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  1. Jake3.roo

    New Batgirl Costume

    Hopefully her legs aren't actually that long lol
  2. Those look awesome! My only issue is that the CS logo read as OS to me at first.
  3. agreed. It has a great balance, and i prefer the 2-color look to the 3-color wave.
  4. Yeah, why did you keep the drop shadow? Imo, it's the worst part of their logo.
  5. 1. Presentation is awesome. 2. Either the Raiders or the Vikes. Jaguars a close 3rd. 3. Eagles 4. No 5. Eagles in Kelly, silver and white
  6. Jake3.roo

    MLB | Tampa Bay Rays Primary Logo Draft | Update

    The update helps, but it still feels like a T and a B. There needs to be more flow to the logo, because I see 3 elements, but not a finished logo.
  7. Jake3.roo

    Wideright updates the NFL

    Me neither. Also, the helmets look too close to the Rams' helmets like that. Not that anyone would confuse blue ofr white, but the Rams own that look, and for their neighbors to try to copy that would be bad.
  8. Jake3.roo

    What's the Best Print-on-Demand Website?

    Cotton Bureau is awesome. A few downsides- you don't get a lot of volume, your shirt is only able to be bought for 2 weeks, then it disappears (until it gets 40 'requests', if you want more info, they explain it pretty well) and it's not easy to get designs accepted. That said, go get 'em!
  9. Jake3.roo

    Cool but Clickbaity MLB Concepts

    The braves one is @derschwigg 's I believe. Most of the logos are garbage, collages of logos and google images slapped together with generic fonts. Also, the "reviews" are absolutely :censored:. The notion that the ray of sun doesn't "fit" with the Rays team mascot, the idea that a D-backs logo with like 4 elements is too simple for an mlb logo, the idea that a dodgers logo cluttered with green, gray, and a tiny LA... please. Anyone who hasn't already spent 5 minutes waiting for the 50 pages to load, save yourself some time. Don't look at these.
  10. Jake3.roo

    World League 2020

    Mr. Stark.... I don't feel so good
  11. Jake3.roo

    Minkah Fitzpatrick in Dolphins uniform

    This is an awesome jersey swap. That's a fact. However, the TV numbers seem to be a little too far back on the shoulder. Still, great work.
  12. Jake3.roo

    Baseball!! *tweaked* logos, it's good trust me

    Beautiful, though the extra lines on the T bother me.
  13. Jake3.roo

    Wideright updates the NFL

    1. I'd rather there be no white on the Rams jersey at all. It'll be a cleaner look, and it'll look better too. 2. I believe they call themselves the "Bucs", with one C. (as seen on their wordmark) 3. I'd fond a better font than a vertically-stretched version of the Jaguars number font. Yes, the alarm clock numbers need to go, but considering that you changed the wordmark font to something more "piratey", then the number font should follow suit. 4. Yes, this is personal opinion, but the Buccaneers should wear orange. I also dislike the shoulder yoke you have, but it could work.
  14. Jake3.roo

    Northeastern University Under Armour Rebrand

    I think the Primary N needs to be cleaned up. It doesn't first read as an N for me, more of an H, and the wave throws things off too. I think both the black outline and the N itself can be lightened up in weight (only a little), and the wave made a straight line. I understand the desire for more movement in a logo that felt very static before, but it throws off the balance and flow of the logo in my opinion. My only other nitpick would be that something looks off about the jaw of the demon dog. What I love: -The slanting of the N, and the increase in stroke width. (I think there's a happy medium and you're close to it) -The new demon dog. Looks fierce as hell, and would look great on uniforms. And you're wrong that you're not in the 'top tier' of designers on here. There's a good 50-60 designers on here who are incredibly talented, and you're sure as hell one of them. Don't sell yourself short.
  15. Jake3.roo

    Walleye Logo Concept

    beautiful. It flows nicely, it has a good line weight (though a touch on the heavy side, but I nitpick) and great balance. Very well done.
  16. Jake3.roo

    Walleye Logo Concept

    I would round that off a little bit more. Also maybe edit/simplify the face/head area. It's taking a lot of attention away from the rest of the logo, and it looks a little awkward too. The only other edit I might make is making the tail a little smaller, that way it's clear that it's flipped behind.
  17. Jake3.roo

    Local Rugby Club Concept

    use imgur.
  18. Jake3.roo

    American Premier League

    I see. I wonder what if you flipped the red and the silver? I don't quite know.
  19. Jake3.roo

    American Premier League

    I love the old "two-color, stand-out yet simple font" look. I think you've nailed it more than once in this series. keep it up. Also, i would make the sleeves on the detroit stripes jersey red that way it feels more like a red jersey rather than them having two grays.
  20. Jake3.roo

    NBA G-League by Nike (Reigning Champs Posted)

    Also the N in Grande looks more like a K
  21. Jake3.roo

    MLB: Project 32 - New Dugout Jackets Added

    JUST. PM. HIM. no need to bump a thread that's been dead for over six months.
  22. Jake3.roo

    American Premier League

    i like B the best
  23. Jake3.roo

    Fantasy Football Edits

    I'd like to see how you made the chaos/outlaws one
  24. Jake3.roo

    NCAA Custom Courts

    I would advise using real wordmarks on the baselines instead of the weird fonts you have now. EDIT: slapshot beat me to it
  25. Jake3.roo

    Logos that Look Alike

    If that counts, then I guess just about the entire AL West counts. http://www.sportslogos.net/teams/list_by_league/53/American_League/AL/logos/