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  1. I haven't done any of these fields yet. The full set of fields that I've done so far can be seen on the Gridiron Fields Database here: http://fields.gridiron-uniforms.com/controller/controller.php?action=main
  2. Was a lot of work to get this one done, but it's finally finished; the great abomination, the Rams Frankenfield from Week 8. Baltimore had black endzones, with purple letters and white trim for the first time.
  3. I might have some time to work on that disaster tonight. On the bright side, at least the Rams finished painting the helmet this time. Uniwatch had some good images from that game: https://uni-watch.com/2018/10/29/monday-morning-uni-watch-210/ This has happened in the past for some Rams games, but never this bad.
  4. International Series Week 7 and 8 Week 7 Week 8
  5. NFL Week 6 Fields International Series Game 1 Really thin paint, especially for the NFL logo. The International fields seem to be getting less and less interesting each year, especially comparing to past years: http://fields.gridiron-uniforms.com/controller/controller.php?action=international-series Redskins Pink outline for the wordmark Texans Red outline for the wordmark
  6. Week 5 Field Changes Detroit Changes to the wordmark: silver outer stripe, white inner stripe, blue fill LA Chargers Pink accents in the wordmark (instead of gold) 49ers Old wordmark and helmet logos in the endzones
  7. I sure did. I mentioned that, and included the missed paint on the field I posted. One thing I think I will need to update is the shade of blue. The blue on the throwback uniforms is a bit lighter, and the blue on the field last night also seemed a bit lighter then the Rams first two home games. The shade difference is pretty evident if you compare the Rams helmet to their jerseys. I'll try to make that update tonight.
  8. Rams Week 4 I updated the size of the "RAMS" wordmark and the NFC logo to better match the actual field. I expect the Rams to go with this field for the rest of the season, except for maybe Week 11, as they will be in color rush uniforms. I also think in later games they will paint in the center part of the facemask. Looks like they just forgot to paint the inner part, or just didn't have time before the game, but they have the outline.
  9. pitt6pack

    AAF Field Concepts

    Yes, the endzone font is from the logo. I'll probably just use only what I have from the logos for each team.
  10. pitt6pack

    AAF Field Concepts

    Some of you might be aware that a new spring football league, the Association of American Football (AAF) is kicking off (or rather starting from the 25 yard line) this February. With all the team logos being released, I figured I'd through some field concepts out there. AAF Logos Starting with the San Diego Fleet first I used the same number font and grass pattern that was used the last time the Chargers played in San Diego, since the Fleet will be playing in the same stadium. Thought about using a helmet logo at midfield as the Chargers did, but the uniforms for each team haven't been unveiled yet, so I'm not sure what the helmet will look like. Maybe something I come back to. I think for all the fields, the AAF logo should be on the field, no smaller than 4 yards in width, as I have on this field. Since it's a new league, it needs to advertise itself in every game. Speaking of advertising, I wouldn't be surprised if advertisements were added to the actual fields, like in college bowl games, since that's a revenue source for the league.
  11. 2018 Bears Change in the wordmarks, matching that Bears actual wordmark font 2018 Rams New wordmark, helmet at midfield I'd expect the Rams to go with a gold helmet and wordmark for the remaining home games, as they plan to wear gold in their uniforms for those games
  12. Cleveland Browns 2018 Week 3 Interesting endzone design for tonight's game. I can't think of any other past fields that was solid color stripes like this. The 16 stripes per endzone are supposed to represent the Browns 16 hall of famers.
  13. 2018 Tennessee Titans The Rams and Bears also updated their fields this season, and it looks like the Browns will have completely new endzones tomorrow night. I'll probably only get the chance to work on these Saturday or Sunday
  14. Other 2018 field Updates Detroit Patch beneath midfield logo, silver tone wordmark in endzone (white last year) New Orleans Darker hashes in the middle of the field, addition of "x" for kickoff
  15. Major Field Changes For 2018 Week 1 Baltimore Last year they painted the endzones fully for each game (no green), and the grass striping was different Carolina Panther logo at midfield, gaps in the "0"s Cleveland Alternated the wordmark colors Los Angeles Chargers New logo at midfield (combination of original LA Chargers logo, and early San Diego Chargers Logo - They added LA to the original San Diego Chargers logo) Miami Color changes with new logo, NFL shields vertical positions flipped from last year New England Gelette stadium logo colors changed (white with silver "lights") I posted Green Bay and Cincinnati previously. From pre-season, it looks like Detroit has a minor change. An off colored turf patch at midfield where the logo is