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  1. Corregidor Island, Philippines aka my favorite place in the world.
  2. Wait what?
  3. Places I've been (like actually been, not driven through or flown through): Within the US: North Carolina (Grew up there) Virginia South Carolina Georgia Florida Tennessee Massachusetts Maine Michigan California Outside the US: Philippines (Home) South Korea Thailand Place I want to go: Within the US: Washington State Oregon Outside the US Canada (How have I not been to Canada?) Japan China Hong Kong Taiwan Indonesia Malaysia UAE France Switzerland Germany Brazil Cuba DPRK (I'm Korean though... )
  4. What? He still plays??
  5. Reports were that he most likely (like extremely likely) wasn't the one driving the boat. He wasn't driving drunk, he was, almost certainly passenger, the same way it would have been if he had taken uber home from a club and the car crashed on the way home.
  6. Dafuqué? That's awful.
  7. Don't worry about it dude. dont care (ha get it?)(sorry) Honstly this is just one of those times you scratch your head and move on.
  8. Why would 99 be an exception? It's annoying as heck to see on the court/baseball diamond.
  9. Great, thanks a lot. I had just gotten over wanting a husky and now I have to go through it all again
  10. But but I thought famous people didn't die until 2016 /endsarcssm
  11. This is already my favorite topic on sportslogos.net
  12. In a month, I'll be living in my third state in under three years. In between state one and two, I lived in two different cities in south east Asia. One place I lived five months, and the other place a little under a year and a half. I'm really tired of transitioning.
  13. You're in the wrong section.
  14. I have an uncle named Michael Jackson. That's about the closest I come.