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  1. bbb

    NFL changes 2019

    Are these legit ??
  2. Maybe not in the postseason, but i wouldnt mind indy going white over blue. Use the CR pants and you good
  3. Yes indeed , as long as the uni combo would look good, it would make em too similar to the pats throwback (even tho NE cant wear it anymore) especially considering the fact that Buf and Ne are in the same division. Im sure in madden looks great tho.
  4. Am i the only one liking the softened unis rules ?? I really like how teams are pulling out new looks
  5. bbb

    NFL changes 2019

    Are there gonna be throwback games , much like what the AFL teams did in 2010?
  6. Can you send all these uni designs to Chris creamer so we can get an updated uniforms in the team’s pages on the mainwebite. Would be easy to do , if you tell me how i’ll do it myself
  7. Hi guys, since this , the Dolphins have worn all-white as their color rush set . I didn't mind the orange color rush, but i do agree that the orange looked a little bit sloppy. This year we've adjusted our shade of orange but we didn't introduce a new CR set in 20 minutes i created a mockup with the bolder shade of orange : watcha think?? Should we use this in '19 or present like a whiteout throwback as CR (there have been rumors about that) Lemme know i think its cool For my by now outdated shot at a Miami CR set click here
  8. bbb

    Canes 2018 Alternate Redesign

    Simple yet effective changes. Thumbs up !
  9. bbb

    NHL March Madness - Final(ly) Matchup Posted!

    AZ and WSH
  10. bbb

    TNF Color Rush by bbb

    CINCINNATI BENGALS The white-tiger whiteout idea is brilliant , so i kept it for the away uni. The colored one is the same but with proper tiger colors (orange with black stripes) BALTIMORE RAVENS Colored uni: untouched.. except for the sleeve patches and the helmet logo. The whiteout gets a different logo too,keeps the same template. i dunno , does the jersey look too much like the saints ?
  11. bbb

    TNF Color Rush by bbb

    AFC NORTH CLEVELAND BROWNS They just stole my Jarvis Landry !! but thats another story AHAHAH The colored uni is their current CR but with inverted colors, the whiteout is identical but in white PITTSBURGH STEELERS All yellow: Who thought that they were gonna go for this back when the CR program was unveiled? I did, and i still think this could be a great uni , to be used only one time per year. The whiteout is a kinda faxback , watcha think y'all ?
  12. bbb

    San Jose Sharks Redesign

    i would remove teal shoulders on the away jersey
  13. bbb

    TNF Color Rush by bbb

    Yeah but that's what they used to look
  14. bbb

    TNF Color Rush by bbb

    SEATTLE SEAHAWKS The color version's their current CR .. just gave em a green helmet logo. The whiteout is a fauxback to their first years but with current colors. Makes sense to me LOS ANGELES RAMS Aight so that was easy. The two uniforms are basically faxbacks to 2 different eras of their LA history. Obv i 've made some changes to "modernize" em but the overall look its timeless and solid. Wouldn't mind if they went back to these as full timer home and away jerseys C'mon guys ! i wanna receive some C&C AFC NORTH is next
  15. bbb

    TNF Color Rush by bbb

    here's what it could look like btw ( this photoshop aint mine) . Note that in my concept the pants got also a gold center stripe, here there's none