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  1. meh. bengals/browns. islanders/rangers. them using a deserty brick color isn't the end of the world, and will probably be the least offensive thing about their entire package.
  2. I'd probably break it down like this: MLB: Red Sox - I'm biased. This is my team, and my birthplace, and so on... but there's nothing to dislike. The cap is iconic. The wordmark font is beautiful. The number font is unique. The hanging sox are whimsical and instantly recognizable. The fact that so many players wear long socks, and the socks are actually red (fix that, Chicago). Even the alternates, which are far from perfect, seem to simply fit in and feel like a part of the modern Red Sox team that still looks classic in their primary sets. NFL: Raiders - They have what I've described before as perfect uniforms. The jerseys themselves are "bland" in that they don't have anything going on except for the number font, but they still work. In a league where everyone seems to jump through hoops to show how crowded and messy they can make their numbers and shoulders, the Raiders look better than anyone by simply wearing the equivalent of a black tshirt. The helmet stripe and pants stripe match, the jerseys are minimalistic. It looks timeless, intimidating, and clean. NBA: Celtics - Their alternates are all terrible, but really being the best in the NBA is a low hanging fruit. Every team is pretty much ridiculous at this point. At least the Celtics home and road are perfect, and the logo captures that same kind of whimsical iconic fun that the Red Sox do with the hanging socks. I even consider their court to be part of their identity. It's just perfect. If I liked basketball, it would be easy to jump on this bandwagon and just eat it all up and get obnoxious with it. NHL: Red Wings - It pains me to say this, since I can't stand this team... but the Red Wings, even in their current less-than-threatening form, are a powerful looking hockey team. The uniforms are perfectly clean and striking. The excessive use of red, when most other teams would try to break it up with some black or more white, is perfect. Solid red gloves. Solid red pants. Solid red helmets. The logo is gorgeous. It's the kind of team you hate, but sorta wish you didn't. MLS: FC Dallas - I'm biased here too. While I wish the home kit was REAL hoops again, the use of red with royal blue, and the real hoops on the change kit are just too slick looking. I'm far from a diehard MLS fan, but even with the mostly solid red home kit, Dallas looks great. Ideally, they'd wear a red version of their change kit and just be done with it forever, but I know soccer isn't like that... I'm going to go against the grain here too, and say that I actually think the MLS is one of the worst-dressed leagues in North America. A lot of the teams just still feel a little shallow or "fly by night" to me. To put it in hockey terms, which is my native language, there feels like a more Thrashers than Maple Leafs to me, and it can't just be because the league is so relatively young, can it?
  3. it's always bothered me that most gung-ho patriotic people i know are the ones that are so willing to violate the flag code in so many obvious ways. you're not supposed to wear the american flag unless its part of a military or first responder uniform. specifically: The flag should not be used as part of a costume or athletic uniform, except that a flag patch may be used on the uniform of military personnel, firefighters, police officers, and members of patriotic organizations. i like to think i'm patriotic in a pretty balanced and unbiased sense. i recognize the good and the bad, and all that jazz... but i don't like all the forced patriotism, singing of the national anthem, paid advertisement "hero of the game" standing ovations that the government puts on... but that's not even really part of this argument. the argument here is that wearing american flag decals on NFL helmets is actually the antithesis of patriotism, if you consider honoring our flag via the flag code to be a patriotic endeavor. as far as moving the warning sticks to the inside of the helmet, is that feasible? i would imagine those stickers wouldn't last one training camp with all the humidity and sweat circulating around those buckets. i've never played football, but i can't imagine a sticker lasting very long inside my hockey helmet's ecosystem.
  4. Las Vegas American Military. done and done.
  5. I don't know why we are all debating or arguing over the viability of names like aces, flamingos, or bighorns anyway... You know, names that in a vacuum would be pretty decent... when we all know they're going to be something ridiculous like the Las Vegas Black Silverhawks.
  6. i thought the gamecocks looked great, like the usually do. i had no issues with the 3-elements 3-colors gripe so many people seem to have here. the helmet didn't match the jersey didn't match the pants. still looked great. even with the elements not being in "darkest to lightest" order. god, i'm happy college football is back.
  7. never once said it was a universal known fact. in fact, i believe i've already said the opposite of that. but it certainly isn't a "local term." here's some references from "traditional hockey market" sources. i'm in no way saying that everyone on earth knows, or should know, these terms... but to somehow make it sound like these terms are local to dallas area rec hockey league jargon is about as far off base as you can get.
  8. it's hard for me to say. i feel like i've always been aware of these two terms, and the majority of my hockey playing career happened in the early 2000's, though i've recently started getting back into playing as a useless fat old guy. i don't mean to come across as one of those "insider slang" guys... i just immediately associated flamingo with a defenseman avoiding a blocked shot, and "aces" as a complete team of healthy scratches (though as an expansion team, that may not be the worst concept since they are getting the cast-offs from the established teams.) i'm sure the average person those names wouldn't have any negative connotations, i just wonder if the people in the league would make a connection there and nix the name.
  9. Why are we talking about Orlando in a hockey thread? Did I miss something? Anyway, a reason not to like Aces or Flamingos... Both have negative hockey connotations. Black Aces is the term commonly used to describe regular healthy scratches that just sort of professionally practice, but never play NHL or AHL games... Flamingos are what we used to call defensemen that don't really have their heart in. Think of it like the term floaters on offense. The kind of guys that lift their legs up in the air to avoid blocking shots when standing in a shooting lane. Flamingos would be a really cool and unique team name, but when two of your team name possibilities translate to mean "scrubs" and "wusses" in hockey vernacular, it's probably not the best. Honestly speaking, almost no team name is going to make me, or anyone else, happy. This team's drawn out, public, and dramatic effort to simply name itself is already turning me off to the franchise.
  10. If there any truth to the London Knights keeping Vegas from being the Knights, then I'd assume Prince Albert would throw a wrench in any Raiders talk.
  11. Gah. Jealous.
  12. Honestly, I'd be fine with Black Knights now, seeing the alternatives. Likely his plan all along. I just wish they'd keep it simple. Less adjectives. More nouns. And four word team names are ridiculous regardless.
  13. I can't believe I didn't notice that. Good eye!
  14. As silly as it sounds, I don't think color rush socks are available for regular alternate use, simoly because they don't have a standard white bottom. They're solid blue, making them technically violate the NFL's uniform policy. Other than that, I'd be okay with it to kill the leotard look... But I'd still prefer the solution just be to nix the Navy pants altogether. The other two sets are too perfect to waste time in navy pants.
  15. I actually really like the white over white and navy over light blue alternates too. The Navy pants ruin everything. Ditch those and match the pants stripe on the helmet, and there's no need for new uniforms.