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  1. Vipers sounds good, but I'm not feeling Speed, either... I really like the Mustangs name neo_prankster suggested.
  2. I can live with Aces for Quebec, but I really think it'd be a better name for Vegas. "Stars" is far too generic of a name, and I'm not digging Hogs, either.
  3. This is looking great, JCR! Shame that we're still a century from the '90s, but I've got no problem waiting until then.
  4. Albuquerque has a population of over 500,000 and a CSA population of over a million. Combine that with being the only pro team in the state...
  5. I'll vote for Marshals. With one L, thank you.
  6. They managed to make the use of all three primary colors not look terrible. That's gotta count for something, right?
  7. Well, with the way they handled the Shane Doan situation, there goes any chance at the Coyotes maintaining a fanbase. I expect to see them in the Pacific Northwest by 2020.
  8. How about Albuquerque? It's a pretty big city... I do like the Hampton Roads idea, too. Huntsville's got some neat reasoning behind it, but I ultimately think it'd flop, sadly.
  9. Quebec Citadelles Las Vegas Aces Milwaukee Muskies Portland Loggers Utah Hornets
  10. Welcome to the f-cking '90s, everybody. Holy hell, I love them all... Long Island's update is fantastic (and hopefully lasts longer than the Isles fisherman), but I think California's third might be my favorite of the bunch.
  11. Can't wait for the new Concordes jerseys! Let's go angled striping!
  12. Honestly? I'd go ahead and steal from Madden here: the San Antonio Marshals. Or Dreadnoughts. Really, all three of the names for SA are great.
  13. Guess I'll be bringing over Owen Youngblood from the ABL thread. He'd be approaching 70 by now, jeez... anyway, here's who he's gonna be voting for: -Halifax -Portland -Milwaukee -Las Vegas -Sacramento
  14. With dial-up? Good luck with that. Were there online team stores at all yet...?
  15. Patriots, Penguins, Chelsea, now the Warriors... c'mon, Yankees! Let's make this the worst year in sports history!