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  1. If there any truth to the London Knights keeping Vegas from being the Knights, then I'd assume Prince Albert would throw a wrench in any Raiders talk.
  2. Gah. Jealous.
  3. Honestly, I'd be fine with Black Knights now, seeing the alternatives. Likely his plan all along. I just wish they'd keep it simple. Less adjectives. More nouns. And four word team names are ridiculous regardless.
  4. I can't believe I didn't notice that. Good eye!
  5. As silly as it sounds, I don't think color rush socks are available for regular alternate use, simoly because they don't have a standard white bottom. They're solid blue, making them technically violate the NFL's uniform policy. Other than that, I'd be okay with it to kill the leotard look... But I'd still prefer the solution just be to nix the Navy pants altogether. The other two sets are too perfect to waste time in navy pants.
  6. I actually really like the white over white and navy over light blue alternates too. The Navy pants ruin everything. Ditch those and match the pants stripe on the helmet, and there's no need for new uniforms.
  7. i LOVE the titans in all white. always have. we have a pretty poor losing history wearing them, but then again, it's not like the titans are expected to win much no matter what they wear. i don't like the navy monochrome at all, but i've always really enjoyed the white monochrome. it has a pleasant color balance. if all white is the primary road look this season, i'll be happy. if it becomes the primary HOME look, too? no complaints. just looks very nice and clean. one of the more dignified looks that a pretty undignified identity can slap together.
  8. i'll make the same comments i've made a million times on this topic, since this topic keeps coming up... maybe the san francisco giants should change their name to the san francisco californians or golden gators or bears, and let the mets be the giants... no? that's dumb? okay. change the colts to the indianans or drivers, so the ravens can be the colts? still no? and if the north stars were as beloved in minnesota from 1967-1993 as people claim, they'd probably still be there.... it's arguable that the stars are more a part of texas sports history than minnesota sports history at this point, too. 67-93 is 26 years. 93-16 is 23 years. factor in a stanley cup championship, the golden era of the franchise, and the synonymity of the franchise with the sport in this market, and that 3 year difference seems a little negligible. in texas, the stars brand IS hockey. the only game in town, and the only game there's even been. and its been that way for 23 years. for 26 years in minnesota, the stars played second or third fiddle to the gophers, high school, and people's personal rec-leagues... there's no doubt hockey itself is bigger in minnesota. always has been, and always will be. but the stars mean more to dallas than they ever did to minnesota, and people need to just accept that and live in the present. if minnesota cared so much about the stars identity, they should have put a fight in 1993 and tried to talk the league into forcing an identity change... but that didn't happen. the stars identity remained, and become a beloved part of the dallas sports scene. anyone thinking that should be stripped away for manufactured nostalgia's sake, or that it'd be okay for two kelly green teams to play in the same division with star-themed identities is delusional. [takes blood pressure pill and prepares to make the exact same rant in about 3 months.] go stars. but back on topic, i generally prefer teams to maintain their identity. as a titans fan, i'd rather be cheering for the tennessee oilers. obviously some names just don't work at all, like the dallas texans moving to kansas city... but i think it's disingenuous to pretend relocated teams don't have histories in other towns. no one is saying teams like baltimore no longer have any history with the colts, or that minnesota isn't allowed to celebrate the north stars any more... it's just that multiple cities now have ties to that franchise, and that's okay.
  9. man... i forgot how much i loved those old seahawks uniforms. probably some of my favorite football uniforms ever, honestly.
  10. The Navy-era Whalers look ten times better than the green-and-royal Whalers, in my opinion. Especially the logo. Those uniforms had probably the most aesthetically pleasing color scheme I've ever seen. Navy, green, and silver are gorgeous together.
  11. i think it's sort of humorous that the vegas team would have to stay away from any kind of casino imagery, because of the moral implications of such an identity... but that people would be fine with them using the name outlaws, which literally points to illegal and immoral activity by definition. dont get me wrong. i dont have an issue with either name. i just thought that was funny.
  12. totally agree that the panther should be orange with a teal tongue.. also, came to post that i'm in love with the maroon and light blue broncos. especially the light blue jersey version. that is just beautiful. hoping to see dallas as a kelly-green-and-navy city. stars and mavs and reunion arena will always make me feel like those are dallas colors, even though i'm going to just assume we'll be the same navy-and-silver that everyone outside of dallas wants us to be, thanks to the cowboys and cuban-era mavericks. -edit- i'll just leave this here double edit- purple for the wild is really intriguing me... i think a purple and gold identity for them could work. i really like purple as a color, and it's barely used. if minnesota wild fans could embrace that, instead of yearning for stars colors, i think they could get something pretty amazing that could be solely their own.
  13. i didn't see it coming, personally. i assumed it'd be a standard game jersey.
  14. riders. awesome color scheme. awesome location. the most generic CFL sounding team name you could ever hope for. their fans wear watermelons, for god's sake. you've got to cheer for them.
  15. it seems like the best thing vegas can do to set themselves apart would be to go with the neon/flashy/vegas imagery and color scheme. i think that would be a hit. but pairing that with "knights" is a terrible option. the problem with knights is that we've basically already seen every positive uniform motif they could ever use, starting with the gretzky era kings until today. the kings already have that theme, and they've already done the black and purple and the black and silver, and anything regal. what are some names that could be great and play off the neon theme? i thought scorpions would be a great name, but it doesn't really work with the neon imagery either, and starts to infringe on the coyotes imagery, colors, and motif.