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  1. the best indication of what adidas nhl jerseys will look like is this adidas college hockey jersey, imo...
  2. Really unusual color schemes (that work)

    It's Brazil soccer. I always loved that scheme together. Also, a long time ago I saw a benefit concert poster for Darfur, and it had a flame in navy, green, and red. I really liked it. Always wanted to see both those schemes on a pro sports team.
  3. NFL Redesign - Update: Pro Bowl Unis Added

    as a titans fan that really wants us to upgrade our identity, i want to kiss you right now. that is the perfect combo. seeing the titans in predominantly columbia and red is a dream of mine, but i also think they need to keep navy in the scheme. you've done that beautifully. you also managed to bring back silver pants, which coincides with my absolute favorite era of oilers football. i didn't think it was possible, but you nailed just about all of my desires for the titans. my only critiques are as follows: changing the outline on the sword to columbia blue really weakens it. especially on the helmet. that needs to stay navy blue to give the sword any kind of weight. my solution, honestly, would be to just use the shield from the titans current primary logo, but without the flames. a nice circular shield logo with the T and stars looks nice. i think the t-sword is too tall to be a good helmet logo. also, i'd consider changing the red jersey to navy, just because i think titans fans as a whole would prefer that.i'm perfectly fine with the red jersey even if it feels a bit ole-missy to me, but i think navy there would be a big seller. either way, this one of the first titans concepts i've ever truly loved and considered to be an improvement. you've got an eye for color balance, sir, and you knocked it out of the park.
  4. Really unusual color schemes (that work)

    and lets just pretend this is the unpopular opinions thread, because this is honestly one of my favorite uniforms in NHL history. i LOVE the idea of shoulder stripes on a hockey sweater.
  5. Draft picks in their new uniforms 2016

    actually, we already covered this in the posts immediately preceding the photo. he wore 2 in college, and has been given #2 for his rookie training camp. it will change when games are played, but he's actually one of THREE second round picks... but the only one wearing #2. so that isn't the reason. they just have too many players on the roster to give him his final number yet. i assume they're waiting to cut a whole lot of people. though i'd honestly love nothing more than to have the nfl relax and let him keep #2.
  6. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    The Stars fan base is weak because they tuned out during the era when Tom Hicks defaulted on his loans and the Stars had no owner. The Blackhawks are a traditional market of excellence despite tuning out for the entirety of the wirtz era. This is what I've learned.
  7. isn't this a throwback?
  8. honestly, it doesn't get much attention anymore. it turns out quite a big portion of our fanbase jumped on during the 1999 playoffs, or 2008 playoffs. those that have an opinion generally like them, but think the green was too dark and invisible. i remember the blacks used to be REALLY popular. during the star-shaped era, it seems like everyone wanted the old black jersey back as an alternate... but now that i think about it, they still want that jersey back as an alternate, just with the brighter kelly green. i personally like the whites from that era. i've got one hanging over my tv in the living room, with HATCHER 2 on the back, autographed the man himself. probably my most prized possession
  9. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    if i'm not mistaken, the minnesota wild have only ever used 1 shade of green... and that shade of green is exactly the same shade that the dallas stars wore in between north stars kelly green and dallas victory green.
  10. NFL Uniform Tweaks - Texans Added 5-13-16

    just now saw these. as a titans fan, let me just say "shut up and take my money." i'll take a navy blue derrick henry jersey in XL... and mariota in columbia blue...
  11. that's the 1993-94 uniform. the green actually WAS kelly green there. it just looks a ton darker on an old scanned hockey card, and surrounded by so much black. once they switched to hunter green, they switched the numbers to white, and made the stripes fatter. (also, moog ditched the brown pads after 1993-94, and replaced his bear mask with a texas shape)
  12. i've seen the spurs wear throwbacks too, from the gervin era. it seems as though the stars are by far the oldest team to have never worn a throwback, unless you only count them from 1993... at which point they're still pretty high at the top of the list. now i want our alternate to just be a straight throwback to this:
  13. -edit- beat me to it with the lightning- have the seahawks ever worn throwbacks? i don't recall it, but i'm only a casual nfl fan.
  14. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    i honestly think black outlines on the numbers would just annoy me more than help anything. there is no need for them as the white stands out perfectly fine, plus they'd be an awkward area where green touches black, which generally doesn't happen in this identity.
  15. I was thinking about the Stars potential alternate jersey options yesterday, and tried to decide if I'd rather see the Stars adopt a design similar to the 1993-94 uniforms, or just do a direct throwback to them with the original logos intact. I thought that the Sharks successfully threw back, and the Panthers are planning on throwing back next season. The Stars, despite next season being the big 5-0 counting the North Stars History, have never once worn a throwback in a game in fifty years. What other teams in all the big 4 have been around 20 or more seasons and never once worn a throwback jersey in a game to honor that?