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  1. BrendanFry

    NHL Adidas Concepts

    All of the jerseys have been well executed, but Detroit with double stripes just doesn't fit. That pattern will always be associated with the Leafs.
  2. BrendanFry

    1989 World Baseball Cup

    Great concepts so far particularly liking Venezuela. The only gripe I've had is that Canada did not introduce their current flag and color scheme until 1965, and used something much more Union Jack based at this point in time.
  3. BrendanFry

    Lycan38's NHL - Senators Added

    The general idea to bring out the red in this concept is a great one, however I feel removing the maple leaf from the crest makes it lose it's significance. Honouring the Canadian Air Force so obviously always seemed pretty cool.
  4. BrendanFry

    Lycan38's NHL - Senators Added

    Those jets jerseys are be-you-ti-ful. A gray jersey only makes sense for them
  5. BrendanFry

    Creamer Concept World Cup - PLEASE SUBMIT

    Please put my name in the hat. This should be fun. Too bad Canada's terrible at soccer
  6. BrendanFry

    European Soccer Concept Cup: Germany VOTING

    Board Name: BrendanFry City: Stuttgart Team: TBD Colours: White, Red, Gold