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  1. Tennessee Titans Concept Emporium

    Shamless plug time? Ok here we go:
  2. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Sure! And here are the final four matchups of the season. I think that's about it for this series. Thanks for checking it out! Week 13: Minnesota vs. Dallas Week 14: Kansas City vs. Oakland Week 15: Seattle vs. St. Louis Week 16: Philadelphia vs. New York
  3. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Here are a few more matchups: Week 8: Tennessee vs. Jacksonville Week 9: Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta Week 10: Baltimore vs. Cleveland Week 11: Carolina vs. New Orleans
  4. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Here's a few more: San Francisco vs. Arizona San Diego vs. Denver Green Bay vs. Chicago
  5. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Thanks! Yeah, they definitely went a little too modern with their new uniforms. Hopefully they'll change them eventually (although with a few tweaks I think they could be decent). Ok so now that all the teams are done, let's see some matchups. I made this template a long time ago using the tutorials found on this site. It's not perfect, but I think it gets the point across well enough. Week 2: Buffalo vs. New York Week 3: New England vs. Houston Week 4: Cincinnati vs. Miami
  6. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Sure! Here you go:
  7. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Thanks everyone! I've had some fun with these. I've finished the six remaining teams, here we go: Baltimore Ravens: When those fake leaks came out that said the Ravens would be in a Maryland flag inspired uniform, I thought that'd be a cool look for them. However what they're wearing looks pretty good to me too. I like the heavier usage of gold, so I made a gold-heavy purple set with sublimated flag designs on the sleeve and pant stripes. The whiteout drops all the gold. Buffalo Bills: The all red look stays mostly the same, I like that they dropped navy for it. The facemask is now white with the helmet stripe added to it. Carolina Panthers: They have one of the best looks so nothing really has changed (aside from being on a new template), the whiteout is a fauxback. Now they've never changed their uniforms so this is more of a 'what if'. Kansas City Chiefs: Chiefs don't change much either, but for the mono red the stripe on the pants now matches the rest of the uniform. New York Giants: The biggest tweak to the whiteout is taking the stripe on the cuff and blowing it up on the sleeve (white facemask too). For the 'home' set Giants go mono-red with a fauxback: Seattle Seahawks: I don't know why but I love the neon green. The sleeves feature the sublimated feather pattern. The whiteout drops the green for wolf grey. And that's everyone. Thanks for checking these out. Now that they're all done, I'll post matchups at some point.
  8. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Agreed! Hopefully they take their current Color Rush uni and do something permanent with it. Here's a couple more: Atlanta Falcons Added stripes to the sleeves that take after the stripes on their throwback's socks. Cleveland Browns: Basically their previous set with the new shade of orange and a white facemask:
  9. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Another update and another handful of teams: Changed the Jags from gold to black. This blackout features a heavier emphasis on gold with teal accents. The whiteout remains a fauxback. Maybe a little too Saints-esque but I don't think they'll ever be matched up on a Thursday night game so it shouldn't be an issue. Dallas Cowboys The whiteout remains mostly the same, with stripes added to the socks. The color set is a royal blue fauxback. Detroit Lions The Lions go fauxback with a set that is similar to what they used to wear on Thanksgiving. Black is dropped completely for a Honolulu blue heavy look. San Diego Chargers One of my favorite looks that Nike rolled out. I really like that shade of blue so their set doesn't change much. Numbers are added to the sides of the helmets and the lightning bolts on the jerseys go over the shoulders the way they should. The whiteout is very yellow/gold heavy but I like how the numbers match the bolts. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Decided to switch it up and go full pewter. Like their current color rush uniform, it only incorporates red, pewter, and silver. All the silver accents on the uniforms are replaced with chrome to match the facemask. 8 teams to go!
  10. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Thanks! It's definitely one of my favorites in this series. Makes me want to do a redesign based around that helmet.. This is MattWillcox's Nike Hypercool template, converted to PSD by Bucksfan5. The original filesize is much wider but I shrunk it down a bit, you should be able to find it somewhere in the Concepts section! I have a few more teams to show off either today or tomorrow, in the meantime here are a couple of updates: I finally decided to change the Cardinals from blue to red, because it makes more sense (and I don't want to use black), and also it balances out the number of teams that have blue or red Color rush uniforms in this series. Miami's whiteout is now what they currently wear, but with chrome logos to provide a little bit of change.
  11. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Hey everyone, here are a few more: Houston Texans: Went with red for their color, with a new look that features sleeve and pant stripes that mimic the Texas flag. Indianapolis Colts: Like the Jets, the Colts brighten up their look by going with royal blue, with chromed out blue helmet decals, stripes, and facemasks. The unis take after the throwback they used to wear with the blue helmets. Minnesota Vikings Took their current color rush set but went with yellow/gold instead of purple. For the whiteout I went for a fauxback look with a white facemask. Washington Redskins Redskins go all-burgandy instead of all-gold. Jerseys are slightly different from their current look; Gold numbers and the sleeve stripe is blown up and actually visible. Chose a 60's-era fauxback featuring the feather helmet logo.
  12. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Yeah that was my thought as well. Not a Texans/Titans/Oilers fan but I believe they took the Oilers' history when they moved/rebranded? The way I look at it, this way the Titans can keep their double blue look, and once a year (if that) throw back to their Oiler days. Oh damn, small world. I don't want you to think I'm trying to jack your concepts. So I ended up making quick update to mine by blowing up the sleeve stripes: I've also had a bunch of other teams done so I thought I'd dump them here: Chicago Bears: Went orange instead of navy (for most teams I'm trying to make the color rush sets a different color from their jersey for some contrast), the whiteout is a fauxback that is similar to their current aways with a block font and a navy collar: Jacksonville Jaguars: If their helmet was solid black, I would've gone teal. I think the gold jerseys look better than teal with the gradient helmet, however the gold they use doesn't look good as a main color. Luckily their current set uses two different shades of gold, and the lighter gold is closer to a dark yellow. So I used that as the main and styled the uniforms after their classic original set: Miami Dolphins: Planned on using orange until I saw how washed out they looked last week, so I went with the dark blue they use as an accent. It looks better than I thought it would. For the whiteout I got a little crazy with it. Since they already have their throwback as an alt, and they seem to want to be known as the 'whiteout' team, I came up with a new all-white look inspired by some of Oregon's whiteouts: Solid white helmet with a chrome logo and facemask, and all-white jerseys and pants with chrome inserts and 'splashes' of aqua and orange. The numbers are also white/chrome with thick outlines. It probably wouldn't go over well, but, eh, it's the Color Rush. New England Patriots: Made small changes, like matching the pant stripe width with the shoulder stripes, and replacing the logo on the sleeve with TV numbers (not a fan of redundant logos) Oakland Raiders: Went for a blackout with black numbers with thick silver outlines. The whiteout remains unchanged, I'm a big fan of the silver numbers look on the white jerseys. With those five that puts me at the halfway point, so aside from any tweaks or adjustments I'm going to take a break on these for a bit. Feedback is always appreciated, thanks for checking them out.
  13. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Had a lot of free time lately so here's a few more fauxback-inspired sets: Denver Broncos: Made only a couple of minor changes to what they rolled out; widened the sleeve stripes and changed the facemask to white. Philadelphia Eagles: Dropped black from their scheme and made the charcoal gray they use as the primary. Sleeve stripes are a modern take on their old stripe heavy jerseys. Tennessee Titans: These probably wouldn't happen, but as a maybe once a year alt why not? Titans go full Oilers with a chrome red facemask.
  14. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Thank you! Yeah, the blue alt for the Cards would probably be an odd choice, but I didn't want to do a blackout, and I feel like there are going to be a lot of red sets in this so I wanted to switch it up. Plus it's the blue from the state flag, so I may go back and do a set based around that. While I wait for some more feedback here's a couple more: Cincinnati Bengals The I really liked the 'snow tiger' look so the biggest fix was changing the pant stripe. The numbers also have a sublimated tiger stripe pattern on them. New York Jets: The all-kelly look remains pretty much the same with some added stripes to the socks. The whiteout is a simplified version of their road look in kelly green. Green facemask has been replaced with a white one and to match the chrome helmet stripes, the pant stripes are chrome as well. Also updated my Saints set with a new shade of gold:
  15. Color Rush Redesign (All matchups added)

    Thanks everyone! It's one of Matt Willcox's templates, should be available somewhere in the templates thread. Ok whipped up a few more: Arizona Cardinals: Like the Chargers, I decided to pick an obscure color they no longer use and go with blue. Before their current set their uniforms had a bit of blue trim to them, it's sort of a dark royal. The set takes after their simpler uniforms before their current pipefest. For the whiteout I went with a fauxback: Green Bay Packers: Went with two different fauxbacks, mono-green from the 50's, I think? Removed all white from the uniform. The whiteout is 60's inspired. Pittsburgh Steelers: Their blackout remains mostly the same, went with the standard Northwestern stripe on the sleeve (and fit the whole thing on it). For the whiteout, I found images of them wearing an all-white set from the 60's that had yellow sleeves with a black stripe, so I went with it.