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  1. bucknut42

    Expansion Team Original Six

    Saw this on Twitter and hoped it would make its way to the boards! Flawless execution and an even better idea behind it.
  2. May we include a keeper kit as well in the submission?
  3. Let's do this! Excited to be a part of this great and talented competition
  4. Count me in on this! Sounds fun!
  5. bucknut42

    NBA G-League by Nike (Reigning Champs Posted)

    While I work on the changes to Louisiana, I have the reigning champions ready to go. Austin Toros The Toros existed from 2004-2014 until they took on the name of their parent club. Personally, I like the name Toros better so that makes a return here. The home uniform is simple and gets the job done. The underarm striping is meant to resemble a bulls horns, as with the road.
  6. bucknut42

    NBA G-League by Nike (Reigning Champs Posted)

    Sorry for the long break, I have been so busy lately, but I finally found the time to finish the first expansion team. The New Orleans Pelicans do not have a G-League team, and now they do. Louisiana Gators The team would be based in Shreveport, and since they're in Louisiana and belong to the Pelicans, I tried a Mardi Gras color scheme, but the purple and green and yellow just didn't work in my mind. So I dropped the purple and added a darker shade of green to the green and yellow. The home uniform is self explanatory, except for the jersey sides. It's hard to see on this template, but it's supposed to be an alligator tail that meets with the shorts stripe. Same goes for the road jersey. So here it is, the first expansion team in the NBA G-League! I have a team done, but I'm not sure if I want to post them yet or try another team. Another team will be up tonight, regardless of if I make a new team or use the one I have done already.
  7. bucknut42

    NBA G-League by Nike (Reigning Champs Posted)

    With the new (to me) information about RGV, I have updated the logo sheet and uniforms to reflect the name change. The road uniform has the most major change, the home is simply a logo change on the shorts. The next team is not quite finished, as I basically scrapped everything I had right before I was ready to post it. Hopefully should be up tomorrow sometime. We shall see.
  8. bucknut42

    NBA G-League by Nike (Reigning Champs Posted)

    Hopefully I can get some more C&C on the Mad Ants, but here's the next team i decided to do. Rio Grande Vipers Formerly the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, I dropped valley from the name and shortened it. I also decided to break my one rule of making each team follow their parent club colors, and you can see that here. The Vipers get the old Rockets treatment, red and yellow as their colors. And onto the uniforms: Hopefully you all like it! C&C for both teams posted greatly appreciated. I will have a new EXPANSION TEAM tonight. Thanks for looking!
  9. Hey all- I have noticed a heavy lack of G-League concepts on the boards, and this is my attempt to produce a solid series of G-League concepts. As you all know, the NBA switched to Nike this year, and the G-League joined them as well. Similar to how Adidas did the D-League, Nike as created a jersey template and simply changes the word mark and colors of the jersey for each team. While yes, it is a developmental basketball league, I believe that the teams deserve to have their own identities and own set of uniforms. That being said, I have the first team of the series completed. I will be going in no particular order, so let's get this underway shall we? Fort Wayne Mad Ants The one requirement I have for the G-League teams is that they follow the colors of their parent team, and the Mad Ants are the first example of this. They are the Pacers affiliate, and they recently switched their colors to blue and yellow. So here is the logo set and uniforms for the Mad Ants. The logos are fairly self-explanatory, although the alternate logo needs a little clarification. Fort Wayne is called "Summit City", so the mountain in the W is symbolic of that name. The one thing I wanted to do about the G-League uniforms is move the advertiser from the front bottom to the back. I feel like it cleans up the jersey and makes it look better as well. So here's the first team, I'll have a second one tonight possibly but if not, it will be tomorrow morning. C&C appreciated as always.
  10. bucknut42

    Elephant Logo-Need Feedback

    Thanks for the help @pianoknight and @MJWalker45. I've already made some significant changes to the logo, and here is a comparison of the two. Any other C&C is still greatly appreciated!
  11. bucknut42

    Elephant Logo-Need Feedback

    Hey forum! I'm working on an elephant logo, and I am stuck. I want to make it look more fierce, and also to make it slightly more detailed but still usable as a sports logo. Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  12. bucknut42

    OAC Redesign - All Uniforms Posted! (D3 Football)

    You never see too many D3 concepts on the boards, so this thread is a much welcomed addition to the forum! I love the start you have here, both logos look great right out of the gate. Side note: my dad went to ONU, which is a connection that I never would have thought I would have on this forum. Keep up the great work
  13. bucknut42

    NHL // NBA Playoff Graphic Updated 4/27

    I love this idea. It's difficult to come up with new ways to show games won in a tournament, but I think you've found an amazing new way to show that. Great work.
  14. bucknut42

    rsaline's Baseball Uniform Template - PSD

    Dang! Nice work on the template. I will definitely put this to good use. Thank you guys so much
  15. Boo, don't taint tradition in this way!