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  1. Absolutely support Fred Durst being on the jerseys here. Keep on rollin', RCSC.
  2. Away kit looks fine to me! That home kit, though... damn, easily top-five in the league.
  4. Now that's '90s as all hell. Love it.
  5. Hey, would you happen to have a championship timeline anywhere? I'm pretty interested in seeing it...
  6. ...how did the Express and Niners go 6-16?
  7. So we have Jinder Mahal and Breezango as the #1 contenders for the WWE and tag belts respectively. Is this the Year of the Jobber or something?
  8. Maybe it's just 2000s/Mike Piazza nostalgia, but I really don't see a problem with BFBS alternates. I mean, they are alternates, so why can't teams experiment a bit with their color scheme? And on that note, I don't mind teams adding a bit of black to classic logos either (like the Reds); I think it makes them look more modern.
  9. Might just be the facial expression, but I think I've got you beat here...
  10. Man, I keep seeing stuff like this, and it just makes me think the early-mid '70s were the dark ages of logo design.
  11. I think the Minnesota Wild's attempts at a faux-retro jersey set are garbage. They should honestly go in the other direction and come up with something that fits the late-90s, early-00s logo design they have. Maybe something like the Stars' Mooterus jersey...?
  12. While we're talking about rebrands, I suggest the Wizards do a minor one and drop the roundel part of their logo, leaving just the wizard head. It'd definitely clean it up a bit.
  13. They probably could've kept those for 10-15 years. 10/10
  14. Honestly, I'm just amazed he's getting rewarded for giving Finn a concussion.