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  1. Jake3.roo

    New Bank of America logo

    For some context, I'm currently in high school, so I'm all caught up on Bofa, Ligma, Sugma, Sugondese, Ardee's, Parody, Saw Con, Rhydon, and all of the other variants. Thank you for your help though.
  2. Jake3.roo

    New Bank of America logo

    What's BOFA?
  3. Jake3.roo

    La Liga Rebrand

    I would swap the red and they yellow so the colors flow better.
  4. Jake3.roo

    Kentucky Wildcat Mascot: Now with version 3

    pay attention to your line widths, They are all over the place, from the pencil-thin mark above his eyes to the bold eyebrows. Clean those up and you'll have better looking logo.
  5. Jake3.roo

    New Travel (Trvl) Channel Logo

    The only time the whole "no vowels" thing ever worked was Fall Out Boy's "Thnks fr th Mmrs". That said, why purple and yellow, and specifically that shade of dark yellow?
  6. Jake3.roo

    NBA Redesign (11/10, Portland Trail Blazers posted)

    I would remove the little lines that extend off of the crown (see above the I and the rights side of the G) it'll leave the wordmark looking much more crisp.
  7. Jake3.roo

    Vicis Zero1

    very much I would like one, thank you for your service
  8. Jake3.roo

    Cursed Uniforms

    2014- Oregon went 13-0 when there was yellow or green on their jerseys, and 0-2 without.
  9. Jake3.roo

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    Here's a little tip- learn to take some criticism. That is why you posted the concept here, right? to make it better? You continuously disregard much of what people say when they try to help you. Also deleting your old posts makes the thread really awkward to read through and I haven't seen any major change (other than the thinning of the font in the last 2 pages of this thread, despite your 12 or so posts with minor adjustments (that I can't actually notice because the old version is gone). Ok, now that I've got that out of the way, I want to say that this logo is actually pretty close to being great. I've said before you need a new font but you seem to love this so heck, I'll roll with it. I would try to incorporate some element from Washington DC into the logo (like you did pretty damn well on that secondary at the bottom, can we see a full size version of that?) Sorry if I seem like a dick, but this is a really great idea and I feel like it's not at its full potential but I believe in you man?
  10. Jake3.roo

    NBA Nike Vapor Uniform Template

    Probably because this thread is over a year old. I'd PM ripcity4life to see if they're still active but I doubt you;ll get anything because they haven't posted since August of last year.
  11. Jake3.roo


    I agree about the skyline. I wonder if, instead of there being a pelican sublimated inside the arc, there was designs (like you have in the corners) sublimated across the outline of the court?
  12. Jake3.roo

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    There is a lot of tension in the small areas of white around where the stitches meet the letters. As shown below. And I've said it before but the way to solve the problem where the stitches are too fat for the baseball is to find a better, thinner font, or make one yourself.
  13. I think west virginia, like syracuse, looks best without white on their helmets or uniforms.
  14. Is anyone else getting this screen ever? It happens sometimes when I switch between pages inside a thread. It may just be a firefox thing
  15. Jake3.roo

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    choose a different font so the stitches can be a normal width.