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  1. I could see Toronto having a wordmark/logo where Toronto is shaped like an indycar (or some other race car). The first T would be the rear wing and the 1st and final O are the wheels.
  2. Boston didn't go red before because at least 3 teams were red and none were black. Now it's 9 (Boston, Calgary, California, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, & Winnipeg) teams with Black primaries and 2 (Ottawa and Philly) with Red primaries. You might be able to include Montreal with the red but the pendulum has swung to the other side.
  3. Will Appleby's number be retired league-wide?
  4. Who cursed Boston, no playoff wins in almost 30 years. They are the Cleveland Browns/Detroit Lions of the AFA.
  5. On the Angels, I would switch from Periwinkle to Sky Blue (r128,g218,b235) and go from Yellow to Golden Yellow (r255,g223,b0). I would also scrap the yellow caps. Use the Alt 2 cap at home and the alt 1 cap on the road.
  6. Got a question on the Star logo for Panama. On the logo you have the red on the top and blue on the bottom while on the flag, red is on the right and blue is on the left, why change from the left/right split of the flag to a top/bottom split?
  7. I agree with Jimmy Lethal, it should only have one L https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Marshals_Service
  8. Didn't know there was a Birmingham, Alberta or did you mean Birmingham, AL (Alabama) (just picking on you). Honestly, a location that might make interesting sense is Huntsville, AL. Slightly bigger than Green Bay and the city has a history of supporting hockey even being referred as the "Hockey Capital of the South" in 1987. The UAH Chargers have won 3 national championships at the club level and 2 DII National Championships. Huntsville as a location could draw fans from Nashville, Birmingham and Chattanooga (all are within 2 hours travel time).
  9. I can't see the jersey font used by Pittsburgh lasting that long. Boston's and California's thirds both look nice. Kansas City's feels like the Tampa Bay Lightning's storm jersey. And shouldn't the slant on Long Island's jerseys on the back be the reverse of what we see on the front?
  10. Cincinnati, Nashville, and Tampa are also good eastern candidates for teams.
  11. Canadian: Halifax American Las Vegas Milwaukee Salt Lake City Portland
  12. Don't think the team is moving from San Antonio, just changing the name similar to how the Washington Bullets were rebranded the Washington Wizards in the NBA. The designs that Neo_Prankster listed are San Antonio Riders (WLAF, 1991-1992) San Antonio Texans (CFL, 1995) and obviously the Houston Texans from the NFL. And Neo_Prankster was probably suggesting that we are most likely going to see a San Antonio Texans with the Houston Texans uniforms.
  13. Is St. Louis's minor league team considering moving from Kansas City now that the Twisters are there?