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  1. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    Yankee Stadium - Pinstripe Bowl
  2. Scrubs in Stars' Jerseys

    Pat Hughes - Giants
  3. Scrubs in Stars' Jerseys

  4. Rare team matchups

    Here's another. Giants and Chargers 2005. Only time this one happened:
  5. Rare team matchups

    1998 Giants and Broncos. The only time these 2 sets met up:
  6. Best Possible Super Bowl LI Matchups

    Wouldn't happen, but....
  7. NCAA Basketball Changes 2016/17

    Here's Marquette's blue alts:
  8. NCAA Basketball Changes 2016/17

    I had Marquette season tickets for 3 years and they would normally wear the whites in the non-conference portion of their schedule.
  9. NCAA Basketball Changes 2016/17

    Not a huge fan of the home whites either. I'm holding out hope for the gold alt set.
  10. NCAA Basketball Changes 2016/17

    Marquette's new home uni:
  11. 2016 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos

    No. According to their equipment manager the Giants are in blue this week: Joseph Skiba ‏@JosephSkiba Aug 14 FYI: Blue game jerseys this week in Buffalo. @giantspathanlon @giantswfan
  12. 2016 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos

    Bills are wearing white at home this week.
  13. Brandon Jennings' attempt at Photoshop. He tweeted this yesterday
  14. MLB 2016 Changes

    Raised helmet logos for the Dodgers. Ugh...