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  1. Weird but true: Every time the Senators make the conference finals the Duck do too.
  2. I like the fixes you've made for the Jets. The pants stripes are a great addition, but I suggest using the ones from the heritage classic uniform. Just replace the throwback jet with the modern one between the stripes.
  3. The Seattle Cranes with Kelsey Grammer's face as the logo.
  4. I doubt it. If they were going to wear a permanent tribute it would have been for Art Rooney, but they only wore it the season after he died. I'm expecting the same treatment for Dan Rooney.
  5. Capitals look great. Only suggestion I have is to switch to red names and numbers outlined in blue on the white jersey.
  6. Atlanta
  7. Sorry to bump your post, but I spent the last month watching Parks and Rec. My thoughts on the series are similar to yours. Season 1 is similar to season 1 of The Office; both are only 6 episodes and different in tone then subsequent seasons. The rest of the series was great. One small thing that bugged me though was Mark Brendanawicz. I didn't hate him, but his departure didn't ruin the show for me. The problem I had was they didn't acknowledge his existence after he left. Even when Ann was reminiscing about her ex-boyfriends not a mention. When Leslie and Ben try to plan the park there isn't any reference to the plans Mark gave to Leslie. That being said, the trade-off for Ben and Chris has to be one of the best in tv history. Ben was a fantastic straight man and Chris's positivity was funny without being annoying. The final season was a bit jarring but it was a good conclusion. Leslie and Ron was one of the series best and the finale was as satisfying as a finale could be. Definitely one of the best sitcoms of the 21st century.