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  1. Really excited to see this restarting! Hope I can get into the SCAA eventually! I really enjoyed working the first time on this.
  2. Sure thing! I've got some ideas for the White Sox, so they'll be next. Hoping to have the Marlins jerseys up soon
  3. Alright here is an updated version of the logo set, with the blue and orange on the marlin flipped in order to obtain more blue. Looks great, IMO. Thanks @coco1997 for the suggestion. Not sure why the outline on the word mark went so fat, because it looks totally fine on the page until I save it as a .png, so disregard that. It should look like the one in the previous post. Also, if anybody has suggestions for what team to do next, hit me with em! I need some teams to work on. .
  4. Can I get a suggestion as to how to include more blue? I'm not sure of where I can add it into the logo set, so any suggestions would be appreciated. There are uniforms on the way as well. Also, not all teams will get hefty logo upgrades, some may not get touched at all and others may get small tweaks, while others may get totally new designs.
  5. Everybody knows the news that Under Armor will be taking over the MLB jerseys in 2019, but I had the idea to think of a world in which Nike was running the MLB. This is that world; vibrant, creative, and very unique. Some of these designs will be off the wall, while others will put a modern, yet classic twist on timeless jerseys. This is my first major project, and I fully intend to complete this to the very end, so constant C&C will be very helpful and appreciated. I have no particular order for which I will be unveiling these teams, basically whatever comes to mind for me, or if you'd like, you can request a team and I'll see about getting to it! First up we have the Miami Marlins. What I've done here is tried to create a blend of the old logo set and the new one. I boiled it down to just three colors, black, orange, and light blue. Occasionally I will use gray as an outline or accent color, but those are the main three. So without further ado, here is the first set of logos for MLB by Nike. Thanks for looking and C&C is greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello all! For the past couple of months I ave been honing my skills and developing new ones along the way as well. I have now reached the point where I am ready to start a series that I can actually maintain and keep up, so here it is. I just graduated high school, so I came up with the idea for a redesign for my school's conference, the Northern Lakes Conference (NLC). Most of the schools in the NLC have inconsistent logos across each sports (football, basketball, baseball etc. all use something different). The idea with this project is to bring some consistency to the school, while giving logos that can be used across all sports. Without further ado, here is the first item of interest: the new NLC logo. CONFERENCE LOGO: Not to go all Nike speak here, but the logo is actually fairly representative of something. The light blue color represents the "lakes element" of the conference. In my school and our rival's county there are over 100 lakes alone. The point on the L represents the "Northern" part of the name. The point is also indicative of the high level of competition as well. For comparison, here's the old logo. Since there's not much to look at here, I'll go ahead and unveil the first team now. I will try to have a team up per day, but no promises. Concord Minutemen: I created the "C" secondary and the wordmark from scratch as well. The primary is simply a restructured version of their current mark, shown below. Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy! C&C always welcome.
  7. Amazing work! I love what you've got here in terms of starting up and all. I love your presentation as well. Only thing is, you spelled professional as "prosfessional" in your league logo, but that's a simple fix Great start here. Can't wait to see more.
  8. Ooh I like it! Keeps a minor league feel but does a nice job crossing it over with a very professional design. Great work as always Ren!
  9. I think you have a pretty solid start here. One thing you could change, the I in the Indians wordmark look like a j. Their old logo kinda did too, so I can understand that a little bit.
  10. These, like some others have said already, are off the wall but still phenomenal. The Bucks set is my favorite, although the gradient is a little bit trippy. The one grip I have about the Bucks though is that on the NOB, the blue undershadow would get lost or would be muddled. Minor nitpick, great work.
  11. I'm not sure it would count necessarily, but when I was younger I found a powder blue LaDanian Tomlinson jersey at a garage sale for a dollar. I didn't even like the Chargers, but LT was a beast and those jerseys were sweet. I couldn't pass it up.
  12. There ya go! Much better look for the Knicks. I think you've got the logos perfect now. The jerseys look great too.
  13. Downgrade on the primary and partial. Keep the primary as the first design you had, and then use the "Knicks" in the basketball as a secondary. Maybe work up an NY mark or something for a partial.