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  1. We can get the Destroyers in on this, too. The Imperials have a stadium in the Bronx called the Imperial Coliseum, and the Sharks play at the Futuredome, which is an unreliable, retractable-roof stadium in East Rutherford. I haven't decided yet. I've gone back and forth, but I'm leaning toward switching the silver to white. Having two cool colors along with the silver makes it feel a little muted. I think I have a version that is ready to post, but I want to sit on it a little longer first.
  2. Wouldn’t an Imperial-Rebel Star Wars themed duel be better?
  3. If somebody wants to PM me something, I'd take a look, but it's something that I put in the same category as Victory Bowl Halftime Shows. It isn't an aspect of the NFL that I care about, and I'm not interested in putting any real time or effort into it, given how incredibly time-consuming the project as a whole is.
  4. I've never put too much thought into it. Every team would have a mascot, but with few exceptions (the Whales and Atoms come to mind), it's never crossed my mind what they might be. I'm definitely not going to do any artwork for them.
  5. Okay, so I'm definitely going with the black mouth, but I want to run a few eye option by you. Having looked at the purple/green uniform options, I'm leaning toward switching to that color scheme (the white jersey would probably be my favorite in the USFA). I've got three options here. Purple eyes with black pupils, white eyes with purple pupils (right), and white eyes with purple pupils outlined in black (middle). Thoughts?
  6. I had messed with pupils and teeth for the logo, which I thought would make it more fierce (top right). The problem is that I'm not sure that it's possible to strike a balance between the teeth and pupils being thin enough to look right and thick enough to not get lost when the logo is displayed in a smaller size. I'll also include here some other color schemes that I considered. The top left (green/gold/black) and the bottom right (black/green) are color schemes that I considered as possible future options. The bottom left is the result of trying to use dark green instead of black outlines for a more modern feel. I was really just playing around and it could have been used with pretty much any color combo, so I left the green/purple as an homage to the Swamp Dragons. EDIT: Aaaaaand I closed Illustrator without saving the top right, so take that as a rough version of what it might look like with teeth and pupils.
  7. That was a great ending for a likable player on a likable team. I have to say, this was an incredibly well-written finals. You did an excellent job of building tension and excitement with each game.
  8. Reagan Stadium is older than you would expect, given that it is named after the sitting President. It was built in 1970, and originally called Andrew David Stadium, after the team owner. The stadium was renamed at David's suggestion in 1985 after the President gave a speech there. Roberts Field was built in 1957, after the Orphans threatened to relocate to California unless a new stadium was built. The name was inspired by the story of the New Jersey Nets nearly being renamed the New Jersey Swamp Dragons. The inspiration for the monster's appearance was a number of swamp-dwelling and/or aquatic monsters from Dungeons & Dragons, most particularly Sahuagin and Lizardfolk.
  9. The Generals technically have a title from when they were in Hamilton, don’t they?
  10. Lol, I should start preemptively answering this question on Thanksgiving. I think it’s the third year in a row that it’s come up. Yes, it's a tradition that started even before the AFA was founded. Thanksgiving Day football was an important tradition for the University of Michigan in the late 1800s and early 1900s, particularly their games against the University of Chicago in the 1890s. The Detroit Gladiators were founded by a professor from Michigan, while the Butchers (then called the Chicago Threes) were created as a club where players from Illinois, Northwestern, and Chicago could continue playing after college. As such, the Gladiators and Butchers have played one another on Thanksgiving virtually every year since 1902, and every year since the AFA began play in 1946. The teams take turns hosting the game each year. Since 1960, the defending Victory Bowl champion has also hosted a Thanksgiving Day game. They typically play a defending division champion, and in recent years the custom has been that they play the team they defeated in the previous Victory Bowl (These rematches occasionally occur on opening day instead). This means that the second Thanksgiving game tends to feature talented teams, and is often both a playoff rematch and preview. In 1962, 1963, and 1965, the Detroit Gladiators were defending champions. They played their traditional game against Chicago, and the team that they defeated in the Victory Bowl (Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Buffalo, respectively) hosted a game on Turkey Day in their place. There are a few teams that come to mind. Colorado, Washington, and Pittsburgh all have large national fan bases, though the Miners are pretty polarizing- they may be the most popular and most hated team in the league. The Guardians are popular with younger fans, thanks to their recent success, exciting style of play, and Reggie Hart’s coolness and charisma. Fans who grew up in the 1960s probably like the Gladiators for the same reason. Going to 7 consecutive Victory Bowls will win you a lot of fans, and the fact that most of them were against the Pittsburgh evil empire led to them continuing to be viewed as underdogs, despite their success.
  11. Florida Swamp Monsters Owner: Brian Cumberland (58) is the founder and former CEO of the Gulf Coast League, which is one of the premier minor league baseball associations in the country. Cumberland, who lost a leg while serving in Korea, sold his share of the league in 1985 and retired to his hometown of Pensacola. However, when the Jobson and Rockwell reached out with the opportunity to be a majority owner of a professional franchise, he jumped at the chance. This is @MercyKing’s 1980 expansion council character. Stadium: Florida Citrus Bowl, home of the UCF Knights. It seats 52,000 (though renovations will increase this by some 13,000 by the end of the decade). It has a natural grass playing field. Notable Players: The Swamp Monsters are the only USFA franchise that didn’t sign a single player from Canada. However, based on the AFA talent that they were able to attract, they should have a strong defense, anchored by All-Star FS Stephen Curran (who was the subject of the Dietrich v Cumberland case). They are relying heavily on players who either flamed out or never lived up to their potential in the AFA, such as QB Will Douglass and former #2 overall pick Gary Fryer. Logo and Colors: The official team colors are green and red, though they will also make heavy use of silver in their identity. The team has something of a horror feel to it, with a secondary logo of a webbed, clawed hand clutching a football and a wordmark that would be right at home in a slasher flick. Uniforms: Despite the over the top name and loud color scheme, the Swamp Monsters are contenders for the most conservatively-dressed team in the league. The shoulder stripe combined with the different color sleeves is unique, but not particularly strange looking, as is their rounded, slanting number font. And here is the league at the 75% mark. Up next will be the Oklahoma Reapers, another team that is going for a horror movie look.
  12. The Swamp Monsters should be up sometime tonight. @officerpain138 you can see both sigs? When I look at your posts, I see this. Bronco was an interesting character, and I'm glad that he's able to contribute. The funny thing with the summer alternates is that in many (if not most) cases, they're my favorites as well, but they were added as an afterthought. It wasn't until after I simulated the season and checked the date of their championship game that I realized that a lot of these games would be played in 100+ degree weather, and that color vs color might not be a great idea. Every team that has a third jersey had it added at this point. In the case of Brooklyn and Oklahoma in particular, the summer alt is much better than the primary or secondary. Thanks. I really am pretty proud of this one. I don't know that I would say it's my favorite one that I've done yet, but I do think it's probably the best. The funny thing is that I finished it really late. After I had started posting some of the other teams, as a matter of fact. This is the logo that I had for them originally: I started by trying to do something with a skull and crossbones, cutter, or cutlass, but couldn't get anything to work. Eventually, I gave up and made this tooothpaste-looking thing, and moved on. Once I started posting, I looked back at one of my earlier attempts, and put just another hour or two into it. I think it really worked out.
  13. That's not a rude question at all. It's just because there are three divisions, and E C W is the neatest way to break them down. East, South, and West or Northeast, Southeast, and West may be more accurate geographically, but it's awkward when listing the divisions.
  14. I've been seeing some problems with a couple of the sigs lately. Just within the last few posts, I'm seeing URLs instead of images for @eick74's Suns and Aces sigs and @officerpain138's Benny/Adams sig. Is anybody else having this problem (meaning I should try to figure out what is wrong with the links), or is it just something weird with my computer? I thought about it, but wanted to go a bit more conservative for the first season. Assuming the team is successful enough to be around for a few years, they'll get more aggressive with the unusual look, and may do something really crazy. Rainbow stripes on the chest? Rainbow rugby stripes? Gradient rainbow stripes? Rainbow Zubaz? The 1990s are coming, and this is a team with a rainbow color scheme in a league that encourages far-out looks. Rainbow warriors crossed my mind, in both of these senses. I actually thought about using that as the team name, but I was never really in love with it, and after Florida became the Swamp Monsters, I figured that I didn't need a second two-word team name.
  15. Brooklyn Privateers Owner: Louie “Bronco” Conklin (48) is a former Olympic wrestler. He won a gold medal in the 1960 Olympics, but suffered what appeared to be career-ending injuries in the process. Walking away from wrestling, he began studying sports training with a focus on injury prevention and recovery. He ultimately developed a multi-sport athletic training brand known as “Bronco Conklin Training.” His program was so effective that he stunned the world by returning to the Olympics in 1968, where he took bronze. Winning the medal worked wonders for his brand, which (along with wise investments) propelled him to billionaire status. This is @Steelman's character from the 1980 expansion council. Stadium: Calvin H. Roberts Field, home of the Brooklyn Orphans professional baseball team. It seats 43,200, and has a natural grass surface. As is the case with other teams sharing stadiums with baseball teams, the dirt from the diamond will be exposed for most of the season. Notable Players: The most prestigious name that the Privateers signed was RG Tom Davis, who has an outside shot at making the AFA Hall of Fame. During his glory days with the St. Louis Aces in the early 1980s, he was an incomparable run blocker, but time has taken its toll on the 34-year old. The Aces wanted him to take a 50% pay cut to remain with the team in 1989. He refused, and signed with the Privateers instead. The team also drafted QB Michael Harris (Syracuse), one of the three Black quarterbacks who has a chance to start for a USFA team this year. Logo and Colors: The Privateers use a triple blue color scheme, and a skull and crossbones logo. Uniforms: The uniforms are very conservative by USFA standards. They will wear navy as their primary, light blue as their secondary, and will have a white summer alternate. This is the league as it currently stands. Up next is the Florida Swamp Monsters. This is another fairly conservative team (maybe surprisingly so, since the name was inspired by the New Jersey Swamp Dragons).