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  1. I would love to see Krause win another championship in the 90s.
  2. Complete ABA Jersey History

    What about the Houston Mavericks/Carolina Cougars/Spirits of St. Louis franchise? And the San Diego Conquistadors/Sails?
  3. Habs'ing the NHL (Pittsburgh added)

    How would the white Habs jersey look with the chest stripe with red the main color and blue stripes on the top and bottom?
  4. Habs'ing the NHL (Pittsburgh added)

    In the top picture, you de-habs the red jersey and in the bottom picture, you habs the white jersey.
  5. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (13/32)

    2 questions on the Browns logo 1) why is the toe of her left foot pointing down? 2) what is doing with her left hand and the hem of her dress? Those make the logo look odd to me. The rest of the logos look great. I love the Vikings and Buccaneers.
  6. Lil' Vikings NFL Youth Logo Concept

    Looks like Patriot Patricia
  7. Will teams be allowed to sign players that were not drafted but did attend the draft showcase?
  8. We are almost to the Dot-Com Bubble, should be a lot of money in Silicon Valley around this time burning a hole in some tech pioneer's pocket to keep the Nuggets where they are (for a couple years at least when the bubble pops). Who knows, the Nuggets might be saved by the PHL's universe's version of Mark Cuban.
  9. Some possible names for the Carolina team (if changing from Beavers which would work for a team in the Carolinas): Carolina Blues (Carolina does have a history with Blues music, particularly the Piedmont Blues) Carolina Bears (Black Bears live in the western part of North Carolina) Carolina Hogs (Common in the southeastern U.S.) Carolina Cottonmouths (venomous snake common in the Carolinas)
  10. MLB Redesigns Series

    How would the Bees look with Cool Black (hex #002e63) instead of Navy Blue?
  11. I feel like the Dragons are the most likely team to go with Midnight Green as their main color like the Eagles did.
  12. I could see Toronto having a wordmark/logo where Toronto is shaped like an indycar (or some other race car). The first T would be the rear wing and the 1st and final O are the wheels.
  13. Boston didn't go red before because at least 3 teams were red and none were black. Now it's 9 (Boston, Calgary, California, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, & Winnipeg) teams with Black primaries and 2 (Ottawa and Philly) with Red primaries. You might be able to include Montreal with the red but the pendulum has swung to the other side.