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  1. Amazing work! I love what you've got here in terms of starting up and all. I love your presentation as well. Only thing is, you spelled professional as "prosfessional" in your league logo, but that's a simple fix Great start here. Can't wait to see more.
  2. Ooh I like it! Keeps a minor league feel but does a nice job crossing it over with a very professional design. Great work as always Ren!
  3. I think you have a pretty solid start here. One thing you could change, the I in the Indians wordmark look like a j. Their old logo kinda did too, so I can understand that a little bit.
  4. These, like some others have said already, are off the wall but still phenomenal. The Bucks set is my favorite, although the gradient is a little bit trippy. The one grip I have about the Bucks though is that on the NOB, the blue undershadow would get lost or would be muddled. Minor nitpick, great work.
  5. I'm not sure it would count necessarily, but when I was younger I found a powder blue LaDanian Tomlinson jersey at a garage sale for a dollar. I didn't even like the Chargers, but LT was a beast and those jerseys were sweet. I couldn't pass it up.
  6. There ya go! Much better look for the Knicks. I think you've got the logos perfect now. The jerseys look great too.
  7. Downgrade on the primary and partial. Keep the primary as the first design you had, and then use the "Knicks" in the basketball as a secondary. Maybe work up an NY mark or something for a partial.
  8. There's a lot of leagues I've never seen play, but are on my sports bucket list. NFL: Titans at Colts, 2011. This was the year that my beloved Colts went 2-14 without Peyton Manning, but this game was their first win of the season. Donald Brown had 161 yards rushing which is like, off the charts for the Colts. NBA: Never Been MLB: Blue Jays at Indians, 2009..? My grandma retired from teaching, and my family took her to an Indians game as a gift. NHL: Never Been NCAA football: Ohio State at Illinois, 2008...? My dad and his brothers go to an Ohio State away game every year, and I was lucky enough to be one of the boys that day. NCAA Basketball: Never Been Hopefully I can add to my list as I get older, but if I end up with the job I want, I should have no problem with that.
  9. Can we possibly see some alternate and home/away jerseys? These are all great and I would really like to see a complete set.
  10. This is a great upgrade IMO. The one thing I would suggest is changing the secondary a bit. It doesn't feel like it fits with the rest of the set. The other two logos feel a little throwback ish, but the secondary is more modern and not as classic. My idea would be to make the basketball look like the ball from the other logos. And maybe losing the 3D drop shadowy thing too. Overall though, great work and a nice clean upgrade!
  11. The Pacers are out now, so I kinda find myself rooting for the Jazz. I have no idea why, but I'm drawn to them for some reason. Maybe it's Gordon Hayward coming from Butler, which is in my home state, and me kinda really liking his underdog story.
  12. I'm pretty sure Ohio State has these as new uni's for this season. And these are new too. They look like Vandy's gray alts but obviously with Ohio State in red across the front.
  13. I can see what you mean about the hidden left eye. I think you have a solid jump here, just gotta adjust a few things. (Take these with a grain of salt) The eyes make him look kinda Chinese. I think that if the eye that is more visible wasn't so much of a squint but was more open then that would be a lot better. It's hard to keep him from squinting while keeping him fierce. As for the shading, I think it's all good except for his left shoulder. The yellow patch things have shadows going the same ways, both towards the inside of the logo. If the sun was above him like the other shading indicates, the left shoulder would have a different direction of shading. Like I said, take these with a grain of salt, because my opinion is far from professional. I think this logo looks great, but it would get to a whole other level with a few minor changes.