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  1. FunnyHeadlines

    Hybrid Logos Series: Boston/New England

    I love the last one
  2. FunnyHeadlines

    Cleveland Browns 2015 Concept

    pretty good, though I'd eliminate the small "Browns" wordmark above the number.
  3. FunnyHeadlines

    Pac 12 Nike Re Birth (Utah Red Helmet Complete)

    I love it, and I agree with you about the red helmets. Just nasty.
  4. FunnyHeadlines

    Western Michigan Redesign Concept

    I like them all except the alternates. Maybe it's just me but I hate gold football jerseys unless the number is white.
  5. FunnyHeadlines

    NFL Redesign 2014: Pro Combats (Added Tampa Bay)

    No, you can't have the shield without the flames.
  6. FunnyHeadlines

    NFL Expansion -Reno Desparadoes

    no, just no
  7. FunnyHeadlines

    2015 College Baseball Season

    Vandy for the win!!
  8. FunnyHeadlines

    Miami Adidas Football / Tennessee Nike Football Concepts 2015

    Where'd you find this template?
  9. FunnyHeadlines

    NFL Refresh by Derschwigg - Bengals Added : 32/32 (COMPLETE!)

    Good job on the Panthers, 7 out of 10. But the white between the letters on the end should go.
  10. FunnyHeadlines

    NCL (National Chess League)

    October 25, 1878, Baltimore Lords at Toronto Whales (at Royal Bank Plaza) Not one win for the Lords in this match, as the Whales quickly took boards 2 and 4 within the first hour of the match, securing at least a draw. Mathews and Shufelt destroyed their opponents, both winning by surprise mate in the development. The other two games took significantly longer with Pete Rose eventually beating his opponent, Milo Stacy, in the end game with his queen and rook. With the match already won, Alexander Paul offered Becker a draw, and he accepted. The Whales win at home. 3.5-0.5.
  11. FunnyHeadlines

    NCL (National Chess League)

    October 24, 1878, The Chill announces that they're changing their lineup: Victor Remaley at 1st Board, Dan Simpkin at 2nd Board, Barney Seagle at 3rd Board, and Boris Teel at 4th Board.
  12. FunnyHeadlines

    NCL (National Chess League)

    October 22, 1878, The board meets again in Lincoln, NE, to discuss the same topic. No announcements are made.
  13. FunnyHeadlines

    NCL (National Chess League)

    Standings after Week 7: 1. Toronto Whales 4.5-2.5 2. New York Kings 4.0-3.0 3. Baltimore Lords 3.5-3.5 3. Chicago Chill 3.5-3.5 5. Minnesota Millers 3.0-4.0 6. Philadelphia Liberty 2.5-4.5 If the season ended today, the Kings would play the Whales in the Finals in Provo.
  14. FunnyHeadlines

    NCL (National Chess League)

    Minnesota Millers at Baltimore Lords (at Druid Hill Park) Kenneth Pappalardo continues his win streak with a win over David Becker, which, although down by 2 capture points at the end, he won decisively. The rest of his team didn't do so well though, with both Wallace and Bilbo losing on boards 3 and 4, while Capehart managed to get a draw on board 2 against Jim Vogan. The Lords win at home, 2.5-1.5.
  15. FunnyHeadlines

    NCL (National Chess League)

    October 20, 1878, Toronto Whales at Chicago Chill (at McCormick Place) Alexander Paul becomes the first player in NCL history to get 10 wins (2 draws count as 1 win) by beating Barney Seagle, the Chill's first round pick, who is not having a very good season. On the other boards, boards 3 and 4 both drew due to stalemate, something that rarely happens at all, let alone twice in one match! In the last match to finish, Dallas Mathews looked phenomenal in a match-clinching win over Boris Teel. The Whales win, 3.0-1.0.