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  1. I must say, it's appealing in my eyes.
  2. JJ is gonna take it all again!
  3. This is the new one, which I am not a fan of. It is really boring. The old one looked like this: It is kind of stupid, but personally I like it.
  4. How does one try to install the game? Or is there a readme file in the download?
  5. The league must be run by Icelandic Bankers...
  6. These would be way better if you contained the logo within the state....
  7. The crown should have the Tower Bridge worked into it IMO.
  8. The spark is fitting, because: "Reno is so close to Hell, you can see Sparks."
  9. Use the paint bucket and line tools....that will help
  10. Can I get a helmet signature for the Saint Louis Rams?
  11. Okay sorry, I screwed that up. My bad, nice work.
  12. The R on the right Redskins helmet is facing the wrong way
  13. LIMA plan?
  14. Read the first post.... "The AWFL's players [wear] the helmet of [their] [alma mater]."
  15. This is a design forum. I don't know why the name really matters. And "Shamrocks" is not that bad. That's really not helping. And it's not awful. As for the jersey--you need more contrast with the numbers and stripe. Try adding a thicket white outline to the numbers and some white to the stripe. Same with the name on the back.