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  1. Jake3.roo

    Slack debuts new logo

    Yeah, I actually loved the original logo, apart from the 8-color thing. The new one just doesn't look right. @Zeus89725 hit the nail on the head with his assessment, but somethign else feels off. Maybe it's the generic bright color choice? I also liked the original logo better rotated 45° so it was in a diamond shape. The new one feels like too many separate pieces if it wants to be one logo.
  2. Jake3.roo

    National Premier Soccer League redesign

    It hurts my head that the North and East conferences are in the Midwest, and not in the Northeast.
  3. Jake3.roo

    MiLB | Stockton Ports Rebrand

    I would also like to see what the identity would look like without bubbles.
  4. Jake3.roo

    Austin SC logo

    These look great, however, I can't help but read "SAC" in that last one.
  5. Jake3.roo

    2020 Election Logos/Branding Thread

    I got a BUD LIGHT vibe.
  6. Jake3.roo

    Baseball League

    So while the logos look cool, nothing about that says "kings" to me. I understand the reference to playing cards, but that is more of a Las Vegas thing than Reno. I'd work at least some sort of crown into the mix.
  7. Jake3.roo

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    *clears throat* the rules clearly state that in this scenario (where a player completes a catch and fumbles, but nobody picks it up because it was incomplete), the ruling of an incomplete pass stands. It says here: I can't disagree that it's a weird rule, but who would you give the ball to? The bears lost it, but the eagles didn't recover it.
  8. Jake3.roo

    Vermont FC (Updated Jan. 3)

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'll come back to the kit mockup once I sort out the crest. I loved @Buc's idea so I went ahead and tried it and I like how it looks but I have a few questions about where I should go from here. Here's what I got right now: So that right there is a lot of trees and Vs (rhymin') so let me sort a bit of this out: (the bottom right has the original logo, with and without words for your reference) -The first 5 logos are my first 3 attempts at making the negative-space V (disregarding the wordmark right now) -Those two on the top right are the rejects, they don't quite look right. -I noticed that the logo looked a bit like the reflection on a lake, so I added in blue to see what it would look like, and I do sorta love it. -The middle 3 are the same as the top 3 but with blue (and yeah I tweaked the last one) Basically, my issue has been with trying to keep the same Tree/V balance that I had before, but add in the bit about the reflection over the lake. My problem is I either leave too much empty space at the top (see the left column) or I have to distort the proportions and then it doesn't look as good (3rd column top+middle, 2nd column bottom) That, and the wordmark is an issue. I love the look of the two on the left, but the wordmark messes it up. Any advice/ C&C/ encouragement?
  9. Jake3.roo

    Wolfram: The "Spikey" Logo Evolution

    That shape is awesome and the blog post is interesting too.
  10. Jake3.roo

    Braggin' Rights Court Concept

    Vast improvement and great job, only nitpick would be the center logo. If that's the logo that they use, then please ignore this comment. If you created it, I'd change it from "Illini" to "Illinois" to match the Mizzou mark. Like I wouldn't say the upcoming matchup in the NFL is "Minnesota vs. Bears".
  11. Jake3.roo

    Philadelphia Phillies Unveil New Primary Logo

    About the Phillies' numbers– I think while they look a little goofy, most of the numbers are okay. It's really just the 2 (and to a lesser extent the 5 and 3) that look stupid.
  12. Jake3.roo

    NBA | New York Knicks Primary Logo Refresh – UPDATE

    I think there's an issue with the shades of orange and gray you;re using. They don't have enough contrast and hurt to look at next to each other. You'll notice the current logo neve has orange and gray immediately juxtaposed. Perhaps eliminating gray and using white instead? may be tweak the colors? Anywho, great work here.
  13. Jake3.roo

    NBA City to NFL Color Rush

    You wouldn't be open to sharing said template would you?
  14. Jake3.roo

    BigRed's XFL Predictions (California added)

    I like the identity and idea, but I'd flip where the NY is with where the checkers are in the primary logo. You could then make the shield more rounded without the awkward black triangles you have now. Also, pay close attention to your line widths for the NY. it looks like a 9 right now because the y is so squished.
  15. Jake3.roo

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    It's fantastic logo, but I'd tweak the mouth and eye. It looks more like hes yelling at his mom for taking away his xbox than it does like a battle cry or anything heroic. I love the execution of the sword-yoke.