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  1. There's no roundel! How am I supposed to know it's a basketball team club?? Jokes aside, your ideas are very sound. I think the colonels color scheme should be tweaked so it doesn't vibrate so much (may I suggest a slightly darker blue and a slightly lighter red?) and seattle looks great!
  2. I think the rotation of the head in the original is best. I would just clean up the proportions and add a little (not as much as you just did) detail to it.
  3. I love the simplicity and old-timey feel. I think your presentation helps with that too, props for that.
  4. Jake3.roo

    O's logo Concept

    The face is very confusing, becuase if that is a wing that is pointing off to the right, then why is it coming out of his eye. Also, do birds have eyebrows? I've never been a fan of gradients in logos, especialiy ones that are so small and insignificant as yours. All in all, you have a solid concept here but it needs some cleaning up.
  5. Jake3.roo

    New Batgirl Costume

    Hopefully her legs aren't actually that long lol
  6. Those look awesome! My only issue is that the CS logo read as OS to me at first.
  7. agreed. It has a great balance, and i prefer the 2-color look to the 3-color wave.
  8. Yeah, why did you keep the drop shadow? Imo, it's the worst part of their logo.
  9. 1. Presentation is awesome. 2. Either the Raiders or the Vikes. Jaguars a close 3rd. 3. Eagles 4. No 5. Eagles in Kelly, silver and white
  10. Jake3.roo

    MLB | Tampa Bay Rays Primary Logo Draft | Update

    The update helps, but it still feels like a T and a B. There needs to be more flow to the logo, because I see 3 elements, but not a finished logo.
  11. Jake3.roo

    Wideright updates the NFL

    Me neither. Also, the helmets look too close to the Rams' helmets like that. Not that anyone would confuse blue ofr white, but the Rams own that look, and for their neighbors to try to copy that would be bad.
  12. Jake3.roo

    What's the Best Print-on-Demand Website?

    Cotton Bureau is awesome. A few downsides- you don't get a lot of volume, your shirt is only able to be bought for 2 weeks, then it disappears (until it gets 40 'requests', if you want more info, they explain it pretty well) and it's not easy to get designs accepted. That said, go get 'em!
  13. Jake3.roo

    Cool but Clickbaity MLB Concepts

    The braves one is @derschwigg 's I believe. Most of the logos are garbage, collages of logos and google images slapped together with generic fonts. Also, the "reviews" are absolutely :censored:. The notion that the ray of sun doesn't "fit" with the Rays team mascot, the idea that a D-backs logo with like 4 elements is too simple for an mlb logo, the idea that a dodgers logo cluttered with green, gray, and a tiny LA... please. Anyone who hasn't already spent 5 minutes waiting for the 50 pages to load, save yourself some time. Don't look at these.
  14. Jake3.roo

    World League 2020

    Mr. Stark.... I don't feel so good
  15. Jake3.roo

    Minkah Fitzpatrick in Dolphins uniform

    This is an awesome jersey swap. That's a fact. However, the TV numbers seem to be a little too far back on the shoulder. Still, great work.