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  1. i'm the opposite... every time i've seen the knights unis, i've liked them less than the time before. i really liked them at first. i think i only really like them in full equipment. the mannequin looked cool. picturing them on the ice, they look cool. seeing them on drafted players, however, they just look silly. like i'd never want to wear that in public, as a fan. it's too gaudy for casual wear... i feel the same about the predators inaugural uniforms, with the bright silver shoulders..... i own a mike dunhan predators jersey, and i feel like i'm a power rangers cosplayer every time i put it on. i'm just not a fan of that glittery gold fabric. hated it on the senators, and i don't much care for it on the knights. i do, however, think slate grey makes a gorgeous jersey base. (and the helmets too. i need one!)
  2. i used to really admire and respect the entire devils organization. thought that even though i was a stars fan, the devils were like my organizational soulmate. how i'd want my team run, in a vacuum. that obviously left with lou. someone explain this logic to me: redesign some long-standing uniforms because you want to be more modern and usher in a new era... sort of chicken out and do nothing but adjust line weights and drop the waist stripes... then when people tell them they shouldn't have done anything, they respond like "pssssh. we don't care about trivial things such as fashion." IF YOU'RE "NOT A FASHION COMPANY" THEN WHY DID YOU GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO ALTER YOUR PERFECTLY FINE UNIFORMS TO BEGIN WITH? you can't belittle people for caring about aesthetics, as if you don't, when the entire reason they changed was because you thought they needed to change.
  3. no arguments here.
  4. still absolutely gorgeous.
  5. dallas is going to have those mesh numbers, apparently. otherwise, i'm tickled pink.
  6. i will never forgive christopher creamer, or his lovely website, for making me believe the dallas stars perfect victory green sweater was in jeopardy. unless maybe our roads are changing... in which case, damn. at least the homes look the same (unless there is some hugely different detail we haven't seen yet). OH OH OH PLEASE BE GREEN HELMETS. DOES THAT COUNT?
  7. Day made, if true. 'ppreciate-yuh, bub.
  8. Is Dallas any different after all? Does Dallas use the new tie-up, and do the tie-ups look dumb? That's really all I care about in this kerfuffle. Lol.
  9. if it's not a xxl 47 brand franchise, i won't touch it. that's the perfect hat for me. perfect fit. perfect style. perfect profile. perfect.
  10. In a vacuum, I like this collar well enough. Like it loads better than the stupid Reebok triangle. Problem is, I don't want every team to wear it. The modernity of the contour of the stripes flies in the face of traditional striping patterns. Dallas, New York, or Montreal for example.... they'd all look best with actual tie-up and conservative collar stripes. Now if the collars don't all end up being templated eye-catchers, I already much prefer the Adidas cut to the Reebok. Now the Oilers striping pattern? If that's what it'll look like, that's on them and not Adidas. That's a downgrade from both the orange alternate and the old blue primaries. That's just ugly. Maybe it would look better if the blue and white were reversed.... But even then it wouldn't look as good as the old orange jersey. Guh.
  11. Bama's don't match either. The 2's drive me nuts.
  12. So finally everyone who bought a Super-Nintendi jersey will no longer be wearing a jersey foul? Lol. I have no complaints. Sports are supposed to be fun.
  13. woah. how did i miss this transaction? i know i've been busy with work, but jesus.
  14. and again i ask.... if they are re-doing the template and changing the collar for both on the field and replica jerseys, why do they have to retain gold again? new stock is new stock.... make it look the way you want it to look. or do the old replica jerseys not have the toilet bowl collar? i haven't bought an NFL replica since the reebok contract.