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  1. Wideright imagines the AAF

    I might pull down the 2nd and 4th lines a little bit and maybe color or shade them slightly to make it look more like a V overlayed on a W. With the V having a different height than the W, it makes it harder to see them as separate letters and more as a single image.
  2. MLB: Future Expansion Project

    2 issues What happened to the Detroit Tigers? How did Albuquerque win the division and the World Series with an expansion roster It would also be nice to see how the league had progressed from today up to the expansion.
  3. What If....the XFL was a success??

    For a team in the state of Alabama, the Bolts looks too much like LSU.
  4. Houston Texans : NFL by honeybadger

    Is the grey sections on the Jaguars helmet supposed to be there? I thought it might be showing the helmet to be shiny, but do not see anything similar on the Browns helmets.
  5. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LII

    What about the Eagles endzone in silver?
  6. Replacing the Oakland Raiders with the Minnesota Vikings in the AFL?
  7. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 3 Voting

    G - 1 S - 17 B - 3
  8. Reminds me of Jeff Gordon's original paint scheme. His pit crew was called the Rainbow Warriors during his early years. They had an interesting pit suit design that might translate to a really interesting jersey.
  9. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 2 Voting

    G - 2 S - 5 B - 19
  10. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 1 Voting

    G - 1 S - 15 B - 6
  11. The North American Football League

    The Butchers' franchise record suggests that they are playing approximately 55 games a year, much higher than 36 games a year even including playoffs.
  12. I think it depends on the spacing between games as well. The Rams had moved to LA in 1946. San Francisco joined the NFL 1950. So if teams have a week between games, the west coast is possible now, but the size of the driveball league suggest that they either need to do a large expansion like the 6 team expansion the NHL did in '66 or stick close to their current boundaries.
  13. New Orleans could relocate to either Memphis or Nashville and the Sounds name would fit perfectly. I could see either one of those cities acting a temporary home that becomes permanent.
  14. The secondary logo especially looks like an alien to me.