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  1. New Orleans Novas might be cruel to Claymore fans. The two names I would suggest are the New Orleans Brass (reference to the musical heritage of New Orleans) and New Orleans Vampires (90s name, New Orleans nightlife)
  2. I just got caught back up on the series. I love Atlanta. Cincinnati is pretty good and I love the idea for different caps for different positions, but why 10 teeth on the gears? You got so much done around the 9 players on the field, why not have 9 teeth on the gear?
  3. The Comets went from a thermometer comet to a shuttlecock comet. Have you thought about using Patreon to generate some income from this (if the rules of the board allow it)? Maybe offering early previews of uniform designs or player named for contributors as rewards. Hate to hear that you are having to work 3 jobs.
  4. Many great names but wondering about Dallas Capitals considering Austin is the state capital and Dallas never served as the capital of Texas. Cleveland Cosmos and Dallas Freedom sound the best to me.
  5. The Columbus Spirit logo looks like it would come from the 50's or 60's. It would be a nice throwback style logo.
  6. I would suggest darkening the blue on the New York Pats uniforms. Maybe using the colors of the flag. The official colors of the United States Flag are Old Glory Red (RGB Values: 224,22,43), White (255,255,255), and Old Glory Blue (0,82,165).
  7. I don't thin the elephant feels quite right, it looks like a Brandiose/MiLB baseball redesign of the A's logo, but I feel that if Brandiose/MiLB designed the elephant, their style would have it like it was in the batter's box, with the bat either being swung by the trunk or maybe anthropomorphized like TMNT and probably with a scowl on it's face and some teeth showing (might not be realistic for an elephant but it feels like that is Brandiose's style).
  8. I have to agree with BellaSpurs and Clintau24. There wasn't even a change of the uniform numbers until the Raptors alternative. It was passable with the Celtics, Sixers, and Knicks. But the Nets and Raptors have much more distinctive number fonts for their uniforms.
  9. You have the Rams beating the Packers 42-25 in the 1st round but then it's the Packers facing the Eagles in the 2nd round?
  10. Didn't even think of the keys as a M, looked like a strange eye to me. Putting the M above the B will probably fix it. I don't know why but it was giving me a Mr. Krabs from spongebob vibe when I looked at it.
  11. I think the other team to be making major changes is the Toronto Racers. As much as I would love to see the Spirit update their look, I think the Racers look the most dated of all the teams.
  12. I would consider moving the black piano keys to the top part of the keys and rounding their corners slightly. If the outer design is suppose to be a guitar pick, I would flip it so the point of the pick is pointing down.
  13. It is a very nice early 80s look, but I am not sure it will last long into the late 80s/early 90s probably leading into a BFBS slant to the uniforms.