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  1. i actually lived in Wappinger's Falls, New York... during the whole Tawana Brawley ordeal that was all over the headlines nationally. Lived right next to her family. I don't remember a ton from the trial or anything though. I was a pre-schooler in 1988. I just say Poughkeepsie because no one at all has ever heard of Wappinger's Falls. But since I derailed the conversation a little, I'll come back with another on-topic contribution. those helmets with the raised ridge down the middle certainly don't NOT help the association in my mind.
  2. learn something new every day. so maybe there was good reason why they remind me of each other. lol.
  3. when i was a little kid, living near poughkeepsie, new york, i had a truck toy similar to this one. Not until years later did I learn that Hess has absolutely nothing to do with the New York Jets. The color scheme and two stripes, and general wordmark look made me conflate the two in my toddler mind. i still think of Hess trucks every time I see the New York Jets.
  4. Would my Troy Trojans be a school you'd be willing to attempt?
  5. I think the argument is flawed there, though. They aren't wearing a patch that says World DWI Champions. The patch isn't commemorating the DWI. Nor should the DWI define an entire person's existence, even if Innocents are killed. Again, I just don't like the over simplification of any issue.
  6. Not everything is as black and white folded away as most people want to act. Acknowledging great memories shared with imperfect human athletes after either their death or their fall from grace is fine with me. If a team chooses to mourn someone or celebrate someone because of what the good times meant for their franchise or their fanbase, who are we to judge the team or the athlete on a moral grounds? Humans are flawed. Some more than others. This board is quick to tout the incredible importance relocated franchises' past identities hold with their original locales, but feels human to human connections are subject to judgement based on the criminality of all involved? I'm not saying I support the actions of anyone in particular, but I understand that a patch honoring a dead player of a team I don't care about isn't meant for me, so I am in no place to levy judgement on either the player or the franchise that some of you feel are condoning immoral actions. Take my father for example. We were never particularly close, though he lived with my family for all of my adolescence. He was an alcoholic, a drunk driver, a drug dealer, and emotionally abusive to those around him. He eventually disappeared one day in my early 20s and ended up overdosed on his own drugs in a trailer in the middle of nowhere rural Texas. I attended his funeral, because it was the right thing to do for me. We were never close, and in no way do I ever condone any of his drug dealing, drunk driving, emotional abuse, or the eventual abandonment of my family... How much should I care if any of you on this forum think I should have taken a stand and skipped his funeral to make a statement that I don't condone his actions? That's how much the Marlins should care what we think about them wearing a memorial patch for someone who by all accounts was less of a jerk than my dad, but one that nonetheless met an earlier fate than my father by doing some of the exact same things. TL;DR, get off your high horses. Acknowledging the tragedy of a flawed human's poor choices is in no way condoning those poor choices. It isn't as black and white as that. Nothing ever is.
  7. God. Your FCD is perfect. I would instantly purchase both a home and a road.
  8. Mavericks and Eagles both reuniting with kelly green is well over due.
  9. i think we may be reading too much into it for a few reasons. i see a gold jersey, a black/charcoal jersey, AND a white jersey. that is 3 different sweaters, and we know for a fact that each team is only getting a home and a road next year. also, one of the gold jerseys has white numbers, while others have black... and it is also safe to assume that the white jersey won't have a black helmet, but that could just be an artistic mistake that could be made by anyone while looking at actual uniforms used by teams that are playing this season. if those jerseys are the general direction the team is going, i don't hate it. going with a koho-era preds style gold sweater color with a really weird choice, if they do that. i think everyone assumes it'll be dark grey.
  10. that's why i said a stylized fleur... i wouldn't just slap the fleur from the flag and say "there's an NHL team's logo." two NHL teams feature an NHL logo that is primarily a star, as you mention. that's dallas and columbus. they are stylized stars... and as the packer backer above me points out, a star that looks ripped from the american flag has served as the primary logo of one of the most iconic NFL teams for over 50 years now. the toronto maple leafs went decades using a maple leaf that looked almost exactly like that one in the canadian flag, which is also "more a national symbol than a hockey team logo," as well. to me, it is the best way to possibly bring back the aesthetics of the original nordiques without resorting featuring an abstract, dated, and ugly logo. that said, i LOVE the igloo, and the original uniforms... but every non hockey fan that has seen me wear a nordiques jersey around dallas has mentioned just how ridiculously ugly the logo and jersey design look. it has its place in history, and as such, can be featured as an alternate logo... but just because it has a place in history doesn't mean it should be prominent in the future.
  11. I have a vision of the eventual Nords 2.0 wearing a stylized Fleur de lis logo as a primary crest and an updated igloo shoulder logo. I'd probably make both logos primarily white on the blue jersey as well, with red outlines. The white would really hammer home the igloo imagery. But that's just me, and probably a discussion for a different thread.
  12. This is just going to be ANOTHER nationally broadcast hockey game that I have absolutely no intention of tuning in to for even one second... as is becoming the norm for me... a diehard hockey fan since 1993.
  13. The Canadiens Winter Classic look is one pair of red pants away from being my favorite Habs uniform of all-time. In a vacuum, where the Habs color balance has no weight, they're already probably my favorite uniform in NHL history. Just so gorgeous. If only I hadn't bought a Subban version. Makes me sad to wear it knowing he is in Nashville now. Saddest divorce ever.
  14. it's odd, because i continued to be a fan of the houston oilers when they became the tennessee titans. just felt like the same team to me, despite the rebrand. so in real life, i keep on' keepin' on... but in a thread i've read maybe 3 times in my entire life, on a message board, with fake teams, i'm heart-broken that dallas is gone, and harbor a strange hatred for the choppers. i'm mentally ill.