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  1. I wanted to say their wood pattern is too dark. And also if you want to have 2 toned pattern, it should be the opposite of what the Wizards have, especially with the red keys. Here is how i think their court should look like, with some minor changes. Made this in 5 minutes.
  2. Their home jerseys are way better than these patriotic ones. The one thing the Wizards have to change is their court. It's so dark.
  3. They should be added on the motherboard.
  4. My country outline Is all i see when i look at the Gulf of Mexico
  5. Anyone knows how did this happen, when the Hawks last used these uniforms in 1994/95 and the Raptors debuted in 1995/96 season?
  6. Why do the Pistons teal uniforms sometimes look blue? Did they had bluish uniforms or it was because of the lights in some arenas that made them look like that.
  7. Going through way back machine i found this banner on the Grizzlies web site on 9-th of November 2000 I've never seen this logo before.
  8. The Raptors have played 6 games in Maple Leaf Gardens through 1995-1999. One was against the Lakers in 1998
  9. Raptors at Skydome 1997
  10. I was playing around with the Jazz logo and i came up with this concept. So this is how i think the Jazz should've recolored their logo in the first place going back to the original Jazz colors. I think it would've worked better than the baby blue era.
  11. Raptors missing the grey part on the belt in NBA2K.
  12. They are proud of them because the first ever professional basketball game was played in Toronto (Huskies vs Knickerbockers). And the Raptors were gonna be called the Huskies again in 1996, but the Timberwolves were already in the league so it was hard for them to draw a logo that would not resemble the Wolves. With the latest rebrand he Huskies name was again in the talks but didn't make it, so this court was made to see how people would react if the Raptors were ever gonna rebrand to the traditional Toronto colors.
  13. The Huskies court in action. And one from the Knicks broadcast.
  14. Raptors aka Huskies court for tonight's match up against the Knicks.