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  1. Psychlone

    Interesting Sports Facts and Statistics

    Both the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens were named the Browns before moving to the city. St. Louis Browns - Orioles, Cleveland Browns - Ravens.
  2. I went by the stadium this morning on the light rail, coincidentally as I read this. They have the old Invesco sign down and there is a just a blank spot where it used to be. So as of yet, no, it hasn't been placed.
  3. Psychlone

    Need sports wallpaper for your iPad?

    It says this is your first post Yeah, that's kinda what I said. lol Been here 5+ years and this is my first post. Sorry if there was any misunderstandings there.
  4. Psychlone

    Need sports wallpaper for your iPad?

    Hi, oddly enough, this is my first post since joining some 5+ years ago. I was wondering if you could possibly do a Washington Capitals one? I would be very grateful.