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  1. Thankfully there is no initials rule... JA. BENN and JO. BENN would be hideous. 14 and 24 are different numbers. No one gets confused.
  2. I really liked the roundel at center ice. It feels like sort of a throwback to Reunion Arena.
  3. The Waxahachie State University Buffaloes are proud to unveil their uniform sets for their reformation season in 2016. They have 9 intended uniform combinations, including a primary brown home jersey, white away jersey, and green alternate, a throwback to that historically dreadful 1970 campaign, as well a strikingly modern "Limelights" alternate look. The primary uniforms are simplistic and understated, but with a few unique features that set the Buffaloes apart from the field. Rather that the standard sleeve and vertical leg striping, the Buffaloes uniforms feature belt-like striping around the waist of their pants, and bold striping around the collars of their uniforms. The "Limelight" alternate features the iconic Buffalo Brown, paired this time with electric lime green detailing that is very popular with most recruits. Finally, the throwback to our inaugural season's Victory Green home jersey is an adaptation of the classic look, using modern fabrics and cuts. The inside collars of our 1970 uniforms feature a small 0-10 embroidery, as a reminder of how far we've come as both a team and a university. Each uniform is worn with short black socks and black cleats (not pictured). Fairly sure my conference doesn't have a logo, so I had nothing to put on the right chest, opposite the Wilson logo.
  4. I'm confused now, after catching up on this thread after a couple days. Firstly, I don't care at all which conference I'm in, so once y'all figure that out, just let me know what logo to slap on my uniforms. Secondly, why are we talking about rolling dice and assigning championships? I thought this wasn't any sort of Fantasy League, and I sure as heck didn't think it was sports logos dungeons and dragons. I thought we were just logos and uniforms. If everyone is taking this in a different direction, I only request that I be given no additional responsibilities other than the logo/uniform design components I signed up for, and that no championship or history be added to my school's past retroactively. Let's try not to overly complicated this thing. I thought we were just designing logos because it's fun.
  5. "Coyotes 2.0 because the Coyotes franchise moved to Winnipeg, and Atlanta moved to Arizona and renamed themselves after our original team, the Coyotes...... right?"
  6. THAT is what the Steelers need to adopt full time.
  7. so.... how long until we get to post some uniforms? i'm about 90% done with my entire football set, including an almost offensive number of alternates, and a throwback to that dreadful 1970 team.
  8. that road jersey is absolutely beautiful. i always loved the white-in-the-middle stripes on the neely-era sweaters. never imagined it would look so good with the black shoulders. i love it. but yeah, the homes definitely need yellow socks. it's not boston without yellow socks.
  9. i love it, man. BSU looks like its going to be one of my favorite schools in this project. don't change a thing. but at this rate, we might as well just break the conferences into two groups... The Massachusetts Conference and The Schools That Wear Brown Conference.
  10. i really really love the titans in mono-white. i think i like it more than the white/columbia look, and that's saying a lot.
  11. change that helmet to a solid black, like they used to wear, and that'd be a great look.
  12. good lord. i guess technically, we were BOTH the road team... but that's ridiculous. i feel so sorry for the goalies. i mean, dallas goalies have a hard enough time stopping pucks when they can tell offense from defense.
  13. added a little more back story to my waxahachie state buffaloes... hope you enjoy. Buffalo Creek Teachers College was founded in 1929, to act as a more secular and liberal alternative to Waxahachie's other academic center, Trinity University (now in San Antonio). Buffalo Creek Teachers College focused not only on the pursuit of knowledge, but passing that knowledge on to the next generation of young Texan minds. BCTC became an epicenter for training teachers that would go on to make names for themselves all around the state. In 1967, Buffalo Creek Teachers College officially rebranded itself as Waxahachie State University. 1970 saw the first and only season of collegiate sports in the history of this highly regarded academic institution, as the Waxahachie State Buffaloes football team would struggle to a woeful 0-10 record, scoring only 2 touchdowns all season. Interest in the program never really took off, and the athletic department was cancelled after the inaugural season. After decades of rumors and rumblings, and a sizable donation from some very successful alumni, the Waxahachie State University Buffaloes will be returning to action in the fall of 2016, for the first time since the 1970 season. Football, Men and Women's Hockey, and Men and Women's Basketball will be the flagship sports, with a strong possibility of Baseball and Softball to be added in the summer.
  14. Ugh. The Leafs really do look exactly like Winnipeg from the TV angle. That's unexpected and disappointing.