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  1. bucknut42

    Yet Another Signature Thread

    Well these have become way more popular than I thought, which means some may take a little longer than others, but I will do my best to have them done in a timely manner.
  2. bucknut42

    Yet Another Signature Thread

    Not really, as long as I can find an image of the uniform relatively easily online. Or if you could provide one for me maybe. On another note, if you want a specific player number on a jersey, let me know. @JB Designs @theshawncox @FightingGoldenDevil
  3. bucknut42

    XFL Revisited - Official Cities

    On the whtite uniforms, your player name on the back is also white. Blue would probably be the best there. Pretty solid start so far though!
  4. bucknut42

    Yet Another Signature Thread

    @JB Designs For Purdue, would you like Basketball or Football or another sport?
  5. bucknut42

    Yet Another Signature Thread

    I know that there are a couple other signature threads out there right now, but I decided to make one for myself last night and if anybody wants a version like this I would be more than happy to recreate it for them. If you can't come up with seven teams, I can probably make it work with 5 or 6. Anything less may be a little difficult. Just let me know!
  6. bucknut42

    Canadian Baseball League (League Logo and Intro)

    I've always wanted to have a class project where I could design a fictional sports league...anyways, great work on the league logo. I think you've knocked it out of the park (seriously no pun intended). But great start here
  7. bucknut42

    United States Brier - Curling States Competition

    I love them. Perfection in a brand new concept I've never seen before. Great work.
  8. bucknut42

    MiLB | Stockton Ports Rebrand

    Ditto^ I can't find one single thing that is wrong with this rebrand. It cleans up a shipwreck of a logo, and still maintains a classic feel. No criticisms here.
  9. bucknut42

    Rhino Logo

    Nothing major here, one of my friends asked me if I would design a logo for his intramural basketball team, and I wanna get some feedback on this. Let me know any opinions or changes you may make!
  10. bucknut42

    Learning Sports Design

    For just getting started these are great as a whole. Some individual criticism for each piece, although maybe take it with a grain of salt because I'm no professional: 1. Ohio against the World: I would lower the opacity of the map behind them, it seems to just kind of overtake the entire image. Other than that, I think it's fairly solid. 2. Duke Johnson: I love this one. I really like the symmetry of the different parts, and the only nitpick I have is to maybe play with a shadow underneath Duke of some sort. For me, it's just a simple suggestion but I think it would really enhance the image. 3. Dawg Pound: Truthfully, I think this one is perfection. I love the depth with the players in between the two different letterings, and the signatures are a nice touch. Would not change a thing about that one. 3. Cornerstone: I like this one as well. The dorm in the background is a great touch, and the simplicity of the design is what makes it so great. 4. LeBron: Again, very solid. I would maybe try moving LeBron up higher, and fading the entire image to white in order to be able to see the Finals logo. I love the texture and all the other design elements, but just a few adjustments would really make this a great design. These are all great starts, and I think you have a great talent that you can build off of.
  11. bucknut42

    Braggin' Rights Court Concept

    This is obviously a huge upgrade, so good work there. I love the split court and how it brings each team's look to the court. I think you hit the nail on the head. Nice work
  12. bucknut42

    NBA | New York Knicks Primary Logo Refresh – UPDATE

    Big fan of this because it still has the overall feel of the Knicks current logo, while utilizing more blue (THANK YOU) and also removing the bad parts of the current mark. Nice work
  13. I asked @hettinger_rl if I could whip up some uniforms with his Warbirds logo, and he graciously obliged. Nothing too major, but I wanted to just do some concepts using his Warbirds logo that he created awhile back, check his thread out down below. I wanted to mimic the wings of the logo in the striping of the uniform, so that's what you'll see here. The city edition is just basically the Washington, DC flag. The uniforms aren't a huge change from what they currently wear, but I just wanted to get a little C and C here. Again, the logo design is solely Hettinger's, and I do not claim it. Thanks for looking!
  14. bucknut42

    Las Vegas Raiders Brand Concept

    Holy smokes I love it. I love all of the effort and thought that went into this branding, because it's not easy to maintain the Raider's Oakland feel while also giving it a Vegas vibe. I think you guys were able to accomplish that however. I love all the different applications of the logo, all the different examples of how it can be used is wonderful. I love every single thing about this.
  15. bucknut42

    Sun League - A Floridian Baseball Branding Project

    Well that seems a bit harsh lol. Seriously though, it doesn't really matter because everything here has been so good.