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  1. ColeJ

    Favorite jersey number?

  2. ColeJ

    "Bad Design" that actually works

    Blue Jackets original alternate uniforms mixed navy and black, which is a just bad design.... but it worked, somehow.
  3. ColeJ

    NFL 2018 changes

    Honestly, I was siding with the practice jersey crowd until you just won me over. I'm still not a huge fan of the Jags look, but that doesnt invalidate your point in the slightest. Well played.
  4. ColeJ

    Unrelated Teams with Related Names...

    When I was a kid, the Jets and the Oilers could hypothetically be playing each other twice at the same time, in different sports and different countries. I wonder if a NYJ/HOU game ever happened simultaneously with a WPG/EDM game. Or any combination of those teams with the Florida and Carolina Panthers.
  5. Apparently it's too hard to tell a squirrel from a beaver...
  6. ColeJ

    MLB changes 2018?

    maybe they're posting from a rotary phone............ i'll show myself out.
  7. ColeJ

    Unrelated Teams with Related Names...

    agreed. there is nothing patriotic about the dallas stars/minnesota north stars identities. just a coincidence that they play in a country with stars on the flag, really. btw, i'm thankful to see this thread bumped. i just totally re-read it all and enjoyed the nerdiness it brings.
  8. ColeJ

    NHL 2017-18

    please, with all respect, compare and contrast both the striping-simplicity and logo-complexity of these concepts to the current uniforms of the chicago blackhawks (or wings/wild/pens), so i can see what you are seeing.
  9. ColeJ

    NHL 2017-18

    uniform notwithstanding, the top left looks the best here, doesn't it? logo-wise?
  10. ColeJ

    Your favorite color combinations

    green and gold is heavenly. kelly and athletic or metallic, specifically. i'm also a sucker for navy and columbia blue, brown and gold, brown and orange... columbia and grey. red and silver. my absolute favorite color scheme is one that isn't really used though. take the minnesota wild and replace the green with chocolate brown. brown, red, and gold/wheat... it just looks so amazing to me.
  11. ColeJ

    Unpopular Opinions

    This is apparently where I should posted this to begin with: Claret and Blue is ugly.
  12. About red and green, I don't mind it when it's just red, white, and green. It's got like a weird retro plastic feel it, in a way I really like. Don't ask why.... but when you add gold like the Wild, it's too much. Then you start looking Rastafarian to me. Especially if black is in play like the Mooterus. But I'd say my least favorite are probably dark green with blue and/or black (like those Rays jerseys), or the ever present soccer combining of Claret and Blue. The blue makes the Claret just so much more sickly and pinkish purple in contrast. I am not a fan.
  13. ColeJ

    Pittsburgh Steelers Unveil 1979 Throwback Uniform

    That's no more of an issue than how some baseball players wear high socks and some players wear long pants. If you don't wear the undershirt, you don't have the stripes... Just like how players in the previous eras would often cut stripes off in their tailoring. That pic isn't a bad thing, despite one player having the undershirt and the other not.
  14. ColeJ

    NFL 2018 changes

    thank you... gold/silver socks aren't a thing. they either look khaki, baby-poo, or grey, and are jarringly different than the other applications of the color on other materials. it has never once looked good. red socks, and i'm down. the only way you'd be able to make GOLD socks would be that very 90's/00's dazzle fabric like the old predators sleeves, and that would just look trashy, if it's even possible due to the needed elasticity of a sock for practical purposes.
  15. ColeJ

    NHL 2018-19

    none taken, my good man.