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  1. NBA Changes 2017-18

    This was my take on the Grizzlies court without the college lanes, but i guess a little creativity is not allowed in the NBA nowadays.
  2. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Looks like the Grizzlies lost the yellow college lanes. The new Sixers court:
  3. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Tell me we're getting this throwback jersey please!
  4. NBA Courts Redesign (UTA added)

    Although the Malone & Stockton 90's look is my fave, i have nothing against the current Jazz identity but they need to swap the navy for deep purple. That would make them nearly perfect. Here are my two concepts for the Jazz.
  5. NBA Courts Redesign (UTA added)

    Yeah noticed that also, but it's the official word mark
  6. 2017-2018 Cleveland Cavaliers

    Love them, remind me of the previous set.
  7. NBA Courts Redesign (UTA added)

    Next are Spurs but i'll wait for their new logo, so it's time for my Raptors. I liked the way their court looked like in the All Star Game so i'm going with black paints. Also made the logo at center court red. (I still wish they added purple at least as an accent color in their identity) Now if you ask me i would've never changed the original logo, and would've made the court look like this.
  8. NBA Courts Redesign (UTA added)

    Here's an idea for the Kings: use the Nets floor. I think it looks royal. Also added some gray because it looks nice in their identity although i would've preferred black.
  9. NBA Courts Redesign (UTA added)

    For the new Blazers court went a little retro, as i think they are the team that can pull off empty paint and still look nice. I really like their logo so that's why i have it 5 times on the court.
  10. NBA Courts Redesign (UTA added)

    Phoenix has the perfect logos and colors but somehow they keep screwing their court. You can't go wrong with orange and purple, unless you're the Suns.
  11. NBA Courts Redesign (UTA added)

    I find the current Sixers identity boring so there is not so much you can do on their court. Carter vs Iverson made me love the old Sixers identity, so this is how i would love their court to look like.
  12. NBA Courts Redesign (UTA added)

    I never liked the current Magic word mark which is pretty random IMO and has no character, unlike the previous two. That's why this is how i would like the current and my perfect Magic court to look like.
  13. NBA Courts Redesign (UTA added)

    Next is one of the most boring looks of the NBA. The same goes for their court. Since i like Thunder's orange jersey i tried to incorporate orange on their court and make it dominant. And i must say i'm pretty happy with how it looks. The boring look of the Thunder didn't help forgetting the Sonics, so in my world Sonics still exist. And this is how their court looks like.
  14. NBA Courts Redesign (UTA added)

    A little orange is always needed on the Knicks court.
  15. NBA Courts Redesign (UTA added)

    New Orleans have the perfect logo without wordmark for the center court. Love that Pelican, it reminds me of the previous Hawks logo. Added red in the paint to represent the moon.