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  1. Elephant Logo-Need Feedback

    Thanks for the help @pianoknight and @MJWalker45. I've already made some significant changes to the logo, and here is a comparison of the two. Any other C&C is still greatly appreciated!
  2. Elephant Logo-Need Feedback

    Hey forum! I'm working on an elephant logo, and I am stuck. I want to make it look more fierce, and also to make it slightly more detailed but still usable as a sports logo. Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  3. OAC Redesign - Heidelberg and Capital (D3 Football)

    You never see too many D3 concepts on the boards, so this thread is a much welcomed addition to the forum! I love the start you have here, both logos look great right out of the gate. Side note: my dad went to ONU, which is a connection that I never would have thought I would have on this forum. Keep up the great work
  4. NHL // NBA Playoff Graphic Updated 4/20

    I love this idea. It's difficult to come up with new ways to show games won in a tournament, but I think you've found an amazing new way to show that. Great work.
  5. rsaline's Baseball Uniform Template - PSD

    Dang! Nice work on the template. I will definitely put this to good use. Thank you guys so much
  6. Boo, don't taint tradition in this way!
  7. NCAA 2018 March Madness Uniform Results

    Awesome, thanks a ton!
  8. NCAA 2018 March Madness Uniform Results

    These look amazing! Nice simple and creative way to tell the results of the game. If I may, what is the name of the font that you used for the bracket title?
  9. March Madness by Nike (MSU and Gonzaga)

    Round of 32 underway today, and I've got two more teams who both got the job done in the first round. For Gonzaga, I went with a John Stockton era throwback jersey, just a simple replica of what Stockton wore when he was a bulldog. For Michigan State, it's nothing revolutionary. Simple green jersey with sharp accents to "create a feel of motion and angular movement similar to a spartan in battle" or whatever Nike would say.
  10. March Madness by Nike (MSU and Gonzaga)

    Update to Villanova, I removed the serif on the V on the shorts and turned it more into a negative space. I'll have the next team up later tonight, maybe. I'm a little distracted by the actual basketball happening.
  11. March Madness by Nike (MSU and Gonzaga)

    Thank you all for the kind words for the series! Tonight, amidst all the upsets, one team who stood strong and DEMOLISHED Radford comes to the series next. The Villanova Wildcats everybody! So to be totally honest, I struggled to come up with something for Villanova. They have such a simple set and simple look to them, so I took a little fauxback look (yes I like fake throwback uniforms) and also made it classic. Lemme know what you think!
  12. March Madness by Nike (MSU and Gonzaga)

    As recommended by @MDTrey4, Tennessee with white instead of black, and WSU with a matching collar. Also, new team! The overall number 1 seed, the Virginia Cavaliers. I wanted a non-traditional look for the Cavs, hence the jagged and angular font. The stripe resembles a cavalier sword, and the shorts logo is the state of Virginia with the crossing swords from the "V" logo of the school.
  13. March Madness by Nike (MSU and Gonzaga)

    Second team of the day: The 4 seed Wichita State Shockers. Went with a fauxback look for the Shocks, using their alternate wSu logo as the word mark and one of the baseball team logos on the shorts! Let me know feedback on Tennessee or Wichita State!
  14. March Madness by Nike (MSU and Gonzaga)

    Reviving this thread with March Madness kicking off again! I'll be doing the top 5 seeds that are Nike schools, excluding UNC since I did them already last year. I won't be going in any particular order, so here's the first team, the 3-seed Tennessee Vols. I am personally a huge fan of the Vols' smokey gray look, so I brought that look to a March Madness uniform. C&C appreciated! Next team later today or early tomorrow.
  15. MLB by NIKE

    Another phenomenal look bk! Red Sox in navy is always great, and I think you kept the classic charm of the uniform while still giving them a fresh update. Solid 2 for 2 so far, keep up the great work.