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  1. Everyone seems to think the Whalers and North Stars are the best logos ever, but also think monograms should only represent the city name. I'm as guilty on both counts as all of you, I'm just sayin'.
  2. Post of the day, and debate won.
  3. I want to say the new Florida Panthers sweaters are top-5 in the league... but I hesitate to say it, because I'm scared someone will ask me to actually rank them in some tangible form.... and i'm not prepared to do that.... the moral of the story is that the new panthers jerseys are seriously great. i love them. i need a Jagr.
  4. If you dropped the yellow from the bevel in the Dallas logo, kept it light silver, and simply change the logo's outline to yellow, I'd be perfectly okay with those becoming our primary jerseys some day.
  5. For a while there, the Titans had an interesting deal with initials and full names... They had multiple Joneses, including Pacman Jones, who had P. Jones instead of A. Jones... So his nickname initial on his jersey. At the same time, they had both Todd Williams and Clevan "Tank" Williams. So his jersey said "TANK WILLIAMS" in full, instead of C. Williams. Contrarily, the Dallas Stars once had K. Hatcher on a defense pair with Hatcher (right after the trade) and then D. Hatcher playing with his initial shortly after his brother was traded to Pittsburgh. Currently, Jamie and Jordie Benn both just wear "Benn" with their numbers being the differentiator.
  6. I prefer the flames without black. If any team should have bright jerseys, it's the team named after fire.
  7. I care way too much about sports aesthetics than the average person and I don't think I really care either way if home teams wear white or not. I used to be firmly in the "white at home" crowd, but now I don't even care the slightest bit. As much as I obsess over sports aesthetics, I'm absolutely floored that a conversation about what color is the preferred home sweater has gone on for this many posts, with people actually having passionate opinions. Yeah, if I had season tickets I might prefer to see more colors against white stars sweaters... but as long as both the home and road look good, I don't care which is which when it comes down to it.
  8. Lots of reasons posted, but one of the main reasons had to do with advertisements. Target Center would be in no way owned by the Stars. They'd be a tenant only. As part of the landlord agreement the Target Center was offering, the Stars wouldn't have any control over their advertising in the arena. For example, say the Target Center or Timberwolves have a partnership with Pepsi. If Coca-Cola sponsored the Stars, it doesn't matter. Pepsi would be on the ice and on the boards... That would severely damage the bottom line of a team that was struggling to make ends meet even when they had full control of ad revenue. Similar to the Oilers in Houston before the move to Tennessee, no one would build a new facility FOR the team, and they ended up calling the bluff and daring them to either deal with financial losses, a loss of ad revenue, or find a city willing to bend over backwards for them. Dallas bent over backwards for the Stars. Nashville bent over backwards for the Oilers. The Twin Cities wouldn't. Houston wouldn't. Then both the Twin Cities and Houston realized what they'd lost and understood the new sports business landscape and what is (for better or worse) expected of major league cities... So they both bent over backwards for new expansion teams, giving them free passes they'd never have dreamed of giving to their original franchises, that would have kept their original teams in place if only they'd had the change of heart sooner. That's just how the cookie crumbles. I've been on both sides of it. I got my favorite hockey team in my state because Minnesota wouldn't make the right concessions. I also lost my favorite football team from my state because Houston was too stubborn to give the Oilers what they were more than happy to give the Texans only a few years later.
  9. no one's home jersey is white........... that quote makes zero sense.
  10. a lot of it has to do with the way metallic gold turns into baby-poop when used in flat printing like pennants and tshirts and stuff... rather than change the old metallic gold to a flat yellow like the north stars used, he decided we'd be better suited to silver, which usually looks just fine as "grey." however, as someone who covered the stars uniform redesign very closely for defendingbigd, i can definitively state that the stars don't consider silver to really be a team color. the redesign was to simplify the look and bring them in line with original 6 and second 6 aesthetics. they wanted to be green and black. two colors, like philly's orange and black, montreal's red and blue, boston's black and yellow, and chicago's red and black. the silver is only used in the logos, and really only noticed in flat-printing for depth of the bevel. even on the uniforms themselves it looks less like green, silver, and black, and more like a logo that is white with metallic shading. ideally i would like to see the stars wear victory green and yellow, but not bad enough to want to redesign what we've got now. uniforms and logos and color schemes evolve. i'm not convinced the north stars wouldn't be a green and black team right now if they'd never moved. it's just a natural progression to darken the scheme a little bit while still having that eye catching shade of green that is so popular with the fans. i truly think the only thing that isn't perfect with the stars uniforms is the duck-tail diaper effect... and that's more template issues than actual team identity issues. for a team that has trotted out both the mooterus and the green-less DALLAS set during my fandom, i'm content with what we've got. i'll live without yellow if it means we don't try to fix something that isn't broken, and ultimately break it.
  11. I just can't anymore.
  12. LH is for Lamar Hunt, if no one answered that question yet
  13. i completely agree with his choice of AFC champion. lol.
  14. The Dallas Stars made a few big announcements today, including the unveiling of a 25th Anniversary logo to be worn on the sweaters next season. Also included in the announcement was that the Stars will retire Jere Lehtinen's #26 next year (about time... just need Zubov's 56 up there now too), but no mention whatsoever about the possibility of a throwback jersey. I blame Adidas, to be honest. The Stars are still one of the few organizations in sports to have NEVER worn a throwback in an actual game, dating back 50 years. I just knew that the franchise's 50th anniversary, or the 25th anniversary of moving to Dallas would rectify that, but apparently not. Also, if this screen grab of the announcement video is any indication, the 25th logo is going to be one of those shiny chromaflex sort of patches, which is pretty cool considering it is the "silver anniversary". Who knows if that is accurate though, since obviously it is shown on a Reebok jersey and not an Adidas one in the video.
  15. Gilles Meloche wore it for the North Stars. I love it because it reminds me of the old Stars logo that was shared by both Minnesota and Dallas.