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  1. MN Vikings Logo Redesign

    I agree with chromatic, also add more definition and detail to the beard, because the huge yellow space clashes with the detail in the hair.
  2. City/State Color Identities

    colorado could be a dark purple/maroon and light blue
  3. Atlanta Falcons Logo Concept

    Agreed. The falcon-F redundancy is stupid. However, all things considered, the combination of eras that A4A was able to produce is really good, because my problem with the old logo was that it was too static, and i didn't like how un-falcon-like (focus being on the F, not the falcon) the new logo is. I would challenge A4A to stretch the back of the logo out a little bit to make it more of a falcon-like shape. and mcrosby- the Eagles E is genius because it doesn't take away from the regular design at all, and as an eagles fan, this is a completely objective opinion
  4. The Battle of Seattle

    The branch guy would work better on a non-green background. As of now, it's a little hard to differentiate and makes it a little confusing.
  5. American Volleyball Associaton - Los Angeles

    I love the set, but i wonder if the net in the background (for the secondary) could be symmetrical. It distracts from the rest of the logo and creates unnecessary movement.
  6. NFL Logos by MCrosby - added Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Ok I've been commenting regularly on this thread, but I'm going to give one big C&C dump. Ravens- good update, checkerbeak is a little much, but otherwise looks much more fierce. Bills- fantastic update, Panthers- I would rework the face, especially the eyes. It doesn't look quite right to me. Bears- great update, but in my opinion, the wishbone C and the bear always looked best as two separate logos. Bengals- They need a tiger. The C feels too boring for them. Browns- definitely better than what they have now Cowboys- Eh. Go birds. Broncos- Lions- good update Packers- lateral move, not much of a change. Colts- Jaguars- Chiefs- Simplify. It looks beautiful but a lot of that detail gets lost at a smaller scale, also, it would look better imo. Chargers- Rams- Dolphins- Vikings- Patriots- Perfect update, I can't see a universe where the patriots ditch blue but your Pat looks great. Saints- I like it, I guess. I can't ditch the idea of the old one but this small change is cool NY Giants- lateral move, I feel like it could be less dramatic. NY Jets- Raiders- Eagles- I wrote more about it in an earlier post, but I think that your update loses some of the aggressiveness and ferocity that the old logo has. Also I don't like the bell, the line widths are too small, and they create points of tension and draw the attention away from the eagle itself. I think a better route to go would be modernizing this logo. Steelers- see Saints 49ers- Redskins tails- Great use of the DC flag.
  7. Colorado Avalanche Logo Concept

    I see two problems with this logo: a) there's too much empty space. 'b) the tree is too small and skinny to be of significance. It also creates weird tension at the points where it a l m o s t touches but doesn't. My solution: kill two birds with one stone. Make the tree bigger. Sure it'll look slightly less like an A because the stroke will be thinner. ut if you also fill that empty space it'll be more cohesive.
  8. Shoney's has an updated logo

    Exactly what I was thinking. It has the same fun feel of the old one, while definitely looking more cleaned up and modern. It looks so much less robotic than the other one.
  9. Shoney's has an updated logo

    Hold on, the font on that billboard is different than the ones seen above. It's also better than both of them.
  10. TNF Color Rush by bbb

    I would argue that the "volt blue" uniform that you rolled out is unreadable. I would say make the numbers white (or light blue) or change the jersey color.
  11. The New XFL

    That Destroyers logo is beautiful, but it could use some cleaning up. The waves should lose some detail, and so should the explosions. I would focus on trying to shift the focus to the actual ship. The team isn't called the "waves" or the "explosions". But overall, simplify. For more on simplifying, ask mcrosby.
  12. VP Panthers Logo

    I'm not a huge fan of that gradient. Especially for a high school sports team, that detail will get lost at a lower scale. One other nitpick I have is that the "Victoria park" should fit in between the P and S in Panthers. It will make the wordmark feel more cohesive and it can take up less space and put more focus on the panther and the design on the top.
  13. Fun With Flags!!!!

    Made by the same team that updated the Cleveland browns logo
  14. American Volleyball Associaton - Los Angeles

    For many of these teams, there are colors being introduced in alternates that don't really fit with the identities. Miami's blue and ?gold? and Sacramento's green and orange really stick out, though all of your alternates (liberos) are out of palette. i would (even though I can tell you're trying to stay away from it) introduce white as a color, but for some (such as Miami/pink or black, NO/light blue, Denver/red), there are colors already in the palette that would fit perfectly into the set (especially Miami in black).
  15. while you may be right about the D overlapping, it still looks awkward and there has to be a better way to arrange those two elements. Also, due to this strange juxtaposition, you r horse appears even more "malnourished" than the original. I would find a better way to have the D and the horse interact. A bigger hole in the D?