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  1. That "gold" UAB uses is a very ugly and bland color that in no way resembles the color or the metal known as gold. Green and faded kakhi is a better description of team colors.
  2. heck. i wish my red sox jerseys had those 3 buttons. i dont want to be buttoned all the way to the top, and unbuttoning the top button leaves way too much of it open and flapping... some kind of half-measure would be perfect for casual comfort
  3. YES. i always wanted the thrashers to wear brown. it only makes sense. that looks amazing. i want one.
  4. I still don't follow the logic of keeping these jerseys in tact so they don't take a huge loss on jersey sales... I mean, is there ANYONE actually buying anything but yellow and blue gear? Anyone in LA or StL buying St Louis era jerseys?
  5. i swear, most of you guys must be professional models if you think these mostly normal looking people are ugly... we seem to be playing a little fast and loose with the definition of ugly. just sayin'. that said, guys like kelly buchburger and gheorghe muresan? no arguments here....
  6. it's a pretty great bad brains song too.
  7. i had a debate with someone before about the use of a name like "dallas assassins." they said that given JFK's history with dallas, it would be in incredibly poor taste. i counterargued that it was no less appropriate than new york jets. it just sounds cool. rolls off the tongue... i'm sort of opposed to names like "dallas freedom" or even "allen americans" in the ECHL... i know dallas isn't austin, but dallas also isn't your stereotypical "texas is a red state" kind of toby keith wet dream that outsiders make it out to be... just being an overtly bush-era-patriotism themed team just doesn't feel very "dallas" to me. i'd almost rather just be a wild west stereotype than that. but that's just me. my first choice would still be something like revolvers... maybe something mexican themed like aztecs or diablos or something related to sugar skulls would be a unique route to go, too. vaqueros.... it all boils down to my frustration though that i'm anything but a dallas cowboys fan, but think it is the most amazingly perfect cliche name that you could ever rally around. lol.
  8. can't be dallas steers, because those are castrated bulls... no one would like that. as "western" as it is, i've always liked the named "Dallas Revolvers."
  9. Woot woot. Can't wait for Dallas. Hope it isn't a cliche "Western cowboy" name. Super pumped regardless.
  10. Yeah. Total brainfart on the Rams. You'd think I'd have a better memory on that since I'm a Titans fan. Forgot the change came immediately after and not immediately before. Lol. Derp.
  11. One day, I'm going to buy Ice_Cap a beer.
  12. If teams have to always dress like their most successful iterations, then we'd still have the Stars stuck in the 90s, the Kings forever behind home plate, the Ducks with about three square inches of crest over black, the LA Rams in millennial blue and Vegas gold, the ugly dated piping of the NE Patriots for a few more decades... Sometimes you need to make something new instead of riding the coattails of the previous generation. I'd personally like to see the Oilers come up with something distinct in orange and royal. It can be inspired by the WHA days. The yoke is a throwback to every successful team in Oilers history anyway. If you really look at it objectively, the current orange sweater fits in with the aesthetics of the classic Oilers look pretry well, generally speaking. Let's the Gretzky era be the royal and orange, with the McDavid era dressed in orange and royal. No matter how good he or his Oilers become, they won't top the Gretzky significance. So let them be their own thing. I guess I'm just tired of every team going back to their early 90s look verbatim. I prefer things like the Caps and Bruins redesigns that take the general idea and move forward from there. The Kings in straight Gretzky era unis would look better than what they currently wear, but they could still do so much better with the general aesthetic if they didn't lock themselves in to one exact uniform. It's great when teams like Montreal and Detroit lock in one iconic look for decades, but that cat is already out of the bag for Edmonton. They can evolve. I'd like to see them do it. As an orange team. I'd also like to see Washington continue to evolve instead of going straight throwback, and see something NEW in athletic gold and black for the Pens.
  13. dt concepts

    Beat me to it. As the resident Stars nerd, here I what I like: The re-introduction of gold without simply using a a gaudy gold bevel. The primary logo staying largely unchanged. Green helmets. Green yokes. What I don't like: The color hierarchy seems off, and I dunno why. I don't like the gold drawstrings. The uniforms feel way more modern than the current look, and I really prefer the classic style we use. I can see the current uniforms being used in 2040. These, I feel, would look dated. They remind me of green Calgary. Lose the shoulder numbers. They clutter the yoke, when the sleeves are entirely empty.
  14. Yeah... The blue/white/blue on silver of the logo and the blue/silver/blue on silver of the stripes does not look nice together at all. That's a bad helmet.
  15. Dallas can kind of cheat, thanks to the set up of the Omni Hotel and Reunion Tower. Downtown basically always has a "theme" be it Dallas sports related (like a Mavs logo), international news (like a French or South African flag), or a tribute (like purple rain or Dallas PD). Here are my two favorites, selfishly.... Being a Dallas Stars fan from Alabama.