest doing it NBA style and tossing it on the back. All those patches take away form the overall aesthetic. Nice concept otherwise! Clean template, and fresh design.
  5. _nxche

    Manchester City crest concept

    The bottom part looks a bit too empty
  6. _nxche

    NBA Tweaks/Concepts 2015 (4/36 Trailblazers)

    This is well done. I think that you could have chosen a better font, and I think the word "PACERS" is too big. But all-in-all it's solid.
  7. _nxche

    NCAA Div.1 Hockey (UND & UMD)

    Hey man, I really appreciate it! I've always wanted to work on NCAA hockey because I see so much brand potential being wasted.... Now I definitely plan on doing a few more NCAA teams that I think could use an update (and are worth the time). I'll probably be adding 5 more teams, at least Harvard, St. Cloud State, and Rochester IT for obvious reasons... After that I do want to dive into the CIS. I'll probably make another thread if I plan on doing more than 5 teams... We'll see when the time comes.
  8. _nxche

    NCAA Div.1 Hockey (UND & UMD)

    University of North Dakota
  9. _nxche

    NCAA Div.1 Hockey (UND & UMD)

    Was going for this kinda look
  10. _nxche

    NCAA Div.1 Hockey (UND & UMD)

    Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs
  11. _nxche

    NCAA Div.1 Hockey (UND & UMD)

    I'm working on a fix for the socks. I don't think they're terrible, but if I can find a way to make them a bit more traditional and still keep the same vibe I will post the update! Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the kind words, I might do a few extra teams after I've finished these 15 (Maybe some CIS teams as well). I can't guarantee doing all the teams you've listed, I might do ND since their hockey team is a bit more renowned. There are currently 59 teams in Div 1 Hockey, and my concepts are based on the top 15 seeded teams during the week of March 9th.
  12. _nxche

    NCAA Div.1 Hockey (UND & UMD)

    The team is only 20 years old, so I wanted to go with something modern. If you have any suggestions on how it could be improved I'm open to feedback!
  13. _nxche

    NCAA Div.1 Hockey (UND & UMD)

    I appreciate the feedback and agree that red and white alone may be a bit more ideal for Miami, but I'm a fan of red, white, and silver as a colour palette as well. Seeing as Boston U also has a red and white palette, I figured i might as well switch it up and make the entire set of concepts have more diversity. It was really just a matter of ensuring each team on thread has it's own distinct look, from colour to concept. EDIT: Since this post opened a new page I figured I'll pull out the UNO concept here too! Omaha Mavericks
  14. _nxche

    NCAA Div.1 Hockey (UND & UMD)

    Boston College Eagles