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  1. 1987 World Series is a better comparison. Home team wins every game and every game is a blowout.
  2. Weird but true: Every time the Senators make the conference finals the Duck do too.
  3. I like the fixes you've made for the Jets. The pants stripes are a great addition, but I suggest using the ones from the heritage classic uniform. Just replace the throwback jet with the modern one between the stripes.
  4. The Seattle Cranes with Kelsey Grammer's face as the logo.
  5. I doubt it. If they were going to wear a permanent tribute it would have been for Art Rooney, but they only wore it the season after he died. I'm expecting the same treatment for Dan Rooney.
  6. Capitals look great. Only suggestion I have is to switch to red names and numbers outlined in blue on the white jersey.
  7. Atlanta