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  1. You and me both. Glad I'm not alone. To me, they feel like two different concepts. All the way around is like a Carolina Panthers style sleeve. That's fine. But for shoulder stripes, I like the unwarped colts/lsu style. Just looks so much cleaner to me.
  2. I absolutely love how the shape of the ducks striping is an extension of the triangle shield shape from the logo. That is gorgeous. I'd honestly support using that idea on a future ducks jersey and might steal that idea if I ever do a ducks concept lol.
  3. The Benn/Seguin/Sharp line gets all of the AAC ovulating. Bonus:
  4. Wow. Should be in an "athletes wearing the wrong equipment" thread lol.
  5. The only reason Metropolitans should even be given a second thought is because the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for hipsters. Every small batch artisanal beard oil features a logo using aesthetics from the WW1 era... So I could see Seattle or Portland going that route. But that doesn't mean it isn't an awful name. Literally the only way to make it work would be to completely embrace a retro angle. Not a "this brand was gold 100 years ago and it will be gold 100 years in the future" like the Habs or Yankees... but a pure "this team is based on the early 1900s" identity. If they jump in to that tiny niche with both feet, I'd probably like them more than the Vegas golden knights, if we're being honest. Lol.
  6. This thread needs a little Shaun Van Allen.
  7. slap a huge back-patch of that logo on the back of a blue jean jacket, and you're getting somewhere. what am i wearing? just my blue blue jackets blue jean jacket. you like it?
  8. Oh? I remember it differently, but maybe I'm having a Mandela effect moment. I thought they were listing the reasons behind the name, and they said it was an homage to the Union soldiers, a local indian chief, and the mascot was a made-up bug loosely based on yellow jackets.
  9. The team can't decide, so how can we? Lately they seem to feel black and silver are the most appropriate, given the Gretzky ties and Cup ties. Also, that pic of Yzerman and the flames isn't rare is it? That's not even the current flames uniform..It's pre-edge all around.
  10. During their inaugural unveilings they kept mentioning a War Chief named Blue Jacket, of the Ohio Shawnee tribe. Though they knew better than to shoehorn in a logo about that one, they did not shy away from mentioning it.
  11. you're totally on point. your post also reminds me that like vikings/buccs = raiders, panthers/sharks/coyotes = predators... and the wild's logo and canucks' logo would also represent a predator. the response to this thread pleases me. it's nice to have a place as nerdy as me to even discuss this.
  12. how prominent is the population up there? spending most of my life in alabama and texas, there's a lot of talk about what tribes are "native to the area" but that seems to be in history only, as there is hardly anyone there to be offended any more.
  13. just seems sad. as pathetic as it sounds, one of the only ways north americans even celebrate the culture of the native inhabitants of this continent is with sports team identities. (the respectful ones, that is). to shy away from a respectful representation just to give us a celebration of "pilots" or "metropolitans" or something else bland like that to avoid controversy just makes me sad. honestly, totems is probably my top choice.... but call me crazy... seattle is maybe 5th on my list of cities i want to see get a team, so i'm not jumping for joy anyway. i'd rather seen houston, hamilton, quebec, and some competent atlanta ownership.
  14. agreed with @McCarthy. Like in my other thread, Pilots/Flyers/Jets isn't any more of a problem than Canadiens/Canucks/Maple Leafs.
  15. Just ask the Blue Jackets, who tried to fit 3 meanings in. lol.