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  1. NHL Adidas TechFit

    if you burn the "lonestar state" jersey in a huge bonfire, and switch the logos on the third jersey, you'd have an absolutely perfect set for dallas great job, man. on all of these.
  2. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    the whalers did it right. i've never seen anyone else accomplish it without looking silly in the process.
  3. it looks very realistic and impressive... however, it looks much too shiny. i've never seen a baseball jersey with any kind of shimmer/sheen material before. this reminds me more of the shoulders of a reebok era NFL jersey than any baseball jersey i've ever seen.
  4. Draft picks in their new uniforms 2016

    really? i've always found 39 to be one of the more aesthetically pleasing numbers, for some reason. especially in block font. its one of my go-tos in video game career modes when 2 and 32 are taken.
  5. Dallas Stars Alternate

    as a stars fan, i can assure you that this sweater would fly off the shelves. it's basically everything the average stars fan is asking for in an alternate. i don't love it or hate it. i'd be completely okay with it being worn... but i just know the fanbase, and know they'd go ga-ga over it. pair it with a green helmet, and you've got my full attention
  6. MLB 2016 Changes

    i have no issue with a yankees fan wearing a tshirt with a name on it... it's a tshirt. tshirts aren't jerseys. and even if it's a "shirsey," that is in such a different realm as jerseys that it doesn't even come close to counting. buying a replica jersey with a name on it though seems iffy. if i were a yankees fan (god forbid) i'd either buy a blank, and get it customized, buy a blank and leave it blank, or have the name removed. it just seems so wrong to have a name on the back of a yankees jersey, or an incorrect font on just about any jersey.
  7. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    this is something i made up a while ago, showing what i'd do about the sharks logo... quick and dirty edition, that probably needs some cleaning up.
  8. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    the sharks haven't looked good since the reebok edge make-over. the original irbe era uniforms were great, and the owen nolan era uniforms were great. everything with the new logo, and the addition of orange, has been a cluster as far as i'm concerned.
  9. i don't mind when high school teams wear professional logos, as long as they don't pretend it is original in any way. with one notable exception. my old high school in red oak, texas is the hawks. when i went there (class of 2002) everything was maroon and white versions of the philadelphia eagles logo. it looked pretty good, but was obviously just the eagles logo (made a little more complicated by the fact that desoto, two towns north of red oak, were green and gold eagles, with philly's wings on their helmets). immediately after i graduated, they switched to a black and maroon heavy identity utilizing the atlanta falcons logo. not a single person i talked to in red oak could comprehend why i thought that was so idiotic. the atlanta falcons logo for the Red Oak Hawks. the logo is just as much shaped like the letter F as it is shaped like a bird, if not more so. not really the letter you want associated with your high school. pretty sure they've got an original, if bland, identity of their own now, though. just my 2 cents and random story.
  10. Draft picks in their new uniforms 2016

    as a long time titans fan, and an even longer time alabama fan, i don't know if i'll be able to contain myself when we finally see derrick henry in two-tone blue. i just want to know what number he'll be wearing so i can go ahead and buy my jersey.
  11. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    i seriously think these sweaters are going to be incredibly sexy. that old gold is going to look amazing. -edit- wait... isn't adidas taking over starting next season, or did i get my timeline on the change wrong? that jersey still says reebok. -/edit-
  12. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    its okay. i've been led to believe we are only allowed to wear the colors of the state flag, dallas cowboys, or brown "wild west" colors that have zero significance to north texas.
  13. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    worked for the new york baseball giants and the st louis football cardinals. contrarily, i'd prefer the new jersey devils go by the name new jersey rockies... but that hurts my argument in this thread more than it helps it, right?
  14. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    you must admit though that kelly green belongs on dallas stars jerseys infinitely more than it would on a minnesota wild jersey, right? even ignoring the north stars history, the inaugural stars jerseys were black and kelly green, and the current colors are kelly green and black. the minnesota wild, on the other hand, have never worn kelly green for even a single game. THEY are the dark green team. if we're going to retroactively change things, lets just go back in time and force the stars to win the cup in kelly green versions of the 1999 sweater, so we can ignore the dark shades era, and leave that color to the wild.
  15. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    the mavericks came around in the 80s and they've never worn texas rangers colors... they actually picked green and blue. blue and green were the colors of reunion arena, and green is the color most associated with the dallas skyline. but its really unfair to say that the stars were "mostly black and gold" up until this last year. they had one really stupid black and gold jersey after the reebok switch. they didn't even have a road to match it. they were black and kelly green to start, then black and forest green. the forest green, black, and gold. then black and gold. then kelly green and black. i think you're totally overblowing the significance of that one "DALLAS" jersey, or you consider the gold embroidery on the original 1993 logo to be more important than the colors on the actual sweaters themselves for the rest of stars history.