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  1. mikey_designs

    Laredo Lemurs Jersey Redesign

    Really great concept right here. I love the black alternate cap with sand colored bill. Just beautiful!
  2. mikey_designs

    NFL Concept Helmets

    It really disappoints me that these are considered the greatest helmets to ESPN and everyone that doesn't understand a true concept. I really wish the great designers on the forums get publicity and recognition like this. Unfortunately that won't happen. I guess we will have to settle with these people. And by the way, I have talked to the guy who makes these on Instagram and he said that he takes about 15 minutes or less on his designs. That's just disappointing.
  3. mikey_designs

    United States World Cup 2018 Redesign

    I completely agree with jake. The template is pretty crappy. If you redid this on a new template it would be a lot better.
  4. mikey_designs

    UCLA Bruins football helmet

    I made a concept for the UCLA Bruins but I can't decide which one is better. Also I can't make any changes to these helmets since I will be out of town this weekend. I would also like feedback on these helmets. That would be great! Vote for gold facemask or blue facemask: Gold facemask: Blue facemask:
  5. mikey_designs

    Wisconsin Concept Helmet

    Two more updates to the helmet. Which one is better? White badger logo Black and White logo with a stripe
  6. mikey_designs

    Wisconsin Concept Helmet

    Here are a few updates to the helmet: White with Red facemask Red with Black facemask Personally, I don't like the Red helmet but I made it anyways.
  7. mikey_designs

    Wisconsin Concept Helmet

    Here is a Wisconsin Badgers football helmet I designed. What should I do to make it better?
  8. mikey_designs

    NCAA Basketball Custom Courts (2014-15)

    These are getting a lot better! Maybe try black lines for the army court.
  9. mikey_designs

    "Bland" Football Helmets

    option 3
  10. mikey_designs

    NFL Broken Realities

    I love the incorporation of the Maryland flag in the stripe of the pants. Hard to see but very creative. Keep up the good work!
  11. I think the numbers are too big on the back of the jersey.
  12. mikey_designs

    Florida State Concept Helmet

    Here are the two updates to the helmet: Added white behind the logo. Added number instead of spear.
  13. mikey_designs

    Florida State Concept Helmet

    Here is another update to the helmet. Took out the logo and replaced it with a spear.
  14. mikey_designs

    Florida State Concept Helmet

    First update to this helmet. I added the maroon under the design.
  15. mikey_designs

    Florida State Concept Helmet

    Sorry, I worded it bad. I meant to say that I based it off of a helmet navy wore against army. Just corrected it.