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  1. I was worried about how Dallas was going to turn out, but I love it. Thank you so much for going Dallas-Skyline over RWB-Livestock.
  2. I think that's how the Yankees ended up with so many versions of the NY. The Raiders don't need to change a single thing, however. I feel like just about anything they do would be a downgrade, save for possibly cleaning up the logo only as much as the Vikings and Cardinals did... The kind of cleanup that is basically not even noticable.
  3. the beauty of the oilers identity was the striping consistency. your helmet loses that. fix the helmet stripe in some way, and i'd be allllll over throwback thursdays. i especially love the silver pants. the oilers silver era helmets are probably my favorite nfl helmet of all time.
  4. As a Bama fan, I've been wanting to see the white helmets once or twice a year for a long time. Just a rare alternate.
  5. Either way, the Mavs belong in green.
  6. Flames should adopt the color scheme of the Redskins uniforms. Deep red with a vibrant yellow. No black needed. I made a concept like that years ago and I really thought it looked fantastic. I'll try to dig it up next time I'm on a PC.
  7. I always try to put myself in the shoes of someone like Bud Adams. He created the Houston Oilers. He picked the colors himself, because they were his favorite colors. He even started a LEAGUE for the Oilers to play in, when he couldn't get into the NFL. He moved the team to Tennessee, and reluctantly, because of fan pressure, changed the team name to the Titans, and modernized the colors but kept them largely the same... Up until his death, he was the only owner in franchise history, dating over 50 years.... One man created the team, branded the team, lived and died with the team... and some people think it is fair for Houston's new team to co-opt the identity of his Oilers all these years later? It isn't possible to have more ownership over a brand than Bud had over the Oilers, for better or worse. The team is still in the hands of his family now. The fans and city were simply the market for his product. Yes, fans live and die by their teams, but at the end of the day, the team is still an entertainment product. If I really really enjoy Coca-Cola, and collect everything I can get my hands on, it doesn't give me ownership of the brand... Why are sports teams different? I think it would be disrespectful to someone like Bud Adams to give his "baby" to a rival team just because his team isn't using that name any more... it isn't yours to give away. Other teams that didn't have the same consistency in ownership are similar in philosophy though too... When you sell a team, you give your "baby" over to the new caretaker, who assumes the control and weight of that history, that brand, and that image. You can do with that what you want. Either honor it (like the Colts and SF Giants), or give it away (like the Ravenbrowns and Coyotejets). The continuity between separate franchises in the same city should begin and end with the fact that they share a city name. The Houston Texans and the Houston Oilers are both the Houston NFL team... but it would be disingenuous to pretend that they are in any other way related. I'm not saying the Houston fans shouldn't celebrate Houston's football history, including their years with the Oilers... I'm just saying that it isn't fair to anyone to pretend that the Titans aren't the ACTUAL Oilers, playing in a new stadium with a new nickname. There's a reason North American teams have a city name and a mascot name, instead of just being "Raiders FC" or "Rangers HC." Charlotte is Charlotte, regardless of it is followed by Hornets or Bobcats... but by that same token, Hornets are Hornets, regardless of if it is preceded by Charlotte, New Orleans, or Oklahoma City. It seems so simple to me, that I don't understand how there can be so many differing opinions on the subject.
  8. i actually totally agree that those are the best canucks jerseys ever. they've got a real solid plaid-lumberjack-flannel feel to them, too. that scheme, with a solid johnny logo, would be ideal. maybe it's because of my age, but the canucks still don't feel like a blue and green team to me. they were germany when i was growing up, then navy, maroon, blue, and silver for my teen years. green and blue still doesn't work for me.
  9. For everyone confused by the Ravens comment, the Oilers management said they aspired for the Oilers to look as dark and monochrome as the Ravens. The team made the comparison... Not the poster.
  10. Honest question, as someone that doesn't watch basketball... How many NBA teams can you say currently wear their best ever identity? There are a few NHL teams that can claim that, as teams move away from the original edge rollout. That means something, at least.
  11. Jets look so right in red pants.
  12. I'm okay with Edmonton switching to orange, as long as they make the roads orange-centric to match.
  13. This really is awful news. I'm legitimately concerned about the adidas switch now. I wasn't concerned AT ALL until today. This seems like more of a league wide revamp than I expected, and the Devils being a victim really really sucks. I was optimistic that Dallas would be upgraded to lose the duck tail diaper look, but be otherwise unchanged.... But now I'm worried. Has Adidas proven to be able to make any collar other than the world cup one? I will miss the lace up on the victory green if it's gone.