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  1. Love all three of these. The Clippers script on the jerseys along with that new secondary looks great. I like that you kept the current Cavs look but added the sword on the shorts to change it up a little bit. The Spurs unis are way better than what they currently wear and is very sleek looking.
  2. Any teams for Ohio?
  3. I really dig the Crew unis!
  4. You need to get rid of the realistic photo because everything looks out of whack on it. Helmet is great. The font in the front wordmark on the jersey is too high up and the name on the back is small and also too high. The pants are a different story. You need to pick either just a star in the stripe or just the word mark. Having both looks too busy.
  5. I like the updated Seattle unis. Better than the first.
  6. What will be nice with the Cavs is that you will know what to use for their ad.
  7. No matter what the name ends up being, I'll be rooting for the Cleveland team. Glad to have hockey brought to Ohio in this universe.
  8. Yes! Cincinnati dominated this season! I'm really hoping for a Victory Bowl win.
  9. These are really good! I didn't even think they were hand drawn for a second!
  10. I'm excited for this next season for Cincinnati!
  11. Charlotte looks great!
  12. Seattle seems to be a little bit on the edge of being too modern compared to the early 60s. The font seems too much like a mid 70s thing. Maybe use a cursive script on the front of the uniforms.
  13. The current Arizona Diamondbacks uniforms are slick.